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<blockquote>Chapter 76 part2

"What did I say wrong?" Beitang Ziqian laughed and asked.

"That makes sense. Let's go, it's better to meet by chance. This King will also treat you to a meal together." Xuanyuan Haofei smiled and nodded.

Then, Beitang Ziqian suddenly went closer to Xuanyuan Haofei and asked, "Didn't you break the engagement with her? Why are you still tangling with her? Could it be that you're going back on your words? "

"Ziqian, you are wrong. Let's talk about this later. You can go in and eat!" Xuanyuan Haofei looked at Feng Zhiyao, and although she looked calm and collected, as if she had not heard anything, he did not want to say that he regretted it.

"Oh, okay!" Beitang Ziqian did not pursue the matter any further, and continued to fan himself.

"Yao'er, wait for me." Wen Xingyuan did not care that he was in front of everyone. When he saw Feng Zhiyao enter the Quhe House first, he shouted loudly from behind.

"Xingyuan? What did you call me for? " Feng Zhiyao wanted to tell Tao Zhixian not to greet her in advance, but she did not expect that she would only take a few steps before he followed her.

"The last time you and your cousin accidentally entered the Death Valley, were your injuries better?" Wen Xingyuan asked in a soft voice.

"It's almost done. The scars have also been removed." Seeing that he was concerned about her, Feng Zhiyao immediately felt that it was a good feeling to be cared for by others.

"That's good." Wen Xingyuan's starry eyes shone brightly, shining with a dazzling brilliance, as deep feelings of love that could not be removed from it spread.

When Feng Zhiyao saw the look in Tao Zhixian's eyes, she immediately gave him a meaningful glance, then shook her head, signalling him not to come over and greet her, for the time being, she did not want others to know about her relationship with Quhe House.

A smiling waiter took the initiative to welcome them. With a moon white towel over his shoulder, he asked, "Young Master Beitang, may I ask how many of you are here?"

Hearing that, Feng Zhiyao thought that Beitang Ziqian would probably come to the Quhe House to eat often. Otherwise, why would he be so familiar with the waiter?

"Waiter, today, none of you are invited by this Patriarch but the King of Qi Highness. Ask him." Beitang Ziqian's tall and slender body gracefully passed the waiter, and directly headed to the second floor's private room.

"Waiter, arrange for a room with a good environment!" Xuanyuan Haofei glared at Beitang Ziqian's back in displeasure. He was clearly richer than his King of Qi, yet he shamelessly continued to freeload off!

"Yao'er, hurry up." Xuanyuan Haofei seemed to be very close to Wen Xingyuan, and he was very unhappy from the bottom of his heart.

"He's coming." Feng Zhiyao nodded.

Soon, they arrived at the second floor's Water Cloud Pavilion, which was located near the window. The interior of the room was elegantly decorated with paintings of famous people hung on the wall, and on the table were the four treasures of the study. On the corner of the table, there was a pot of emerald green orchid and a rattan orchid, and not far away, there was a zither.

This Shuiyun Peak was one of the elegant rooms that she had personally designed. The style was based on worshipping the natural scents of the mountains and rivers, and the interior was decorated with evergreen plants. It was as if she was leisurely and relaxed when she ate, causing people to feel relaxed …

"Xingyuan, a few days ago, my sister was still talking about you. Why didn't she see Big Brother Xingyuan hanging a horse with me recently? Xingyuan, what have you been busy with recently? Could it be that the clan elders of the Wen Family are organizing a beauty contest for you? " Beitang Ziqian saw that Feng Zhiyao's gaze seemed to have always interacted with Wen Xingyuan's gaze, intentionally or unintentionally. No one knew where he got angry in his heart, but he intentionally spoke out to provoke Feng Zhiyao.

"Yes, I heard that your sister Zi Xuan is interested in Xingyuan. This time, Xingyuan is lucky." Xuanyuan Haofei thought about the fact that Beitang Zixuan liked Wen Xingyuan that little sister Xuanyuan Lingxi mentioned sometimes, and upon seeing him say it this way, he immediately added.

Damn, why did Beitang Zixuan have the same eyes as her? He really didn't know that she actually liked Wen Xingyuan. Didn't she think that she should like Ye Weiyang previously?

Why did Beitang Zixuan's preferences change so quickly all of a sudden?

"Zi Xuan is extremely intelligent and elegant. Whoever marries her will be happy." Wen Xingyuan replied like this, causing the two of them to not know what to say.

However, Beitang Ziqian was not someone who would retreat easily. He immediately gestured to the secret guards of the Beitang Aristocrat Clan who were hiding nearby.

After the secret guard received the order, he returned to the residence like lightning to call Beitang Zixuan to the Quhe House.

Xuanyuan Haofei had sharp eyes, and he saw through Beitang Ziqian's actions, so he was naturally in favour of it. If Beitang Zixuan succeeded in taking care of Wen Xingyuan, to him, there would be no more resistance in chasing after Feng Zhiyao.

Thus, he and Beitang Ziqian looked at each other and smiled, then raised their cups and drank together with each other.

Wen Xingyuan only looked at the peerless beauty in front of him, not paying attention to the strange air flow between Beitang Ziqian and him.

At this moment, the dishes arrived.

Wen Xingyuan looked at the beautifully made dishes, and his eyes immediately lit up. He had the thought of digging the Quhe House's chef into the Wen Family to make them for him to eat.

"This is a full hall of gold and jade, a bowl of Blue Glazed Blue Fish Soup, a pair of wings flying, an azure dragon sleeping on the snow, a golden fish leaping over a dragon's gate, an overlord raising a cauldron, a cherry sunning the meat, thousands of threads, crisp fragrance, and a thousand miles of orange fragrance!" The waiter carried the dishes in one by one. Immediately, the room was filled with the rich fragrance of dishes. When people saw these ten dishes with different colors and exquisite dishes on the table, it made them salivate.

Other than Feng Zhiyao, the other three people pointed at the steamed crab and asked, "This is rather strange, why do the crabs have to be called 'Overlords Lifting Cauldron'?"

The waiter smiled and said: "This thing is dressed in armor and is unstoppable. Isn't it an overlord with two arms facing the sky? Isn't that the power of a cauldron?"

After Feng Zhiyao heard this, she laughed in her heart. She had memorized all of the lines that she had written, the people Uncle Xian had chosen were smart and nimble. Satisfied, she revealed a beautiful smile.

Xuanyuan Haofei clapped his hands and laughed: "Amazing, wonderful, as expected, you are an Overlord!" As he said that, he raised his chopsticks and tasted it, then smiled towards Wen Xingyuan and: Not bad, as expected, your reputation is well-deserved. Come, come, come, both of you taste it.

"Yao'er, you try it too!" Xuanyuan Haofei intentionally brought the biggest fragrant crab, a bright red crab, to the bowl in front of Feng Zhiyao.

Feng Zhiyao smiled and called the waiter over with a bowl of clear water. After washing her hands, she gracefully peeled off the crab meat, then ordered the waiter to heat the wine up. She then ordered the waiter to bring the chrysanthemum, osmanthus, to wash her hands.

Although the procedures were complicated, the people who did it were graceful and skilled. It was as if they were dancing in front of a table, and their posture was beautiful and moving. Her elegant long sleeves swayed, and in the blink of an eye, there was a rarely seen seductive beauty. Her eyes were focused and spirited, causing people to stare foolishly.

It was the crab in her hand that conquered her, it was more like her elegant and beautiful shelling that conquered their vision.

"Eh, have you guys been blocked by someone using the Pressure Point Technique?" Feng Zhiyao was greatly surprised.

"No." Beitang Ziqian unnaturally retracted his gaze, and cursed himself, he actually thought that her actions of peeling off the crab shell was extremely beautiful!

Wen Xingyuan's eyes became increasingly hot as he looked at Feng Zhiyao. Today, Feng Zhiyao's head was covered with a colorful hair bun, a pearl hairpin, a ring shaped dress with jingling sounds, and a white water lotus flower dress that dragged the floor, revealing a pair of soft pink satin lotus shoes with golden threads.

Her small face had jade-like eyebrows, snow-white muscles, and her hands were as white and tender as bamboo shoots. Her smile was mesmerizing, like a peach or a plum, and the autumn waves flowed in a myriad of styles.

Wen Xingyuan was really satisfied the more he looked at her. Originally, she was just an empty beauty, but now she was an extremely charming beauty.

Xuanyuan Haofei opened his mouth wide in shock. Before, he had also seen Feng Zhiyao eat crabs, but she did not have this many complicated steps in the past. Right now, she was extremely elegant with a sense of nobility, as if she was someone who would often enjoy this kind of delicacy.

It was as if Feng Zhiyao was a completely different person!

He even had a strong feeling that the Feng Zhiyao in front of him wasn't the Feng Zhiyao in his impression.

In the past, although she was aloof and proud, in her eyes, there was only Xuanyuan Haofei.

The current her, was very clear in her eyes, and probably did not even have Xuanyuan Haofei's position in her heart.

As he guessed, he felt a heart-wrenching pain in his heart! It was as if the sharp end of the ice block was aimed at his heart, and he didn't hesitate to stab it down. It was a pain, a boundless pain.

At this moment, the most beautiful delicacy was placed in front of him, and even he found it hard to swallow. A sparkling drop of something flashed in his eyes, and when he thought about how he said that he wanted to break the engagement, Yao'er started crying uncontrollably, tugging at his sleeve to say that she wanted to be his concubine and wait on his side. Even if she wasn't his concubine, if she was his bed warm-hearted girl, she was also willing to do so.

This Feng Zhiyao, who was acting as if she was another person, completely made him suspicious of her. Could it be that the Feng Zhiyao in front of him was someone who changed the face to get close to him?

"You are not Feng Zhiyao! Because Feng Zhiyao has never eaten crabs like this! " Xuanyuan Haofei raised his eyes and looked at Feng Zhiyao gloomily, as if he was trying to see through her expression and see that she was fake, to prove that his guess was right!

Feng Zhiyao was startled. Was Xuanyuan Haofei crazy? And he was still chuckling? How did he suspect that she was the real Feng Zhiyao in the next second?

After Wen Xingyuan heard this question, he also suspected that the figure of the Feng Zhiyao in front of him right now was really not the same as the figure of the woman who loved King of Qi so much back then.

Beitang Ziqian stopped peeling with his hands, and in the next second, he looked at Feng Zhiyao dumbfoundedly a few times. He felt that if King of Qi was right, then it could also explain why he would feel that he was bewitched if he saw the different Feng Zhiyao!

Seeing that the three of them had doubtful expressions, Feng Zhiyao was not worried in her heart, because she was the real Feng Zhiyao. It was just that her soul had been changed.

"Hey, you, and you, do you think so as well?" Feng Zhiyao gave a gentle smile. Under the light of the slanted and scattered sunlight, she looked extremely beautiful. Under the contrast of the suspended orchid and vine green leaves, her skin looked even more crystalline and snow-white.

She pointed her slender and soft jade finger at Beitang Ziqian and Wen Xingyuan, then laughed while covering her mouth.

A beauty's smile, a beauty that could topple empires!</blockquote>

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