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C73 part2

<blockquote>Chapter 73 part2

"The sun is about to rise. Let's hurry up and go back!" Li Jinran said as he looked out at the sky.

The treatment I taught you, just let Ban Xia follow it. Wait for me to have the time to come. "" Okay, then I'll come see you again. Feng Zhiyao reluctantly stood up, and with her head tilted to the side, she looked at his impeccable appearance. At this moment, the moonlight shone down on Li Jinran's body, and her pink clothes were breathtakingly beautiful, with a faint elegance, as if her beautiful face was coated with a layer of silver light, which was dazzling to behold.

"Alright, be careful on your way." Li Jinran looked at her, and his gaze landed on his legs once again. He really wished that he could stand up, and that he could send her back home this way.

"En, don't worry, my light skill is not bad to learn right now." When Feng Zhiyao saw his lowered eyes, she knew what he was thinking and so she opened her mouth to console him.

"Alright, Zhiyao, go back." He smiled and looked up at her again.

Feng Zhiyao opened the door and quickly left.

… ….

On a cloudy rainy day three days later.

Perhaps it was because Feng Zhiyao was addicted to sleep, but even after almost noon, she still had not woken up.

"Eldest Miss, are you up yet!" Zi Yun knocked the door and shouted.

"What's wrong? What happened?" I'm sleeping well! " After Feng Zhiyao heard this, he opened his eyes in a daze and shouted.

First Miss, Old Madame Situ asked to see you! Zi Yun heard Feng Zhiyao and pushed the door open.

"Old Madame Situ? is she Situ Yelei's mother? " Feng Zhiyao propped himself up, rubbed his eyes, and said indifferently.

"You're right, does Eldest Miss want to see her?" Zi Yun asked.

"No!" What's so good about an old woman? Furthermore, she didn't have any intention of marrying into the Situ Family!

"Wait — do you know what she's here for?" Feng Zhiyao had a bad premonition in his heart.

"She has a scroll in her hand and her expression is indifferent. She didn't say why, but she definitely wants to see you." Zi Yun reported to her after he carefully recalled it.

"Alright, see you then." Could it be that the heavens could not bear to see her, Meixi, sleeping lazily?!

"She came to see me in such a heavy rain?" Could it be for him? " Feng Zhiyao thought for a while, then muttered to himself.

Feng Zhiyao washed up and dressed, and after eating breakfast, he leisurely walked towards the Begonia Garden's Flower Hall.

Old Madame Situ Yan Xinzhu looked at Feng Zhiyao who was slowly walking towards him, and a look of surprise and admiration flashed past his eyes.

What kind of exquisite face was that? Those dream-like clear eyes were blinking. Those half-lidded eyelashes curved in a beautiful arc like a half-opened silk fan.

The wings of her nose were straight and delicate, like tender and red lips that were covered in rain, and her mouth emitted an extremely tempting force when it opened and closed.

Her fair and flawless cheeks were suffused with a layer of faint redness, like the dazzling fragrance of ripe cherries.

This girl was breathtakingly beautiful, shockingly beautiful. Amidst the beauty, there was also a sense of purity that couldn't be ignored, causing one to unknowingly sink deep into it and sink into depravity.

No wonder why Lei'er had covered the entire room with her portraits. It turned out that she had her own charm.

It was just that they did not meet the right person at the right time. Thinking about this, Yan Xinzhu lightly sighed.

Princess Lingxi was crying and had a fever because of Lei'er's rejection. Even now, she was still stuck in her sickbed, but Lei'er didn't want to take a look at her.

It seemed like she had made up her mind.

Just as Yan Xinzhu was sizing up Feng Zhiyao, Feng Zhiyao also started to size her up carefully.

She was full of energy and had a faint smile on her face. She looked very friendly, but she was also quite distant from people.

A medallion with the width of three fingers rolled onto the side of a goldfish daikon, inside it, there was a embroidered coat with a stone blue birdlike chrysanthemum pattern, a dark horse-faced skirt, the hem of the skirt was embroidered with complicated lace, and the head was adorned with an extremely fine onyx gold hairpin. The outfit was really luxurious and quiet, with a noble air, gentleness, and elegance, not like someone who would have difficulty with others, Feng Zhiyao was curious, but why would she come to see her in the rain?

"Old Madame Situ, you have waited for a long time!" Feng Zhiyao gently smiled and said.

"Miss Feng, this old woman has something to discuss with you. Can I ask your personal little girl to step down?" Yan Xinzhu also smiled in return, but there was a bit of dignity in her demeanor.

"Zi Yun, you can leave for now. I have a chat with Old Madame Situ." Feng Zhiyao gently waved his hand at Zi Yun.

"Here!" Yan Xinzhu stood up from his teacher's chair and handed the scroll over to Feng Zhiyao.

"Axis?" Feng Zhiyao was startled, why would she give her the scroll painting?

"What do you mean?" Feng Zhiyao asked curiously.

"For you." She smiled slightly, but it did not reach her eyes.

"What kind of painting is it?" And it was so mysterious?

"You'll know when you open it!" Yan Xinzhu lifted the teacup, lifted the teacup's lid, and elegantly took a sip. She frowned, the Begonia Garden's tea was a little astringent.

Therefore, Feng Zhiyao extended out her slender fingers and slowly unfurled the scroll.

However, the beauty in the painting had a faint smile on her face, the alluring allure of the flower blossomed as well as the beauty capable of toppling empires.

But why did it seem so familiar?

Why did the beauty on the painting seem so much like herself? Feng Zhiyao was puzzled for a moment, who exactly drew her charm.

"You're surprised, right?" Yan Xinzhu asked indifferently.

Feng Zhiyao nodded his head, he did not know what was the meaning of her asking this question.

"It was drawn by Lei'er!" Yan Xinzhu looked at Feng Zhiyao with a measuring gaze.

"Yelei drew it?" Feng Zhiyao was startled for a moment. Why did Situ Yelei draw her on the scroll?

"Yes." Yan Xinzhu nodded, then she spoke out, "Miss Feng, do you know that Yelei and Princess Lingxi are already engaged? If the royal family were to find out that the future Prince Consort's heart is with another woman, how would the royal family treat her?"

"Old Madame Situ, I think you are wrong! And the mistake is outrageous! " Hearing her words, Feng Zhiyao finally understood that Old Madame Situ hoped for her to retreat after learning of the difficulties!

"What's wrong?" Could it be that the woman that my Lei'er likes is not you? " Yan Xinzhu's gaze fell upon the drawing scroll which contained an extraordinary number of painting skills.

"Old Madame Situ, don't be anxious, just listen to my explanation. That's right, Yelei likes me, but I have no intention of marrying into Situ Family, that's why I said you are wrong!" She, Feng Zhiyao, was not an idiot. She gave up the whole forest because of a tree so early.

Don't want to marry into the Situ Family? She, the Situ Family, did not even let her enter the Situ Family! How would the Situ Family dare to let a woman he didn't want enter the sect!

"Is that true?" Yan Xinzhu still could not believe it. Thinking about how handsome Lei'er was, how could Miss Feng not fall for Lei'er? This was somewhat strange.

"Seriously!" Feng Zhiyao smiled, if she were to marry him, would she need to send people to spread the rumours about her being infected with an evil disease?

"Since that's the case, then I'll have to trouble you to not meet Yelei again. Otherwise, his future would be ruined! Oh right, Princess Lingxi has been ill for a few days, and Lei'er is still not willing to visit her. Please go and advise him, no matter what, to consider his future prospects.

Yan Xinzhu let out a sigh of relief, and then she seemed to think of something else. After she finished speaking, she held her forehead as if she had a headache.

Don't meet Yelei again? She didn't want to see him, but he often visited her room at night, making it hard for her to guard against him!

Xuanyuan Lingxi sick? Situ Yelei did not go to visit? This had nothing to do with her!

"Since Old Madame Situ wants me to not meet him anymore, then I will have to ask him to personally go and advise. Fine, since you are his mother, he has to listen to you!" Weren't the ancient people very filial?

"It was precisely because he refused to listen to me and went to the palace to visit a patient, that I came to see you in the rain!" Old Madame Situ sighed.

"But you can't persuade him, how can I persuade him to move?!" Feng Zhiyao smiled as he shook his head. He didn't seem like a man who would change his own decision for a woman!

"Please go and advise him, Miss Feng." Seeing Feng Zhiyao's relaxed appearance, Yan Xinzhu suddenly dropped to his knees in front of her.

"Old Madame Situ, you can't do this!" If she kneeled to her, wouldn't that mean that Feng Zhiyao would lose his life?

Therefore, she hurriedly helped Yan Xinzhu up. She clearly didn't want her to see her son again, but now she still needed to help her persuade him!

"Then you agreed?" Her eyes were filled with pleasant surprise as she looked at Ning Xuemo.

"I'll just treat it as Yelei's last time." He had pestered her so much that she couldn't sleep at night. She was just worried that there was no way to make him leave on his own accord!

What a coincidence, Xuanyuan Lingxi was actually sick, and was really sick at that time. Just what was she going to say to Situ Yelei when she saw him later?

"Good child, sorry for troubling you." Yan Xinzhu let out a long sigh and looked at her gratefully.

"No need to thank me so much. I still don't know if Yelei is willing to listen to my advice!" Feng Zhiyao did not dare to guarantee it!

"As long as you are willing to persuade me! At this time, he should be in Songhe Restaurant. " She nodded.

"In that case, this old one will return home first." Leaving the painting to Feng Zhiyao, she smiled at her, turned around, and with the two girls who were standing by the entrance, stepped into the swirling rain.

"Eldest Miss, the rain is light. Do you want to go out today?" Seeing that the Old Madame Situ had left, Zi Yun walked slowly towards him.

"En, if you want to make a trip to Songhe Restaurant, you should go with me!" Feng Zhiyao nodded and smiled. Seems like he would finish lunch outside today.

"Does Eldest Miss want to change into a set of travelling clothes?" Zi Yun glanced at Feng Zhiyao's white robes and asked.

"No, let's go." Feng Zhiyao waved her hand and she smiled confidently. No matter what clothes she wore, it would be extremely eye-catching.</blockquote>

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