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<blockquote>Chapter 76 part1

"Xingyuan?" Feng Zhiyao was startled, but when he saw the handsome figure in front of him, he suddenly smelled a familiar scent.

Feng Zhiyao looked at the white silhouette, dressed in the white brocade robe. It was magnificent yet extraordinary, with long hair like ink, a handsome face like jade, and a noble manner, elegant and graceful, and a tall and straight figure standing at the door. The figure was slightly tainted by the sunlight, and his handsome face was also tainted by a smoky glow.

"Wen Xingyuan?" Xuanyuan Haofei never thought that he would actually bump into Wen Xingyuan when he was dating the beauty. This was something that Xuanyuan Haofei himself had overlooked. He had ignored the two girls that were following Feng Zhiyao, and thought it was a date with a beauty!

"Where are you two going for lunch?" Wen Xingyuan didn't avoid the topic in the slightest as his burning gaze fell on Feng Zhiyao's body.

Feng Zhiyao, you were great. You kissed him on the carriage last time, but now you are entangled with your old love? What did she mean?

When Feng Zhiyao sensed that his voice was not very friendly, there was a trace of anger towards her. She felt a little guilty in her heart, and the expression on her face immediately became even worse.

It's all Xuanyuan Haofei's fault, why did he have to follow her? It was time to get her to explain again.

Xuanyuan Haofei thoughtfully cast a sidelong glance at Feng Zhiyao, and smiled with a face as gentle as water. "This king was just thinking about taking Yao'er to the Quhe House for a meal! The new dishes there are the best in Xian Yang! "

Shrimp? So it turns out that Xuanyuan Haofei wanted to take her to Quhe House for a meal?

"Yao'er?" Seeing her stunned look, Wen Xingyuan called out.

When Xuanyuan Haofei heard Wen Xingyuan call out so intimately to the girl that he had broken off the engagement with, he felt extremely uncomfortable. Could it be that Wen Xingyuan had his eyes on Yao'er too?

And that detestable little lady actually called Wen Xingyuan so intimately, he had not even heard her call him Haofei?

But what kind of attitude did Wen Xingyuan have towards Feng Zhiyao?

Hence, when he carefully observed the situation, he was actually able to see that Wen Xingyuan's eyes were blazing with fire.

No, even if it was a woman he didn't want, she was still Xuanyuan Haofei's! Feng Zhiyao was destined to be his woman!

Alright, bringing these two esteemed people to Quhe House for dinner would at least increase Quhe House's profit. Furthermore, Quhe House was now like her property, so of course she would agree with it.

"Yeah, I wonder if Xingyuan is willing to go with us?" Feng Zhiyao smiled and threw over the olive branch that was sparkling with golden light.

"Since the King of Qi has invited me, I am honored!" Wen Xingyuan agreed with a bright smile.

Xuanyuan Haofei almost died from anger. Did this damned girl not want to be alone with him on purpose? She actually invited Wen Xingyuan!

But he did not invite Wen Xingyuan to the Quhe House for a meal!

"Why is King of Qi unhappy? Or can't afford it? " Feng Zhiyao purposely provoked Xuanyuan Haofei.

"Yao'er, how could you say that? Come, let's go to Quhe House for dinner. " No matter what, he could not offend the Patriarch of the number one family, Wen Xingyuan. No matter if it was the relationship between the two of them, or the power of the Wen Family in the Nan Shao's imperial court, he had to be wary of them!

"Xingyuan, since the King of Qi Highness has taken the initiative to treat us today, we must properly beat him up. What do you think?" Feng Zhiyao laughed like a flower as she ridiculed, these words really made Xuanyuan Haofei so angry that he vomited blood.

"Alright, Yao'er is right." Wen Xingyuan smiled and agreed. He pointed to his luxurious carriage and asked, "Since you're going with me, then please get on my carriage. After all, your carriage is too narrow. "

"Sure." Xuanyuan Haofei had not agreed yet, but Feng Zhiyao had already agreed to it happily.

Feng Zhiyao laughed, how clever she was, she had schemed Xuanyuan Haofei to the point that he had nothing to say, now, her Quhe House was about to enter her account again.

Feng Zhiyao ordered Zi Yun and Zhang ShengLi to buy the candied fruits provided by Zhang Sheng Ji and allowed them to eat outside. Then, they would return to the Prime Minister's Mansion, whereas she would return later.

Thus, they sat on Wen Xingyuan's luxurious carriage, but seeing how extravagantly decorated it was, they started to advance at a uniform speed, it was four tall horses walking side by side, the passersby could all see that these four horses were all Ferghana Horses, peerless horses.

Hanging from the front of the carriage was a silk palace lamp carved from white marble in the shape of a lotus, and the door was made of fine mahogany.

Feng Zhiyao thought that the Wen Family was indeed the number one family in the Nan Shao Kingdom, and the carriage they used was not heavy at all.

"Yao'er, why are you shaking your head? Xuanyuan Haofei asked, his hand that was holding the teacup slightly paused.

"No, maybe it's a little hot." Feng Zhiyao explained as she shook her head habitually to let her neck feel better.

"Yao'er, the ice cubes that were placed inside the carriage during winter, they shouldn't be too hot." Wen Xingyuan smiled and pointed to the few pieces of exquisite and bright ice cubes placed inside the Glazed Glass Temple that were in the corner of the carriage.

"Oh, really?" Feng Zhiyao lazily leaned on the cushion and started to close her eyes to rest. Thinking about how Ye Weiyang had been angered by her into leaving, she didn't know why, but she couldn't help but think of Ye Weiyang. Sometimes, she would ask herself, Did she not agree to Ye Weiyang's proposal at the time? Do you regret it now?

No, she felt that she would not regret it, yes, she would not regret it, she was trying her best to convince herself, stop thinking about Ye Weiyang, she should think about her great dream – to eat all the beautiful men in the world!

Xuanyuan Haofei looked at Feng Zhiyao and closed his eyes, thinking, this damned little woman, even though her eyes were closed, she was still that beautiful.

At first, he really shouldn't have chosen that woman Feng Zhiqiong, but now, she was not caring about him at all. Furthermore, she was eating vinegar all over the place everyday, which almost annoyed him to death. Sad!

He suddenly had the regret of mistaking the beautiful jade for a rock!

As shrewd and strong as Wen Xingyuan was, he seemed to be able to see the regret in Xuanyuan Haofei's eyes, and scolded him in his heart that he deserved it. However, because of King of Qi's rescission of the marriage, Wen Xingyuan had gotten the chance.

No matter how strong the power of the Mighty Heavenly Castle was, he was not the least bit worried. What he cared the most about was, whether or not the man Yao'er wanted to marry the most was him, Wen Xingyuan.

Feng Zhiyao retracted her complicated thoughts, and suddenly realized that the two of them were looking at her with a focused expression, and she seemed to see the look in their eyes when they looked at their beloved girl.

"Why are you guys looking at me like that for?" Seeing that there was a peach on the carriage, Feng Zhiyao gracefully tore off the pink skin and started to eat it little by little. The juice was sweet and extremely tasty, so she asked them while eating.

"Ugh …" The two of them had no idea what to do.

Just then, the carriage driver reported, "Reporting to young master, we are already at the Quhe House's gate."

, your horse carriage is so fast! Feng Zhiyao ignored them and stretched out her hand to hold hers. After she finished speaking, she jumped down the carriage herself, leaving them with a beautiful and elegant back.

"Yes, it was specially designed, so I increased my speed!" Wen Xingyuan was extremely pleased, he had designed this himself, and was very happy to be praised by Yao'er.

Thus, Wen Xingyuan and Xuanyuan Haofei also got off the carriage after Feng Zhiyao.

Just as they were about to step into the entrance of the Quhe House, a green shadow jumped out from the three bookstores in front of them.

Feng Zhiyao looked and saw that it was Beitang Ziqian. She did not expect that all of them had good light skill s, but she herself was not bad either.

The current Beitang Ziqian was wearing a long cyan robe with white Hibiscus embroidered on it. Gold threads rolled down the sides of his sleeves, and around his waist was the Eight Treasures Exquisite White Jade Belt.

"Xingyuan, King of Qi, why didn't you call Mu Yan and I over to the Quhe House?" Beitang Ziqian held onto the black silk fan, constantly fanning himself. From the beads of sweat on his forehead, one could tell that he was extremely hot.

Feng Zhiyao felt that it was really funny, the fan in her hand was so ugly it was like Yelei was the one fanning her. Thinking about it, her lips unconsciously curled up into a big curve.

"Ziqian, how much have you suffered recently?" Is it because the courtesan from the Li Chun Academy pestered you to go overboard? " Xuanyuan Haofei thought about the enchanting figure of the little enchantress Xiangsi, and couldn't help but to be moved. But after thinking that he had contracted the Flower Willow Disease, which was the treatment period, that kind of Smoky Willow Lane, was better not to go. Thus, he asked in jealousy.

Pfft! Feng Zhiyao almost burst out laughing. Xuanyuan Haofei would also ask such an explosive question.

So this man liked to visit brothels! No wonder! She couldn't help but be worried for that little girl Fu Xueyan. If Fu Xueyan married to such a man, her days would probably be spent in an empty room.

Wen Xingyuan smiled but did not say anything, his gaze sweeping past Feng Zhiyao and seeing her look at him when he asked that question, a look of disgust flashed past her eyes, his mood was extremely good.

So it turns out that Yao'er didn't like Beitang Ziqian. In that case, he would have one less love rival.

"King of Qi, look at your insulting words. It's not nice, am I that kind of person? Acacia is just hugging pleasure, in fact, women, after extinguishing candles, are the same! " Beitang Ziqian's words seemed to be an excuse for himself, but it was actually to tell his two good friends that it was the same if a woman exterminated Candle, then what was the use of holding Feng Zhiyao as a treasure?

Beitang Ziqian could not understand King of Qi the most. Previously, he had even resolutely refused the marriage in front of everyone, yet now, he was going in and out of the marriage with Feng Zhiyao.

Has this man always been so direct? Feng Zhiyao was almost petrified hearing this!

However, what he said made sense. In other words, even if he extinguished the candle flame, the aloe he was sitting on would be the same. The biggest difference was its size!

Speaking of size, made Feng Zhiyao think of the last time he secretly drugged King of Qi Xuanyuan Haofei. She thought that he must have been feeling very troubled recently, as his white hair might have also grown a few more strands. That kind of troublesome poison was similar to flower and willow disease's symptoms, probably enough to bother him.

Thinking of this, she was in a great mood.</blockquote>

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