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C73 part1

<blockquote> Chapter 73 part1

"Stop —" Su Muyan suddenly called out to Wan Sanzi, telling him to stop the carriage.

"Young Master Su? This is not even the Mighty Heavenly Castle yet. " Wan Sanzi was curious, why did the Young Master Su get confused? Parking here?

"Someone is following us!" Su Muyan said indifferently, he then opened the curtain and gently jumped down the carriage.

"Why are you following me?" Su Muyan's voice pierced through his internal energy, causing the leaves on the trees around him to rustle.

"You're coveting someone else's item!" A black shadow of sword Qi shot forward like a rainbow towards Su Muyan.

"What?" "Can you explain it clearly?" Su Muyan looked at the tall side of the man's face, and for a moment, he didn't know who he was.

"Hmph —" The black handsome shadow's blade shone with a blue light under the bright moonlight. The Sword Qi that was infused with inner strength shot out towards Su Muyan.

If it was in the past, Su Muyan did not need to dodge to deal with the incoming person, but today, he had spent too much of his Innate Qi in the Death Valley, thus, other than dodging, he used a profound movement technique to fly away.

However, no matter how hard he tried to dodge, the sword qi was not as powerful as that man's sword qi.

"Young Master Su — —" Wan Sanzi was so scared that he was dazed by the amount of blood on Su Muyan's right shoulder.

"You should be glad that you did not cut your right arm! "Remember, do not touch anything that is not yours!" The handsome figure's voice was as cold as ice.

However, Su Muyan did not let him succeed, he struck back fiercely with his palm, causing blood to ooze out of the corner of his mouth. The hand that was clutching his heart trembled, and he attempted to jump away.

"Who are you? Why did you harm this young master? " When Su Muyan heard the man's words before he left, he was extremely angry.

"Hahaha …" That person's face was completely expressionless!

Su Muyan thought, could it be that his skin was fake, that he was a human skin mask?

After the man finished laughing, he looked at Su Muyan with his wild and cold eyes, and then laughed madly and left.

"Young Master Su, Young Master Su." Wan San Zi's face was pale as he looked at Su Muyan's bloodied right arm.

"Quick, take me to see your big miss!" Su Muyan thought that if he did not quickly tend to his wounds, his right arm would really be crippled.

And this place was extremely far from the Mighty Heavenly Castle, so he could only return to the Prime Minister's Mansion to look for Feng Zhiyao to treat the wound on his right arm.

"Oh, okay." Wan San Zi immediately went forward to support Su Muyan, and helped him up onto the carriage. He sat on the carriage and rushed back to Prime Minister's Mansion.

Feng Zhiyao never would have thought that Su Muyan would come again so soon after she took a bath, not to mention that he had brought injury with him.

"I say, cousin, did you offend someone and they want to chop off your arm as a warning?" As Feng Zhiyao helped him treat the wound on his right arm, she also coldly teased him.

"That's not the case!" Su Muyan gently shook his head. He too was puzzled, if it was something related to the trade, the person would not warn him like that, it was truly strange.

"Could it be that you forcefully took away my little sister's innocence, so —" Feng Zhiyao continued to guess without reserve.

"Yao'er, stop guessing, I'm hungry!" This little girl definitely had nothing to do after eating her fill, so she said it all!

Instead, she ate roasted chicken, and perhaps even ate a lot of delicious food after returning home. Now that he was a man, the five viscera temple began to protest, and she was still beside him, talking sarcastically.

"Alright, I don't have any delicacies here. Hong Mi, go bring Young Master Su a bowl of porridge!" Feng Zhiyao's words almost made Su Muyan spit blood in anger.

She was thirteen years old, had a clean background, a pretty face, and was well-educated and well-trained. Feng Zhiyao was very satisfied with her training, which was why he was able to see that she did not let Hong Mi leave, but rather asked her to wait on him at the side instead.

When Hong Mi left, Su Muyan glared at Feng Zhiyao.

"I'm so good that I bought you a roasted chicken to eat. Yet, you're treating me to a bowl of porridge?" Su Muyan muttered in dissatisfaction.

"It's good that you have something to eat. Just be satisfied with what you have!" Feng Zhiyao lazily glanced at him, standing up and pouring himself a cup of green tea.

"Zi Yun, what did the doctor say about Third Young Miss's injuries?" Feng Zhiyao asked Zi Yun who had just returned from gathering information.

"The doctor has seen, the third young miss is only injured, you just need to recuperate." Zi Yun lowered his hands and reported.

"Then did Third Miss perform any unusual actions?" Feng Zhiyao asked again, he felt that it was a little strange, then was that stab, really just an injury?

"The Third Miss is calm and composed, as if nothing had happened. She asked the housekeeper to serve her." Zi Yun said indifferently, she was also puzzled, under normal circumstances, when her mother was being forced into a corner by the Guan and Qiu Academy, she would not cry or make a ruckus, this was truly too strange.

"She has developed intelligence after suffering some setbacks! Send someone to keep an eye on her! And you need to find out about Ji Yu's background as soon as possible. " Feng Zhiyao knew that Zi Yun had a way to do all of these, so she did not hide it from her.

"Yes, Miss." Zi Yun nodded, all of this was just a piece of cake for her.

"This porridge is really fragrant!" Su Muyan waited for Hong Mi to bring it over, then elegantly tasted it with a spoon. The taste is rich, smooth and delicious, Yao'er, you really know how to enjoy yourself. "

"If it's delicious, then eat more!" Feng Zhiyao laughed, and then yawned.

Therefore, Su Muyan's appetite was great, and he ate three bowls in one go.

"Yao'er, I'll be going back now." Su Muyan unwillingly glanced at Feng Zhiyao. He thought that Feng Zhiyao would at least say something to keep him here, but who knew that the little girl had already closed her eyes and was dreaming of Duke Zhou.

"Zi Yun, Hong Mi, when your young miss wakes up, tell her that no matter what, I will take care of her! Alright, farewell! " Su Muyan watched as Feng Zhiyao laid on the soft couch, before turning his head and leaving the Begonia Garden in three steps.

"Sister Zi Yun, could it be that the Young Master Su has set his eyes on our young miss?" she whispered.

"Hong Mi, it's best if we don't talk about our master's matter. We should focus on our own affairs!" Zi Yun kindly reminded her.

"Yes, thank you sister Zi Yun for the help, then I will take down the utensils and go to bed." Hong Mi knew that Zi Yun was the Young Miss' personal maid and would definitely have a way to have the Young Miss sleep on her bed later.

"Okay, go ahead." Zi Yun smiled and nodded, but she looked at Feng Zhiyao with an appreciative expression. Why would such a smart girl have an intimate relationship with so many men?

But she didn't understand her master's intentions? Why did you want her to stand by the side of the young miss in the place of the real Zi Yun?

Could it be that there was something on her that this grandpa cared about?

"Zi Yun, is it because this lady is too beautiful?" Feng Zhiyao astonishingly opened his eyes, shocking Zi Yun.

Therefore, Zi Yun quickly kneeled down and said, "First Miss, you misunderstood. Zi Yun didn't mean it that way, but because Hong Mi had asked that question just now, this servant had taken a closer look at Eldest Miss. "

Oh my god, the young miss hadn't fallen asleep yet!

"I'm resting with my eyes closed. I never said I was asleep!" Feng Zhiyao said in a low voice as he took her hand and elegantly stood up, looking down at Zi Yun.

"Zi Yun, tell the person behind you, I am not a woman he can control!" Feng Zhiyao coldly looked at the kneeling Zi Yun, and after finishing his cold words, he walked into the room like a lotus flower.

Zi Yun was startled.

What does Eldest Miss mean by this? Should she go see me again?

However, I did not summon her. If she were to go, I will be punished! Forget it, First Miss had been good to him, it was better for her to stay by her side for the time being.

After thinking about it, Zi Yun got up from the ground, closed the door, and walked out.

Feng Zhiyao lay on the bed, unable to fall asleep no matter what. As she thought about how Su Muyan had kissed her, her face burned intensely hot.

However, she naturally liked Su Muyan as a beautiful man. Thinking of this, she felt relieved.

At this time, Situ Yelei would definitely not come tonight.

Thus, Feng Zhiyao immediately got up, put on a set of white clothes, tied his hair up in a simple bun, and lightly jumped out of the window without a sound.

After confirming that no one had noticed, she used her light skill to fly to Quhe House.

"Eldest Miss, why are you here so late at night?" Why did Tao Zhixian jump in fright when he saw the white-clothed Feng Zhiyao?

"I'm not here to look for you, I'm here for Li Jinran." Feng Zhiyao said with a smile. He never thought that the appearance of this hour would scare the Uncle Xian.

"Alright, since that's the case, then go quickly." Seeing that Feng Zhiyao was not in a rush, Tao Zhixian decided to take care of his own matters. Under Feng Zhiyao's instructions, the Quhe House had become the first inn in the Nan Shao Kingdom to serve him 24 hours a day.

Feng Zhiyao nodded his head, his Profound Rippling Steps became more and more wonderful, to the point that he managed to arrive at Qing Lian Little Foundation within the time it takes for an incense stick to burn.

At the moment, the candles in Li Jinran's room were flickering, showing that he was still awake.

After Feng Zhiyao knocked on the door, he opened the door with the wooden wheelchair.

"Zhiyao, why would you be here at this time?" Li Jinran opened the door and saw that it was actually Feng Zhiyao. She looked at her gently with a few surprises, her clear and handsome face was not as pale and weak as when he first saw her, but was slightly flushed, like the red morning glow, dazzling.

"What is it? "Aren't you happy to see me?" Feng Zhiyao smiled at him, and then teased.

"That's not what I mean. I'm talking about you, a young lady who has yet to leave the pavilion. You shouldn't have much of an impact coming to my place at this hour!" Li Jinran cared about her.

"I didn't have any good influence from the start, but now I don't want to stay overnight!" Feng Zhiyao gave him a comforting look.

"I came over to take a look at you, then I won't be coming over tomorrow!" Feng Zhiyao said again.

"Why isn't he coming again tomorrow?" Li Jinran didn't know what had happened to him, but he felt that he hadn't seen her for a day, as if it had been three years.

"I have something to do!" "Feng Zhiyao bent down, leaned forward, and lightly pecked Li Jinran's lips. I just came to see you, then I'll be going back! "

"Zhiyao —" Li Jinran's mind was shaken by Feng Zhiyao's flower-like smile. He looked at her in a daze, and the touch of his lips made his beautiful face unnaturally red.

"Jinran, do you miss me?" Today, she hadn't come in broad daylight, so he must have missed her. Thinking of this, her small face brimmed with a sweet smile.

"En!" Li Jinran was very honest, after making a sound, her face blushed even more.

"Jinran is good, hehe …" Feng Zhiyao was very happy, she once again kissed his soft and tender lips, and her small hands mischievously touched his chest.

"Ugh …" said Zhiyao. Li Jinran let out a light snort, opened her lips slightly, and allowed Feng Zhiyao's lilac tongue to slowly probe in, slowly responding to her kiss.

It was as if they were just kissing to feel each other's feelings. After a while, Feng Zhiyao let go of him.

She buried her head in his lap and raised her head to look at him. His eyes sparkled as he stared at the person beneath him. His charming face was filled with smiles.

Li Jinran smiled warmly like a spring breeze, raising her hands to rub her shiny black hair. Looking at Feng Zhiyao's beautiful face with a smile that was like a flower, her heart was filled with joy.

"It feels good to kiss." Feng Zhiyao teased him with a smile on her lips.

Their gazes met, and smiles of satisfaction could be seen on their faces.</blockquote>

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