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<blockquote>Chapter 78 part 3

Seeing that he was in such a hurry, it was most likely related to her being the master of the Quhe House!

"Qu Meixi." Feng Zhiyao directly picked a name, but that was not a big deal. After all, her real name was Meixi, it was just that this leather bag was different!

"What a good name!" Beitang Ziqian smiled at her, the more he looked, the more satisfied he was. Although this kind of woman looked pretty good, but she could relax at home, since she could take care of such a big Quhe House, she could definitely help him take care of the Beitang Clan's business.

"Thank you." Feng Zhiyao politely laughed, and then gave a meaningful glance to the little girl, Mu Jin.

"Young miss, it seems the Blue Festival's Feast has begun." Mu Jin just so happened to see Emperor Xuanyuan Kang, dressed in dragon robes walking up to the highest seat with Imperial Concubine Duan in tow.

The one seated at the seat of honor was actually not Crown Prince Xuanyuan Haochen, but the young man wearing a golden mask, Helan Qi, whom Feng Zhiyao had just seen.

The other three seats were unexpectedly empty, but those seats were all wrapped in ice silk. From this, it could be seen that the person sitting there would be extremely noble.

The left side had the crown prince, four sons of the royal family, the emperor's seventh son, the nine sons of the royal family, and the eighteen sons of the royal family.

The three family heads' seats were unexpectedly placed on the prince's side, showing just how precious their identities were.

After them were the young master of the Soul Chase Manor, Li Mincan, the young master of the Plum Villa Fu Xue Ceng, the young master of the Medicine God Valley, Linghu Ziche, and the young master of the Mighty Heavenly Castle, Su Muyan's Yang Devouring God Record.

Feng Zhiyao looked at Li Mincan from afar and she really wanted to go up and ask about the whereabouts of her brother Li Jinran.

But she's disguised now, and she can't do that.

Therefore, she could only sigh.

"Young master Beitang, the Blue Festival's Feast has begun." What Feng Zhiyao meant was, I'm not talking to you anymore, hurry up and f * ck off.

With a smile plastered on her face, she secretly cursed in her heart. This man was too loose, he would die to a woman sooner or later. But it was worth it to make use of her identity as the young miss of Quhe House to make friends with her.

"Miss Qu, this way please." Beitang Ziqian was as gentle as she could be at this moment.

Feng Zhiyao smiled faintly but did not say a word, and walked together with her. After all, she did not want to lose anything.

Feng Zhiyao was arranged to sit by Beitang Zixuan's side, she thought to herself that this time, the enemies' path was truly narrow, how could it be so coincidental?

"Zi Xuan, take good care of this Miss Qu." Beitang Ziqian told his sister before he went back to his seat.

"Got it, Big Brother." Beitang Zixuan cast a cold glance at this Miss Qu. She really could not see how this girl was worthy of her big brother being so gentle towards her.

Her looks were mediocre, her figure was weak, and her family background could not compare to theirs, so she looked at Feng Zhiyao who had changed her appearance with disdain.

Feng Zhiyao didn't mind at all. She continued to leisurely eat the oranges that Mu Jin had peeled for her while listening to the old emperor Xuanyuan Kang's words.

Then her eyes fell on the man in the gold mask. What did he look like? Why did she have a strong feeling of familiarity? Where had she seen him before? This kind of familiar feeling wasn't because they had caught a glimpse of the sea of flowers, but because they had known each other since a long time ago.

"Reporting to Your Majesty, a pigeon from Black Ning Country has sent a message, saying that their crown prince is busy and will not come to attend the Blue Festival's banquet. The Xi Liang Kingdom was represented by the second prince of the Xi Liang Kingdom, Zongzheng Shaoqing. "The Regent of Beilan Nation said that he won't come anymore." A eunuch knelt on the ground and kowtowed as he reported carefully.

"Then... Where is the Second Prince of Xi Liang Kingdom now? Why didn't I see him? " Although the other two great characters were absent, it was still acceptable for the other country to send their princes over.

"At the door." The eunuch said.

Xuanyuan Kang was not displeased, his voice was loud as he said, "Hurry up and invite them in!"

"Zongzheng Shaoqing greets His Majesty, the Nan Shao!" Zongzheng Shaoqing used the etiquette of a Xi Liang Kingdom, it was just that he still had a beautiful woman by his side, which made the children of influential families even more envious.

Xuanyuan Kang smiled and asked him to sit down. He did not ask Zongzheng Shaoqing who the beauty standing next to him was, but rather instructed the eunuch to add a chair for the woman.

"Little Junior Sister, hurry and sit down. Eldest Senior Brother doesn't have a seat for you!" Zongzheng Shaoqing gently persuaded Shen Qinghan to sit down, and even dotingly took the initiative to peel the orange for her.

"Third senior brother, you don't have to remind me of this." Shen Qinghan gloomily glared at Zongzheng Shaoqing as he raised his white jade cup.

When people were all here, Xuanyuan Kang smilingly looked at Helan Qi, wanting to get him to say a few words.

However, Helan Qi just kept drinking, as if he was drunk. Xuanyuan Kang really wanted to curse at him, but when he thought about the relationship between him and Helan Qi's father, he opened his eyes and closed them, allowing to drink.

"QI Er, I see that there are quite a few famous talents coming to the Blue Festival for the feast. Look carefully, if there's anything that suits you, you can tell me. We can propose the marriage for you." Xuanyuan Kang frowned, was this child dumped by a woman? Why was he drinking so much, if he drinks like this, people would die? He then glanced at the two female servants serving Helan Qi, hinting them to properly advise their Young Master to drink until the end of his life.

When Xuanyuan Lingxi saw her royal father being so concerned for Helan Qi, a trace of anger flashed across her heart, and she thought to herself, she was sick, but father didn't even come to take a look at her. He said that she was his most beloved daughter. Liar!

Therefore, she did not even look at Xuanyuan Kang, she only stared at Situ Yelei's face in a daze.

Yet Situ Yelei did not look at her at all, treating her as an invisible person. Her heart was suddenly filled with bitterness, pain, and bit by bit, it was torn into pieces.

Wen Xingyuan, Situ Yelei, Su Muyan, Xuanyuan Haohan, Xuanyuan Haoyu, and the others heaved a sigh of relief when they saw that Feng Zhiyao did not appear on the Blue Festival.

Linghu Ziche was curious, why didn't Feng Zhiyao come to attend the Blue Festival's banquet? Even though she was puzzled, she still wanted to drink the wine in front of him.

Li Mincan lowered his eyes as his mind flew very far away, he paid attention to his surroundings, but did not see his lover here. The corner of his lips slightly raised, and he thought to himself, it's good that she didn't come.

Feng Zhilin sat in the middle of the group of famous sect beauties. She blandly drank as she pondered in her heart about what she would do in the future to attract the attention of, or even the eyes of a nine or five-year-old Honored Warrior.

"Zhilin, you seem to have gotten prettier recently." She usually walked very closely with Feng Zhilin at the Flower Lover, so the two of them were able to chat quite a bit.

"Is that so? If that's the case, I feel that you are the beautiful one, and you are even prettier than my young mistress, who is rumored to be the prettiest in the Nan Shao. " Feng Zhilin flattered her with a smile. She was acquainted with these miss, and it was her mother who had advised her to do so earlier.

Soon, the talent show began.

The first one to go on stage was Xuanyuan Lingxi. She performed a solo dance, her waist soft, spreading her wings like a crane about to soar, and her white sleeves lightly swung out, dancing with the soothing music.

The music stopped, and her beautiful dancing posture took the shape of a crane standing on its own. She was very beautiful and elegant, and so she started clapping.

However, when Xuanyuan Lingxi saw so much applause, she was still unhappy in her heart. It was because when she was dancing, Situ Yelei did not even glance at her, causing her to feel extremely cold.

Feng Zhiyao felt that her dancing skills were not bad, hence she clapped as well.

Following that, the Shang Shu Manor's daughter Liu Zhe sang a melodious "Lotus Harvesting Tone", which received quite a lot of applause.

At first, when Feng Zhiyao looked at Helan Qi drinking the alcohol, she felt a strange pain in her heart. But later on, she focused all her attention on the program, and then, when Feng Zhiyao was about to fall asleep, she thought: Sigh, after all this, Blue Festival is so bored! She missed the bed in Begonia Garden very much.

At this moment, when Feng Zhiyao's expression landed in Fu Xuejie's eyes, he felt that it was very strange. This woman clearly had an ordinary appearance, but why was the aura that she emitted so elegant and refined that it made people unable to shift their gaze?

A few young mistresses performed some music and calligraphy and got a lot of rewards.

When Feng Zhiyao ate the ninth orange, her little sister Feng Zhilin went up on stage to perform.

She chose to play the lute.

When she carried the lute, her scallion fingers plucked at the strings, producing a melodious sound. The clear and cold music was like a spring left behind on a cliff. The sound of the lute hitting the pebbles and the misty water made one feel a sense of coolness.

In the end, the strings were cut like beads falling on a jade plate. Her eyes were like the limpid autumn waters as they roamed about, filled with boundless grace.

When Xuanyuan Kang heard the beautiful and pleasant sound of the lute and saw such an amazing beauty, his eyes immediately became infatuated, causing Imperial Concubine Duan to grit her teeth in anger. Could it be that this year, Blue Festival wanted to bring a few more little bitches back to the palace for her to clean up?

However, Imperial Concubine Duan still maintained a gentle smile on her face, as if she did not care about all of this.

"Prime Minister Feng, has your love ever been married?" After Feng Zhilin finished her performance, Xuanyuan Kang asked Feng Wucai with a smile.

Feng Wucai felt his scalp go numb, but he could only give Feng Zhilin a warning before turning to Xuanyuan Kang, "Reporting to the emperor, my daughter Lin'er is not married yet, may the emperor please propose a marriage with her."

How could Feng Zhilin care about her father's warning? What she wanted was to quickly rise in status, so now that such a good opportunity was right in front of her, how could she give it up?

"Your majesty, my daughter Feng Zhilin admires the emperor for his extraordinary heroic bearing, his magnanimity … "My daughter is completely infatuated with the Emperor, I beg that he be merciful to the fairer sex." After Feng Zhilin finished speaking, she raised her head and gave Xuanyuan Kang a coquettish glance.

Feng Zhilin was dressed in a pink, rose scented, close-fitting gown with sleeves as her lower part was covered with an emerald green muslin dress. On her waist, there was a golden silk cigarette tied up into a large bow, and her hair was pushed down into her long, jade, phoenix hairpin.

Her skin was like snow, her cheeks were rosy, her lips were red, her teeth were white, and her facial features were beautiful and moving. Not mentioning how beautiful she was, she was also pretty and delicate.

As the near middle-aged emperor, Xuanyuan Kang suddenly felt worshipped and admired by such a young girl. He couldn't help but feel that his image had become grand and majestic.

"Prime Minister Feng, look at your love …" Xuanyuan Kang thoughtfully looked at Feng Wucai.

"But on the authority of the Emperor!" Since she wanted to enter the palace and the Emperor wanted to do so, he could only give her his blessings!

"The daughter of the Prime Minister Feng, Feng Zhilin, gentle and graceful, charming and moving, playing the lute with a voice that lingered for three days, choosing the auspicious day to enter the palace, now titled as noble lady Lin." When Imperial Concubine Duan saw Xuanyuan Kang's expression, she nodded her head helplessly and made a decision in her heart.

Little vixen, you're dead for sure!

Feng Wucai kneeled down together with his daughter to express his gratitude.

After that, they continued to perform for a few more times. There were people shouting, was the Quhe House's master present?

Feng Zhiyao, who was about to fall asleep, was woken up by Mu Jin, so she could only stand up with a drowsy expression, "This humble girl is here."

Everyone looked at her, not because of her identity as the Quhe House's master, but because she was dressed in her dancing dress.

The ladies of the famous sects were all extremely jealous. Why was it that a commoner girl like her was dressed so well?

"Since it is us sharing the same fun, Miss Qu, don't be shy. Let's go on stage and perform!" I still remember that Miss Qu performed 16 years ago and it was truly brilliant. I hope that you can outperform her! " As Xuanyuan Kang looked at the disguised Feng Zhiyao, he couldn't help but sink into his memories.

F * * k, what do you mean by "youth wins blue and blue"? She had not adopted the master of the previous generation of Quhe House as her master!

"Then this humble girl will perform a performance for everyone!" But should she still perform and dance? But with so many people already jumping, wouldn't it be boring for her to jump again? And you can't even win a huge reward?</blockquote>

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