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<blockquote>Chapter 78 part1

"What's wrong?" Tao Zhixian repeated his sentence, and then said with focus: "Young Noble Li is not abnormal, the day before, that servant called Ban Xia went out three times a day, and the rest are normal."

"It looks like he's in a hurry! Forget it, let's not bring him up. " The corner of Feng Zhiyao's mouth curled up slightly.

"Let me see what kind of clothes make you so full of praise." Feng Zhiyao thought of what he had just said about the entire Nan Shao.

Tao Zhixian then opened the clasp of a mahogany box embedded with a red emerald. After a "pa" sound, a light fragrance wafted into her nose.

"There's the smell of flowers, Uncle Xian, why does this clothes look like it was made of many petals? It looks very special! " Feng Zhiyao laughed.

"Seven days ago, this was done by a subordinate secretly ordering the best embroidery lady of the Nan Shao to soak the nectar of the Snow Smoke Branch that had smoked the cherry blossoms for three days and three nights without rest. See if you ever liked it! " Tao Zhixian asked with a smile.

"Thank you, Uncle Xian. You must be considerate. I will definitely perform well in the Blue Festival." Feng Zhiyao knew that in this space and time, not only were snowy yarn precious and rarer, they were also light and elegant, thin like a cicada's wing. It was even more rare to piece together snowy gauze into the shape of a rose, and was so exquisite that it made her gasp in admiration.

"Of course, our Quhe House will depend on you to open the signboard! Oh right, there are a lot of noble people in Blue Festival, if you use your true appearance, I am afraid that it will bring you trouble, do you want me to help you disguise yourself? " Tao Zhixian remembered that she was the young miss of the Prime Minister's Mansion, and he even heard the rumors of her being afflicted with an evil disease.


When she was still Meixi, she was already an expert in disguise, why would she need to trouble the Uncle Xian?

"No need, I can do it myself." Feng Zhiyao smiled confidently.

"First Miss, do you know if the Blue Festival has set up a new segment this time?" Tao Zhixian asked with a smile.

"I haven't, please tell me." Feng Zhiyao shook her head lightly.

"It is said that the Helan Family, which holds the Blue Festival, will have their young master, Helan Qi, appear for the first time in the Blue Festival this time. And also said that whoever can make this year's Jade-colored Blood Orchid blossom, can also be the candidate to be their Young Master's fiancee. " Tao Zhixian touched his beard and laughed.

"Jade colored blood orchid? What flower is that? " Feng Zhiyao was curious. According to her idea, this green blood orchid should be a type of flower, right?

"It's said that the precious jade from Mount Kunlun was used to make flower pots. They contain Blood Orchid seeds, and normally, only the blood of a virgin girl can make them bloom. Usually, children are used to protect them, and outsiders are not allowed to touch them." "No," he said.

"Oh!" None of this had anything to do with her, as she had never thought of marriage. Furthermore, she was no longer a virgin, so she could only allow the Helan family to do whatever they wanted with her.

A broken flower determines a marriage! Ridiculous!

"Miss, aren't you interested? The Helan family is the most ancient and mysterious family in the four kingdoms. It is said that they are as rich as kingdoms, have a long lifespan, and are all experts in martial arts. Furthermore, their young master is very handsome, so if you marry their young master, you won't suffer any losses. Tao Zhixian naturally did not know what Feng Zhiyao was thinking, but for her sake, he smiled and said.

"Uncle Xian, I don't want to get married at the current stage." Feng Zhiyao shook her head. She would know if he was handsome or not tomorrow.

If it was a pretty boy, she would find a way to get him onto the bed then kick him away.

"This... Ugh … Eldest Miss … "You're not young anymore." After the new year, she was nearing seventeen, yet she still didn't want to get married?

"Uncle Xian, about my marriage, don't worry about it like my father did, I'm not in a hurry myself. Hehe, what are you in a hurry for? Why don't you think about how to spread the wealth of our Quhe House throughout the countries!" Feng Zhiyao laughed while covering her mouth.

"Okay, then tomorrow at Blue Festival, take note." Tao Zhixian nodded and smiled.

"What is it? Have all the young talents of the Four Great Empires come to participate in the Blue Festival this time? " Feng Zhiyao asked.

"Un, almost all of them will be here! Even the imperial family of Nan Shao Kingdom will be attending. This is a grand annual gathering, who knows if the Emperor will accept some concubines back from the Blue Festival. " Tao Zhixian ridiculed.

"What?" You mean the old Emperor will be there too? " 'F * ck, then I should put on a more ordinary appearance. If I can't get the old emperor's attention and ban her from entering the palace forever, wouldn't that be quite tragic? '

"That's right, last year the old emperor brought back a beauty from the Blue Festival, and he even bestowed her with the title of 'noble person'!" Tao Zhixian tilted his head as if lost in thought, and spoke slowly.

"It's a pity that that woman has died a tragic death. It's only been a year, yet she has passed away amidst the smoke of the harem."

Feng Zhiyao sighed, "Uncle Xian, do you think that my light skill has improved a lot?"

"How can it be called progress? This is simply amazing. Young miss, you truly have talent. I believe that you will be able to learn these martial arts manuals very soon. Tao Zhixian laughed in satisfaction, thinking, why would her daughter be stupid?

"Hehe, I also hope that I can become a martial arts master as soon as possible!" In the future, she would be able to smoothly and smoothly eat the beautiful guy's food. As such, it was as if a flower had bloomed on her smiling face.

"First Miss, let's go to Blue Festival and hope that you can become the champion!"

… ….

The weather was still scorching hot, but because there was a light drizzle from last night, there was a hint of coolness to the flowers and trees.

In the morning, the relatively warm and bright sunlight pierced through the gaps between the leaves and scattered all over the Begonia Garden.

Feng Zhiyao lazily laid on the imperial concubine's soft chair near the window, basking in the sun. Under the sunlight, her fair skin was somewhat transparent, and emitted a faint luster, as if it was coated with a layer of gold that was dazzling to the eye.

In this quiet and gentle summer morning, she quietly watched the beautiful blossoming of the crabapple blossoms in the courtyard. She felt the warmth of the morning sun on her face as she held the < Secret Techniques of the Spring Palace > in her slender and white hands.

The sun shone through the clouds, and the flowers and trees in the yard were brimming with vitality. It was as if a faint layer of golden light had been cast on the emerald pink leaves, and the dew on the petals were suffused with golden light, adding to the charm of the summer yard.

Big Miss, today is Blue Festival, why aren't you carefully dressing up to join in the fun? Zi Yun asked with a smile.

"You also know that I'm suffering from an illness, so how can I go? Forget it, let Father bring Feng Zhilin to participate in the competition. I'll stay here to read some books, and wait for me to sleep. Feng Zhiyao said while grinning, his face showing that she did not care.

What was she going to do now? When all those people had arrived, she would appear on stage again, and that would be interesting!

"Eldest Miss, are you really not going?" Hong Mi brought over a stack of soft and tender yellow osmanthus cake for her, and asked with a smile.

"Of course, let our Prime Minister's Mansion's Third Young Miss show off." Feng Zhiyao immediately turned her body, extended her slender jade hand, and picked up a osmanthus cake to eat.

"Eldest Miss, according to the girls who served Third Miss, not only did her skin become a lot whiter, but her face also became redder. She seemed to have become a lot more beautiful. I wonder what kind of precious rouge and cosmetic powder she used?" Hong Mi smiled and explained to her the situation in Feng Zhilin's courtyard.

"Oh? Is there such an interesting thing? " Feng Zhiyao smiled, it turned out that she had the help of an expert behind her little sister.

"Young miss, are you sure you don't want to go and take a look? This time, Blue Festival has heard that the young master of the Helan family will also come! " Zi Yun was still trying to persuade her.

"Alright, stop bothering me one by one. Wear your own clothes and head over to the Great Jade Lake area to join in the fun. Miss, let me go back to my room to sleep first." Feng Zhiyao waved her hand, signalling to them that they can leave.

"Fine, Eldest Miss, what about after lunch?" Zi Yun was still worried about her, so she asked.

"Yes, yes, Eldest Miss. If we go out, what will happen to your lunch? Furthermore, you don't get used to eating Hero Prison cooked by the cooks of the Prime Minister's Mansion's Dining Hall. " Hong Mi had a worried look.

"Have you forgotten how much better my culinary skills are than yours?" Feng Zhiyao smiled gently.

"Sister Zi Yun, if Eldest Miss doesn't want to, then let's go to the Great Jade Lake to join in the fun!" Hong Mi said to Zi Yun with a smile.

Zi Yun nodded, and then walked out of Begonia Garden with Hong Mi.

When Feng Zhiyao saw that they had all left and she was the only one left in the Begonia Garden Inner Palace, she immediately put away the Secret Arts of Pleasure and walked in front of the bronze mirror to play with some of the rouge she had created. She lightly rubbed her face against the mirror and slowly fainted.

Under her thin and long eyebrows, her clear eyes were filled with gentleness, charm, and elegance. She withdrew from the faint silver light.

The light breeze blew up a few strands of her silky black hair. In response to her snow-white face, it was light and natural.

"That's enough. I hope the old emperor doesn't fall for me!" After Feng Zhiyao finished organizing her things, she talked to himself, then casually put on a set of clothes and rushed towards the Quhe House.

Quhe House

"Are you really the eldest miss?" Tao Zhixian looked at Feng Zhiyao who had changed his appearance, and a look of astonishment flashed past his eyes. This is the same as true face, the appearance changing technique of the Eldest Miss is really great.

"Hmm, haven't you already made up your mind?" Feng Zhiyao laughed.

"Eldest Miss, I only knew it was you when I heard your voice! If you don't, I really won't be able to tell. Oh right, do you need to take the Voice Changing Pill later? " Tao Zhixian also laughed.

"I'm not eating that pill, I know how to use my mouth!" Feng Zhiyao laughed. In the modern world, she had learnt this technique for a long time, and it could be said that she had mastered it completely. Later on, she would use the charming voice of the First Miss of the "Night Demon". Her voice could be easily imitated, it could even be said to be extremely charming, and sweet to the extreme.

Suddenly, Tao Zhixian clapped three times, and four white clothed female servants walked over.

All of them were extremely beautiful, with light footsteps, they had already approached Feng Zhiyao.

"Uncle Xian, they are?" Feng Zhiyao did not understand why Tao Zhixian had called the four women out.

"The little girl who will carry the palanquin later will also protect you!" Her big miss' light skill is not bad, but her martial arts are still considered as a rookie!

"Alright, thank you Uncle Xian!" Feng Zhiyao was becoming more and more curious about this Quhe House, but she still had a sweet smile on her face.

"The things that you had me prepare earlier, I have put them all together with my clothes."

"En, then I'll go to the Great Jade Lake to join in the fun after I change my clothes!"</blockquote>

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