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<blockquote>Chapter 77 part1

Feng Zhiyao lowered her eyes, her gaze landed on the white jade beast cup in front of her. Beitang Zixuan was so attentive, I think there is something hidden behind it.

Therefore, Feng Zhiyao smiled, a smile that was purer than the rippling white lotus in the lake water. It was even more elegant, no one could compare to …

"Aiya, little sister Zi Xuan, big sister I, as a Prime Minister, am so capable. I did not take what happened just now to heart!" With regards to the girl Red, Imperial Physician Bai told me that it would be inconvenient for me to drink more. How about this, I'll let King of Qi Highness drink it for me. " Feng Zhiyao turned and looked at King of Qi with a face full of tenderness. Her voice was as gentle as snow, making it hard for Xuanyuan Haofei to refuse.

"That's fine too, Zi Xuan. How about I drink this cup for Yao'er?" After his face was smeared with the Flawless Paste, a large portion of the five finger marks on his face had disappeared. If one did not look carefully, it was truly impossible to tell.

Hearing that, Feng Zhiyao immediately smiled like a flower, and thought: King of Qi, you are truly amazing!

Beitang Zixuan gritted her teeth in anger, she had wasted her thousand gold buying the Supreme Spring Breeze Dew, what a pity, she wanted to stop him, but she felt that she had no reason to do so, so she could only reluctantly nod her head.

And so, Xuanyuan Haofei raised his head and drank it all in one gulp, then lifted it up and drank it again. In the blink of an eye, he had drunk three cups of the female's red wine in one go.

Wen Xingyuan originally wanted to speak up and drink in Feng Zhiyao's place, but Feng Zhiyao stopped him with her eyes.

Beitang Ziqian was surprised by Feng Zhiyao's performance. Shouldn't she find Wen Xingyuan to drink on her behalf? How did she find the King of Qi? He really couldn't understand what she was thinking.

Seeing Xuanyuan Haofei drink it, Beitang Zixuan's gloomy mood suddenly lightened. If the King of Qi Highness who was using bewitching medicine were to really get together with Feng Zhiyao, then her chances of obtaining Wen Xingyuan would increase greatly.

Beitang Zixuan thought that this extremely charming Spring Breeze Dew would explode in an hour. She was really looking forward to it, and thinking about it in this way, her lips curved up into a beautiful curve.

Why was she still amiable to Feng Zhiyao? Last time she lost in her zither arts, didn't she cry at home for the entire day, and then she would scold Feng Zhiyao no less than a hundred times every day.

Only this time? She surprised him!

Feng Zhiyao had cleverly captured Beitang Zixuan's good mood, and had guessed the truth of the matter, she had come prepared today!

Fortunately, she was able to observe the details, or else she would have fallen into her trap.

"How about this, this meal is an invitation from the King of Qi Highness, it's just that when we return at this time, it's a little early, how about we go to the Great Jade Lake to sail and enjoy it?" Feng Zhiyao's voice was clear and sweet, as clear as the sound of spring water falling down from a mountain peak, cold and sweet.

Such a beautiful voice, the three of them did not refuse. Beitang Zixuan wanted to get close to the water tower and get the moon first, so she naturally had to follow along.

However, just as they was about to board the carriage, Beitang Ziqian was called over by the owner of the Three Flavors Library, saying that he had some important matters to report to him, so Beitang Ziqian said, "You guys go to the Great Jade Lake first, I will be there shortly."

By the Great Jade Lake, they rented a beautiful cruise boat.

The lake was clear, green and transparent, with lotus flowers of all colors blooming and interweaving with the green loli in the water. Amidst the lingering water vapor, people could smell the sweet fragrance of the lotus flowers from far away!

Along the lake shore, the slender green willow leaves danced in the wind. It was a scorching summer day, and the climate was warm and pleasant, mixed with traces of heat that could be felt on one's face … The number of cruise boat on the lake surface was increasing.

"There are so many people." Feng Zhiyao said with a smile, thinking, the beauties of the ancient families are also very pitiful, other than flinging butterflies and embroidering a flower, I really don't know what else to do.

It was better to be modern now. A notebook was all ready.

"Today's weather is good, there are many people. Wait! It was a very familiar sound of a zither! Could it be that Lady Lovesick has come to swim in the lake? " Xuanyuan Haofei nodded his head, and said in a surprised tone, only that he suddenly felt his whole body was hot, and he even wanted to get close to the girl's house.

Seeing Xuanyuan Haofei's rosy face, Beitang Zixuan thought that the effects of the pill were about to take effect, she had to think of a way to let and King of Qi be alone.

At that moment, everyone was leaning on the cruise boat s railing, enjoying the beauty of the lotus flowers in the water, while Beitang Zixuan was the closest to Feng Zhiyao.

"Big Sister Zhiyao, I've recently obtained a brocade handkerchief from the Cloud Dew Workshop. The design is very beautiful. Let me show it to you." Beitang Zixuan's eyes moved about, and with a sweet smile, she took out a brocade handkerchief that was wrapped around her body, emitting a pink smoke.

Feng Zhiyao rolled her eyes. What a stupid woman, don't tell her you want to push her into the lake again right?

But Feng Zhiyao was wrong, this time Beitang Zixuan purposely fell into the Great Jade Lake himself.

"Big Sister Zhiyao, how could you —" The moment she finished speaking, her men had already splashed the lake water in all directions.

Hearing that, the corner of Wen Xingyuan's mouth twitched, why was Beitang Ziqian's sister so mischievous? She lost her grip on the railing and fell into the lake.

When Xuanyuan Haofei saw that Beitang Zixuan had fallen into the lake, he immediately wanted to go down to save him. However, shouted, "Big Brother Xingyuan, save me! Big Brother Xingyuan, save me! "

So Xuanyuan Haofei looked at Wen Xingyuan, but Wen Xingyuan remained silent, and only glared at Beitang Zixuan angrily.

"King of Qi Highness, hurry up and save little sister Zi Xuan! When the Beitang Family Head came, it would be hard to explain! If you don't go down and save her, you'll choke. " Feng Zhiyao deliberately instigated nervously.

Xuanyuan Haofei heard that it made sense, since the position of the crown prince was not stable yet, and all of them, who were old princes, had a chance. And since the Beitang Aristocrat Clan was the patriarch of the third family in Nan Shao, if he could win over him, it would be like adding wings to a tiger for him. Therefore, Xuanyuan Haofei did not care about his unfathomable burn reaction, and immediately jumped into the lake to save Beitang Zixuan.

"Yao'er, you intentionally sent King of Qi to save Zi Xuan right?" As if Wen Xingyuan could read the smile in her eyes.

"How do you know?" Her gaze landed on the surface of the lake. At this moment, Xuanyuan Haofei was hugging Beitang Zixuan tightly and flew out of the water with much difficulty. Her toes tapped on a small ripple and she quickly flew above the cruise boat.

When the surrounding people saw that someone had rescued the person that fell into the water, they all shifted their gazes to the lotus flowers in the lake and left.

"Big Brother Xingyuan, can you send me back to my residence first?" Beitang Zixuan could already feel the burning sensation from Xuanyuan Haofei's aloe as she hugged him.

If he knew that she had plotted against him, she would definitely be very unlucky!

So, her pleading eyes drifted towards Wen Xingyuan, hoping that Wen Xingyuan would bring her away.

"No, I just promised Zhiyao that I would come to Jade Lake Restaurant for tea later. You should get King of Qi to send you back!" Wen Xingyuan decisively shook his head. He was not happy to be cheated with the pig-headed woman.

"King of Qi, look at Zi Xuan's wet clothes. I'll help her buy a set of clothes in the vicinity. I'll be right back." Feng Zhiyao smiled, it was the standard smile of eight teeth.

"This... This is good as well, let's go quickly and come back. " Indeed, it made it difficult for Beitang Zixuan to return home wet like this, so he nodded his head and agreed.

Yao'er, I will use the light skill to take you to you right now. Quickly like this, King of Qi, please take good care of little sister Zi Xuan! With that, Wen Xingyuan took Feng Zhiyao and flew out of the cruise boat like a sword that had left the bow.

"Big Brother Xingyuan, accompany me!" Beitang Zixuan still wanted to try and call Wen Xingyuan back.

"Stop shouting, your big brother Xingyuan has already flown away! "Humph!"

Xuanyuan Haofei saw that he had already flown out, and only had to clench his teeth and nod his head. Damn it, why was his body even hotter than before?

"King of Qi, quickly put me down. I'll just go back to my residence like this!" Beitang Zixuan immediately struggled, wanting to jump down from his embrace.

"Zi Xuan, why do I feel like your figure is not any worse than Qiong'er's! It really feels like a concave and convex shape! " Xuanyuan Haofei's eyes turned red in the next second, he glared at the boatman, and quickly carried Beitang Zixuan into the cabin.

Xuanyuan Haofei felt his hands and feet heating up, a hot steam rising from his stomach, he looked at Beitang Zixuan's fearful eyes, and anxiously pulled at his sleeves, and then laughed coldly.

"Dammit, when did you drug me?" He had been through hundreds of women, so how could he not understand what he wanted the most right now?

"It wasn't me, it wasn't me, it wasn't me who caused it, it was Feng Zhiyao who gave it to you. Right, it must have been Feng Zhiyao who gave it to you!" Beitang Zixuan tried her best to defend her so that she could keep her innocence. She hoped that Big Brother Xingyuan would hurry over and save her.

"Bullshit. She doesn't like this king so much that she would seduce this king. Do you really think this king is a fool?" "Humph!" Xuanyuan Haofei took off his outer garment and approached her step by step.

The delicate fragrance that belonged to Beitang Zixuan's virgin filled his nose, lingering around non-stop. He hadn't touched a girl for a while because of Flower Willow's disease, and now that the effects of the medicine had arrived, how could he endure such a taste?

The closer he got to her, the hotter his whole body became …

"King of Qi, I am a virgin, you cannot treat me like this, otherwise, my brother will not let you go!" She was trembling in a corner as her hands hugged her knees. She wanted to escape, but his altitude was as solid as a steel wall!

"With this king's status, it's more than enough to match yours. Hmph, cut the crap. First, remove the bewitching potion from this king!" Xuanyuan Haofei lifted Beitang Zixuan up into the air like an eagle catching a chick, and with a raise of her hand, she tore apart the thin emerald water veil, the red hair on her chest and the white moon-white underpants on her body. Her beautiful body was exposed to the air, especially the blood-colored palace sand on her arms.

"King of Qi, don't!" Seeing Xuanyuan Haofei taking the initiative to take off her clothes, revealing her imposing body, she wailed in fear.

"You reap what you sow! This King is willing to meet you, it is your good fortune! " F * ck! Was it easy for him to have the flower willow disease, and to do the most primitive piston exercise with her!

Without any foreplay, his imposing body pressed onto Beitang Zixuan's body, and he was already under the control of the bewitching medicine. At this moment, he was like a wild beast that was eager to vent …

Therefore, the cruise boat was filled with an enchanting spring color, and was burning hot … Passion...

On the main street, Feng Zhiyao was walking leisurely.

"Yao'er, let's hurry up and go back. Her clothes are all wet, no matter what, I watched her grow up, and she's like my little sister!" Although the pig's head was still slightly tilted.

"Why are you in such a hurry for her!?" "Then go back first, I still want to take a stroll!" Tsk, she had already calculated the time. She had returned so early, was she going to watch a play? Was he not afraid of being pierced by needles?"

"Yao'er, is there something you're hiding from me?" Wen Xingyuan asked suspiciously.

"Xingyuan, I found out that you're also very smart. Um, Beitang Zixuan tried to plot against me, and I think that some kind of bad medicine must have been administered from my glass of red wine." Feng Zhiyao said calmly, not feeling the slightest bit of worry.

"Yao'er, why didn't you say so earlier?" Wen Xingyuan looked at her in astonishment, and then, he was shocked, and his heart burned with anxiety.

"Let's go back and save Zi Xuan. She's still a virgin, if the King of Qi wants her like this, Beitang Ziqian would definitely behead her! Yao'er, let's quickly go back and stop them. Otherwise, we will be able to get what we want! " When Wen Xingyuan thought about how his relationship with the Wen Family and the Beitang Family had always been good, and how his relationship with Beitang Ziqian had always been good, he felt that Zixuan was his older brother's feelings towards his younger sister.

"I'm not going. What if they already have raw rice to cook?" Feng Zhiyao said coldly. In her opinion, he was a trash that only knew how to be together with a stupid girl.

"This … it's better to go and stop them. After all, I watched Zi Xuan grow up!" Wen Xingyuan frowned, he reached out and pulled Feng Zhiyao, asking her to go with him.

"Alright, alright, I'll leave after buying this set of clothes!" I hope the King of Qi will show some strength and sleep with Beitang Zixuan soon, haha.

Thus, Feng Zhiyao straightforwardly bought a beautiful purple chiffon dress.

Carrying Feng Zhiyao, Wen Xingyuan flew swiftly all the way, and finally, in the time it took to boil a cup of tea, he flew above the cruise boat.</blockquote>

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