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C70 part2

<blockquote>Chapter 70 Surpress part2

"Mother, so this is what you did! Are you still going to call me your mother? " Feng Zhiyao walked towards Bai Wan Ting like a lotus flower, looking down at her and ridiculing her.

"Please spare my life, Eldest Miss!" Of course, Bai Wan Ting didn't want to die yet, so he had to shout for help. With his life, he could repeat anything. Without his life, everything was for nothing!

She knelt down and hugged Feng Zhiyao's legs tightly, secretly gesturing to her daughter, Feng Zhilin, to scoop up a hairpin and stab Feng Zhiyao to death.

However, Feng Zhilin did not dare to do so.

"Bai Clan!" Since you planned to murder your own daughter, since your father is not in the mansion, then I can only imprison you! Also! Let go of your dirty hands! " F * ck, why was he hugging her leg so tightly? Do you think her legs are her pillow?

"Feng Zhiyao, I am your elder so you can't do that! You can't lock me up! You definitely can't do that without the permission of the old master! " When Bai Wan Ting heard that Feng Zhiyao wanted to put him under house arrest, he was immediately displeased and shouted hoarsely, as if he was crazy!

"I beg you, Big Sister Zhiyao, please don't!" Mother, she really didn't do it on purpose. It was just that she cared too much about you and cared too much about you that she would ask you why you returned so late! "Really, Big Sister Zhiyao, the words of those lowly maidservants are all unbelievable!" When Feng Zhilin saw that his mother was about to be placed under house arrest by Feng Zhiyao, he immediately crawled towards her, hoping that she would soften her heart.

"What are you all still standing around for? Could it be that the money that our Prime Minister's Mansion has given you are for nothing? Hurry up and imprison this lowly woman, Bai Shi, in the autumn cold courtyard! For the time being, you all still have to look at my father — your old master's name! " Feng Zhiyao raised his hand and pointed to Bai Wan Ting, who was vomiting blood, and fiercely ordered the servants.

"Who would dare? I am the mistress of the Prime Minister's Mansion! Which one of you dares to come, and who gave you the guts to eat a bear heart leopard? " This was the first time that Bai Wan Ting had been angered by a junior to the point that his teeth chattered.

The servants looked at each other, that's right, one was the new matriarch of the Prime Minister's Mansion, she was extremely clever and despicable, the other was the young miss, her wrist was strong and sinister, no one could easily offend her!

"How did you guys forget how he died?" Feng Zhiyao pointed at the dead body that was in a miserable state, and said with a cold expression.

"No …" No …. Eldest Miss, all of you, your servants, obey! " The servants who carried her had long seen through the situation. Feng Zhiyao didn't need to say anything more and wanted to bring Bai Wan Ting to the Qiu Leng Yuan.

"Don't come over! I am the mistress of the Prime Minister's Mansion, you are not allowed to come here! " How could Bai Wan Ting be willing to submit!

"Mother, Big Sister Zhiyao, I beg you, please let my mother go. That house in the Qiu Lengchuan Courtyard is covered in ice and stone, and my mother will definitely not be able to endure that suffering. I beg you, Big Sister Zhiyao, please let my mother go, I'm willing to go to the Qiu Lengchuan Courtyard on behalf of my mother!" Feng Zhilin could not bear to see his mother go to that bitter place that felt like an icehouse.

Being filial and filial, of course she couldn't bear to see her mother in that place.

"Since the two of you have such a deep love for each other, why don't you go to the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy together for a few days?" Feng Zhiyao laughed coldly, did he think that she was still the original owner who was ridden on horseback? This method of gaining sympathy was not working on her side!

Lin'er, the one who wants to harm you is me, it has nothing to do with Lin'er, I beg of you, please let her go! " Bai Wan Ting wiped his tears as he wailed.

"Tsk, stop pushing each other around. I'm tired!" Feng Zhiyao raised his hand, signalling the servants to quickly bring them down to the cold autumn courtyard.

"Little bitch, you're as lowly as your mother. You're a bastard! You are a bastard! I will kill you! " Bai Wanting, who had been driven mad by the servants, became even more enraged, spouting incoherent words.

"Tell me clearly, who is the bastard?" Feng Zhiyao's sleepiness was diluted by these two words.

"Of course it's you!" I think that old master should be embarrassed to speak of it as well! " Seeing that she wanted to know more, Bai Wan Ting ridiculed Feng Zhiyao.

"Haha, bastard!" The bastard is also nobler than your daughter, because I am the direct descendant of the Prime Minister's Mansion, your words cannot hurt me! "Scram!" Feng Zhiyao waved to the servants, signalling them to bring the two women away quickly.

"Little stinky brat, I'm going to fight you to the death!" The reason why Bai Wan Ting wanted to get rid of Feng Zhiyao was because of his son.

Feng Zhilin never thought that Feng Zhiyao's reaction would be so quick. She actually used Feng Zhilin's body to block the golden hairpin that was coming from White Night Pavilion!

"Mother — why do you have to suffer — —" After he finished speaking, Feng Zhilin's left shoulder blade started bleeding non-stop.

"What a heartless mother!" They actually stabbed their own daughter! " Feng Zhiyao was also not someone who was easy to deal with. Her gaze landed on the Bai Family's pale white face that was scared silly.

Then, she motioned for the servants to quickly bring the Bai Clan to the autumn cold courtyard and imprison them! Ji Yu was called over to help Feng Zhilin up.

"Go get a doctor!" If Feng Zhilin died just like that, she would have no toys to play with in Prime Minister's Mansion!

The servant who received the order quickly went to get a doctor.

"Sis Zhiyao, my mother was too stubborn. Please let her go!" Feng Zhilin was worried that the Bai clan would suffer, hence regardless of the pain in her body, she could not bear it, and knelt down towards Feng Zhiyao with teary eyes.

"If you were me, do you think you could forgive your mother for what she did?" Feng Zhiyao glanced at Feng Zhilin with her ice-cold eyes, threw down those words coldly, and walked out.

"Eldest Miss, this servant …" "Servants …" Seeing that Feng Zhiyao did not let them get up, Spring Orchid Autumn Flower bravely asked.

"Begonia Garden doesn't raise half-hearted servants, in the future, you don't have to serve me anymore! The indenture contract, I will let someone tear it up! So, you can scram now! " Feng Zhiyao originally wanted to kill them, but after thinking about it, the service they served her previously was worth it, so he gave them a way out.

"Young miss — wuuuuuuuu — —" Spring Orchid Flower sobbed silently. They really regretted not being loyal enough to protect their master!

Feng Zhilin watched as the pink figure floated away. A bloodthirsty hatred flashed past her lowered eyes!

No, even if she was a concubine, she still had to walk the path of the blue clouds!

Yes, Blue Festival would be the shortcut for her to rise to the top!

"Third Miss, please bear with it any longer. The doctor should be arriving soon." Ji Yu was glad that he was able to protect himself and not become Miss's enemy!

However, this was the first time she had seen such a vicious young miss. She always felt that this young miss had somehow unknowingly changed!

"Ji Yu, help me! I want you to help me! " Feng Zhilin knelt sincerely towards Ji Yu.

"Third Miss, what are you doing?" Ji Yu did not expect the noble Third Miss to kneel before a servant like her.

Thus, she hurriedly helped Feng Zhilin up.

"Help me find a capable person who can make rouge water powder. I want his lips, teeth, and skin as white as snow within seven days!" Ji Yu, I know that you are the only one who can help me! "Please!" Feng Zhilin knelt down towards Ji Yu once again.

"Third Miss, I can't accept this!" Ji Yu tried to help her up again.

"If you don't agree, I'll kneel down and not rise!" Feng Zhilin acted as if he had taken a heavy load and steeled his heart.

"I'll promise you that. Third Miss, the ground is cold. Hurry up and get up!" Ji Yu thought about how the third wife usually treated him well, so she closed her eyes and agreed. In the end, she was still going to be involved in this storm.

Under Feng Zhilin's downcast gaze, a hint of determination flashed past his eyes!

So what if she was a concubine?

She had to beat Feng Zhiyao, the direct daughter! Definitely better!

… ….

When Feng Zhiyao returned to Begonia Garden, exhausted, he was already asleep, leaning against the doorframe.

Feng Zhiyao sighed lightly, and said softly, "Zi Yun, go back to your room and sleep!"

"Eldest Miss, are you alright? Earlier, they brought away the Spring Orchid Autumn Flower and the others, is it …" Zi Yun did not continue, she only knew that she was now an ordinary girl, and could not use martial arts in front of the Feng Family.

"I drove away the chrysanthemum! I don't need this half-hearted girl! " Feng Zhiyao yawned lazily. "Zi Yun, I want to take a bath again, go get the girl from the outer court to boil some hot water, then you can go back to your room and rest!"

She was sweating and feeling extremely uncomfortable, which was why she had ordered him to do so.

"Yes, Miss." Zi Yun nodded his head.

Feng Zhiyao walked back into the house, and saw that Situ Yelei actually flew in from the window at the side.

"Yelei, why are you here again!" Feng Zhiyao never thought that he would actually appear so late.

"I missed you, so I naturally came!" Situ Yelei stepped forward to hug her, and when he saw the clothes on her body, he fiercely frowned.

"How can you wear this?" In fact, it didn't even look like clothes! It was like a thin roll of smoky gauze!

"I almost bumped into the crown prince on the way back!" Fortunately, I was smart enough to escape! " Feng Zhiyao felt very tired, so she gently leaned on Situ Yelei's shoulder.

"Are you alright?" Situ Yelei hugged her, and carefully examined her entire body. Fortunately, he didn't kiss her at all.

"I'm fine. I just felt a bit scared. After I returned and the matriarch attacked me, I felt tired." Feng Zhiyao narrated indifferently, as she lightly leaned in front of his chest, a trace of gentleness flashing past her eyes.

"Yao'er, if you feel tired, marry me soon!" Situ Yelei sighed as he used his flexible chin to lightly press it against her forehead.

"Yelei, what about Princess Lingxi?" Feng Zhiyao shook her head and asked. Of course she was asking about the truth.

"Eldest Miss, the bath soup is ready!" The girl's voice came from outside.

"Alright, come in!" Feng Zhiyao indicated for Situ Yelei to avoid it, and she spoke with her red lips.

"Yao'er, those two girls have left. I'm coming out now." Situ Yelei heard the door close, and then appeared beside Feng Zhiyao once more.

"Sigh, your speed is really fast!" Feng Zhiyao pouted and teased.

"It's so late, go wash up. Let's sleep together!" Situ Yelei's face was filled with a doting smile. He missed her so much since he hadn't seen her for a day.

Feng Zhiyao smiled faintly but did not say a word, his thoughts flying out into the sky a long time ago!

Tomorrow, she had to go to the Cloudy Lake Manor and tell Father Feng that he had to make a decision regarding the Bai Family's mother and daughter's conduct and deeds. After all, right now, the Father Feng was still in charge of the Feng Family!

"Ah, what are you fumbling about!" Suddenly, Feng Zhiyao felt a sharp pain in his lower abdomen.

"Yao'er, I … I want you. I can't help it... " As Situ Yelei wiped her face with the snow-white silk, he observed her beautiful face carefully. The more he looked, the more engrossed he became, and the more he found himself unable to restrain himself.

"I'm still bathing!" Feng Zhiyao shyly looked at his long white fingers that were harassing her, flirtatiously pouting. She did not have any intentions of berating him, she was only surprised at his boldness and boldness!

"Yao'er, I don't care! I want to bathe with you! " How could Situ Yelei still endure it? He quickly took off his clothes and jumped into the lacquered wooden bath barrel that she was bathing in. Within the dense water vapor, sparkling and translucent splashes appeared one after another …</blockquote>

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