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C71 part3

<blockquote>Chapter 71 Contest between Men part3

"Su — Mu — Yan — are you deaf?" Feng Zhiyao was furious. She was riding her horse well, why did she chase after him like a fool? Especially this stupid cousin, she even jumped onto the back of the horse that was flying so fast!

"Yes." He let out a long breath before he relaxed a bit.

"You are not allowed to ride a horse in the future! If you want to ride, you need me to take you with me! " Su Muyan said in an extremely overbearing tone.

"Why?" F * ck, why did he always have such an old habit? Did he want to control her again?

"No reason!" "Don't ask!" Su Muyan only felt that it was a very enjoyable thing to sniff the fragrance from his hair.

"Tsk, I won't listen to you!" Feng Zhiyao ignored his words.

"Yao'er, come over here!" Wen Xingyuan endured the jealousy in his heart and reached out his hand as he thought.

"Oh, okay!" Feng Zhiyao thought that although Wen Xingyuan's stomach was filled with warm water, it was easier to fool. This cousin of hers who went three thousand miles in one go was still angry, so she was too lazy to deal with him.

Wen Xingyuan waited for Feng Zhiyao to agree and quickly rode his horse to the side of "Faster".

"You are not allowed to go! You are mine! " Su Muyan just didn't want to see Feng Zhiyao being too close to other men.

"Pui, I want to do something, that is my freedom! Furthermore, you are just Feng Zhiqiong's cousin, I just called out to you! " Feng Zhiyao saw that he was getting ahead of himself, and mocked.

"Feng Zhiyao, I said no, that's all!" Su Muyan's riding skills were also top! In addition to his "flying fast" speed, Wen Xingyuan was really unable to catch up.

"Xingyuan, Su Muyan has had a stroke, quickly compare with him!" Feng Zhiyao, this little girl, thought that they were only racing, it had nothing to do with her!

Linghu Zi Che and Beitang Ziqian looked at each other. Since they wanted to race horses, they could just let them compete.

They were just worried that Feng Zhiyao wouldn't be thrown off his horse by the competitive Su Muyan.

"Su Muyan, you're crazy! Waving your whip like this will exhaust 'Faster'! " Feng Zhiyao only heard the sound of wind in his ears, which showed how fast the horse was running.

"Cousin Zhiyao, this is a contest between us men. Close your eyes and rest for a bit!" Seeing that Wen Xingyuan was still chasing closely behind him, a stern look flashed across Su Muyan's eyes, but he spoke with a heavy tone.

She didn't understand what kind of contest between men were like! All she knew was that she didn't want to ride with him.

"I want to dismount! "Hurry and let me down!" Seeing him grab onto the horse's stomach, Feng Zhiyao angrily pushed him away, wanting to push him off the horse.

It's just that Su Muyan could not bear with her treating him like this again and again, so he carried her and jumped off the horse.

"Alright, you got off your horse. Are you satisfied?" Su Muyan held onto her slender waist with his left hand without letting go, and didn't have a single smile on his face.

"What?" "Oh, I got off my horse, of course I'm satisfied!" Feng Zhiyao nodded his head, and in the next moment, he used the movement technique that he had not learnt for a long time and jumped onto the back of his "Flying Fast" horse!

"Feng Zhiyao, you lied to me?" Su Muyan's expression suddenly turned cold. Before he could think about it, Feng Zhiyao and Wen Xingyuan had already ridden back.

However, how could Su Muyan let them have their way? He quickly bent down and picked up three stones, and shot them towards Wen Xingyuan's mount, but after hearing the hoof hooves hoof, the horse's potential exploded out after being startled, and it ran even faster than 'flying'!

"Su Muyan, you are despicable!" Seeing that Wen Xingyuan was trying his best to control the horse, Feng Zhiyao immediately turned his head and cursed at Su Muyan.

"I am so despicable because of you!" The instant her head stopped moving, Su Muyan used his Qing Gong to once again fly onto the back of the horse that was "flying very fast"!

As soon as he came up, he held her tightly in his arms. No matter how she protested, it was useless.

"He dares to covet someone I care about. He must be tired of living!" In just an instant, the bottom of Su Muyan's eyes flashed with a dark light that was bloodthirsty.

It was about time for the number one family to change hands! He did not mind using his own forces to get rid of Wen Xingyuan!

Wen Xingyuan used both hands and feet, and finally controlled the horse he was riding. The only thought in his mind right now, being his rival in love, was naturally death!

Qiu Lan Horses were the domain of the three great families, and the Wen Family was the number one clan, so their power and influence was naturally high. Therefore, when Wen Xingyuan blew the whistle, four black-clothed men immediately flew over.

"Wen Family, how can you whistle?" The leader of the group asked.

"From today onwards, no one from Mighty Heavenly Castle is allowed to come!" Wen Xingyuan's expression was dark, her thin lips slightly parted, the indifference in her eyes.

"Yes, Wen Family Lord!" The four of them immediately disappeared at lightning speed.

… ….

"Will Xingyuan be okay?" Feng Zhiyao muttered.

"It would be best if he died!" After Su Muyan heard this, he felt extremely uncomfortable in his heart. He wanted to pick this little girl up and beat her up, but he couldn't bear it.

"You--I won't talk to you anymore. Boring!" Feng Zhiyao only felt the mountain breeze get colder and colder.

"Aiya, what a crappy place, the wind is really cold!" Being blown by the wind, Feng Zhiyao's clothes were too thin, and she trembled in the cold mountain wind.

"Cousin Zhiyao, we've entered the Forbidden Area of Death, Death's Valley in the Autumn Tide Horse Farm!" Su Muyan said something that almost made Feng Zhiyao vomit blood.

"Death Valley? What is that thing? " Feng Zhiyao turned and glanced at Su Muyan, and asked him in annoyance. At this moment, a bad premonition flashed across her heart!

"Death Valley is not a place, it's a place where there is no return!" Su Muyan frowned, the hand holding Feng Zhiyao was trembling.

Damn it, he just got angry and let the horse go to the wrong place!

However, he would definitely try his best to protect her!

"Your hands are shaking!" Feng Zhiyao pointed out his abnormality.

"Yao'er, don't worry, I will protect you!" A touch of gentleness that was like water flashed past Su Muyan's black eyes.

A light breeze brushed across her snow-white cheeks, her hair that was like ink brushed across the tip of his nose, stirring up a slight itch. However, Su Muyan's handsome face revealed a determined smile.

Would he protect her?

Feng Zhiyao wasn't as afraid as Su Muyan had imagined. She calmly looked at the valley that was filled with white mist, and a hint of playfulness flashed in her eyes. Death Valley? She really wanted to see it for herself.

When she said the word 'afraid', she wasn't afraid at all. She recalled back when she was in the 'Night Demon', she and a few other girls were thrown into the tropical rainforest by the big miss Feng Jue Mei. Every day, she would fight with wild beasts and also be thrown into the Thousand Snake Hole.

In her previous life, under such harsh conditions, she was confident that she could escape unscathed, let alone a Death Valley.

"Cousin Zhiyao, aren't you afraid?" Su Muyan thought that Feng Zhiyao would at least lie on his chest and tremble in fear, but she did not, and there was not even a hint of fear in her eyes, which greatly surprised him.

Crap, she forgot that her current identity was that of a young girl from the same sect. Thus, after being stunned for a moment, she quickly leaned on his chest and pretended to be scared as her small body trembled.

"Su Muyan, I'm afraid, wuuuuu, it's all your fault, bring me to this damn place!" The ancient people paid a lot of attention to the matter of the Spirit Possession. If they knew that she was not the real Feng Zhiyao, they might think of her as a monster or kill her with fire.

"Sorry, sorry! It's all my fault! Cousin Zhiyao, don't be afraid, I'm here! " Su Muyan held her very tightly, and his gaze landed on the white, misty clouds around them.

"Hold my waist tight, don't let go." Su Muyan said calmly to her, but in his heart, he actually wasn't the most confident. However, he didn't display any sign of panic.

"Oh." Feng Zhiyao said softly, and got off the horse with him, because if they still didn't get off the horse, the horse would be frightened, and they wouldn't even have a chance to live.

"Ah — Su Muyan, what are you letting go of 'flying speed' for?" Feng Zhiyao was a little surprised to see him carry her off his horse.

"Let it explore the way!" Su Muyan replied with a strange expression and a voice that was as calm as snow.

"Oh!" Feng Zhiyao would never say that he was cold-blooded and emotionless, because if it was her, she would do the same.

Suddenly, after half an incense stick of time, there was the sound of horse hooves!

"Cousin Zhiyao, follow me. We're leaving from the opposite direction!" He definitely couldn't leave now. If he flew fast, he would definitely encounter an unknown attack.

"Alright." Feng Zhiyao just responded as she was being held back heavily by Su Muyan.

Feng Zhiyao raised her brows. Why did the flower fragrance that came from five kilometers ahead seem to be strange?

"To hasten the death of the oleander!" Su Muyan's hand that was holding her trembled again as he fearfully blurted out these five words.

"It smells so bad!" Feng Zhiyao immediately took out his cloud silk handkerchief and covered his nose, "Here, you cover your mouth and nose too!" Feng Zhiyao deftly tore a corner of her skirt and passed it to Su Muyan.

"Cousin Zhiyao —" Su Muyan looked at her with a trace of astonishment. This cousin of his was really smart!

"Don't talk!" Seeing that he was still hesitating to accept the call, Feng Zhiyao immediately took the initiative to cover his mouth and nose.

A trace of warmth and gentleness flowed through the bottom of Su Muyan's heart.

"I'll carry you!" Su Muyan thought that with his deep inner strength, it would be easier for him to carry her than carry her. Taking advantage of the darkness, they had to leave Death Valley as soon as possible!

"En!" When Feng Zhiyao thought of such a dangerous moment, she didn't want to act pretentious, so she climbed onto his broad back without hesitation.

Su Muyan felt that at this moment, he was carrying her on his back, as if he was carrying the happiness of the entire world.

"Su Muyan, why are you walking slower and slower?" Feng Zhiyao buried her head into his warm back and muttered softly.

"With a big head, the faster you walk, the easier it is to suffocate!" Are you okay? " Su Muyan asked softly in concern.

"I'm fine." Feng Zhiyao laid on his back, her heart racing a hundred times. This kind of gentle Su Muyan seemed to have the smell of a loving brother, and her beautiful white face flashed with a bit of a blush.

Seriously, at this time, what was she planning to do with all this money!

The more they got in front of us, the more white the mist got, and occasionally the cries of unknown birds could be heard. The mournful and terrifying cries caused Su Muyan to tighten his grip on her behind his back again, and he consoled, "Cousin Zhiyao, we can definitely leave Death Valley!"

"Well, I believe you. Su Muyan, we can definitely walk out of here! " Feng Zhiyao never thought that one day, the two of them would also coexist in such a peaceful manner. There was no atmosphere of conflict between them, and they even snuggled together to encourage each other.

"Su Muyan, I feel that I'm getting colder and colder …" Feng Zhiyao yawned lazily, he slowly closed his eyes and his body shivered because of the cold. They were getting closer and closer to the glacier area in Death Valley's cave.

"Cousin Zhiyao, I forbid you from sleeping!" Su Muyan saw that her voice was getting softer and softer, and was suddenly shocked, thus he put her down and embraced her, then berated her loudly.

"I'm cold …" "It's so cold …" It wasn't that she wanted to sleep, it was just that it was too cold. It was as if she had gone to the Arctic Ice.

"Cousin Zhiyao, wake up!" Su Muyan was vexed at himself for making the horses run faster and faster, and accidentally entered Death Valley. Now that she was unconscious, his heart was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan.

"Hmm …" Feng Zhiyao slightly parted his lips, as the tip of his nose carried a weak aura.

"Cousin Zhiyao — Cousin Zhiyao —" Su Muyan shook her arm with all his might, and even extended his slender white fingers to check his breath.

"You can't fall asleep. Promise me that you can't fall asleep! Do you remember that day you asked me to promise you, to kiss you — do you remember? " That day, he angrily scolded her for being shameless. That night, he barged into her room …

But Feng Zhiyao did not open his eyes to look at him, as he had expected.

"I forbid you to sleep! Cousin Zhiyao! Feng Zhiyao, wake up! " Su Muyan took off his outer clothes and wrapped it around her body that was trembling from the cold.

The surroundings were completely white. The mist was so thick that one could vaguely hear the howls of wild beasts …</blockquote>

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