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<blockquote>Chapter 74 part2

Soon, they arrived at the Great Jade Lake. The moist wind blew over, dispelling the heat from their bodies. The lily blossoms in the lake were either beautiful, or blooming, or wilting.

Nearby the Great Jade Lake was a three-storey building built from bamboo. It was simple and unadorned, and it carried an exquisite and refreshing feeling.

"This is the Jade Lake Restaurant?" What did she think of this teahouse? But why is business here so good?

"Right." He raised his eyebrows and smiled lightly. Then, with light feet, he landed on the ground and directly walked in front of her. He turned around and glanced at her. "How can you not go in with This King?"

"There are a lot of people here. Compared to other teahouses, the business here is much better." Feng Zhiyao muttered softly.

"Want to know why?" He turned around and gently asked as he adjusted the strand of hair on her forehead.

Feng Zhiyao nodded her head, what nonsense, she obviously wanted to know! She did not believe that a lagoon would have so many people to reward it. Besides, the teahouse and tavern here did not only have the Jade Lake Restaurant!

"They are all here for the Blue Festival!" He explained with a smile.

"Will there be so many people coming to this crappy festival?" Feng Zhiyao covered her mouth and laughed.

"Yao'er, you are wrong. Perhaps, to you, the Blue Festival is nothing, but to many people, the Blue Festival can be considered as a holiday that changes their fates. Moreover, the Blue Festival was held by the Four Great Empires' most mysterious and longest-lived clan, the He Lan clan. If he won, he could get the secret to live longer, or he could even get a thousand taels of gold … "In short, it can be called a dream come true!"

Xuanyuan Haoyu explained slowly, causing Feng Zhiyao's heart to be thrown into chaos.

Feng Zhiyao thought, then if I win, can I make a wish that I can sleep in a lot of beautiful men, but don't need me to take responsibility?

Of course, she would not ask such whimsical and shocking questions.

"No wonder so many people came here!" Feng Zhiyao nodded her head, and then sighed: "Too bad I promised my father this morning, that I wouldn't participate in Blue Festival anymore. Oh right, do you want to participate?"

"Everyone in the royal family will be participating." He smiled back at her.

How could she laugh so coquettishly? It almost caused her heart to waver again.

"Sigh, let's not talk about the Blue Festival. Um, I'm really hungry, let's go in for lunch first!" Feng Zhiyao held her stomach, and said pitifully.

The two of them walked into the bustling Jade Lake Restaurant.

"Young Master, how many of you?" A waiter dressed in blue came up to them with a smile on his face.

"Just the two of you!" Me and her! " Xuanyuan Haoyu pointed at himself and Feng Zhiyao as he smiled.

smiled lazily and took away the eyeballs of everyone in the hall of the Jade Lake Restaurant for a moment. The waiter was stunned and immediately responded.

When the waiter looked at Feng Zhiyao, he felt that she was extremely beautiful, so beautiful that she could topple nations.

"Waiter, how is it in the main hall?" Xuanyuan Haoyu frowned.

Xuanyuan Haoyu saw that Feng Zhiyao did not seem to object. He was puzzled, the hall was so noisy, but she could still casually choose an empty seat and sit down.

"My apologies, sir. The private rooms upstairs have already been booked. Only the location of the main hall is available." After being questioned by Xuanyuan Haoyu, the waiter quickly withdrew his gaze from Feng Zhiyao's body.

"I think this place is pretty good too. Look, we're leaning against the lake. It's very cool." Feng Zhiyao didn't object. She was so hungry that her chest was almost touching her back, but she was still tangled on her position.

"What do you think, young master?" The waiter glanced at Feng Zhiyao gratefully. What a considerate girl, and she was extremely beautiful, just like a fairy.

"Hm!" Hurry up and serve up the dishes, pick out the best one in your restaurant! " When Xuanyuan Haoyu saw the waiter looking at Feng Zhiyao with that gaze, his expression became extremely displeased.

"Yes, sir, please wait a moment." The waiter politely laughed, and when he left, he glanced at Feng Zhiyao from the corner of his eyes.

"Yao'er, let's go to another restaurant!" Xuanyuan Haoyu only felt that his things were about to be seen by the people around him, hence he glared at the masters who were staring at him with amazement.

"I'm very hungry, I can't bear the torment!" Feng Zhiyao gently shook her head. He was starving her.

Now was the time for lunch, so naturally the number of people in the restaurant would be innumerable. At least when Feng Zhiyao looked at the food on the other people's tables, she had the urge to snatch it away.

"Yao'er, why are your eyes like a wolf's?" Xuanyuan Haoyu laughed and joked.

"If you want me to say I'm like a hungry wolf, then just say so?" Feng Zhiyao smiled charmingly.

Because the waiter was exceptionally fast in serving the dishes, the dishes on the table were immediately filled to the brim.

Feng Zhiyao's eyes lit up, she did not care about her own stomach, even the yellow flower that was hard to swallow was like a rare delicacy in her eyes.

Feng Zhiyao immediately picked up her chopsticks and wolfed down her food. In comparison to Feng Zhiyao's unsightly appearance, Xuanyuan Haoyu had always been a pampered boy. No matter how hungry he was, when he ate, he still looked exceptionally elegant.

Immediately, all the people in the restaurant looked at Feng Zhiyao's terrifying appearance, which left her in a daze. They all stopped talking, but after recovering, they all shook their heads, why was the appearance of such a beautiful woman so ugly?

Feng Zhiyao thought that these people had nothing better to do after eating their fill. She ate hers, chopsticks and chopsticks filled with food.

Therefore, Feng Zhiyao was unhappy.

"I say, aren't you being too unkind? A prince like you eats more than me." Feng Zhiyao's chopsticks desperately pressed down on a greasy and tender crystal elbow, as she unhappily scolded.

"Yao'er, this bowl, that plate, and, this, this, this, it was all eaten by you, although there are still some left, but let me take the last crystal elbow!" Xuanyuan Haoyu felt that he himself was also wronged. Was it easy for him?

"Alright... All right... This lady has a large amount, eat it! " Feng Zhiyao reluctantly turned her gaze away from the bright crystal elbow. She scolded Xuanyuan Haoyu a hundred times in her heart, just because of a crystal elbow, what was there to be proud of?

While Xuanyuan Haoyu was eating his crystal elbow, all of his elegance and nobility were completely thrown away.

The degree of eating and devouring one's food was even greater than Feng Zhiyao!

"Hehe …" Seeing him act that way, Feng Zhiyao covered her mouth and laughed, and when Xuanyuan Haoyu glared at her, she mischievously gave him a grimace, then patted her stomach, and ungracefully burped.

Then, she gracefully took out the cloud silk handkerchief and wiped the corner of her lips. It was only then that Feng Zhiyao noticed the excessive attention paid to her, and thought, this group of people must have never seen women eating more than she, Meixi!

"Waiter, pay the bill! Oh, no, the bill!" Damn, she almost forgot that this was ancient times.

"A total of 845 taels of silver!" The waiter respectfully smiled. He thought that since their clothes were so gorgeous, they should be able to pay for it.

"Damn, it's so expensive!" Your restaurant is robbing us! " Shit, she didn't bring that much with her when she came out.

"Pay up!" Feng Zhiyao angrily looked at Xuanyuan Haoyu. It was all his fault, he wanted to bring her here to eat.

"Waiter, here is a thousand taels!" Xuanyuan Haoyu took out a silver note that was worth a thousand gold from his sleeve without even blinking his eyes.

She remembered that on her journey to the Su Yang, she had encountered two assassinations, so she still had some lingering fear in her heart.

In a private room on the second floor.

Beitang Ziqian was drinking with the Plum Villa's Young Master Fu Xueruo and guessing fist, when suddenly, Beitang Ziqian saw the indecent look on Feng Zhiyao's face as he swept across the floor below them. A trace of disdain and anger flashed past the bottom of his eyes.

This woman really did not take it easy, she had hooked up with Wen Xingyuan and Su Muyan previously, but this time, she was stuck with King of Jing once again. However, why was it that when he looked at all of this, his heart felt extremely uncomfortable, and even felt extremely infuriated?

Was it because the weather was too hot?

"Ziqian, who are you looking at?" Fu Xueluo followed his gloomy gaze and looked over. When his gaze made contact with the face of the graceful and charming woman, a shallow layer of ripples seemed to have been tossed over the lake of his heart by a small stone.

Such a natural and unassuming woman was truly rare in this world.

"What a beautiful girl. Zi Qian, do you know her?" When Fu Xueluo's gaze made contact with the girl's face, which was smiling like flowers, a faint light flashed in his eyes. He then turned his gaze away and took a deep breath to calm his heart. He asked with a calm tone.

"Yes, the first young miss of the Prime Minister's Mansion, Feng Zhiyao, is also the number one beauty of our Nan Shao Kingdom! Just two months ago, King of Qi Highness delivered the marriage annulment certificate. " Beitang Ziqian retracted his gaze, and looked towards Fu Xueyi who was eating elegantly. He raised his eyebrows, why did he ask this?

"Oh, so it's like that! That's right, Zi Qian, when will you fulfill your marriage with my little sister Xue Yan? " Fu Xuemao recalled his younger sister Xue Yan's obsession and determination towards the man in front of him. He could not help but feel slightly worried in his heart.

Why worry? It was only because Beitang Ziqian was the person he could not see through the most!

"Of course she will carry it out. Could it be that Xue Yan is worried?" A trace of a faint smile flashed through the depths of Beitang Ziqian's deep and unfathomable eyes as he said this in a slow and unhurried manner.

Fu Xueluo lightly knitted his good-looking eyebrows. What did Beitang Ziqian mean by that? Could it be that he didn't want to fulfill the engagement between the Fu Clan and their Beitang Aristocrat Clan as soon as possible?

"Xue Yan is currently waiting to marry into my daughter's heart, you should know what she thinks of you, right?" Fu Xue smiled and said in a low voice.

Beitang Ziqian smiled and did not speak, his gaze on the white clothed female downstairs.

Seeing Xuanyuan Haoyu take out a thousand silver, Feng Zhiyao thought, so it turned out that he had already planned for this, causing her to worry so much that she wouldn't be able to pay.

"Yao'er, let's go!" Xuanyuan Haoyu saw that her eyes were still fixated on the remaining plate of food and frowned as he urged her.

"Wait, I want to pack these leftovers." Feng Zhiyao thought of the new pet dog that the Begonia Garden had.

"Packaging?" He did not understand. What did this mean?

"Just take the leftovers back to Eric for me to eat." Feng Zhiyao smiled brightly as she thought of the dog that Wan Sanzi had asked him to buy.

The dog's name was still Eric, the same name as the modern one.

"Eric? That beast? " Xuanyuan Haoyu subconsciously asked.

"Pfft, that's a white pet dog. I can't just call it 'Little White', right? It sounds a little unlucky.”

"Yes." Xuanyuan Haoyu responded softly as he rubbed his temples. Forget it, let her be, as long as she wasn't a man keeper, it was fine.

"That's right. Have you ever heard of anyone who knows how hard it is to eat?" Feng Zhiyao looked up at him and asked.

Xuanyuan Haoyu shook his head lightly. He wasn't very clear about it, even though he was familiar with the Four Books and Five Classics, and was a historical subset, he could still be said to be knowledgeable about astronomy and geography, but he had never heard these words.

"Such hard work!" After Xuanyuan Haoyu thought about it, his heart was bright and clear, Yao'er's words had a deeper meaning.

"Why repeat it again?" Feng Zhiyao didn't think that her words were very philosophical. She only explained to him why she didn't want to waste food.

"I feel that your words are extremely good!" Xuanyuan Haoyu smiled gently.</blockquote>

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