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<blockquote>Chapter 79 Part2

"Men, go to the Quhe House tomorrow to announce your decree, and give one thousand Night Pearls to Miss Qu!" Xuanyuan Kang called over the eunuch and ordered.

Imperial Concubine Duan heaved a sigh of relief. It was fortunate that she was not brought into the palace, otherwise, it would be difficult to deal with her!

When Xuanyuan Haohan saw how anxious Wen Xingyuan was to carry that seductive woman and leave just now, a trace of displeasure flashed across his face. He really wanted to leave now to confirm one thing in his heart.

Xuanyuan Haoyu played with the delicate cup in his hand elegantly, a profound look flashed past his eyes. Did Yao'er really not come? Why did he feel as if the girl's figure was the body of the girl from his memories?

Xuanyuan Haochen lowered his eyes, thinking to himself, royal father is really old, when those young masters of the patriarchs leave, you are so arrogant, so awesome, shouldn't this dragon throne be taken by someone else?

Li Mincan leisurely drank his wine with Fu Xuecan, yet he did not manage to combine the figure of the woman who had just jumped into the water naked with the figure of the beauty in his heart. He was only frowning as he conversed with Fu Xuecan.

"Mincan, look at your alcohol tolerance. You weren't such a greedy person in the past, but why are you so depressed now?" Fu Xuecan asked with concern.

"For a woman!" After Li Mincan finished speaking, he gulped down the cup of Nether Continent's Bamboo Leaf Green down.

"You're interested?" Fu Xuecan asked.

"Yes, I'm tempted. I will never meet such a woman in my life!" Li Mincan sighed.

"Since you're interested, why don't you go to her house and give her a betrothal gift?" Fu Xuecan asked again. Since he liked it, a decisive man like Li Mincan should not hesitate to do it, right? How could he still be unhappy here?

"Xue Ran, this is not as simple as you think …" Maybe he was destined to be with her in his heart. Thinking about this, he felt extremely painful in his heart.

Seeing Situ Yelei leave the seating area ahead of time, Xuanyuan Lingxi was even more furious in his heart, and he also verified Mother's words: "His heart is not with you!

Then who would Big Brother Lei's heart be with?

Could it be Feng Zhiyao? This was the only possibility she could think of! Last time at Autumn Wave Stable, Situ Yelei had looked at Feng Zhiyao with such focus, if she said that there were no problems during this period of time, she definitely would not have believed it.

… ….

Feng Zhiyao then wrapped Feng Zhiyao up like a dumpling and left Lu Dingshan Manor.

After getting on Wen Xingyuan's carriage, he finally relaxed her. From within the clothes that she was wrapped in, a beautiful figure appeared. Her smooth body made his throat itch as he looked at her.

"Wen Xingyuan, why are you looking at me like that?" Feng Zhiyao gently yawned. She was tired from jumping just now, so she really wanted to sleep now.

"Yao'er, this face is really not as pretty as your original face, but why are you pretending to be ugly?" Wen Xingyuan's calm voice was mixed with a bit of sullenness.

"If I don't act ugly, then I will become the emperor's concubine just like Feng Zhilin! "Do you want to see me locked in the palace forever?" Feng Zhiyao asked gloomily.

"Of course I don't want you to marry into the Imperial Palace!" Wen Xingyuan shook his head. He was not an idiot, why would he send a woman he loved to a place like the palace?

"That's it, so don't get angry at me. Oh yeah, why don't you give me those clothes?" Feng Zhiyao immediately wanted to put on her clothes, to cover up her exquisite curves …

"I really wanted to before, but now I don't want to anymore!" He really wanted to kiss such a wonderful body.

"Xingyuan, why are you looking at me like that?" Feng Zhiyao only felt that his eyes were burning hot to the point that it seemed like there were two small flames jumping about.

Wen Xingyuan held her waist with one hand, his robust chest sticking tightly to her body while the other hand tried to tear apart Yi Yiran's mask on her face.

Don't talk nonsense, it hurts so much. I didn't use your so-called mask, I applied my own specially made medicine on it, so it's much more realistic compared to those people's masks. Because if I do this, my face will show the true expression, and no one else will be able to see the adhesion between the so-called human mask and the real skin of a person.

"What?" This is the mask you made yourself? " Wen Xingyuan was very surprised. The girl he liked was indeed clever with her exquisite mind.

"Yes, how is it? Isn't it vivid and lifelike? " Feng Zhiyao raised her hand and gently took out a bit of medicine from the necklace's pendant, then applied it on his face again. Immediately, a beautiful and alluring face that could cause the downfall of nations was completely exposed to Wen Xingyuan's eyes.

"Mn, my Yao'er is really smart!" said indifferently, it could be seen that he was still angry at Feng Zhiyao for deceiving him.

"Then I'll explain it clearly. Can you send me back to the Prime Minister's Mansion first?" Feng Zhiyao thought that she would definitely have to explain to Father Feng later why she did such a world shocking dance.

So after thinking about it this way, Feng Zhiyao frowned.

Unexpectedly, Wen Xingyuan shook her head, and a slender white palm touched down onto her head, causing her body to stiffen. Sh * t, a man as warm as jade would actually have such a dark, lecherous day!

"Ugh …" Xingyuan... " A pair of strong and strong arms tightly wrapped around her body, leaving no leeway for her wild and torrential kiss. Feng Zhiyao wanted to open her mouth, wanted to explain, wanted to push her aside because she was really too tired from jumping previously, but Wen Xingyuan's speed was even faster than hers, and the graceful pink tongue of the sword reached in and stopped her from speaking any further.

Oh my god! Was Wen Xingyuan crazy today? She had always thought that he was a gentle man. However, this man suddenly became hot and his heat made her want to escape, but her damned human body was so sensitive.

Feng Zhiyao only felt that she was suffocated from his kiss and could only rely on the breath that Wen Xingyuan had spent for a while to breathe. Her two arms that were as white as lamb's fat white jade were tightly encircled, as if she had planned this beforehand, causing her entire body to be unable to move even an inch. She scolded him in her heart no less than a hundred times, but all she could do was for him to kiss her.

Her eyebrows, beautiful eyes, cherry lips, were like an ivory white neck, kissing every inch of her body, causing Wen Xingyuan to stop breathing, her eyes were filled with desire as she looked at her, her breathing became ragged, while Feng Zhiyao panted heavily, leaning on Wen Xingyuan's arms to support himself.

It was soft like a ball of white cotton candy. Feng Zhiyao cursed herself for being useless as she was always enchanted by men.

"I forbid you to dance in front of others in the future!" Wen Xingyuan said hoarsely and tyrannically as she saw that Feng Zhiyao's cherry lips, which he had kissed just now, was still tightly wrapped around her body.

No? What was this man talking about? Feng Zhiyao rolled her eyes at the sky, reached out to push him away, but was held tightly by him and could not move, as she said sullenly: "Why not, who are you to me? I'll do whatever I want from now on! What can you do about it? "

"Yao'er — you —" Wen Xingyuan's face changed, and his eyes instantly changed color.

"Humph!" Wen Xingyuan — Don't push it too far! Also, let me tell you, I, Feng Zhiyao, have never known how to write the word no! " Feng Zhiyao coldly snorted, this man had told her not to. It seems like she was too gentle to him, he owed her a lot! Ao, ao, ao ~ ~ ~"

"You are my woman, Wild Consort Xie Wang!" Wen Xingyuan said suddenly as she gently pursed her red lips and looked at Feng Zhiyao.

"Your woman?" After Feng Zhiyao heard this, she laughed out loud. It was truly the funniest joke, she had only kissed him, and did not have any real thing, how could she use these two words to express her laughter?

Thus, Feng Zhiyao's pair of eyes that were as beautiful as water flashed with ridicule, and then, her beautiful face darkened. She looked at Wen Xingyuan and asked, "How is it that I don't know?"

"Yao'er, you are mine! It will always be mine! " Wen Xingyuan looked at Feng Zhiyao as if he did not care about her mocking laugh, and spoke again.

"Are you crazy?" Feng Zhiyao shouted angrily. She was his woman, no kidding, to her, she was her own! A slender palm suddenly pushed towards Wen Xingyuan, but before it could even touch his body, it was caught by his nimble hand. Just as her jade leg kicked out, it was caught between his strong and powerful legs, and the lips that just left his body once again kissed towards Feng Zhiyao's lips.

"You … "Oh …" Her soft and sweet lips were once again sealed, and her kiss was even more intense than before. Wen Xingyuan, as though he was punishing her, fiercely sucked on her soft lips, and her sweet little tongue …

Feng Zhiyao wanted to curse at him, but at the same time, she was enjoying the pleasure of doing so. Suddenly, he forcefully increased her strength, causing her to find it difficult to breathe again, thus she hardened her heart, and viciously bit Wen Xingyuan's lips. Immediately, the stench of blood pervaded the air between the two of them, but even if Wen Xingyuan's tongue had a bit of blood on it, he still fiercely kissed her, with the intent of dying.

"Are you — sick?" Despite being bitten to such an extent by her, she still refused to let her go! Feng Zhiyao just felt that her mouth was filled with the stench of blood, but Wen Xingyuan did not cower, and continued to fight even more, causing her to suddenly feel like she was suffocating.

Her long and beautiful eyelashes lightly trembled, and her jade-like hands tightly wrapped around the tender and delicate body in her embrace. Such an enchanting woman made him, who deeply loved her, truly unwilling to even bite her back.

He was helpless! Wen Xingyuan really loved this little girl, he felt that encountering her was the most beautiful thing in his life!

Right now, the pain coming from his tongue was nothing to him. He only resented her for never considering his feelings. Now, it had developed to such an unorthodox behavior. That breathtaking dance could be said to be world shocking!

However, luckily she had changed her appearance this time, otherwise, if he wanted to marry this girl back to the Wen Family, the pedantic clan elders would definitely not agree with his marriage to her!

The carriage circled around the Xianyang City a few times, and it was almost nightfall.

Feng Zhiyao wanted to return to her residence, but how could Wen Xingyuan do as she wished? His thin lips once again fiercely covered her cherry lips, so that light panting and rapid breathing was that clear, until Feng Zhiyao was kissed to the point where she no longer had any strength left his lips.

"Yao'er, you … You. Don't you like me? Or can't you feel that I like your heart? " Wen Xingyuan hugged the naked her tightly, forcefully suppressing the fire and desire in his body, he extended his hand and grabbed her snow-white hand, placing it on his heart, his clear voice was filled with intense pain.

Feng Zhiyao's body was as soft as cotton candy, it was as though her butterfly wings were trembling, holding her soft and soft hand, causing her heart to beat intensely, gently shaking her palm. She slowly raised her beautiful eyes, which were filled with bitterness and pain, causing her beautiful face to turn pale white, as the blood on the corner of her lips became even more red.

"Xingyuan, you … What are you trying to say? " Gently opening her mouth, Feng Zhiyao looked at him, puzzled.

"Yao'er, my heart is in pain. Please don't torture me, okay?" Wen Xingyuan looked at the baffled Feng Zhiyao, and the pain in his heart seemed to have transmitted to her, as the corner of his mouth slightly trembled.

"Why did I torture you?" Feng Zhiyao was almost petrified.

"Yao'er, do you have me in your heart?" Wen Xingyuan stared at her and asked.

"Well... I... "I …" When Feng Zhiyao was suddenly asked, she felt a little guilty, because she only loved herself.

"Yao'er, you don't like me, right?" Wen Xingyuan asked.

"This …" Feng Zhiyao did not come out, "Xingyuan, we have been in the carriage for a long time, can you please send me back to Prime Minister's Mansion?

"Yao'er, are you that afraid of me? Could it be? You were born with the natural disposition of a water flower, and like to perform that kind of flamboyant dance in front of everyone's eyes? " Wen Xingyuan extended his bony fingers and pinched her exquisite lower jaw, anger filling his eyes.

Damn, how many times did he talk about the dance today?

She was a completely unconventional person! Furthermore, she had hidden her important parts well, so why was he making such a big fuss over it?

It was just that Feng Zhiyao had forgotten that she was not in the twenty-first century, but in an uncivilized feudal era!

He even said that her character was slut!

Fine, even if she was a slut! What could he do with her?

Feng Zhiyao was stunned for a moment as she heard this. Finally, her tears could not help but fall down. This was the first time someone had scolded her in this strange world!

She had always felt that she was living a very happy life in this strange space and had never thought of looking for a way back!

Right now, all of her confidence was beaten black and blue by this man. This attack made her want to kick him to death! She even wanted to cry!</blockquote>

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