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<blockquote>Chapter 77 part3

"Is it the Wen Family Lord's carriage?" There was a hint of curiosity in the deep voice. The voice was pleasant to hear and very familiar.

It was Su Muyan's voice! Crap! Why would he be at the entrance of the Prime Minister's Mansion at this hour?

"Xingyuan, next time then. It's not very convenient now!" Feng Zhiyao quickly pressed a kiss onto Wen Xingyuan's lips, then quickly raised a hand to comb the hair on the head of the carriage, before patting her clothes.

What a depressing feeling it was for a man under control to suddenly be stopped by his beloved woman at this very moment!

"Yao'er, don't tell me that you guys are also having an affair in the Death Valley!" Wen Xingyuan thought about the reason that Su Muyan's attitude towards Feng Zhiyao had changed after they left the Death Valley that day, and he had no choice but to guess it.

"Stop bullshitting, it's impossible for him and I to be together!" Feng Zhiyao refuted him with a laugh as she spoke softly, while wrapping his white jade belt around his waist.

In order to balance the beauties, they had to be enthusiastic about everyone and muster up 120 thousand points of energy. The beauties they provoked were not so easy to deal with!

"Is it really nothing?" Wen Xingyuan ignored the sound of Su Muyan's footsteps getting closer and closer. He started to suspect her and firmly held her small hand.

Yes, yes, Xingyuan, believe in me! Feng Zhiyao said in a spoiled manner, her eyes rippling with light, captivating the soul.

"Mu Yan, I haven't seen you in a few days. What have you been busy with recently?" Wen Xingyuan glanced at Feng Zhiyao coldly, then he pulled open the carriage's curtain and asked with a smile.

Ever since the two of them parted ways in Autumn Wave Stable, their faces and hearts had become at odds.

Su Muyan said as he gave a bland laugh, "Recently, there was an iron mine mined near the Yangming Dark Mountain, so I recently went to the Yangming Dark Mountain and I just returned. I just happened to bump into you here. "

Suddenly, his gaze swept across Wen Xingyuan and he saw Feng Zhiyao at her side. He thought, could it be that Wen Xingyuan had already captured Yao'er's heart while he was not in the middle of the battle?

With this realization, Su Muyan unconsciously clenched his fists. His knuckles had already turned a ghastly white, and his heart seemed to be immersed in a river of ice, cold as ice. Above his heart, there were a few scars, and those scars were a little painful, a little painful!

He really wanted to charge forward and pull her down from Wen Xingyuan's carriage. He wanted to ask, Feng Zhiyao, did you ever have me in your heart?

But he couldn't do that! Now that they were at the entrance of Prime Minister's Mansion, he had to give some face to his uncle.

"Yao'er, where did you get back to?" Su Muyan tried his best to appear very calm, so that no one could see the anger in his heart.

"Just now, I went to eat with Xingyuan, Xuanyuan Haofei, and the Beitang siblings. Afterwards, they went for a swim in the lake!" She said it simply.

With that, she gracefully jumped off the carriage.

"Hmm, so it's like that. It's been a while since we last met. I miss the porridge that you've personally cooked." Hearing her call out to Wen Xingyuan with such a gentle tone, Su Muyan felt extremely uncomfortable in his heart, and so he intentionally said that.

What? Since when did she personally stew the millet porridge for him? He was truly speaking nonsense, why did he do this to her?

When she saw Wen Xingyuan's angry gaze on her, her little body shivered. Damn it, do they need to be in front of her?

"Um …" That. I'm hungry, so I'll be going back first. You two can continue reminiscing about old times! " Feng Zhiyao thought, you guys can start a fight with each other! She was blind.

After she finished speaking, without waiting for Wen Xingyuan and Su Muyan to nod their heads, she immediately used the light skill to climb over the wall and enter Begonia Garden.

Wen Xingyuan was shocked. When did Yao'er learn the light skill?

Su Muyan seemed to have too many secrets. She gave him the interest to investigate, and the corner of his mouth raised to form a relieved smile.

Yao'er was so beautiful, anyone with eyes could tell that she was a treasure.

"I have an appointment with my uncle. I'll be going in first. See you later." Su Muyan's handsome eyebrows curved as he said that. How was this a date with his uncle?

"Un, see you!" Wen Xingyuan was wise and farsighted, he had already guessed what the other party was thinking a long time ago, but he did not reveal it.

When Su Muyan stepped into the gates of Prime Minister Feng's residence, Wen Xingyuan had already told the coachman to take the luxurious carriage back first. He had something to do!

This, he was the same as Feng Zhiyao, directly jumping over the wall to get in, but unfortunately, he was not familiar with the direction of the Begonia Garden, so he grabbed hold of a little girl and asked her where the location of the Begonia Garden was, then found the place.

Su Muyan was familiar with the route, so he arrived at Begonia Garden a step earlier than Wen Xingyuan.

"First Miss, the Young Master Su is here." Hong Mi saw Su Muyan's figure from afar and reported with a smile.

"They came really fast!" The fan in Feng Zhiyao's hands almost flew out of her mouth due to anger, she had a premonition that Wen Xingyuan would definitely follow along.

Just as expected, Wen Xingyuan actually came.

"Mu Yan, didn't you ask your uncle to come over to discuss something?" How are you with Yao'er? " Wen Xingyuan intentionally dragged him down.

"Then doesn't Xingyuan want to go back to the manor? Why are you here at my cousin's Begonia Garden? " Su Muyan did not get angry, but asked with a faint smile on his face.

"Hey!" You - and you, are all very idle? " Feng Zhiyao picked up her silk fan, raised it and poked each of them in the chest. Why are all of you not finished reminiscing and yet want to talk to my Begonia Garden? "

"Yao'er, I know you have something delicious here. When Su Muyan was facing Feng Zhiyao, the undulations in her eyes were so strong that Feng Zhiyao could not tell how this guy had hated her to death!

"Yao'er, you know it, I didn't eat much in Quhe House before, but this time I'm really hungry. Just now, I heard Mu Yan say that your cooking skills were good, so I came here specifically to get food for myself." Wen Xingyuan's voice resounded like the spring breeze.

F * ck! It was this stupid cousin!

And so, Feng Zhiyao glared at Su Muyan coldly, making Su Muyan feel a prickling sensation on his back.

"Good, good, good, then stay and eat!" Feng Zhiyao's smile was extremely moving.

She said "good" three times in a row with a heavy tone!

"But I will not allow you to eat. How about this, you guys give me some silver notes! I'll just treat it as selling it to you guys to eat! " Feng Zhiyao thought for a bit, then instantly came up with an idea. Even if she didn't extort and extort rich people like her, she felt that she had let down the millions of citizens in the Nan Shao Kingdom.

What? She was actually not allowed to freeload for food!

The two of them looked at each other in dismay. However, they handed over a stack of silver notes straightforwardly!

Feng Zhiyao happily accepted it, and put it away without even looking at it, and she even told Zi Yun to do it in the end.

"Zi Yun, my lady, I am in a good mood today, tomorrow I will go to the Southern City God's Temple and prepare porridge for all the beggars in the city for one day!"

"Eldest Miss is really kind!" Zi Yun and Hong Mi both praised with a smile.

Wen Xingyuan and Su Muyan were stunned for a moment when they heard it, and said at the same time, "Then I'll go to the south side of the city with you tomorrow to prepare the porridge!"

"As you wish." Feng Zhiyao smiled as she watched the delicacies arrive on the table.

This time, although the atmosphere between the three of them was a bit awkward, but it could still be considered harmonious.

The two of them walked together in the end, but it was still the same. One walked, the other flipped over the wall!

Han Shan Yuan Feng Zhilin's residence.

"Ji Yu, look, is my face a lot whiter now? In two days, Blue Festival will arrive. This time, I have a lot of confidence." Feng Zhilin sat upright in front of the copper mirror and looked at her own skin.

Her skin had become much brighter, white and rosy, smooth as cream.

"Third Miss, do you really want to continue using this item?" Ji Yu said disapprovingly when she heard Feng Zhilin speak in such a manner.

"Of course, she is the number one beauty of Nan Shao Kingdom, I am slightly inferior to her. If I do not use this thing, I am afraid I cannot win against her!" Feng Zhilin sighed softly.

"But Third Miss, using this kind of rouge and cosmetic powder is not good for your body!" Ji Yu thought back to what Grandma Monster had said. It didn't matter if she had mercury mixed in this type of rouge, but if she was to inhale mercury over a long period of time, it didn't matter if she breathed in a little, but if she used too much of it, she would die suddenly in three years!

"Ji Yu, this is the path that I have chosen myself. Thank you, remind me! "Don't say anymore, I just want to become snow-white, with red lips and white teeth!" Feng Zhiqiong let out a long sigh. She had to persevere on, her mother was still waiting for her to rescue her! Father was actually so heartless. He even said that Mother would never be allowed to step out of the cold autumn courtyard!

How cruel!

Mother had loved Father for so many years, loved him so lowly, loved him so deeply, but in the end, what she received in return was such a cruel treatment!

Her mother was a concubine, she was a concubine! This kind of fate could only be changed by herself! She believed that since she was only a Shu girl, she could rely on her own cleverness and also help herself to rise to the top!

"Yes, Third Miss!" Then I will continue to let that person continue to create makeup that will make you even more beautiful! " Ji Yu lowered her eyes, feeling pity for a girl like her. She was too scheming, and did not get anything in the end!

… ….

The day before Blue Festival, Feng Zhiyao made a trip to Quhe House.

Tao Zhixian was already waiting for her in the gorgeous study room.

"Eldest Miss, you're here, tomorrow is Blue Festival, do you have any clothes and accessories for the day?" Tao Zhixian asked in concern.

Feng Zhiyao shook her head lightly. These few days, she had been busy designing delicious food menus or meeting beauties, staying at restaurants, strolling around the streets, and practicing martial arts before going to bed. She had been extremely busy, yet she did not think of buying clothes for herself to participate in the Blue Festival.

"Ah, young miss, you are so careless! However, you don't have to worry about that. There are new young women's clothes here, and I reckon that there's only this one in the entire Nan Shao. If you wear it tomorrow, you will definitely be able to spread the fame of our Quhe House. "

"Hahaha, Uncle Xian, look at what you're saying!" Feng Zhiyao laughed.

"Eldest Miss, I heard you went to prepare the porridge yesterday. Is that true?" Tao Zhixian asked.

"Yeah, there are. So many beggars have come." Feng Zhiyao carefully recalled.

"All of them are from the Beggar Gang, right? I heard that the old Sect Master of the Beggar Gang is dead, and that the new Sect Master is too honest to meddle, so when the beggars heard that you were cooking porridge, they all came! " Tao Zhixian seemed to want to know everything as he explained the situation that he understood.

"Ah, that's right. Young Miss, your friend Young Master Li disappeared this morning. That personal attendant also disappeared. However, he left a letter for you. Take a look."

Feng Zhiyao accepted it. She only saw that Yue Bai's paper only had a drawing of a pear flower, and not a single word was written there. When she saw it, her first thought was that she was especially worried. Could it be something important?

"Uncle Xian, what has happened to Young Master Li in the past few days?" Feng Zhiyao frowned and asked.</blockquote>

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