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<blockquote>Chapter 76 part3

Wen Xingyuan didn't know what to say, so he remained silent. There was only a shocking voice in his heart. No matter who she was, this charming and charming woman would definitely be his. He would definitely be the final winner!

Beitang Ziqian nodded, "What the Qi King says is reasonable, before, you were not this knowledgeable!" What he meant was, you, Feng Zhiyao, will definitely be a knockoff!

"Then what evidence do you have to prove that this lady is a fake Feng Zhiyao?" Feng Zhiyao suddenly felt that it was not bad to tease these beautiful men of ancient times. At the very least, it could at least be used to change her boredom and lead her through life.

Xuanyuan Haofei observed her face carefully. The people at the roots of her hair all looked real, but there was no guarantee that she would have experts in disguise to help her.

Thinking that the girl he liked might be the knockoff version of Feng Zhiyao, he had an impulse to slam into a wall.

No, he must uncover her secret! He had found Feng Zhiyao, who truly only had him in her heart.

"If the bottom of your left foot has a red mole the size of a mung bean, then this duke will believe that you are the real Feng Zhiyao!" Xuanyuan Haofei tightly clenched his fists as veins popped from the back of his hands. She actually dared to deceive him! She must have been disguised!

He remembered one year when he and Feng Zhiyao had been playing around by the lake. He had seen her take off her stockings before, and had seen that her left foot had a nevus the size of a mung bean on the sole of her foot!

"I'm a woman, how are you going to test me?" Feng Zhiyao did not get angry, instead laughing. She remembered that there was a saying in ancient times, 'There is a difference between males and females!'

"This... "This..." The three men looked at each other in dismay. That's right, they were men. How could they observe a girl's foot movements?

"Waiter, is my big brother having his meal in this private room?" A clear and sweet voice came from outside. The owner of the voice was precisely Beitang Zixuan. She was currently outside the private room asking the waiter about her big brother, Beitang Ziqian. Which private room was he in?

"Miss, by the way, it's this one." The waiter replied respectfully.

Thus, Beitang Zixuan walked in gracefully.

"Big brother, we've finally found you." Big brother had really taken care of her. Knowing that she wanted Wen Xingyuan to be her husband's candidate, he had invited her over. Unfortunately, the beautiful man she had seen at the Great Jade Lake last time had made her fall in love with him.

She couldn't wait any longer at her age. There was an extremely well-matched man in front of her, so she had to take good care of him.

At this moment, her face was as white as a peach flower as she stood gracefully in front of Wen Xingyuan.

"Your Majesty the Qi King, Brother Xing Yuan, good day." She bent down slightly and bowed.

"Big Sister Zhiyao is here too?" She smiled at Feng Zhiyao, but the smile did not reach her eyes.

"This is outside, let's skip it!" Xuanyuan Haofei said courteously, the hostility in his eyes drifting in Feng Zhiyao's direction.

"Alright, now that Zi Xuan is here, let her be examined by you!" Xuanyuan Hao Fei suddenly felt that Beitang Zixuan had arrived at the right time, so he raised his eyebrows and suggested.

"Your Highness, if you're wrong, how are you going to explain this to me?" Feng Zhiyao was not scared witless. Therefore, she quickly stood up from the stool, her pretty face turning stiff as she asked.

"Naturally, I can grant you a request. As long as it's within this king's capabilities, it's fine. Zi Xuan, wait until she takes off her stockings. Just take a look and you'll see if there's a red mole!" Right, all three of us turn around! "

Turn around? A dark and deep look quickly flashed across Beitang Zixuan's eyes!

Otherwise, he would not be able to understand why he would feel such a strong attachment to Feng Zhiyao these past few days. In fact, when he came back to his dreams at midnight, he would dream of having a night with her, waking up from a dream.

Hearing this promise, Feng Zhiyao seemed to be in quite a good mood.

"You're the one who said that, don't regret it when the time comes!" Feng Zhiyao said confidently, her voice light and soft. The smile on her face was like a trickle of flowing water, making people feel rather comfortable as she gazed upon it, her pair of beautiful eyes flashing with a moving brilliance.

This caused Wen Xingyuan's heart to palpitate once more. It was such a great fortune to be able to meet such a pure girl. Therefore, he suddenly stood up.

"Qi King, there's no need to test it. I believe that she's the real Feng Zhiyao!" Wen Xingyuan raised his good-looking eyebrows.

"Xingyuan, since His Majesty is interested in playing this game, let's play with her!" Feng Zhiyao was very grateful that Wen Xingyuan was willing to help her. Thus, she revealed a faint smile towards him.

"Alright." Wen Xing saw that she was so confident, so he nodded in agreement.

When Beitang Zixuan saw that even Wen Xingyuan had treated Feng Zhiyao so kindly, it seemed as though he was not only kind, but also not only simple. His gaze had always been fixed on Feng Zhiyao, causing her to feel very displeased.

Beitang Ziqian glanced at Beitang Zixuan, "Zixuan, since the Qi King has invited you, you can go!"

"Alright, let's turn back, Xing Yuan —" Beitang Ziqian urged Wen Xingyuan once again.

Wen Xingyuan was still extremely worried. After all, Xuanyuan Haofei was right. He had also seen Feng Zhiyao eat crab before. Even though her actions were elegant, there was no such exquisite and alluring dish.

"Xingyuan, don't worry. I'm not afraid of fire and gold!" At this moment, Feng Zhiyao also smiled at him humorously, indicating that he could be at ease.

When Beitang Zixuan saw Wen Xingyuan's lingering gaze towards Feng Zhiyao, she felt extremely jealous in her heart. Okay, you'll have to watch it in a while, she had already asked from the secret guard who was present. Upon hearing that Feng Zhiyao was also present, a thought of 'evil and righteous Feng Zhiyao' flashed through her mind.

Feng Zhiyao saw that Xuanyuan Haofei, Beitang Ziqian, and Wen Xingyuan had all turned around. She sat upright on a mahogany stool and reached out her slender hand to take off her left stocking.

When Beitang Zixuan saw her jade feet, he was stunned. There was actually a red mole on it. It was truly as big as a green bean.

However, if she was the real Feng Zhiyao, then seeing how Xingyuan's brother was looking at her with such fervent eyes, then she would no longer have that position of the Wen family's head mother.

Whether or not he said it, whether or not it was true or false, it all depended on her every thought.

In any case, she didn't dare to show them her feet.

After thinking this way, a trace of malevolence flashed across Beitang Zixuan's eyes.

Very good, she will take revenge for her old grudge and new grudge!

After Feng Zhiyao put on her stockings again, Beitang Zixuan began to report, "Your Highness, he's not the real big sister Zhiyao, because there's no red mole on her feet!" She was certain that Feng Zhiyao did not dare to show off her skills in public!

Because in the customs of the Southern Peony Kingdom, if a man saw a woman's jade feet, he would marry her!

What? This damned woman! She actually took the opportunity to take revenge! Did she think that she didn't dare to show her foot in front of so many men?

Xuanyuan Hao Fei sneered and turned around, "What? He couldn't even speak, could he? Speak, who sent you to get close to This King? "

Beitang Ziqian asked uncertainly, "Zi Xuan, have you ever read it seriously?" When he found out the answer, he felt a faint sense of loss from the bottom of his heart, causing him to not know how to explain his current mood.

With a faint smile, Wen Xingyuan replied, "Even if she doesn't have a red mole, it doesn't matter. Yao`er, don't worry about it. Let's continue eating!" However, a trace of malice flashed in his eyes as he looked at Xuanyuan Hao. He would definitely take back the humiliation Yao'er had suffered today on behalf of her child!

"Xingyuan, you're so kind." Feng Zhiyao smiled as she cast him a grateful glance. This man was not bad at all.

"Prince Qi, if Zi Xuan's sister is lying, what will you do?" Feng Zhiyao raised an eyebrow and sneered. Did he think that she was an ancient woman?

Wasn't it just exposing her foot? It didn't matter if she took everything off! She was intrepid, what could you guys do!

Of course, the scum men who had taken off all of their clothes dug out their eyeballs one by one and fed them to the fish.

"If she's lying, have her toast you three times!" After considering that Beitang Zixuan was from the Third Family of the Southern Peony, it would naturally not be too good to punish him.

"That's what you said!" The Head of the Beitang Clan also doesn't have any objections, right? " Seeing Beitang Ziqian lift his lips but not saying anything, Feng Zhiyao knew that he had no objections.

"Little sister Zi Xuan, do you have any objections?" Feng Zhiyao calmly looked at her and asked.

"I... I... "I did not!" If she objected now, it would prove her guilty conscience. His Highness the Prince of Qi would definitely stop her from taking off her socks, even if she took off her stockings boldly, how would the three of them marry her? Could it be that they would marry her?

What a joke!

When she heard Xuanyuan Haofei say three cups of wine as an apology, she felt that no matter how much she played the game, she wouldn't care because she still had tricks up her sleeve!

"Little sister Zi Xuan, you said it yourself, don't blame me for not giving you the chance!" Feng Zhiyao quickly took off the stockings she was wearing on her left foot, instantly exposing her beautiful jade feet to the air.

It could be said that the three inch-long golden lotus was warm and radiant, and was quite attractive.

White as a jade sculpture, it was as smooth as cream. Each and every one of its slender toes was beautiful like a painting, sparkling and translucent like a clear spring. It was as agile and beautiful as a lotus.

Beneath her feet, there was a mole the size of a mung bean. It was as charming as a plum flower and indescribably wonderful.

Xuanyuan Haofei stared at that soft and white foot, unable to retract his gaze.

He just stared at her in a daze. She was actually still her. That's great! In her heart, she definitely still had him, Xuanyuan Hao, to fly!

Beitang Ziqian didn't think that the woman in front of him would ignore the world's gaze and reveal her jade feet in front of the man. Sigh, he should have remembered that day by the Great Jade Lake when she revealed her lotus root arms that didn't have any Flaming Red Palace Sand.

Beitang Zixuan hurriedly covered her mouth and laughed, "Aiya, hehe, I was just joking with big sister Zhiyao." Just you wait, I, Beitang Zixuan, have a trick up my sleeve.

Wen Xingyuan smiled and personally stepped forward to help her put on her stockings again. His movements were extremely gentle, as if he was holding a rare treasure in his hand.

"Your Highness, do your words count?" Feng Zhiyao did not care about the look in Xuanyuan Haofei's eyes as he looked at Wen Xingyuan, who was about to be chopped into eight pieces. Therefore, she deliberately reminded him in a soft and tender voice.

"Of course it does, go ahead! "What is the requirement?" If she were to ask for the position of wangfei, that would be fine too. This was what Xuanyuan Haofei was thinking.

"Well, please give yourself a slap!" Right, one is enough! Throw harder! If it was too light, it wouldn't count! As for whether you should use your left hand to hit the right cheek or your right hand to hit the left cheek, it's up to you! " The words that Feng Zhiyao had said were like icicles in December, stabbing straight towards Xuanyuan Haofei's chest.

As soon as she finished speaking, Xuanyuan Haofei looked at her with especially sinister and terrifying eyes. Did she really hate him that much?

Forget it. If he slapped himself in the face to release her from her anger and resentment, then he would admit it. In the end, he would be the one who let her down!

"The Qi King, no!" When Beitang Ziqian saw that King Qi, Xuanyuan Hao, was really going to slap himself, he immediately tried to stop him, 'Damn it! This game is going to explode!'

"That's right, Qi King, how can your precious body be like this?" If this matter were to spread to the emperor's ears, then Yao'er's life would truly be superior!

"This is my own choice, I won't implicate her!" Xuanyuan Haofei glanced at Feng Zhiyao with deep emotions before raising his left hand to ruthlessly slap himself on the left side of his face. It was very deep, and the five finger marks were clearly visible. It seemed like he was going to do it seriously!

When he had slapped her in the face, he had been thinking that it was his fault, that he should not have treated the pearl as a fish eye.

He had been willing to slap her, had slapped himself on behalf of Feng Zhiyao.

Feng Zhiyao was very surprised that he had actually been so ruthless to himself.

Wen Xingyuan hurriedly took out a bottle of high-quality Flawless Ointment from his bosom. Fortunately, he had brought it with him today, and he hoped that it would be able to cover the five finger marks on the Qi King's face.

Beitang Ziqian glared at Beitang Zixuan and thought to himself, is this sister really stupid or fake? If she wanted to strike down her opponent, why did she have to resort to such a crappy method?!

Because lying was the most shameless method!

"Zhiyao, I apologize for my sister, Zi Xuan, lying to you!" It's my fault for not teaching my sister well. I'm very sorry! " Beitang Ziqian stood up and apologized to Feng Zhiyao. His attitude was very sincere, and it also caused Feng Zhiyao to look up to him, feeling that Beitang Ziqian was much more pleasing to the eye than his sister, Beitang Zixuan.

Seeing Beitang Ziqian speaking in such a manner, Feng Zhiyao smiled faintly without saying a word.

"Zi Xuan, hurry up and apologize to Zhiyao!" This stupid little sister of his, she was the one who nearly lost all his face.

"Alright, Big Sister Zhiyao. I was in the wrong just now. I lied to everyone. Let me toast you three times!" "You must forgive me for being young and ignorant!" Beitang Zixuan was the first to drink a glass of red wine.

Her gaze landed on Feng Zhiyao's wine cup, thinking to herself, She just brought her a packet of extremely seductive spring dew when she was shedding her stockings for the first time. She was filled with anticipation …</blockquote>

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