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<blockquote>Chapter 75 part2

“Eldest Miss, is Master Ye really going to leave this time?” Zi Yun passed a cup of tea to Feng Zhiyao and asked.

“Yes.” It turned out that unknowingly, she already had Ye Weiyang in her heart, but she didn’t know why. After he left, she felt that she didn’t stubbornly reject his advances last night, the only explanation being that she had fallen for him!

What did Ye Weiyang’s last sentence mean?

In fact, even if he didn’t say it, she would have joined the Blue Festival!

“Zi Yun, do you think I’m too heartless?” Feng Zhiyao blew on the green tea leaves floating in the middle of the teacup.

“Eldest Miss is always warm on the outside but cold on the inside. Actually, this servant feels that Mister Ye is infatuated with Eldest Miss. He is willing to take responsibility for Eldest Miss and is indeed a good man.” Zi Yun carefully considered for a moment, before slowly speaking.

"Zi Yun, he’s too good. I don’t want to hurt him, he should be happy! I will choose to bless him! " Feng Zhiyao felt that she had been sleeping more and more recently. She even had an illusion that she would be able to pass through here very soon.

If she teleported back, Ye Weiyang would definitely suffer. It would be better to let it ache longer than it hurt shorter.

“Eldest Miss, since you also like Mister Ye, you two can be together. This servant doesn’t seem to object to your family background, so why can’t you be more brave?” Zi Yun looked at it from the perspective of a spectator.

"If I am with him, I will only hurt him even more! It’s good to be separated from each other. " Feng Zhiyao slowly walked out of the Begonia Garden with her back facing Zi Yun.

“Zi Yun, I’m tired. I want to go inside the house to sleep!” Feng Zhiyao said indifferently, then handed the teacup over to Zi Yun and turned to walk back into the house.

… ….

Under the blue sky, the yellow tiles lit up the sky, the roof of the palace was decorated with gold and jade tiles, and there were layers of stone platforms. They were like white clouds, blue enamel cranes with candles burning on them.

Incense Pavilion, incense burner burning sandalwood, copper stove on the balcony, tortoise, burning juniper branches, both sides of the hall smoke curling, the entire main hall, magnificent, beautiful, glorious.

This is the main hall of Nan Shao Kingdom’s Imperial Palace.

“Your majesty, someone has seen the Five Stone Powder in the Eastern Palace’s Crown Prince Palace. Is it the crown prince?” The Right Minister Shangguan Qingyun said as he stepped off the stage.

“Sir Shangguan, are you saying that the Five Stone Powder is related to this hall?” Although Crown Prince Xuanyuan Haochen heard this, he was not flustered in his heart, his face was still calm as he slowly asked.

He was extremely confident, because Old Man Gu would definitely help out on this matter for his own benefit!

“Your Majesty, this humble subject believes that Sir Shangguan’s words are a rumor and that the rumor is the most untrustworthy. I have forgotten that Your Majesty has a thorough knowledge of the situation!” The head of the Internal Affairs Bureau, Gu Zhendong, came out to play.

Gu Zhendong glared at Shangguan Qing Yun angrily, but his heart was filled with fear, who exactly had revealed this secret, after arriving at the Imperial Court, he would ask Xin’er.

When he noticed the doubtful gaze from the Emperor Xuanyuan Kang, Gu Zhendong lowered his head with his eyes lowered, not allowing others to see the glint in his eyes.

King of Qi Xuanyuan Haofei cast a sidelong glance at Shangguan Qing Yun, and he decided to stop when he saw what was good for him. At least, royal father was starting to suspect something.

This was a good omen for him.

Left Premier Feng Wucai kept quiet, he did not care about anything else, because the sects are not easy to offend.

“Prime Minister Feng, what do you think?” Xuanyuan Kang asked as he took the tea offered by his personal eunuch, Xiao Li, and lightly placed it in his mouth.

“There is no basis for facts, so I cannot jump to conclusions.” Feng Wucai said as he stepped off the shift.

Feng Wucai guessed that since the Emperor did not intend to cripple the crown prince right away, it would be better for him to protect himself!

As a result, Xuanyuan Kang looked at Crown Prince Xuanyuan Haochen with his deep gaze, his feelings were complicated. This child was good in everything, just that he was too lecherous. This weakness was easily used by others, and that was the problem of Jiang Shan’s inheritance. From the looks of it now, he had to consider it carefully.

The seventh brother’s mother was too scheming. If the seventh brother took over and the mother’s influence grew, the Xuanyuan family would be reduced to nothing.

Next, his sharp gaze swept across his other two sons, Fourth and Ninth. Regardless of appearance or talent, these two sons of his were very much in his favor. However, Fourth and Seventh Brother were too cold-hearted, and Seventh Brother’s birth mother’s background was too low.

Xuanyuan Haoyun glanced at Fourth and Ninth Brother, and a hint of shock flashed past his heart. If these two people seemed to have some sort of powerful undercurrent flowing within them, it seemed that there were other factors that had led to this.

King of Qin Xuanyuan Haohan and King of Jing Xuanyuan Haoyu’s aura was extremely powerful. They looked at each other and reached a stalemate. They had always been hiding their strength, so they decided to let the crown prince and seventh brother fight in front of their royal father.

Suddenly, Xuanyuan Kang seemed to have thought of something and asked Xuanyuan Haofei with some concern, “Fei’er, I heard your Mother say that your mental state hasn’t been working well recently, is this true?”

“Reporting to Imperial Father, your son took a cold bath a few days ago, so I caught a cold. Yesterday, the Imperial Physician had a diagnosis, so this son is fine now.” King of Qi was shocked. Could it be that royal father knew that he was infected by disease?

“It’s good that you’re fine. I’m tired. If you’re fine, then all of you can leave.” Xuanyuan Kang said once and then yawned.

“A song will come, and there will be no retreat…” Xuanyuan Kang’s personal attendant, Little Li, raised his hand and flicked the white whisk as he shouted in a duck’s voice.

After leaving the imperial court, Xuanyuan Haoyu remembered Feng Zhiyao that he missed, at that moment he had the urge to return home like an arrow, he wished that he could grow a pair of wings on his back, and that way he could quickly fly to his side.

"Ninth brother, you left so fast, could it be that you have acquired a beautiful woman? Do you really want to go back and accept this beauty’s favor? " Crown Prince Xuanyuan Haochen who was dressed in bright yellow silk clothes mocked him.

“Ninth Brother, is it really as Crown Prince said?” Old Eighteen Xuanyuan Haoyun turned his head around and his eyes flashed. He looked at Xuanyuan Haoyu and asked.

King of Qin Xuanyuan Haohan shot a cold glance at Xuanyuan Haoyu, and did not add in the narration. He only clenched his fist behind him, and moved away with a slight step, as if the words that they had said had nothing to do with him.

The King of Jing looked at Xuanyuan Haohan’s figure that gradually moved further and further away, and a hint of worry flashed past his heart. Just because he heard that Fourth Brother gave the Jade Qilin to Feng Zhiyao, did that mean that Fourth Brother was also interested in Feng Zhiyao?

Originally, he could have ignored this matter. However, the matter of Fourth Brother going to Prime Minister’s Mansion with Seventh Brother to give Feng Zhiyao a betrothal gift, he had to believe.

"Heh heh… Don’t listen to Crown Prince Brother’s wild guesses, this is impossible! " Xuanyuan Haoyu smiled and shook his head. He thought that if Yao’er was really willing to wait for him like that, he would be so happy that he would be the same as an idiot.

In the next second, these people were even more terrifying than their enemies.

After Xuanyuan Haofei separated from the crown prince and the others, he went to her palace, where her Mother lived.

“Fei’er?” Imperial Concubine Duan looked at her son Xuanyuan Haofei who was standing with his hands behind his back.

“Mother, in the assembly today, the incident with the crown prince was ignored by royal father!” Xuanyuan Haofei angrily smashed a Silver Spring Butterfly’s cup.

“Fei’er, it’s better to not put up with it!” Imperial Concubine Duan thought for a while, then gently persuaded.

“Mother is right, I am just tired.” Xuanyuan Haofei opened his robes and sat down.

“Mother, Little Sister Lingxi’s body is better now, I haven’t seen her for a few days!” He suddenly thought of the Xuanyuan Lingxi who was hurt by his emotions.

“Don’t mention her, that child is a stubborn person! did not have any intentions to bother her, but she is still so persistent, truly a foolish child.” When Imperial Concubine Duan thought of Xuanyuan Lingxi, she felt a little disappointed.

"Oh right, what happened to your secondary wife? You haven’t come to pay respects to me in a long time? " Imperial Concubine Duan also sat down, holding a cup of flowery tea, she took two sips and asked.

“Forbidden foot!” He nodded his head, meaning that he would go see Lingxi’s little sister later. As for her mentioning Feng Zhiqiong, a trace of malice flashed past his eyes, and as for her, a trace of jealousy flashed across his eyes, he was currently sick, how to cuddle with the beauties in the backyard, and even when he was with her, he only hugged her, not daring to take a step further. This disease would not be cured, but it would spread, so he didn’t dare be careless.

“Why is it forbidden?” When Imperial Concubine Duan thought of Feng Zhiqiong, that kind of delicate woman, she could be considered to be infatuated with Fei’er.

“Your son felt that she was too pampered and proud, so I placed her under house arrest to give her a warning!” Xuanyuan Haofei said while avoiding the issue.

“After all, she represents the power of the Mighty Heavenly Castle. You should know your limits!” Imperial Concubine Duan’s expression turned gloomy, suddenly her expression turned gentle as she advised.

“Mother, the scented tea here is so delicious, I have never tasted it before.” Xuanyuan Haofei praised after drinking a few mouthfuls.

“He asked someone to buy it from a restaurant outside the palace. The taste isn’t bad, right?” Imperial Concubine Duan smiled in satisfaction. She had always had exquisite things in the Guanju Palace, so the emperor would often come to the Guanju Palace to talk with her.

“Mother, do you know which restaurant it is?” Xuanyuan Haofei heard and asked casually.

“Quhe House, there are still some orange tarts here that are limited for sale, you must have a taste.” Imperial Concubine Duan extended her slender fingers, her long golden fingers drawing a beautiful arc in the air, pointing at the eight orange-colored egg tarts that were neatly placed on the emerald glass plate, as she smiled and said.

As he looked at such beautiful and delicate food, his mind couldn’t help but think of Feng Zhiyao. After being slightly stunned for a moment, he furiously picked up an orange-coloured egg tart and gulped it down his mouth.

As expected, it was a sweet and tender, sweet as her cherry lips.</blockquote>

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