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C73 part3

<blockquote>Chapter 73 part3

Along the way, it was still misty and misty, but there was no massive rain. Feng Zhiyao smiled faintly, looking at this scene, it was really suitable to listen to the rain and the bananas, and drink some wine.

On such a rainy day, the Songhe Restaurant's business was still very good.

"Zi Yun, you aren't someone from Nan Shao Kingdom right?" Feng Zhiyao asked casually while sipping her tea.

"Eldest Miss, how do you know?" Zi Yun suddenly became clear to her, and her left eyelid couldn't help but twitch a few times.

"A woman's sixth sense!" Feng Zhiyao saw the nervousness flash past the depths of her eyes, and she couldn't help but laugh in her heart.

"Eldest Miss, what do you want to say? Or what exactly do you want to ask? " Zi Yun suddenly felt that the job of serving the big miss that she had ordered was not so easy!

"Zi Yun, if I want to see the master behind you, do you think he will?" Feng Zhiyao pursed her lips and smiled. She was very sure that the master behind Zi Yun would not harm her, but it was only for now. She didn't dare guarantee that she would not harm her in the future. Or did the man have another purpose?

"Eldest Miss, Zi Yun doesn't know!" Zi Yun did not dare to agree without permission, so she replied honestly.

"Hehe …" Feng Zhiyao put down the exquisite colorful glaze teacup and smiled softly, but the smile was not in the bottom of her eyes.

… ….

In the study room of King of Jing's residence, Xuanyuan Haoyu stood with his hands behind his back, and bowed to him as he walked in.

"Mincan, it's been a while. Is there anything to see about that matter?" In the end, who was so ruthless to actually destroy Yao'er's innocence in such a sinister manner? Not only was it an enchanting medicine, but there was even the support of a deer whip! Just thinking about it made his hair stand on end. Who would hate Yao'er so much?

"Reporting to Your Highness King of Jing, it is the side consort, the Feng Family, which is also Miss Feng's little sister, Feng Zhiqiong. How does Your Highness want to handle this matter? After all, Your Highness King of Jing was also tricked by Feng Zhiqiong! " Therefore, he asked this question.

"What? It's her?" Xuanyuan Haoyu was slightly taken aback before his eyes turned scarlet red as he said furiously.

"Are we going to send someone to finish her off?" Li Mincan asked with a light voice, as if he was asking about the weather today.

"Of course! But he could kill two birds with one stone! After you are done with your decisions, this king will definitely benefit a lot from your Soul Chase Manor! " Xuanyuan Haoyu turned the jade thumb ring on his left hand, with the corner of his eyebrows dyed with a light smile, that was like the spring breeze, and his smile dimmed down, that was the flirting smile of La Yue.

Naturally, Li Mincan knew the meaning behind Xuanyuan Haoyu's words.

Since he wanted to take care of Feng Zhiqiong, he also wanted to use this opportunity to attack.

"Your Highness King of Jing, if you have nothing else, Mincan will go and busy himself." Li Mincan lowered his eyes as a bright light shone in his eyes.

"Alright, remember this. You have to keep this matter watertight!" Xuanyuan Haoyu nodded slightly and waved him off.

After Li Mincan left, another man in black clothes landed in front of Xuanyuan Haoyu.

"Reporting to Your Highness, last night, Chen Lan made a mistake. Su Muyan's right arm was injured." The black-clothed man knelt as he reported.

"Missed? The Death Sword that is ranked fourth in the rankings will also have a day where he fails to do so. It seems like Su Muyan's martial arts are unfathomably profound! " It wasn't easy for Chen Lan to fulfill one of his demands, but now, he treated it as a waste.

"Indeed, Chen Lan said so himself! He himself was also severely injured! I'm currently recuperating in a thatched cottage in the suburbs. " He nodded.

"As for Su Muyan, let's put him aside for now!" After Xuanyuan Haoyu finished speaking, he let him down.

Xuanyuan Haoyu thought back to last night in the Autumn Wave Stable, where Feng Zhiyao would rather leave with Su Muyan than follow him back.

Now that he thought about it, his anger had yet to subside. His fist landed heavily on the table, creating a huge hole.

"Your Highness, what happened?" The nervous voice of the servant came from outside.

"Nothing! Please ask someone to change a new book for this king! " Xuanyuan Haoyu's face turned gloomy, after giving out the orders, he left the study in a flash.

… ….

Feng Zhiyao really saw Situ Yelei at Songhe Restaurant.

Only this time, they were not meeting in some private room on the second floor, but at the backyard of the Songhe Restaurant, under a few crabapple trees.

"Eldest Miss, this servant will be waiting for you in the carriage." Seeing her admiring the flowers in the rain, Zi Yun was in high spirits and asked.

Feng Zhiyao gently nodded, and said, "Go!"

"Strange, why is the Flowering Silk Begonia grown here too?" Feng Zhiyao held onto the oil-paper umbrella and stood in front of the pink, fragrant crabapple tree, seemingly thinking about something. It was only a mumble, and the sound of footsteps approaching from behind him, and a wave of elegant gardenia fragrance drifted over with the wind. Feng Zhiyao did not turn around, but she still knew who it was.

Situ Yelei was still dressed in the beautiful orange robe, the orange brocade gown had a tall and straight figure, with a jade-like face, black hair fluttered in the wind, and steady steps. Step by step, he slowly walked over with his umbrella held up, eliminating the treacherous aura of the merchants, and instead adding a sense of elegance to his appearance.

"Yao'er, you were looking for me?" Situ Yelei slowly walked towards Feng Zhiyao, and stood not far behind her, looking at the slim and graceful beauty below the crabapple tree. Why didn't she wait for him in the hall instead of coming to the crabapple tree to admire the flowers?

"Yes, I'm looking for you." Feng Zhiyao nodded lightly as she turned around to hold her oil-paper umbrella, and looked up at him.

"Yao'er, is it raining? Aren't you afraid of catching a cold? " His eyes were filled with deep concern.

"There are some things that I must tell you. I can't care less." Feng Zhiyao looked at Situ Yelei and smiled faintly. A light breeze mixed with rain blew up her long hair on her forehead, making her look even more beautiful and graceful.

"What urgent matter is there that requires such consideration? Why don't you come and listen?" Situ Yelei was a little doubtful, how did she know that he was in Songhe Restaurant at this hour?

"Your mother met me before at Prime Minister's Mansion." After Feng Zhiyao finished speaking, she carefully observed his face.

"What did she come to you for?" After Situ Yelei heard this, he was shocked, then furious, and then he shook his hand and formed a fist.

"What do you think?" Feng Zhiyao turned her head to look at the crabapple blossoms, no longer looking at his expression.

"She wants you to leave me, doesn't she?" Situ Yelei thought with his toes, he already knew that his mother wanted him to keep his promise and marry Xuanyuan Lingxi, but he did not like Xuanyuan Lingxi at all. Marrying him to Xuanyuan Lingxi was the same as destroying Xuanyuan Lingxi's happiness, but his mother did not understand.

"Ah?" "You know?" Feng Zhiyao pretended to be surprised.

"Mm. I am her son, so of course I know what she is thinking!" Situ Yelei said angrily, "Yao'er, don't care what she says and do, you just need to know that you're marrying me, not her. In the future, I don't need you to live under the same roof as her, I have already made up my mind.

Situ Yelei suddenly had a smile in his eyes, as though he had fallen into a beautiful dream, but his words caused Feng Zhiyao to jump in fright.

Heavens, his mother was right. His thoughts towards her were indeed serious, and he even drew out the blueprints for the future.

Although she was angry at Lingxi, or in other words, she tortured her and even stole her man, but she never thought that she would one day marry Situ Yelei!

"Um …" Yelei... I heard your mother say that Princess Lingxi has been sick for quite a while now. As her future consort, you are … Should she? " Feng Zhiyao said the Old Madame Situ's request.

"Princess Lingxi? It's fine if she's sick, but let her think carefully in bed whether she should still pester me or not! I do not intend to be her consort, so I will not go and see her! " Situ Yelei shook his head, he did not want to see the unruly princess.

"Is it really not her? What about your future? " She remembered the bullshit about future that Old Madame Situ had in mind, hence she repeated it to him.

"Future?" Haha, Yao'er, are you concerned about me? " Situ Yelei's handsome face suddenly softened as he laughed and laughed heartily.

"If that's what you want to make you happy, that's what I mean." After Feng Zhiyao heard this, the corner of her mouth twitched.

"I don't care! Right now, the three great families are still considered peaceful, if he were to make a move on the Situ Family, then everything would change. Therefore, before the royal family makes a move, they still need to consider the situation! " Situ Yelei gave a calm laugh, as if he didn't care at all.

"Well, pretend I didn't! Finally, I ask you to stop drawing my Beauty Painting from now on! " After saying that, Feng Zhiyao wanted to leave.

"What Beauty Painting, explain it to me clearly!" Situ Yelei was startled, but when she saw that Feng Zhiyao was about to turn around and leave, she involuntarily reached out and grabbed onto his slender arm.

Feng Zhiyao's body suddenly stopped, but she did not turn her head back. Even though her arm was covered by a thin layer of clothes, the warmth that came from his hands was still very scorching, causing Feng Zhiyao's heart to fall into chaos.

"Yao'er, explain everything before you leave!" Situ Yelei grabbed her arm. He was very clear that the woman he liked right now was her, and she was the woman he wanted to marry the most! Therefore, when she said not to draw her Beauty Painting, his heart was filled with raging waves of anger.

Explain yourself? Hadn't she made it clear? Feng Zhiyao remained silent. She slowly turned around and looked at Situ Yelei with her clear eyes.

"Why is the Beauty Painting mentioned? "If you don't want to draw, then who do you want to draw?" Situ Yelei looked at her eyes that were as calm as water and his heart suddenly throbbed with pain, "Or? The few nights I spent with you are nothing in your eyes? Or do you still like it when you don't want your King of Qi? " He was so angry that he blurted it out. His tone was as cold as frost.

"Hey, why don't you believe it! I have already told you that King of Qi and I are both in the past, why are you not letting this go? I didn't know about the Beauty Painting at first, but because your mother brought the Beauty Painting over for me to see so early in the morning, I know that you drew my Beauty Painting before! " Feng Zhiyao took a deep breath and explained the entire story of the Beauty Painting.

"Yao'er, in this life, I have only drawn one person, and that is you!" Situ Yelei's tone was extremely firm. He raised his eyes to look at Feng Zhiyao, and those eyes were like a pool of clear spring water, with water flowing within his eyes, causing him to be willingly intoxicated, and not be able to come out.

"I promised your mother that I would see you for the last time. The rain has stopped, and I should go back!" When Feng Zhiyao saw the unadulterated true love in his eyes, her eyelids jumped a few times. He was very afraid of what he was going to say next.

In her panic, the oil-paper umbrella also slipped from her hands. She tried to run out, but was stopped by a pair of powerful arms.

"Yao'er, to me, any resistance is not a problem. In this lifetime, I will definitely marry you!" Situ Yelei said confidently, wearing an orange robe with a jade belt, looking extremely handsome and elegant.

Marry, marry, it has nothing to do with her. If necessary, she can just pack up and run away! Run far away!

"Mm, I believe you, but for the sake of me agreeing to your mother's promise, we should split up for a while." Feng Zhiyao rolled his eyes and immediately laughed.

"No, don't worry about that. I only know that I can't leave you now! Yao'er, do you know that I always want to be with you … " He did not say anything, but looking at his blushing face, Feng Zhiyao could guess what he was thinking.

"Go find a way to deal with your mother. I don't want to fight with her when we meet again!" Feng Zhiyao laughed and teased.

"How could that be? You are all people that I cherish, there's no need to fight over such a small matter! " Seeing that she did not seem to mention the matter of him being separated from her anymore, the worry in Situ Yelei's heart lessened greatly.

"Yelei, then let me ask you, both your mother and I fell into the lake at the same time. Who did you save first?" Seeing him ask that, Feng Zhiyao asked the question that modern women loved to ask sometimes.

"Yao'er, can you not answer?" When Situ Yelei heard this question, he had the urge to smash his head against a tree.

"You have to answer. If your mother and I didn't know how to swim, who would you save first?" Feng Zhiyao secretly laughed in her heart. It was rare to see him frowning, and he was even tangled up in the act of stripping his hair.

"Yao'er, have you forgotten? I am a landlubber, how can I save you and my mother in the water? I will jump in myself, and drown together with you!" Situ Yelei drooped his head and said something that made Feng Zhiyao vomit blood.

"Good, good!" What second family's Patriarch, I think you're just an idiot! " Feng Zhiyao realized that she was extremely boring.

"Yao'er, don't go. Let's eat lunch before we leave! " Situ Yelei advised, he just wanted to have lunch with her!

"No, I woke up late, and I'm not hungry yet. If you have something to do, then go and busy yourself with it!" Feng Zhiyao shook her head, she still wanted to see if the renovation of Liangliang Soup Shop had ended or not.

"Yao'er, I heard from someone today that you and Su Muyan mistakenly entered Autumn Wave Stable yesterday, is that true?" Situ Yelei frowned.

"Mm, it's true. Luckily, we got lucky. We found the exit!" Feng Zhiyao nodded.

"Are you okay?" He only felt that the current Feng Zhiyao didn't seem to care too much about him, and wasn't as passionate as before. Therefore, he was a bit suspicious.

"I... How could something have happened to me, it's just a small wound! " Feng Zhiyao remembered the wound on his left arm, and laughed.

"He's really injured. It's not serious. Let me take a look." After he finished speaking, Situ Yelei wanted to pull open her wide and elegant sleeves, but a thin, long, white jade like lotus root arm suddenly slanted to the side.

The wound on his shoulder was already scarred. It seemed like the effect of the snake bile was still very good.

Feng Zhiyao thought about how Su Muyan had treated her well in that moment of crisis, and the corner of her lips unconsciously raised into a sweet smile.

Yao'er, next time, if you want to ride a horse, tell me to bring you over! "Don't be so careless." Situ Yelei's eyes were filled with pain.

His slender white fingers were still placed on Feng Zhiyao's smooth and white lotus arm, when suddenly, a green rhombus-shaped leaf whizzed towards Situ Yelei's finger.

Situ Yelei's reaction was surprisingly fast, and he barely dodged the attack.

Feng Zhiyao saw a green diamond-shaped leaf on the ground, causing her pretty and tender face to turn pale white! Heart like a drum!

Crap! Just how much had he heard? Is he near here?</blockquote>

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