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<blockquote>Chapter 77 part2

Beitang Ziqian took off his green colored clothes and draped it over Beitang Zixuan's body with an ashen face.

"Zi Qian, I will definitely take responsibility for what your little sister has done. However, after reporting it to royal father, I will come under the betrothal gift again. That's why the matter of status may have to be delayed a little." King of Qi Xuanyuan Haofei slowly put on his clothes. Although he was unwilling, because of the influence of the Beitang Clan, he had no choice but to guarantee that he would be responsible for Beitang Zixuan.

Beitang Ziqian roared in anger, he did not place King of Qi Xuanyuan Haofei in his eyes at all!

"It must be the position of King of Qi's main concubine! Otherwise, this Patriarch will definitely come to the Emperor for this matter and ask for an explanation! "

"This... This King can consider it! " Xuanyuan Haofei glared fiercely at the crying Beitang Zixuan. Wasn't he the one who had fallen for her? Was there a need to cry as if he had done it to a strong woman?

"This clan's main point is definitely, definitely, definitely! King of Qi, you should think about it more carefully! This Patriarch will take Zi Xuan back first, hmph! " Beitang Ziqian cast a cold glance at Wen Xingyuan and Feng Zhiyao.

"Ziqian, I'm very sorry about your sister!" Wen Xingyuan felt that he was half responsible, and said awkwardly.

"You don't have to be so kind!" Beitang Ziqian coldly roared, the veins on the back of his hand bulged, and his eyes burned with burning fury.

Then, Beitang Ziqian glanced at Feng Zhiyao sinisterly. Zi Xuan being humiliated like this was definitely related to her!

Feng Zhiyao's hair stood on end when she saw Beitang Ziqian's gaze, but she still turned her head away with a relaxed expression. The clothes in her hands were merely taken away by Wen Xingyuan and passed to him.

just did not want it, and threw it into the Great Jade Lake.

"Brother, it's Feng Zhiyao who harmed me! She was the one who hurt me … You must avenge me... " Beitang Zixuan saw the trace of a smile appear in the corner of Feng Zhiyao's eyes and was extremely furious and resentful. As a result, she choked back her emotions and spoke in a low voice as she looked at Feng Zhiyao with such a malicious gaze.

Beitang Ziqian held her tightly, a trace of sinister look flashing past his eyes, and his lips raised into a bloodthirsty smile.

Wen Xingyuan had actually intentionally brought Feng Zhiyao away from the cruise boat, leaving only Zi Xuan at the cruise boat.

When Feng Zhiyao brushed shoulders with her, she clearly felt a trace of hostility from Beitang Ziqian's body.

… ….

When Xuanyuan Haofei saw that Wen Xingyuan did not let go of his hand that wrapped around Feng Zhiyao's waist, his eyes were filled with hatred.

"King of Qi, it's getting late, I'll send Yao'er back to Prime Minister's Mansion first." Wen Xingyuan saw his pale and green expression, and didn't take it seriously.

"That's right, I'm tired. I'll be taking my leave now!" Feng Zhiyao gave a shallow smile and she laughed in her heart. This flower willow poison had already been infected by Beitang Zixuan.

"Yao'er, wait a moment, this king has something to say to you!" Xuanyuan Haofei called out to Feng Zhiyao, his face gloomy, causing Wen Xingyuan to have a bad premonition.

"Xingyuan, wait for me for a moment. King of Qi and I will talk inside the cabin." Feng Zhiyao replied with an expression of "don't worry, who is she". She was a Gold Ranked Assassin for the "Night Demon", how could she be afraid of an ancient Casanova King?

The answer was "no"!

"Alright!" This is inside the cabin. If you have something to say, just say it! No need to beat around the bush! " Feng Zhiyao stood perfectly straight, and said indifferently.

"You already knew that Beitang Zixuan placed the bewitching medicine in your cup. You purposely let me drink it, right?" Xuanyuan Haofei asked, his tone not filled with doubt, but certainty!

"Beitang Zixuan tried to ambush me. I didn't expect her to seduce me with some kind of medicine, and I thought it was some ordinary laxative or something like that." Feng Zhiyao shook her head, she had only guessed it from Beitang Zixuan's expression that something was amiss. She did not have the ability of a God Operator.

"In other words, you don't know, everything was Beitang Zixuan's doing!" Xuanyuan Haofei had only suspected her at first, but now, he was even more certain that it was Beitang Zixuan who did it, and he felt even more shameless towards her!

The main wife of the King of Qi? Beitang Ziqian actually pressured him?

No, he had to go back and think about it! If he married Beitang Zixuan, how much strength would he gain from seizing the throne?

"Alright, you should go back first! But you must remember one thing, do not get too close with Wen Xingyuan, he was not as gentle as you imagine him to be, as humble as jade! " Xuanyuan Haofei lowered his head and whispered into Feng Zhiyao's ear.

Was this a warning?

However, she didn't need to!

What did she want is man, not marrying a man!

"Thank you, King of Qi. I hope that Beitang Zixuan can enter the King of Qi's residence. Feng Zhiyao laughed lightly, then continued, she purposely emphasized on the word 'love'!

In the face of Feng Zhiyao's mocking and ridiculing laughter, Xuanyuan Haofei did not mind at all. Instead, he reached out and wrapped his arms around her delicate body, whispering in her ear. "Yao'er, actually, whenever I sleep with a woman, I always shout your name!"

F * ck, so disgusting! If the former Feng Zhiyao heard this, she would definitely be happy and immediately throw himself into the arms of this scumbag!

But she was not the original Feng Zhiyao, so she smiled charmingly and said: "King of Qi, you are so humorous!" Humor my ass! May your whole family be infected with Flowering Willow Disease!

"Yao'er, King of Qi, did you guys agree to it?" Wen Xingyuan paced back and forth on the deck, he was very worried about King of Qi. After all, he was a romantic person and Yao'er had always been determined to get rid of him, so he had to be on guard against him.

"Xingyuan, we have already agreed on this. I am taking my leave of King of Qi!" Feng Zhiyao carried her skirt with a smile on her face and walked out gracefully like a butterfly.

Wen Xingyuan walked forward, grabbed her with his large hands and pulled her into his embrace, then said, "King of Qi, thank you for treating us today. I'll treat you to a meal next time, haha …"

After laughing, Wen Xingyuan and Feng Zhiyao had already disappeared from the cruise boat.

He wanted this woman, but not now. Once he sat in that position, it would be easy even for him to want a beauty, let alone Nan Shao's number one beauty, Feng Zhiyao!

… ….

"Xingyuan, we're here!" Feng Zhiyao stopped him from carrying her off the carriage.

"Yao'er, what did the King of Qi say to you? You didn't say a word along the way? " Wen Xingyuan raised his hand to stop her from getting off the horse carriage.

"I... He did not say anything! "Why do you ask me that?" Feng Zhiyao glanced at him with a smile, and said with a clear smile.

"I'm afraid someone will separate us." Wen Xingyuan said worriedly as his arms suddenly tightened around her.

"What are you thinking? We haven't even started properly yet? "How did you come to think of splitting up?" Feng Zhiyao laughed after hearing this.

"Yao'er, are you willing to start with me?" He was still worried that she still loved Xuanyuan Haofei in her heart.

But just now, when Xuanyuan Haofei and Beitang Zixuan had gotten close to each other, her expression was extremely calm, which was truly inconceivable.

"I... Of course I'm willing! " Because you are a beautiful man, and she is the president of the Appearance Society!

"Xingyuan, why are you looking at me like that?" When Feng Zhiyao saw his dark and enchanting eyes, she suddenly felt like she was Little Red Riding Hood.

"Why are you pestering him on the streets today?" He couldn't help but ask this question.

"I didn't get entangled with him. He shamelessly followed us. Did you see that? I brought two girls with me!" Feng Zhiyao felt that she was wronged, she had gone out with great difficulty, but now, she met this trash who she hated the most!

The only thing that made her happy was that she knocked Xuanyuan Haofei 3000 silver! After coming here, she felt that banknotes were the best thing because anything could betray her. Only banknotes would not betray her!

"Yeah, but I just watched you and him talking on the street. I... My heart is in pain! " Wen Xingyuan suddenly hugged her and gave her a fierce kiss. It was as if he wanted to swallow her cherry lips whole, and then let go of her.

"Do you feel more comfortable here after kissing me?" Feng Zhiyao stretched out her slender jade fingers and drew circles in front of his well-built chest with a face full of enchanting smiles.

His dark pupils contracted, his Adam's apple slid, and his long, slender hands closed around her dishonest little hands.

Her slender figure made Wen Xingyuan, who loved her more, feel his blood expand. He gently sniffed the fragrance of the lotus flowers in her hair, and it was as if he had fallen into a dream.

"Yao'er, if you continue to tease me like this, I won't be able to guarantee that I'll take you in the carriage." When Wen Xingyuan was touched by her, her heart immediately started to itch. He was a man that was full of vigor and blood, how could he avoid such a gentle torture?

Not to mention that it was such a beautiful and flirtatious woman like her, and one that he wanted to hold in his hands as if it were precious treasures. His voice became charming and hoarse.

Her hair was jet-black and bright, just like black silk. The thick black hair accentuated her snow-white skin, making her eyes sparkle. This little woman possessed a bewitching charm.

"No way, just kiss me. We're at my doorstep right now, do you have to worry about my dad's face!" Feng Zhiyao playfully hit him on the chest, her voice was so loud that it could cause a person to lose their life.

"Yao'er, no, I can't control myself so I want you right now. I really want to imprison you for a lifetime so that you will never be able to leave me!" His voice was so infatuated that it made her heart jump.

He said he wanted to imprison her for life? She would never be able to leave him!

Feng Zhiyao was startled, then her body that had just softened down suddenly froze, her heart had also gone stiff. She wanted to retort, but his kiss came falling down from the sky, and his body was hanging onto her body with all of his strength.

"Xingyuan, you can't …" He was so sulky, could it be that he was provoked by King of Qi and the others today, why was he thinking about doing piston sports with her?

"Yao'er, you have seduced me time and time again. This is the result of provoking me!" Wen Xingyuan did not consider himself to be a gentleman, thus he held her waist with one hand, and quickly took off his belt with the other. Then, with a gentle and mischievous smile, he quickly slid inside her clothes.</blockquote>

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