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<blockquote>Chapter 75 part3

"Fei'er, is there something on your mind?" Imperial Concubine Duan looked at her son who was in a daze. She did not understand how he could look at oranges for so long, but he had always been elegant and noble when eating. Now he looked like a vulgar commoner and swallowed his food in one gulp, causing her to be puzzled.

"Here, some tea!" She refilled his glass.

"Mother, the pastries called Egg Tart are very tasty!" Xuanyuan Haofei's mouth was always full of praise, but now it had been easily conquered by an orange tart.

"If it's delicious, take these back to the mansion and treat them as midnight snacks!" Imperial Concubine Duan's face flashed with a motherly smile.

"No, Mother, I want to go there personally tomorrow." Xuanyuan Haofei stood up gracefully and bid farewell to Mother.

"Alright, then let's go!" The Imperial Concubine Duan waved to him, indicating that he could leave now.

After Xuanyuan Haofei left, Imperial Concubine Duan clapped three times and called out to senior nun Hui Yin.

"This lowly one pays my respects to the Empress, and the Empress has lived for thousands of years!" A purple robed senior nun Hui Yin respectfully greeted her.

"There's no need to be courteous senior nun Hui Yin. However, how confident are you in getting the pill?" Imperial Concubine Duan had always wished for there to be a child that truly belonged to her, but now that Xuanyuan Haofei's thoughts were uncontrollable, she started to worry.

"If Esteemed Empress is summoned to accompany her to sleep tonight, then the chances of her giving birth to a dragon's heir will be much greater. However, the Empress is still old, so she still needs to be careful." The senior nun Hui Yin had obtained a lot of benefits from the Imperial Concubine Duan, so she naturally had to be more careful.

"With your words, it's fine!" Imperial Concubine Duan took a red pill from senior nun Hui Yin and drank it with the tea.

"But Empress, this lowly one cannot guarantee that the Emperor's dragon essence is still alive. Thus, everything depends on the Empress's good fortune." The senior nun Hui Yin was very tactful. She explained the difference between success and failure in 50% of cases so that the Imperial Concubine Duan would not be able to find any mistakes in the process.

"Then pray for my blessings!" Imperial Concubine Duan watched the remaining seven egg tarts, laughing so hard that she were quivering.

"Empress —" The senior nun Hui Yin wanted to say something but hesitated.

"If you have something to say, just say it." Imperial Concubine Duan played with the bright golden gloves in her hands, and said indifferently.

"The people that Benny sent out did not find the location of the princess." senior nun Hui Yin suddenly knelt towards Imperial Concubine Duan.

"Forget it. Don't investigate it. Even if you do, she might not recognize me. After all, I've let her down …" When Imperial Concubine Duan mentioned her daughter who had been replaced, she felt boundless guilt. She had no other choice but to do so, because in the imperial harem, each and every one of her concubines gave birth to a prince, and when she had a bad stomach, she had already given birth to a princess. She was forced to clench her teeth and make a switch, and so Xuanyuan Haofei's appearance gave her unparalleled honor.

Thinking to this point, no matter how strong Imperial Concubine Duan was, her tears could not help but flow out from her eyes.

"Empress, you will definitely see the Grand Princess again." senior nun Hui Yin rarely saw Imperial Concubine Duan crying, so she tried to persuade her.

"I know, I just miss the princess too much." When Imperial Concubine Duan finished, her tears fell.

"The emperor has arrived —" From outside the Guanju Palace, the voice of a young eunuch could be heard.

"He's here. You should avoid him for now." Imperial Concubine Duan took out a close-fitting white handkerchief and quickly wiped away the tear stains at the corner of her eyes. Immediately, tears rolled down her beautiful face, which was as smooth and pure as a crescent moon.

… ….

After Xuanyuan Haofei came out of his Mother, he recalled the shocking beautiful face that appeared in his mind just a moment ago. He could not wait to see the owner of that peerlessly beautiful face — Feng Zhiyao.

However, after thinking about what the Mother had to say, he decided that he should go back and release Feng Zhiqiong first.

However, on the second day, he went straight to the entrance of Prime Minister Feng's residence after going down from the imperial court.

"Why are you looking for me again?" Feng Zhiyao was just about to go out after lunch, but he actually saw someone he didn't want to see at the entrance of Prime Minister's Mansion, hence he asked coldly.

"Of course I'm thinking of you!" Xuanyuan Haofei put on a disgusted look that said "I'm a Casanova".

To Feng Zhiyao, the smile on his face made him look like an idiot.

"You think that I'm your problem and it has nothing to do with me. So, where did you come from, please go back!" When Feng Zhiyao thought of the evil he had done to her, she couldn't help but want to kill him to vent her anger!

However, she was from the royal family, how could she make a move? If it was in the modern world, then she would not have to worry about all these, but in the damned ancient times, if she killed him, that would be a matter that connected all the clans. She did not pity the people in the Feng Residence, but Father Feng treated her well after she had transmigrated, so she could not be ruthless enough to abandon them.

"Yao'er, I know of a restaurant that makes very fine and delicious pastries, are you interested in going over to have a taste?" Xuanyuan Haofei was like a child who had gotten his hands on a treasure, he looked like he wanted to present it to Yue Yang, his eyes filled with excitement.

"What restaurant?" When Feng Zhiyao heard about delicious food, she asked curiously.

"For now, keep it a secret. You'll know when we get there!" Xuanyuan Haofei was still pretending to be mysterious, but Feng Zhiyao didn't buy it.

"If you don't want to say it, then forget it. I'm leaving. Zi Yun, Hong Mi, let's go! Feng Zhiyao turned her head to look at the two girls, and urged them loudly.

"Yao'er, where are you guys going?" Xuanyuan Haofei had long forgotten the last time he suffered a loss at Begonia Garden, now he just had to cover his hot face with another person's cold butt.

"Like you, a secret! King of Qi Highness, farewell! " After Feng Zhiyao finished speaking, the two girls jumped into the carriage that Wan Sanzi was driving at lightning speed.

That idiot Xuanyuan Haofei, he came back too quickly, using the light skill, he didn't even ride a horse.

This time, he used the light skill to chase the carriage.

Inside the carriage, Feng Zhiyao was happily eating the crystal grapes that Zi Yun had peeled off. Her legs rested on Hong Mi's lap, allowing her to gently beat her legs.

Feng Zhiyao realized that after she had travelled to this world, she had been assimilated by the feudal society, causing him to be unable to blush nor gasp for breath.

In that case, under her tutelage, the two little girls treated her like a queen. No matter how comfortable she felt, it would be comfortable!

"Eldest Miss, King of Qi Highness is still diligently chasing our carriage, and it's about to catch up." Zi Yun covered her mouth and laughed.

She now felt that those men who looked down on Eldest Young Miss had all turned into idiots in love!

"Yes, yes, young miss, seeing how sincere King of Qi Highness is, I believe that this position of King of Qi's main wife must belong to you!" Hong Mi thought about how the young miss had been hired by the King of Qi Highness before, and laughed while saying that.

"Oh Hong Mi, don't speak nonsense. Your young miss, I, and that King of Qi are definitely impossible, do you want to see two fiery red hens fight to the death for a mere rooster?" Feng Zhiyao thought about how Feng Zhiqiong was still living in the King of Qi's residence, so she decided to not join in on the fun.

"Hahaha, Eldest Miss's analogy is so funny!" Zi Yun thought that it was best not to laugh so loudly, which made the group of four laugh.

Coincidentally, at this time, Xuanyuan Haofei used his extremely good light skill to catch up to Feng Zhiyao's carriage.

He then pulled open the curtain of the carriage and instructed Zi Yun and Hong Mi, "This king has something to say to your young miss, you two go sit in the carriage."

F * ck, he used his power to suppress others!

Feng Zhiyao had no choice but to give Zi Yun and Hong Mi a meaningful glance. She meant that they should follow her instructions.

Along the way, Xuanyuan Haofei had spent a lot of energy and immediately gulped down a pot of good tea.

"Hey, Xuanyuan Haofei, drink all of my good tea! "Shouldn't you have something to say?" Feng Zhiyao thought about how much trouble he had gotten himself, it was good now, it had all entered his stomach! Hate, hate, hate!

"Isn't it just a pot of tea? In other words, I'll get someone to give you ten catties of the same tea! " Xuanyuan Haofei retorted in displeasure.

"Don't, these tea leaves are hard to buy. I'm afraid you won't be able to!" "How about this, let's be more realistic. I will give you the market price of the tea leaves and give you a number. You can directly convert it into silver notes and give it to me!" Feng Zhiyao was not afraid that he would say that she was a big spender, she said with a smile.

"Done!" How much is this king going to give you? " Xuanyuan Haofei was straightforward and immediately asked.

"This number!" Feng Zhiyao extended three fingers that were white as jade, and a trace of craftiness flashed past the bottom of her eyes.

"Isn't it just three hundred silver notes?" He quickly took out three banknotes worth 100 taels of silver from his sleeve.

"Wrong, it was three thousand taels of silver!" It can't be that our noble King of Qi Highness can't take it out? " Feng Zhiyao deliberately mocked.

"Here!" Xuanyuan Haofei clenched his teeth, and painfully took out another thick stack of banknotes.

"Thank you!" Feng Zhiyao carefully kept them away. In her opinion, silver was more practical than anything else.

Very quickly, Feng Zhiyao arrived at her destination. Xuanyuan Haofei rubbed his nose and followed after him from the carriage.

"Why are you here at Songhe Restaurant?" The matter of Xuanyuan Haofei being hurt by his sister Xuanyuan Lingxi due to love, had caused him to completely hate Situ Yelei.

This is the other side of the street from Songhe Restaurant. Did you see that? Feng Zhiyao covered her mouth and laughed.

She couldn't go to the Songhe Restaurant to find and scold them. Who didn't know that Situ Yelei's fiancee was his own sister?

"Eldest Miss!" The dance hall is a brothel, you can't go there! " Hearing that, Zi Yun immediately pulled open the curtain of the carriage, she glanced at worriedly, worried that she would see him here, because the Clear Dance Hall was also his property in the Xian Yang, thus, she hoped that she could stop Feng Zhiyao from entering the Clear Dance Hall.

"That's right, young miss, you can't go. If you go, we won't be able to explain ourselves!" Hong Mi also did not agree.

"Who said you two are coming with me? You two stay in this carriage with Wan Sanzi, I'm going to visit the brothels with King of Qi Highness!" Feng Zhiyao smiled sweetly. Originally, she planned to do something else today, but unfortunately, she met Xuanyuan Haofei who was such a big fella, so she could only change her strategy.

"This King doesn't agree with you going to that kind of place." Xuanyuan Haofei thought about how she, who was like a hibiscus, could go to such a filthy place. With a look of unhappiness on his face, he even reached out and grabbed her elegant long sleeves!

"You — you —" Wasn't that an ancient nightclub? Why didn't you let her go?

Damn it, Xuanyuan Haofei was still holding onto her sleeve tightly, giving her the urge to immediately extend her fangs and crush him into pieces!

"Isn't this King of Qi Highness? "How did you pester a girl's house on the street?" The person's voice was pleasant to listen to. It was clear and melodious with a trace of a deep and pleasant sound.</blockquote>

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