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C71 part2

<blockquote>Chapter 71 Contest between Men part2

As Wen Xingyuan was a martial artist, how could he not hear it? Thus, he used his strength to pull at Feng Zhiyao, "Yao'er, you have already agreed to marry me, so you should keep your distance from other men and not go overboard!"

"Alright, alright. You two don't need to worry about me. First, take care of your own racing competition!"

Feng Zhiyao felt that she was tired, she did not say a word, but only coldly looked at them.

Suddenly, an indescribable murderous aura enveloped the two of them like a thin layer of ice. It was gentle and gentle, causing her soft hair to flutter in the wind. Her originally gentle face suddenly turned fiendish, as if she was an Asura from hell.

"Yao'er, how did you —" At this moment, Wen Xingyuan felt that he had never had a deep understanding of Feng Zhiyao before.

"Cousin Zhiyao, I have to take care of you. I'm saying that we've already kissed, so you'll be considered my wife …" Just as Su Muyan wanted to continue speaking, she was caught unawares by Feng Zhiyao's handsome face and quickly punched out.

"Ah — you've hit too hard!" Su Muyan looked at Feng Zhiyao in disbelief. Damn it, luckily he reacted quickly! Otherwise, his eyes wouldn't be able to protect themselves!

Right now, one of his eyes was very swollen, appearing very black!

"This is the price of your nonsense!" Feng Zhiyao said with a small, icy face. After she finished speaking, she pulled Wen Xingyuan and left.

"Yao'er fought well!" Wen Xingyuan looked at her with a doting smile in his eyes. This girl always surprised him, but when he saw her flirtatious relationship with Su Muyan, it made his eyes shine. Right now, he had an impulse to tell them that Yao'er belonged to him alone.

"Xingyuan, are Beitang Ziqian and the rest here yet?" She covered her mouth and smiled, then asked.

"Xingyuan, Mu Yan, quickly, we have already picked our horses!" Linghu Ziche called out from afar.

"Let's go, cousin." Feng Zhiyao turned and looked coldly at Su Muyan, but she was feeling depressed in her heart. She had already made his eyes into the eyes of a panda, but he actually did not punish her.

"Humph!" Su Muyan was still angry at her, so with a cold snort, his tall figure flashed past Feng Zhiyao and Wen Xingyuan's side and headed towards Linghu Ziche.

"Yao'er, let's go, you sit on Han Bao later, I will go pick a good horse." Wen Xingyuan tightly wrapped her small hand around her petite hand. The warmth that was transmitted from the center of her palm was spread all over her internal organs, and all of a sudden, her petite face flushed red, and she assented with a soft voice.


"Ah!" Beitang Zixuan rode on my Han Bao! " Oh wow, Han Bao, this bad horse, had actually forgotten about her big miss.

"Yao'er, pick another one!" Wen Xingyuan naturally did not want his relationship with the Beitang Aristocrat Clan to get out of hand, so he advised with a smile.

"Alright, let's do the re-selection then!" Feng Zhiyao saw that each of them had found a horse that fit their needs, she was the only one who was still choosing carefully.

"Eldest Miss, this horse is hot-tempered. Go find another one!" He was naturally thinking for his own little life. If this young lady was injured while riding on this fierce horse, he would not be able to escape the punishment!

"No, I want this one. Don't worry, I picked it myself, it has nothing to do with you!" Feng Zhiyao said with a sweet smile.

"Eldest Miss Xie understands." The coachman hurriedly knelt down towards Feng Zhiyao to thank him.

"Does this horse have a name?" Feng Zhiyao asked curiously.

"It hasn't been named yet. The Beitang family head just bought it from Hei Ning Country!" The coachman shook his head and answered.

"Alright, I have to give it a name. Run as fast as possible!" Feng Zhiyao was lazy, calling her by such a vulgar name made Wen Xingyuan and the others laugh.

Beitang Zixuan took a look at Feng Zhiyao with disdain, thinking that it was too vulgar and intolerable.

Fu Xueyan sat on a red horse and smiled at Feng Zhiyao. After smiling, he looked at Beitang Ziqian who was beside him with embarrassment and timidness.

Feng Zhiyao finally understood that Fu Xueyan liked Beitang Ziqian!

She couldn't help but cry in sympathy for Fu Xueyan. If she were to marry into the Beitang Aristocrat Clan in the future, she would definitely suffer. Why? This sister-in-law is so difficult to deal with, her life as a sister-in-law must not be easy!

However, there was no trace of Fu Xueyan in Beitang Ziqian's eyes. It seemed like she was the one who was unluckiest and most unlucky. How pitiful!

Therefore, in this life, she still didn't want to be moved by emotions! The word 'love' was too hurtful, just like the young miss of the 'Night Demon', Feng Jue Mei, who loved a man. In the end, that man was indeed a spy, and a man was truly not to be trusted!

Since she could not bear the pain of losing him, she had better not touch that thing called (harmonious) love!

"Cousin Zhiyao, can you give me a better name? After all, this horse is still a good foal!" Su Muyan covered his left eye with one hand and disagreed.

It was so painful! That little girl's strength is not small at all! Even after applying the ointment, it still hurt so much.

Zi Yun stood quietly at the side with her eyes lowered, unable to tell what she was thinking.

"It's still faster than flying!" Feng Zhiyao rolled his eyes at him and continued.

"Forget it, it's about the same!" Beitang Ziqian was speechless, she was obviously such a talented girl, how could she be so vulgar?

He really didn't know what point Situ Yelei and Wen Xingyuan, the two morons, had taken a fancy to her!

'Could it be that peerless beauty in the world? '

After looking at it so closely, Feng Zhiyao was rather exquisite, causing him to be unable to help himself from taking a few more glances.

Zongzheng Shaoqing's gaze was always on Shen Qinghan. He saw his beloved girl's gaze following Linghu Ziche, and his heart couldn't help but to become chaotic as it stung a little.

However, Linghu Ziche didn't seem to be looking at anyone. Instead, he was looking at the fierce horse that was' flying very fast 'with a surprised expression in his eyes.

In the Nan Shao Kingdom, this kind of horse was indeed rare!

There was only one in the entire Pill King Valley, it was his "Lightning". Luckily he didn't ride on it when he came to Xian Yang, otherwise he would have died a long time ago.

Feng Zhiyao felt that someone's words could convey many of their emotions. She did not touch it, instead, she stood there and lightly called out: "Fly fast, this name is something I hope you will like." The smile on his face was harmless and extremely beautiful.

"Fly fast!" He turned his head back and forth with vigilance in his eyes. However, he did not raise his hooves to kick her!

They laughed and watched her talk with the horse in all seriousness, and when it was rare for them to be patient today, they stood under a nearby tree and waited.

Who knew that after some time, Feng Zhiyao would actually get close to the strong horses? Suddenly, she turned and smiled towards Wen Xingyuan and the others.

Suddenly, he let out a long hiss and flew up into the air. Then, like a bolt of silver lightning, he charged forward.

"Yao'er —" Wen Xingyuan was shocked, and immediately whipped his horse and went to chase after him. The others were also shocked, and only Beitang Zixuan was rejoicing in his misfortune.

Beitang Ziqian was shocked, after calming himself down, he immediately carried his sister Beitang Zixuan off, and chased after her.

"Big brother, where are you going?" Seeing that her big brother had also left, Beitang Zixuan was extremely furious, but seeing that the others beside her had looked at her deeply, she decided to let it go, and shouted out in concern, "Big brother, be careful!"

"Cousin, my big brother is good at riding, don't worry." Beitang Zixuan walked to Fu Xueyan's side and said.

"I am not worried about my cousin. I am worried about Miss Feng. She is such a weak beauty, don't fall from your horse. It would not be good if she falls into any kind of illness." She bit her lower lip and said worriedly. She was very reserved and did not say that she was worried about her cousin Beitang Ziqian.

That's right, if he fell sick or something, then it wouldn't be good!

These words seemed to have awoken the person from their dreams!

Su Muyan immediately followed after him regardless of the serious injuries on his eyes.

Afterwards, Linghu Ziche also went over. His past reason was very simple. "He has the best medical skills here, he'll naturally be useful if we go there!"

Shen Qing Han frowned and could only leave it to him.

… ….

Beitang Ziqian knew very well that his "flying speed" was extremely violent. In the past few days, he had lost count of the number of trainers who had died under its hooves, he was so shocked that they were drenched in cold sweat. His hands were on their horses while chasing, but his "flying speed" was so fast that even Yu Yu Feng was ahead of him, maintaining a distance away from him.

Wen Xingyuan was extremely shocked, he didn't want anything to happen to her!

Linghu Ziche's eyes were filled with dark clouds. This girl must not have fallen so miserably. Otherwise, he would have to waste quite a number of expensive medicines!

At this moment, Su Muyan's eyes were filled with fury and fear. His first reaction was to jump up from the saddle, and using the advantage of his light skill, he landed on the back of the horse that was "flying very fast".

Feng Zhiyao was curious, why would Su Muyan, who always hated him, be the first to take action to stop the "Soaring Sky"?

If she was furious, she could understand. She had previously beaten him into a panda eye. If she was scared, then wouldn't she understand?

In the past few days, the so called "taking care of her" that Su Muyan had showed her made her sensitive towards him that he probably had feelings for her.

She really couldn't compare the current Su Muyan with the previous Su Muyan. This strange emotion made her happy, but it also made her feel troubled, so she would rather ignore it.

Very quickly, a large hand wrapped around her slender waist. His scorching hot body was tightly wrapped around hers. "Cousin Zhiyao, you scared me to death just now!" He softly murmured, as if he was mumbling between lovers, but his arms were tightening, almost making Feng Zhiyao unable to breathe.

"Su Muyan, be a little more gentle. I can't breathe!" He hugged her too tightly, suffocating her to the point of being uncomfortable.

The other three looked at the two on horseback while Beitang Ziqian rubbed his nose and looked elsewhere. It was just that he actually felt a little disappointed in his heart.

The one with the biggest reaction was Wen Xingyuan. He wished he could pull Su Muyan off his "flying fast" body!

Linghu Ziche's seductive eyes were filled with confusion. For the first time, his face no longer had the smile of a peerless beauty.

Some things, some emotions, were no longer controlled, but could only be controlled by reason. Everything was like an unfathomable storm, difficult to control!

He was smart, he was cold, he had thought that in his entire life, he would never be able to meet a girl as understanding as Qiong'er's sister, a girl as cute as a bird following a human!

But the heavens had let him meet the Feng Zhiyao who had his marriage annulled by the King of Qi!

As the Young Master of the Mighty Heavenly Castle who possessed an influential position, he knew if he could summon the wind and summon the rain, commanding all the heroes of the realm. For now, just by saying that the woman in his arms was in danger of falling, for some reason, it caused his heart to be in disarray for the first time, and he was completely unable to control his fear.</blockquote>

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