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<blockquote>Chapter 74 part1

Situ Yelei immediately stopped, his eyes filled with rage. Feng Zhiyao's small heart jumped, this voice &#8230; It must be him. He must be back!

Sigh, he didn't check the calendar when I went out!

Situ Yelei turned his head to look. The other party was breathing deeply and their killing intent was dense, only to see a blue clothed man standing in front of the window on the second floor.

If this person was not Ye Weiyang, then who else could it be?

"Weiyang?" Feng Zhiyao gently called out.

However, her hand was still being held by Situ Yelei.

"Ye Weiyang, your hidden weapons are really top-notch!" Situ Yelei frowned, why is it him again? The last time he was by the Great Jade Lake, wasn't it him who had suddenly appeared, causing him to be unable to get along with Yao'er?

"Yao'er, come with me &#8212; &#8212;" Ye Weiyang coldly glanced at Situ Yelei, as his ice-cold gaze looked at him and her.

Feng Zhiyao thought about how he should handle this matter.

Therefore, she was slightly stunned and did not dare to look into Ye Weiyang's eyes.

"Yao'er is my woman, she will not follow you!" Situ Yelei might not have had much confidence in the past, but ever since he had a good relationship with Feng Zhiyao, he was extremely confident that Feng Zhiyao would definitely follow him.

"Is that so? Yao'er &#8212; "Hearing Situ Yelei's words, Ye Weiyang pointed his feet, and flew over with a Spirit Serpent Sword in hand. His body was tall, and landed steadily in front of Feng Zhiyao.

"I... "I &#8230;" Feng Zhiyao looked at this and looked at that, his heart tangled.

"Yao'er, you tell him that you and I have already decided to spend the rest of our lives together, just let him give up!" So what if it was an assassin? This was his, Situ Yelei's, territory, he felt that he had nothing to be afraid of!

"A private marriage? Give up? Hahaha... Don't fool yourself! Yao'er, tell him, who was your first man? " When Ye Weiyang first heard Situ Yelei's words, he was extremely displeased, and even had the impulse to kill Situ Yelei. However, after thinking that he was Feng Zhiyao's first man, he became even more unyielding.

"Yao'er, what does he mean by this?" Situ Yelei turned and look at her.

"Do not bring up this matter again! If anyone mentions this again, then I &#8212; &#8212; will never want to see him again! " Feng Zhiyao threw his oil-paper umbrella and flew into a rage!

&#8220;Tsk, she hasn't even gotten married yet? Why are they blabbering when she can date anyone she wants to date?&#8221;

"Yao'er?" Situ Yelei asked.

"Yao'er, you?" Ye Weiyang had always doted on her, so when he saw her stand in such a way, he felt very depressed.

"That's what I meant! If you want to fight, then do it now. I'm hungry, it's time for lunch! " Feng Zhiyao sneered.

Without looking at them, she started for the door.

Situ Yelei was furious in his heart, what did Yao'er mean by this? Could it be that Ye Weiyang was her first man? Then what did she take Situ Yelei for?

"Yao'er, explain yourself!" Situ Yelei quickly moved his feet and chased after him.

"What should I explain? Take your hand away! " Feng Zhiyao's eyes were dyed with frost as he looked at Situ Yelei and spoke sternly.

In the modern world, the beautiful sleeping men were all part of her desire. Could it be that he had to make her take responsibility?

"What, you want me to take responsibility? Or do you want me to take responsibility? " After Feng Zhiyao's cold eyes swept across Situ Yelei, he glanced at Ye Weiyang, crossed his arms, and coldly asked them.

"I'm a man, of course I'm responsible for you!" Ye Weiyang shouted with his usual cold voice.

"Yao'er, we love each other, I already had the thought of marrying you, so naturally we should get married. We should fulfill our man's responsibilities towards women, and take responsibility for it!" Situ Yelei's words were watertight.

Look, look, ancient men are even harder to deal with than candies!

After Feng Zhiyao heard what the two had said, he fell into a complete mess!

"About that, I don't need you to take responsibility. Or you can be responsible for it. I've already thought about it, and I don't want to get married for now! So please don't follow me anymore! " Feng Zhiyao helplessly shrugged and let out a long sigh.

Feng Zhiyao's words infuriated Situ Yelei and Ye Weiyang. They really wanted to split her apart and see if she had the heart to do so.

Their eyes were burning with extreme anger, as if she was about to be devoured!

Although her words were a bit despicable, she did it for their own good. A seductive and flirtatious girl like her really wasn't suitable for marriage at home!

"Also, don't follow me anymore!" When Feng Zhiyao saw that they were blocking his path, he used light skill to fly to the carriage in front of the Songhe Restaurant.

"Eldest Miss, how did you use the light skill to fly back?" Zi Yun was shocked when she saw Feng Zhiyao suddenly land on the carriage.

"Don't ask, stop those two fools for me! "Miss, I'll go to the Liangliang Soup Shop to see how the decorations are progressing!" Seeing the two from behind quickly chasing after them, Feng Zhiyao immediately ordered Zi Yun to stop them.

"Eldest Miss &#8212; well, all right!" Zi Yun could only nod his head and nimbly jumped off the carriage.

Coincidentally, Situ Yelei and Ye Weiyang had brought along their light skill and flew over.

"Zi Yun, where is your young miss?" Damn it, when did her light skill become so good? Ye Weiyang asked angrily, why did Yao'er disappear in the blink of an eye?

"Mister Ye, the First Miss left early!" The eldest young miss was really unkind. She took the carriage and ran away, leaving her to face the two &#8220;tigers&#8221; by herself. Zi Yun lowered his head as he pondered about how he could escape later.

"Where did your young miss go?" Situ Yelei naturally wanted to know where that little girl Feng Zhiyao had gone to? He had never thought that there would be so many men coveting the girl he liked. There were even people from the martial arts world. This nearly drove him crazy.

It seemed that he had to speed up the matter of annulling the engagement! It wasn't easy for him to be tempted. Was it easy for him?

"Eldest Miss left by herself earlier. What business do you have with her? Do you need me to bring a message to our young miss? " Please, please, let her go. Facing the two of them, she might as well go back and serve this old man with an unpredictable personality.

"Do you know where she went?" Ye Weiyang asked, his handsome face still as cold as ever. He felt extremely bitter in his heart, he had given his first time to a woman he cared for with all his heart, and she actually did not need him to take responsibility for it!

"Zi Yun is a servant, the young miss cannot possibly explain these things to me!" Although she said it, the young miss had let him block them both, it must be because the young miss does not want to see them right now.

"Zi Yun, don't lie, your young miss really didn't tell you, where did she go now?" Situ Yelei glared at Ye Weiyang. How dare a mere martial artist fight with him over a lover?

"Sir Situ, this servant really doesn't know." Before Zi Yun went to impersonate someone, he had already understood the personality of the previous Zi Yun, so after she gave such an answer, Situ Yelei and Ye Weiyang did not make things difficult for her.

"Young Masters, if you have no more questions, then I will return to Prime Minister's Mansion first!" Zi Yun lowered his head and bit his lower lip, thinking, at this time, with young miss' light skill, who knows if she could make it to Liangliang Tang Shop?

Zi Yun was also curious, how could the light skill be used so well in such a short period of time, and not even inferior to hers? Could it be that the young miss had an expert guiding her?

Then should she report this matter to Master?

"Forget it, you can go back first!" Situ Yelei waved his hand to indicate that Zi Yun could leave.

Just as Ye Weiyang was about to leave, he was stopped by Situ Yelei.

"You are not suitable for Yao'er!" Situ Yelei warned as he tried to persuade her.

"Could it be that the future Prince Consort is suitable for Yao'er?" Ye Weiyang turned around, his lips expressing his ridicule.

"You &#8212;" Situ Yelei did not expect him to refute him like this.

"According to my knowledge, a Prince Consort of the Nan Shao Kingdom cannot accept concubines!" The smile on Ye Weiyang's face vanished as he coldly snorted.

"Hmph &#8212;" Situ Yelei saw that he was not angry at Ye Weiyang, but was furious at Ye Weiyang. He flung his sleeves and returned to the Songhe Restaurant.

Ye Weiyang sneered, the woman he wanted to marry, no one can steal it away from him!

&#8230; &#8230;.

Feng Zhiyao sat on the horse carriage and was almost at the Liangliang Soup Shop, but her heart was still in turmoil.

"First Miss, the number one soup restaurant in Xian Yang is just in front of us." Coachman Wan Sanzi's voice came out from outside the carriage curtain.

"Very well, let's get out of the car and take a look." Feng Zhiyao replied, and then gently pulled open the curtain of the carriage.

Once Feng Zhiyao got off the carriage, her eyebrows twitched. It seemed like someone had locked onto her tracks.

"Yao'er, we really know each other!" Xuanyuan Haoyu suddenly appeared in front of Feng Zhiyao.

"You followed me?" Feng Zhiyao was very sure.

"There's no need!" Xuanyuan Haoyu shook his head.

"Then why did you coincidentally appear here as well?" Feng Zhiyao sized him up. He was dressed in white, spotless.

"It's just a coincidence!" Don't think too much about it. " Xuanyuan Haoyu slowly walked forward and pulled her hand, walking towards the direction of Liangliang's Soup store.

"Xuanyuan Haoyu &#8212; &#8212;" Feng Zhiyao desperately tried to break free from his large hand.

"Yao'er, just call me Hao Yu next time, are you not tired from shouting these four words? "You seem to be having a stomachache. Are you hungry?" Xuanyuan Haoyu laughed instead of getting angry.

"I'm really hungry." Feng Zhiyao nodded. Since the emperor was big, she would just ignore him.

Just thinking that Zi Yun better not tell them about her visit to Liangliang's Soup Hall.

"Yao'er, do you see that the interior decorations are almost done?" Xuanyuan Haoyu pointed to the inside of the hall with her fair finger.

"Not bad, but when does the store open?" Feng Zhiyao eased his expression and asked.

"Let's wait for Blue Festival to open." At the current stage, he was very busy, so he decided to set the date of the opening business for after the end of Blue Festival.

"Yes, I can." She nodded.

"Let's go, I'll bring you to the Jade Lake Restaurant for lunch." Seeing Feng Zhiyao's satisfied smile, he laughed and suggested.

"Is that the Jade Lake Restaurant by the Great Jade Lake?" Feng Zhiyao recalled that he mentioned it a few days ago.

"Right, let's go! I'll carry you and use the light skill. You better hurry up, otherwise, if you starve to death, my heart will ache for you. " What Xuanyuan Haoyu did not say was that after Blue Festival, it would be the Five Mountain Poetry Meet. From then on, all the scholars who came from different countries gathered at the beautiful Great Jade Lake.

However, the Five Mountain Poetry Meet was jointly organized by the four great countries, while some other small countries would send people to participate.

The Five Mountain Poetry Meet was now equivalent to a large-scale talent exchange market. The top three ranks of the competition could be considered as the imperial court officials and make a huge fortune. From then on, those scholars who had been bitterly studying were all looking forward to the opening ceremony of the Five Mountain Poetry Meet.

"I really didn't realize that His Highness King of Jing was so good at talking!" Feng Zhiyao nodded and agreed. Since she was lazy, he didn't mind carrying her and flying.

So Xuanyuan Haoyu held her up by her waist. Seeing that she was so gentle, his lips formed a brilliant smile, could it be that she still had him in her heart?

&#8230; &#8230;</blockquote>

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