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<blockquote>Chapter 74 part3

The waiter gave the packed food to Feng Zhiyao.

"Or a food box? Such heavy words! " Feng Zhiyao picked up a few steps and called out for Xuanyuan Haoyu.

"Xuanyuan Haoyu, you have many capable people, help me carry him!" After Feng Zhiyao finished speaking, she gave a sweet smile.

How would Xuanyuan Haoyu dare to reject them? He only regretted not bringing the servant along.

"Thanks, hehe" Feng Zhiyao felt a lot more relaxed, with a face full of smiles.

"Hey, look, in the private room on the second floor, Beitang Ziqian is looking at you." Feng Zhiyao raised her arm and bent it.

Xuanyuan Haoyu raised his head and looked in the direction of the fourth room on the second floor.

"Ziqian, His Highness King of Jing is downstairs, let's go downstairs to greet him." As Fu Xueruo said this, he naturally knew Xuanyuan Haoyu as well. Therefore, he suggested this with a smile.

"The King of Jing shook his head at us. We don't need to go down!" Beitang Ziqian shook his head.

"Yao'er, let's go." Xuanyuan Haoyu saw that she was still looking around and quickly urged her on.

"Xuanyuan Haoyu, who is that man sitting opposite to Beitang Ziqian?" Feng Zhiyao became curious and asked.

"Young master of Plum Villa, could it be that you don't know him?" Xuanyuan Haoyu once again looked at Feng Zhiyao.

"I... I don't know. " Who knew if Feng Zhiyao knew her original body, so she didn't.

"Ah, could he be Fu Xueyan's brother?" When Feng Zhiyao thought about the beautiful Fu Xueyan she saw in Autumn Wave Stable a few days ago, she felt as if she remembered something.

Just by looking from afar, she could tell that the two siblings had similar expressions.

"Yao'er, you can't have fallen for him, right?" Xuanyuan Haoyu squinted as he looked disdainfully at her, after which his eyes quickly flashed with a dangerous light.

"I... How could I fall for him? I don't know him, so don't make it up! " Feng Zhiyao shook her head, walking out of the Jade Lake Restaurant ahead of him.

"Yao'er, are you angry?" Xuanyuan Haoyu asked worriedly.

Feng Zhiyao shook her head. She couldn't get mad at him just because of a little thing!

"No, I want to go back to the manor to rest. As a prince, you must be busy too!" Feng Zhiyao laughed, she did not want to leave him alone.

Who knew if she would be unlucky enough to encounter another assassination along with him?

This was not the twenty-first century. There were no firearms to dust off medicine. No matter how good her martial arts were, it was not certain that she would be able to escape unscathed.

In the era of cold weapons, a child without kung fu could not afford to be hurt.

"Alright, this box is quite heavy. I'll send you back to the Prime Minister's Mansion!" Xuanyuan Haoyu wanted to send her back, so the two of them spent an additional period of time alone.

"Oh, no, I can do it myself!" Feng Zhiyao shook her head.

"Alright then, be careful." Xuanyuan Haoyu knew that Feng Zhiyao was an extremely assertive woman, so he did not want to push her too much;

"Thank you for lunch!" Feng Zhiyao gave a gentle smile as she turned around to leave. Unlike the other girls, who looked back every step of the way, she walked away with ease and without a trace of reluctance.

Xuanyuan Haoyu sighed softly. He didn't know if the Feng Zhiyao he was looking at was the real her. He always felt that there was another side to her that he was unfamiliar with!

… ….

It was another quiet night. The moonlight was like water, leaning against the window alone. Along the direction of the flowers blooming in front of him, clear light sprinkled all over the place, as if someone's fingers were caressing the contours of the night.

Feng Zhiyao was bored to death as she flipped through the Sunflower Point Technique in her hands. Her mind was completely clear, thinking that before long, she could also quickly point other people's acupoints.

"Eldest Miss, your midnight snack!" Zi Yun pushed the door and walked in while carrying a bowl of red date lotus seed soup.

"Alright, let's eat a little for now. "Right, did those two make things difficult for you during the day?" Feng Zhiyao received the blue porcelain bowl depicted with lotus flowers and asked with a smile.

"No, they only asked where you went. I didn't tell them!" Zi Yun shook her head and replied.

"That's good then. There's nothing else to do here. You should go and rest first. I'll go and read some books for a while longer!" Feng Zhiyao had covered up a Secret Painting of the Spring Palace with the Sunflower Point Technique, so when Zi Yun left, her lips curled up into a knowing smile, and she thought, could it be that the young miss is going to marry him?

When Zi Yun left, it was as Feng Zhiyao had expected.

Ye Weiyang went through the window and looked at the calm Feng Zhiyao. He had a flash of wonder, Yao'er was not surprised at all, why would he appear here at this moment?

"Stop standing, sit down and have a cup of tea!" Damn, she was in such a hurry during the day that she forgot to ask him about her mother.

"Yao'er, why aren't you surprised at all?" Ye Weiyang was very curious, but he was an honest man, thus he asked without thinking.

"I knew you would come, so I didn't even close the window!" Feng Zhiyao continued to read the < Secret Manual of the Spring Palace >. This time, she was really reading it, the < Secret Manual of the Sunflower Point > had already been hidden by her.

"Yao'er, shouldn't you give me an explanation for what happened earlier?" Seeing her happily eating supper and reading the Spring Palace painting at the same time, the corner of Ye Weiyang's mouth twitched.

"There's nothing to explain. I didn't be naked with him in front of you, so what do you think I should explain?" Feng Zhiyao had always been a shameless person, but this time he refused to admit it no matter what.

However, he clearly heard something, but he looked at her calm smile. He didn't know why he couldn't ask, but once he said those words, he would blaspheme her as beautiful as a lotus.

"Weiyang, do you not believe me?" Feng Zhiyao moved the《 Secret Manual of Spring Palace》 away, her eyes that were looking forward to seeing everything stared at him without blinking.

His face was as white as jade, his face pink-white, his eyebrows as refined as distant mountains, his eyes as clear as autumn water, his hair as black as ink and as silky silk. His tight black clothes accentuated his creamy jade skin, and his black hair accentuated his pure white jade hairpin.

The beauty was suffocating. The beauty of the world was overshadowed by the sun and moon.

What a beautiful man! Unfortunately, he began to doubt her! Then she would have to make some kind of decision!

"Yao'er, why are you looking at me like that? I just want to hear your explanation, not that I don't believe you! " Ye Weiyang turned her head awkwardly at her gaze.

"Weiyang, I'm just like a hollow bamboo! I don't have any heart, so don't be serious with me! " Feng Zhiyao did not want to lie to him anymore, so she lifted her hand to remove the Rosy Thread s that were stuck into her hair — the white crystal jade hairpin!

"Yao'er, why return it to me? I've already given you this, it's yours! " Ye Weiyang did not expect her to be so stubborn. He had already said that he would give her the hairpin, how could she repay him?

"But I don't think it's necessary. You are already starting to distrust me. Then let's forget about it! This hairpin will be returned to you! " Feng Zhiyao handed the white crystal jade hairpin over to Ye Weiyang's palm and sighed.

Feng Zhiyao glanced at Ye Weiyang from the corner of his eyes and saw him staring at the white crystal jade hairpin in his palm in a daze.

Did he take her seriously?

"Yao'er, have you fallen for another man?" The question hurt his heart, but Ye Weiyang still asked bitterly.

Did he not know where he had lost? If you were to talk about identity, he was not bad, and if you were to talk about character, he was good too. He could not think of a reason why Yao'er had to return him the Rosy Thread.

"Why do you ask?" Feng Zhiyao didn't think that this honest man would be so meticulous at this point in time.

"The man in your heart is Situ Yelei, right? You answered me, right or wrong? " Seeing that she was silent, Ye Weiyang thought that his guess was right. In his fury, he suddenly threw away the white crystal jade hairpin in his hand.

"So what if I am? "So what if I am not?" Feng Zhiyao was shocked by his actions! He was so angry, so merciless, that he broke the Rosy Thread. Therefore, she was also enraged! She did not want to continue being vexed!

Heavens, that Rosy Thread was such a precious thing!

However, was her rejection of him really that unbearable?

"Yao'er, then is the scene of you getting intimate with Situ Yelei on the Great Jade Lake true as well? Right? " Ye Weiyang wiped a tear from the corner of his eye, and asked after taking in a long breath.

"Whatever you want!" When Feng Zhiyao saw the shattered white crystal jade hairpin on the ground, her heart ached suddenly. It was as if what was smashed on the ground wasn't the white crystal jade hairpin but her heart, and tears silently rolled down her cheeks.

No, that won't happen, she, Meixi, had done it unintentionally! She would not have feelings for him!

Feng Zhiyao shook her head violently, unwilling to face the fact that she was already tempted.

"Yao'er, why did you trample on my feelings for you! Why? "Why?" Ye Weiyang roared at her.

In the darkness of the night, Ye Weiyang's voice sounded extremely frightening. Even Hong Mi who was sleeping had heard the argument between the two of them.

"Eldest Miss, what happened?" Zi Yun was naturally clear that it was Ye Weiyang's voice, which was why she bravely went to Feng Zhiyao's room to ask.

"Don't worry about it. Just pretend you didn't hear anything!" Feng Zhiyao calmly ordered for them to go to sleep.

"Yes, Miss!" Zi Yun was a smart person, she naturally understood that the young miss did not want others to know about her private matters!

When Zi Yun returned to her room, she warned Hong Mi not to spread the news of a man entering the young miss' room late into the night.

Hong Mi immediately nodded, and promised her on her mouth that she would keep the matter a secret.

Inside the room, the atmosphere was still awkward and depressing.

Feng Zhiyao looked at the night sky, then raised her head and looked at the still angry Ye Weiyang, "Ye Weiyang, I want to go to bed, please leave!"

There was nothing to explain! Since he wanted to fall, then he wanted to leave. She didn't want to force him either. As for her mother, she would investigate her when she was free, and she wouldn't even bother asking her about it at the moment.

The voice that did not contain a single trace of emotion, made Ye Weiyang feel as if countless needles were stabbing into his heart.

"I'm not leaving! You can only be mine! " Ye Weiyang's possessiveness was also very strong. Now that he saw her take off the thin layer of emerald water in front of him as if nothing had happened, a certain place beneath him started to move. Even more so, he who was infuriated, couldn't control himself and wanted to completely subdue and conquer this wild and unruly woman.

As he held her face in his hands, he only felt that she was elegant and refined. She had a lot of charm, eyebrows, eyes, cheeks, and lips.

"Yao'er, promise me, you only like me as a man, okay?" Ye Weiyang had never known that his feelings for her were so deep that he could ignore the future of the clan and could even abandon his perseverance for many years.

"Ye Weiyang, is that enough?" Feng Zhiyao looked at him carefully, and thought, since he could not afford to play the game, then she will just treat him as f*ck buddy!</blockquote>

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