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C72 part2

<blockquote>Chapter 72 Take Care of Her part2

"Come here!" Feng Zhiyao told him to get closer to her, and a very refreshing fragrance filled his nose.

Su Muyan frowned, and when he heard Feng Zhiyao's idea, he nodded his head.

"This method works, but if we fail, you and I might never be able to get out of this Death Valley!" Su Muyan was worried.

"Tsk, don't be so pessimistic. Weren't you encouraging me just now?" Feng Zhiyao bit his lower lip and said angrily, this time he felt a piercing pain from his left shoulder.

"What's wrong? Does it hurt?" His brows were arched in a pattern.

"Don't worry about the wound on my left shoulder, let's move!" Feng Zhiyao took the initiative to hold onto Su Muyan's big hand, and then, once again put on the veil silk handkerchief and a corner of her skirt, the two quickly slipped through the forest. Of course, the headless armored corpse was chasing closely behind them, and just as quickly, the two of them worked together to pinch the petals of the oleander into powder, and quickly scattered them all over the headless armored corpse.

"Cousin Zhiyao, it seems useful. He fell." Su Muyan glanced at Feng Zhiyao, praising her in his eyes.

"Use your palm to hit that smaller oleander tree. I'm useful!" Feng Zhiyao nodded, following which she commanded Su Muyan to pull up a small oleander tree beside him.

"Oh!" Su Muyan did not ask any further questions as he was extremely satisfied with the intelligence she had displayed.

Under the hazy white mist, the emerald green oleander was even more mysterious and vibrant.

"Be careful, don't smell the oleander!" Feng Zhiyao pulled out the white crystal jade hairpin, took a bit of oleander juice, and then activated the mechanism of the white crystal jade hairpin.

If he didn't kill the headless armored corpse this time, he would make it scream in pain!

She, Meixi, was an expert in poison concoction!

"Alright, let's wait here for the headless armored corpse to turn into powder!" Feng Zhiyao's eyes flashed with an ice-cold fierceness.

She wrapped the head of the white crystal jade hairpin with a muslin handkerchief and shot the sharp end of the silk handkerchief into the heart of the headless armored corpse.

"Ao — —" A deafening scream almost shattered the eardrums of Feng Zhiyao and the others.

"This sound is so unpleasant to listen to!" Feng Zhiyao covered her ears. Because her left shoulder was injured, she could only cover one ear with one hand.

Soon, the headless armored corpse collapsed and stopped moving. This continued for almost an hour!

However, the hissing sound was still resounding in his ears!

At this time, Su Muyan seemed to have seen through her difficulty, and immediately covered her ears with his hands. The warm temperature covered their faces with a layer of red.

"Cousin Zhiyao, when did you learn how to poison?" Su Muyan suddenly felt that he had never understood Feng Zhiyao.

"I saw an ancient book on refining poisons. I got some when I was interested, but I was lazy later on so I stopped. Today, when we were in danger, maybe I exploded with my potential! By the way, do your eyes still hurt? " Feng Zhiyao saw that his left eye had turned into a panda's eye, and felt a bit bad. She was really as he said, she had been a bit too harsh on him before.

"You only know how to care about me!" Seeing that she was concerned about him, Su Muyan immediately and arrogantly turned his face to the other side, his lips curled up a little. He thought to himself, she still cares about me a lot, and after thinking about it like this, he became happy in his heart.

"I'm sorry! Who asked you to be so overbearing before! " Feng Zhiyao raised her slender hand and rubbed the area around his eyes.

"Alright, you know your mistake, so be it. Stop rubbing it, it hurts like hell!" Su Muyan purposely pressed down on him, causing him to cry out in pain.

"Look, a fiery-red snake crawled out of the headless armor. Is it a Red Refined Snake?" Feng Zhiyao looked at this strange scene and started to feel sorry for his white crystal jade hairpin. Currently, the hairpin was bravely piercing into the headless armored corpse's heart.

"It looks a little similar!" Su Muyan nodded, "Cousin sister Zhiyao, what are you going to do?" He was worried that the snake was poisonous, so what if the snake bit her? What if the snake was poisoned?

Damn it, she still had the silver needle on her left shoulder! I can't get hurt again!

"To catch the snake and get the snake's gall!" Feng Zhiyao smiled sweetly, her smile dazzling.

"I won't let you take the risk, I'll go! I'll help you get the snake gall! " Su Muyan felt that it would be better if he went.

"Alright then, be careful." Feng Zhiyao never thought that Su Muyan would change his attitude so quickly towards her.

So Feng Zhiyao stayed quietly at the other side, quietly watching him fight against the snake, she was actually a little worried in her heart, what if Su Muyan was bitten by a snake, how would she be able to get out of Death Valley later?

It was just that Su Muyan was much more powerful than she had imagined. He suddenly attacked the fiery-red snake, which was as thick as a bowl, and in an instant, hit the snake until its body trembled and its tail swung towards Su Muyan with a lightning speed. Its eyes were fierce and cold, its mouth agape, and its white fangs aimed straight at Su Muyan's wrist.

"Su Muyan, be careful!" Feng Zhiyao shouted anxiously, she was afraid that he would be in trouble.

Su Muyan nimbly dodged it, and then used his elbow to stroke the snake belly of the Scarlet Snake. In the time it took for a spark to fly, he quickly pulled out the White Crystal Jade Hair that was nailed into the headless armor, and his fingers nimbly moved to stab towards the abdomen of the Scarlet Snake.

The snake's abdomen had been cut open. A huge oval-shaped brown snake gall rolled down the ground, emitting a fishy smell.

"Zhiyao, why do you need snake gall?" Su Muyan became curious and asked.

"Naturally, it is to treat the wound on my left shoulder.

Feng Zhiyao calmly pulled out the silver needle on her left shoulder, but it had entered very deep. She frowned, perspiration trickling down her forehead as she endured the pain and pulled it out.

"Stop trying to be brave!" Seeing her like this, Su Muyan couldn't help but sweat for her.

Therefore, Su Muyan took the initiative to cut open the snake gall for her and used some bile to smear on her. Miraculously, the snake gall juice had an extremely good healing effect, and very quickly, the wound healed.

"Thank you." Feng Zhiyao thanked him politely.

"Don't thank me, just don't beat me up next time!" Su Muyan immediately used a corner of his robe to wipe away the White Crystal Jade hairpin and helped her put it back on her hair.

"This hairpin is rather exquisite, do you like white crystal jewelry?" he asked casually.

"Yes." It was given to her by Weiyang, so she naturally liked it. It was just that she hadn't seen him for a long time.

"Cousin Zhiyao, if you like this type of jewelry, how about we go back and carefully order a few of these for you?" he asked, rubbing his aching eyes.

"Okay, you have to send me off. "You are not allowed to accept my silver." Feng Zhiyao would be a fool if he could not take advantage of them! She joked with him.

"Hmm, then let's hurry up and leave. The mist is thinner over there, so it's more likely to be the exit." When Su Muyan saw her enchanting smile, he could not help but be shocked.

Just as Su Muyan expected, the place with the scant mist was the Death Valley's exit.

The two of them looked at each other and laughed. They had finally made it out of Death Valley alive.

"Luckily I was able to get out. If I were to be lost inside, it would be very difficult to get out!" Su Muyan had a feeling that he had survived a calamity.

"Why?" Was it that serious? Feng Zhiyao didn't think that the Death Valley was scary.

"Because at night, the white mist will turn into black mist and the miasma will deepen. Therefore, it will be extremely difficult to smoothly walk out of the Death Valley!" Su Muyan stood with his hands behind his back, and sighed.

"Alright, enough, I'm hungry!" Feng Zhiyao's stomach growled non-stop, and she shyly placed both her hands on top of her stomach. At this moment, she had a kind of silly, innocent feeling.

"Cousin sister Zhiyao, can I call you Yao'er? That. "The four words are too long to say!" Su Muyan looked at her beautiful face, his heart thumping, so he could not help but ask her. Her voice was soft and long, like a light feather brushing against his skin, very pleasant and pleasant to hear.

"Sure!" No matter what, the two of them had experienced the predicament of the Death Valley, Feng Zhiyao had also changed his opinion of her, thus she nodded her head lightly, to her, a name was just a code name!

"Yao'er, I heard them looking for us. Let's leave this place quickly and reunite with them!" Su Muyan's ears were extremely sharp, he could already hear the clear sounds of horse hooves mixed together with the uniform sounds of footsteps, as well as the barking of dogs!

He was inwardly alarmed. Why were there uniform footsteps? Could it be that a guard team had been dispatched? But which prince's guard would it be?

And barking? Could it be the King of Jing? Su Muyan guessed in his heart.

It was almost dusk, when Feng Zhiyao looked at the sky, she immediately became anxious. Damn it, now that she had agreed to meet again, would Li Jinran be angry?

"Yao'er, are you alright?" Why did he hear King of Jing Xuanyuan Haoyu's voice?

"I... Very good … It could be said that he was safe... "Feng Zhiyao thought, why would Xuanyuan Haoyu appear in the Autumn Wave Stable?

"What happened to your shoulder?" Wen Xingyuan asked. "Do you want me to show it to you?"

"No need!" Feng Zhiyao shook her head. She had already dealt with it herself, she did not want to trouble others.

"Eh, Young Master Su is here too?" "But what happened to your eyes?" Hearing her light tone, Xuanyuan Haoyu thought that the injury shouldn't be too heavy and he thus felt at ease. Then, as if he had just seen Su Muyan, he smiled at Su Muyan and greeted him.

When he saw Su Muyan's eyes, a hint of playfulness flashed past them. Could this have been beaten by Yao'er?

Only now did the others notice why Su Muyan had been so secretive before, and did not show his face.

"Yeah, Yao'er and I rode on horses and entered the Death Valley by accident. These eyes … Ugh … "He accidentally injured himself!" Thus, Su Muyan looked at Feng Zhiyao meaningfully as worry flashed past her eyes. The wound on her shoulder should be okay, right? He didn't care about his eyes at all.

Men who fall in love are idiots anyway! Su Muyan was about to enter!

"Why would His Highness bring his guards to the Autumn Wave Stable? "Could it be that His Highness King of Jing is also here for the horse race?" Su Muyan laughed, that panda eye was not one bit affected by his charm.

"It was only because I could not find your figures that I managed to get someone to report to His Highness the King of Jing. "He brought the dog search squad here!" Beitang Ziqian looked at Feng Zhiyao, and at the moment, she was still wearing his outer robes. A hint of surprise flashed across his eyes.

Su Muyan had really set his eyes on a woman that the King of Qi did not want?</blockquote>

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