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C72 part1

<blockquote>Chapter 72 Take Care of Her part1

"Cousin sister Zhiyao, wake up, if you still don't wake up, I'll —" Su Muyan pulled away a corner of the dress wrapped around his nose, as well as the muslin silk handkerchief wrapped around her nose. Then, he loudly shouted at her.

"Stop being so noisy... So cold... "I want to sleep …" Feng Zhiyao felt that she was about to fall asleep. If it was in her previous life, she would definitely not be able to sleep, but after teleporting, her body was too weak.

"Cousin Zhiyao, hold on!" Su Muyan hugged her very tightly. His fair and handsome face was pressed against her beautiful face, hoping to warm her up. Then, he touched the cold on her lips.

Su Muyan placed his hand on the side of her neck, at the same time locking her in place, his fingers moved back and forth to sense her soft and tender skin, massaging until her entire body was numb, as though it was being electrocuted, and swept through her entire body.

"Oh …" Feng Zhiyao only felt that she, who was in the middle of a deep winter, was feeling a trace of scorching warmth, very comfortable and very numb.

Then his thin lips kissed her moist red lips, and the curls were soft as feathers, mixed with a hint of sweetness.

"Ah!" Su Muyan, what are you doing? " It can't be? Didn't he hate her? Why did he suddenly kiss her? Was he possessed?

"I... I'll help you warm your face! " Su Muyan had actually lied for the first time, and the lie he told was something even he couldn't believe.

"Where did you get such a warm face!" When Feng Zhiyao heard this, he found it funny, but he could feel a lot of sweetness at the bottom of his heart. Actually, Su Muyan was not as detestable as she thought.

"Cousin Zhiyao, are you still cold?" Su Muyan hugged her soft and tender body, his hand sticking to the thin layer of cloth causing his throat to move uncontrollably.

"It's not cold anymore!" But just when will we be able to leave the Death Valley? " Feng Zhiyao looked at the white mist around him with a conflicted expression.

"Don't be afraid, someone will definitely come to save us!" Su Muyan let her climb onto his back once again, "Let's go, let's try to walk out. I can hear the sound of flowing water over there, maybe we can walk out."

"Alright." Feng Zhiyao wanted to take off his outer clothes and return it to him.

"My inner force is deep, you should wear it!" Su Muyan shook his head, he was extremely afraid of her suddenly fainting earlier.

"Yes." Feng Zhiyao said softly, her lips curling up into a sweet smile.

The cold mountain breeze blew away the clouds of white mist, and they saw a black pool of water.

"Strange, there is a glacier-like cold wind blowing here, but why is the water flowing here?" Feng Zhiyao was very curious, so he asked.

"When we cross the bridge, don't look at the Black Pond!" Su Muyan cautiously warned.

"Fine, I won't look, but why can't I look at that black pool?" Feng Zhiyao still wanted to know the answer.

"Because that's the pond of the Infernal domain. I've only read about it in ancient books. If someone were to cross the bridge and glance at the black pool of water, that person would be possessed. "I wonder if this legend is true or not?" Su Muyan did not know whether this legend was real or not.

"Then we should rather believe it! "Let's go, after we cross that bridge, we might even reach the exit." Feng Zhiyao urged him. She didn't want to stay in this Death Valley, where there was only a vast expanse of whiteness.

"Mm, then don't look. If you're scared, just hug my neck tightly." Su Muyan said indifferently, a trace of trembling and fear flowing through his voice.

"How did you suddenly become so concerned about me? And so gentle? " Feng Zhiyao originally only thought about it, but he couldn't help but say it out loud.

"This... Can't I care about you? " Hearing her words, Su Muyan was startled. When had he ever cared about women other than Feng Zhiqiong?

It was just that Su Muyan was very shrewd in some aspects, but was very slow in emotions.

"Very good. Let's go, let's not talk anymore. We don't need to fall into the Infernal domain's pond!" Seeing that he had actually turned around to look at her, Feng Zhiyao's handsome face seemed a little blurry under the faint white fog, but he was still as handsome and handsome as before.

"If you really fall in, you have to hug my neck tightly, you hear me!" Su Muyan worriedly said it again.

"Got it, got it!" Feng Zhiyao couldn't say that he was long-winded, he was doing it for her own good, and for her sake. Although this man's mouth was a little venomous back then, he was outstanding in other aspects.

"It's good that you know this. Cousin Zhiyao, believe me, I can definitely take you out of Death Valley!" Su Muyan was worried that she would be scared, hence he spoke with strength.

Carrying Feng Zhiyao on his back, Su Muyan walked up the white wooden bridge step by step with steady steps. The bridge was crooked, and as he walked, Su Muyan's eyes were closed.

As if a century had passed, they passed through the Infernal domain's pond. When they turned back to look at the black waters, they had already disappeared.

But there was only a single white wooden bridge!

"Masked Phoenix Bridge!" When Su Muyan saw the name of the white bridge, his expression greatly changed.

"It's just the name of a bridge. Why are you so loud?" Feng Zhiyao was very surprised, she felt that Su Muyan was making a big fuss out of nothing.

"According to the ancient texts, if a young lady were to see the Concealing Phoenix Bridge, she would be the fortune of the entire world!" Su Muyan placed her down, and looked at her thoughtfully. After pondering for a long time, he finally told her that he knew.

"You mean I am the queen's destiny?" After Feng Zhiyao heard it, he laughed heartily.

"Yes." Su Muyan nodded his head, because that was what the ancient books said.

"What if it was a man who saw the bridge?" Feng Zhiyao laughed, he looked at Su Muyan calmly, and wanted to see how he would answer.

"It's the fate of Emperor Star!" Su Muyan whispered into her ear, just because he heard the sound of horse hooves nearby.

"Tsk, that's not allowed! The ancients had nothing to do after they had eaten their fill, so they lied for nothing! " Feng Zhiyao did not believe it.

"Cousin sister Zhiyao, when you see Beitang Ziqian and the others later, you can't say that we saw the Masked Phoenix Bridge, can you remember that?" Su Muyan did not forget that the imperial family had already started to fear the power of the Mighty Heavenly Castle. A few days ago, he had already lost several transactions with the Xi Liang Kingdom's Yue Luo Villa.

"Oh, then let me take a look. This bridge is truly strange!" Just as Feng Zhiyao was about to turn around and look again, the words on the white wooden bridge had already disappeared.

"Strange, those two words are missing!" Feng Zhiyao said as he gave a close look.

"Only the fated will be able to see!" Su Muyan's words were like Buddha's dictum.

"You must remember, no one is allowed to say it!" He warned again, his slightly strained voice tinged with determination and worry.

"I know, I won't tell anyone!" It was so good that we shared the hardships of the past! Rest assured! Am I such a big mouth? " She nodded affirmatively and retorted with a question.

She, Feng Zhiyao, was not a fool. If she really did say it, the old emperor would definitely bring her into the palace to be the empress!

She thought about marrying the old Emperor, who was so old that goosebumps almost fell all over her.

So someone as smart as her definitely wouldn't talk about the Masked Phoenix Bridge!

"Are they really here to save us?" Feng Zhiyao felt that the sound of the horses' hooves was strange.

Gradually, the sound of the horses' hooves got closer. Su Muyan's face became even more gloomy, "It's not them who are here to save us, we've met with trouble!"

Feng Zhiyao looked towards where he was looking at, only to see an armored headless corpse walking step by step towards Feng Zhiyao's direction. From a distance, the sound was really like the sound of horses' hooves, but after a closer look, it was extremely strange.

In the misty white mist, pink blood dripped from the headless body of the headless armor. The icy wind was rustling like a glacier, emitting a cold air and a slightly rotten smell.

"Headless Armor Corpse!" Su Muyan, what are you standing there for? Here, amongst the two, Su Muyan's Qing Gong was better than hers, so she naturally had to urge him to bring her away quickly.

"Cousin Zhiyao, don't move. I'll go and fight him for a few rounds. If I can't beat him, then you first have to think of a way to hide." ....com " Su Muyan reached out his hands and wrapped them around her little hands, warming them up as he faintly sighed.

"Mm, I understand. You be careful too." When Feng Zhiyao saw his burning gaze on her, her heart involuntarily jumped.

Therefore, Su Muyan used a bizarre set of palms to force the headless armor corpse to attack, but no matter how many times he attacked the headless armor corpse, the headless armor master became more and more ferocious, shooting out countless of silver needles from within the armor.

Just like a fairy scattering flowers, a silver needle appeared on Feng Zhiyao's left shoulder. She calmly looked as if she wanted to remove the needle, but was stopped by the look in Su Muyan's eyes.

"Hahaha, you juniors, you actually dare to barge into the Death Valley! All of you are dead for sure! " A sinister voice came out from the headless armored corpse.

"Ah!" Su Muyan, be careful! " Feng Zhiyao saw that the headless armored corpse wanted to harm Su Muyan again, so she got angry and quickly moved, turning her body agilely to pull Su Muyan away.

"You're blocking me from hitting the headless armor!" 's face revealed displeasure. Didn't he tell her to dodge further, how could she be so foolish! But he didn't mean to blame her, just worried that her wounds would fester.

"Stop fighting, we can't beat him. You see, he is wearing armor, maybe he has an indestructible body, so we might as well use our wits!" Feng Zhiyao glared at him as her eyes flickered with a trace of craftiness.

"How?" Su Muyan looked at her doubtfully.</blockquote>

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