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<blockquote>Chapter 78 part2

The annual Blue Festival was held at the Great Jade Lake, which was surrounded by the rippling waves and the fragrance of lotus flowers.

At this moment, the Great Jade Lake was extremely lively. On the surface of the lake in the distance, many exquisite cruise boat s were shuttling back and forth, shuttling back and forth within the Jade Lotus.

There were beautiful women singing and dancing on the strings of the cruise boat. On every cruise boat, there was a master raising a beautiful orchids.

The sun was blazing like fire, but it did not lessen the joy of celebration.

The origin of the Blue Festival could be traced back to 300 years ago. An emperor loved orchids. One day he was too busy with politics, and the eunuch forgot to move the orchids from the cloister. Unfortunately, the wind and rain that night killed the delicate orchids.

After the Emperor found out, he did not eat nor sleep for three days and three nights. He even ignored the imperial government and did not go to the imperial harem, only hugging the branches of the orchids in his arms. Finally, when he was too weak, he coughed up blood, and the blood dripped onto the branches of the orchids.

The reborn orchid seemed to have a spirit of its own. As long as the emperor went to a concubine's chamber, the orchid would wither.

Just like this, the emperor who loved Lan Chengzhi no longer went to visit the concubine of the imperial harem. He ate and stayed with the orchid pot, and for the sake of his favorite orchid, he even got someone to make a Blue Festival and chose the Helan family as the eternal organizer.

After Feng Zhiyao heard about the origins of the Blue Festival, he scoffed. The emperor actually didn't sleep with a woman because of a pot of flowers, wasn't he an idiot?

"Eldest Miss, the Great Jade Lake is right in front of us. We can get off the palanquin now." She was the oldest of the four, arranged by age. The other three were Mu Yu, Mu Yu, and Mu Yan.

"Alright, then get off the palanquin!" Feng Zhiyao promised, she had wanted to get off long ago, if she did not, she would have fallen asleep again.

The Blue Festival was hosting a banquet to welcome guests from all four directions in the largest village of Lu Ding Shan near the Great Jade Lake. Anyone who could enter the manor were all members of influential families or noble sons of noble families, or even princes of other countries.

As the representative of the Quhe House, Feng Zhiyao naturally received the invitation letter from the Helan family.

Those without the invitation could only watch the performance by the Great Jade Lake. It could be said that they wanted to join in on the fun. It was really a singing and dancing, a play and singing, making the Blue Festival extremely lively and lively … …

Those aristocratic young ladies were dressed up beautifully like the last one. They were dressed elegantly and elegantly. Under the escort of the maidservants, they entered the Manor of Lu Ding Shan. who was watching exclaimed and thought that this crappy festival was being played out like a talent show.

When Mu Jin handed over the invitation letter to the servant guarding the entrance, that servant walked over with a beaming smile, and greeted respectfully, "May I ask if this is Quhe House's Miss Qu?"

Shrimp? Miss Qu?

Was this a new identity that the Uncle Xian helped her get?

As a result, Feng Zhiyao smiled and nodded her head, she slowly raised her eyes and smiled, the sunlight shining on her curved lips made her look like a fairy.

The attendant was extremely astonished. Such an ordinary face and a light smile was already so captivating and charming?

"That's right, she's the young miss of our Qu family!" Mu Jin laughed.

"Miss Beitang, please come in." The waiter laughed as he saw the pink muslin sedan behind them.

Miss Beitang? Could it be that Beitang Zixuan also came?

Feng Zhiyao turned her head, wasn't that Beitang Zixuan? Carried by her two little girls.

When Beitang Zixuan saw the disguised Feng Zhiyao, a trace of jealousy flashed across the bottom of her eyes. She couldn't help but feel inferior in her heart, it was all because of that slut, causing her to lose her virginity.

Although this woman's looks weren't good, the purity emitted from her bones made her go crazy with envy.

She was dressed in beautiful fiery red robes, and her carefully drawn makeup looked incredibly tacky under the contrast of Feng Zhiyao's snow-white dress.

At this time, three Profound Spirit Palanquins stopped beside them. They were the current Patriarchs of the three families that were ranked in the Nan Shao Kingdom.

Feng Zhiyao laughed lightly, and continued to stare at Wen Xingyuan. Situ Yelei and the others, look, none of them realized that the beautiful lady in front of them was actually the girl that they loved dearly.

Wen Xingyuan's thoughts were not here in the slightest. He did not know that the elegant and graceful beauty in front of him was actually the woman at the tip of his heart.

Situ Yelei only felt that this woman's figure was extremely similar to Feng Zhiyao, but it was a pity that her face was too different. Hence, he looked away and no longer looked at Feng Zhiyao who had changed her appearance.

But Beitang Ziqian was different, he looked back and thought, such a fresh beauty, how come he had never seen her before?

Her hair was as black as ink, her skin was as white as snow, and her rouge was as red. Her pair of black eyes were as clear as crystal, and her eyes were brilliant.

Feng Zhiyao felt that it was very fun to tease Beitang Ziqian, so she gave him a flirtatious glance. Then, under the escort of the servant girls, she walked past him without looking back, leaving behind a very alluring fragrance.

"Big brother, you recovered!" Beitang Zixuan walked in front of Beitang Ziqian and unhappily waved two of his jade-like fingers in front of his eyes.

"Where is she?" Although that girl wasn't considered a devastatingly beautiful woman, she could still be considered a delicate and pretty girl. Thus, he raised his eyes and asked.

"He went in." Beitang Zixuan said indifferently. Ever since that day at the cruise boat, when she had lost her virginity, her expression had changed from anger, resentment, to her current tranquility. During this time, she did not know how many tears she had shed.

"Zi Qian, Xingyuan, let's go in as well!" Situ Yelei didn't understand why Beitang Ziqian and Wen Xingyuan could only nod and smile after meeting each other. Unlike the usual warm relations, this was why he was the only one mediating.

Wen Xingyuan smiled like the spring breeze, thinking that if he didn't see Yao'er later, he would go to her Begonia Garden to see her. Sigh, the heart, the heart!

Beitang Ziqian immediately nodded when he saw Situ Yelei urging him on, and quickly followed in their footsteps.

The area of the Lu Ding Mountain Manor was vast, with winding corridors, winding paths, pavilions and pavilions, exotic flowers and herbs, five steps into each pavilion, ten steps into each pavilion. The art of sculpting was exquisite and exquisite, magnificent and extraordinary.

The trees were thick, with a hundred flowers blooming around them. Cai Die was dancing in the air, looking like a fairyland on earth.

After passing through the nine winding corridors, what appeared before them was an azure artificial lake. The Taihu stone was built into a fan-shaped pavilion in the middle of the lake. A cool breeze caressed its surface.

There were not only white and pink lotus flowers, but also colorful lotus flowers, black lotus flowers, and gold-edged lotus flowers. There were also a lot of water orchids growing in the lake, and those water orchids were all white, with petals shaped like butterflies, fluttering like butterflies in the wind of the lake, which were indescribably beautiful.

At this moment, the Lotus Garden looked like a modern version of the outdoor buffet scene, everyone was smiling, drinking and laughing merrily, there were dozens of long tables filled with delicious delicacies, fine wine, fresh fruits, and servants, all dressed up and standing respectfully on both sides, providing the best services to the young masters, princes, princes, and descendants of famous families and beauties participating in the Blue Festival's grand feast.

Feng Zhiyao was brought to the side of a Purple Butterfly Orchid by a girl who specially welcomed him.

"Miss, look, these flowers really look like real butterflies!" Mu Yan said with a smile.

"Well, look, there are real butterflies here!" When Feng Zhiyao saw those colorful and colorful butterflies, she couldn't help but extend her delicate hand, allowing the beautiful little butterfly to rest on her slender fingers. Her lips curved upwards, revealing a pure smile and praise.

At this moment, from the corridor of the Nine Rhythm Corridor, Heloise happened to see such a beautiful scenery.

She smiled like the bright moon, and her eyes were as clear and elegant as the white clouds in the blue sky. The pure smile on her face was untainted by any impurities, and was as pure and beautiful as the snow lotus at the peak of the mountain.

Although she was delicate and pretty, the gentleness exuded from her bones was very similar to the one he had in his heart.

However, he had already sent people to ask, because the direct daughter of the Prime Minister Feng was sick in bed, she did not come to attend the feast in the Blue Festival.

He was not in a good mood at first, but after hearing this girl's smile that was as bright as snow, it shocked him. No, he only liked her. Even though she said she was a hollow bamboo, he still loved her deeply and could not extricate her from his ultimate belief.

Right now, she had promised to attend the Blue Festival's grand feast because he hoped to see her again. He also hoped that she would be able to compete in Qin and painting competitions and stand at the top, he did not want to marry a girl that he did not love!

He only loved her!

He never knew that there was actually a girl in this world that had the same kind of laughter as her. Although her facial features were not as charming as hers, nor as beautiful as a country, his mood could not help but improve when he saw how happy she was.

Feng Zhiyao's eyes instantly locked onto the colorful wings of the butterfly. As she looked, she laughed, as if the people around her could not affect her at all.

After staring at the butterfly for a while, she noticed a pair of attentive eyes staring at her from a short distance away.

She raised her head slowly, and when she looked carefully, she saw Helan Qi standing outside the sea of flowers. He had a gold-plated jade crown on his head, a gold mask on his face, and was dressed in an icy-blue brocade brocade robe embroidered with a few orchids, which were serpentine and winding like ripples in the river. There was a faint fragrance of orchids on his body, and at his waist was a gold-edged belt with purple jade on it.

His shiny black hair had a faint luster to it, and there was a hint of loneliness and indifference in it. His neck was white like ivory, and his every movement and gesture was graceful and dignified.

Such a mysterious man, why was he wearing a golden mask? But who was he?

Just as Feng Zhiyao wanted to go up and ask him, she saw the man wearing the gold mask turn around and leave.

"Miss Qu." Beitang Ziqian waved the black silk fan and walked over.

"Who are you?" Feng Zhiyao was very curious, why wasn't this fellow protecting his precious sister, and why was he here in front of her?

"The current Patriarch of the Nan Shao's Third Family, Beitang Ziqian, what is your name?" Beitang Ziqian belonged to the action faction, and he had also heard that, just now, he found out that this fresh and beautiful woman was the master of the Quhe House, and had a rich dowry. From the looks of it, she could be considered to be worthy of Beitang Ziqian, although he had an engagement with the big miss of the Plum Villa, Fu Xueyan, but in his opinion, he could marry Fu Xueyan, and even marry Miss Qu as his wife!

Thus, after having thought of this, he elegantly rushed over.</blockquote>

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