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<blockquote>Chapter 79 part3

"Yao'er, are you crying?" As soon as the words left his mouth, Wen Xingyuan's heart ached. He regretted it immediately. He really wanted to take back those words, but the words were like spilled water! Of course it was hard to find!

"Patriarch Wen, you made me cry! Are you satisfied? " Feng Zhiyao laughed coldly as she lifted her hand to wipe away the tears on her face, her expression as indifferent as ever.

"Yao'er, I … I didn't do it on purpose! I just care too much about you! " He explained as he embraced her soft body.

"That's right. You can care about me, you can fall in love with me, you can forcefully kiss me, but you can't humiliate me like this!"

"Also, since you think that I'm dancing under the watchful eyes of everyone and that my nature is water, then fine. I'll get off the carriage now and roll far away!" "After that, you and I will not meddle in each other's business. We will never — come!" Feng Zhiyao said these words icily, tears still trickling down from the corners of her eyes.

He had always thought that a gentle man like Wen Xingyuan would never say such things to him, but he just said it! And he said it without hesitation!

Fortunately, she didn't have any feelings for him. Otherwise, she would probably be in extreme pain!

However, this reminded her of the man she loved in her heart — Ye Weiyang!

Never would she have thought that it would be at this time that she would actually think of Ye Weiyang, and she muttered to herself, "In this world, he is probably the only one who won't call me a slut."

"Weiyang, where are you?"

"Weiyang, I was wrong. Come back!"

"Weiyang, Weiyang …."

She wailed in grief, her face full of tears, as if she was crazy and wanted to climb out of the carriage. "I'm going to Weiyang, I'm wrong, I'm wrong …"

"Yao'er, who is Weiyang?" Wen Xingyuan had never thought that just one sentence from him would cause her to cry and even cause her to become a little crazed for a moment.

He was afraid of her leaving, so he reached out his arm and held her again.

"Yao'er, you are my woman, don't find Wei Yang and congratulate him! Okay? Yao'er, wake up! " When Wen Xingyuan saw her tearful appearance, his heart ached even more.

"Weiyang, I lost Weiyang …" I need to find Wei Yang … " Feng Zhiyao was currently as weak as a glass doll, tears appearing on her face.

Yao'er, you are not allowed to find Wei Yang! Did you hear that! " Wen Xingyuan was infuriated. It was enough to only say the word Weiyang once, but this little woman had actually said it a thousand times. What did she think he was?

"Weiyang, I was wrong, I fell in love with you, Weiyang …" "Wei Yang …" As Feng Zhiyao spoke, she had even revealed the secret within her heart.

What? The girl at the tip of his heart had actually fallen in love with another man!

"Tell me, who is this Weiyang guy?" Wen Xingyuan was enraged by her unconscious words.

"My man!" Being glared at by him, Feng Zhiyao had been in a trance just a moment ago, regaining her senses. Her ice-cold voice seemed to ring out from the cold pond.

"I forbid you to mention him!" Wen Xingyuan grabbed her hand and stopped her from lifting the carriage's curtain. "Also, are you going out naked like this?"

In order to find a man, she actually wanted to go out naked!

This made him want to kill her! Unfortunately, his heart was filled with her!

"Good dogs don't block the way!" Feng Zhiyao did not answer directly, but had deliberately ridiculed Wen Xingyuan!

"Hahaha... I love you so much and you actually call me a dog! Feng Zhiyao, do you really think that my foolish and loving heart will allow you to trample over me like this? No, you're wrong, the things I want have never failed! "

"Ever since I became an adult, the people who wanted to curry favor with me have sent me so many beauties, but I've never even touched them. I've never been moved by any of them, yet I've simply fallen in love with you! You know, I do not easily fall in love with a woman, but once in love, even flying moths to the fire, still need to continue to love her, even if her heart did not have me! I will love her too! So, you, I'm going to make sure of you! "

Wen Xingyuan gazed into the depths of her eyes, his burning gaze becoming tyrannical and domineering. When his gaze touched her snow-white skin, her exquisite curves, all of her beauty and softness, these were all things he wanted to obtain!

How could he give up on such a beautiful sight!

It was at this moment that Wen Xingyuan's personal carriage driver and shadow guard reported, "Reporting to Young Master, it seems like Young Master Su has arrived."

"You can tell me later that I've returned to the Wen Mansion." As Wen Xingyuan spoke, he cleanly poked all of the acupoints in Feng Zhiyao's body. Thus, Feng Zhiyao could not move even if she was forced to; she could not even speak and could only shed tears as a sign of protest.

Sure enough, it was Su Mu Yan's voice. Feng Zhiyao guessed that he was also looking for her! He most likely knew that the girl dancing naked in the water was her, right?

"Your cousin is gone!" After saying this, she thought he would open her acupoints, but unfortunately he didn't!

He simply ordered Zhan Yi to drive the carriage to a manor on the outskirts of the city.

At his cottage. He gently wrapped her in a outer garment and instructed Zhan Yi to go to the clothing store under the Wen family's name and get a few sets of clothes used by women.

When Zhan Yi heard this, the corner of his mouth twitched. He could only brace himself and go.

"Yao'er, this is my villa, which is fully equipped. After I marry you, we'll live here together. I hope you'll like the decorations!"

Behind the door was a field of green grass, like a green carpet, with cherry blossoms dancing in the air. There was also a small arched bridge made of white jade behind the garden, and after crossing the small arched bridge, they arrived at the main hall and the house. The house was surrounded by water, and Deva's gray walls were reflected in the gurgling stream, making it impossible for them to spoil each other.

To Feng Zhiyao, such a beautiful courtyard was a huge irony!

"Alright, I have already opened your acupoints! Let's eat first! " Wen Xingyuan knew that she was hungry, so he helped her put on her clothes and fastened her belt!

Feng Zhiyao kept silent, thinking to herself, "Eating is the most important thing." After she recovers her strength, she can go back to the Prime Minister's Estate.

The food was still quite tasty. Wen Xingyuan watched her finish eating with a smile, but when she said that she wanted to go back, his expression turned long as he said, "Sooner or later, you'll be my woman. You'll stay here tonight! I will send Zhan Yi to report to you regarding the situation with the Windgod. " He was determined to marry her.

After he forcefully hugged her and bathed together with her, he did not intend to let her off that night due to his high desire!

"Let's sleep together!" He had taken off his clothes, and naturally, he had also taken off her clothes.

Seeing him in this state, Feng Zhiyao knew that there was no point in resisting. There seemed to be no difference between an active Sleeping Beauty and a passive Sleeping Beauty!

And so, with a cold and lazy expression, she laid down on this magnificent mahogany bed!

The bedding was covered in petals of pink cherry blossoms that sparkled under the light of the luminous pearls inlaid on the fish skin of the South Sea people. Beaded crabapple blossoms were embroidered all over the jade colored sheets.

"Yao'er, are you satisfied with this bed?" he asked.

Feng Zhiyao did not nod or shake her head, pretending that he was just mumbling to himself. She slowly closed her eyes.

From her point of view, Wen Xingyuan had suppressed his lust with great difficulty from the last few times he had kissed her! Otherwise, why would he waste so much effort to come to his residence and ask her to have fun with him?

In her heart, she did not hesitate to sneer. She had actually lost her heart in the ancient times!

However, the man in front of her was determined to get her and she wanted to use the pleasure of being intimate with him to forget about the man in her heart!

In the end, she still wanted to be herself! As the heartless and heartless beauty of modern times, she was not responsible for eating the beautiful man!

Of course, she was sure that she wouldn't have to take responsibility for this beautiful man in front of her!

Because the more overbearing he was, the further that would force her away!

Wen Xing was pressing down on hers. She only closed her eyes and did not softly communicate with him. Hence, a nameless rage rose from the bottom of his heart!

"Wen Xingyuan! No, it's too painful!" "No, it hurts!" She had been too focused on her own thoughts just now, and hadn't even looked at the size of his!

"Yao'er, I want you —" He was like a cheetah ready to strike, roaring loudly …

A wind rose from his palm, and the jade colored tent quietly slid down, covering the entire bed's charming spring light …

Thus, the night was enchanting, and there was no limit to the color of spring …</blockquote>

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