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<blockquote>Chapter 80 part1

On the bed, the couple was having fun. The entire room was filled with lust, and the air was getting hotter and hotter.

After a long time, they finally stopped. When Wen Xingyuan just heard Feng Zhiyao's cry, her heart almost jumped out. He turned his head to see Feng Zhiyao, her eyes were closed, her small mouth slightly opened as she gasped for breath.

"Yao'er, I'm sorry." Wen Xingyuan hugged her seductive and smooth body, and apologized gently.

"You've already done it, is there any use in apologizing?" Feng Zhiyao suddenly opened her eyes, and looked at him coldly.

"Yao'er, I was wrong, I guarantee that I will be extremely good to you in the future!" Wen Xingyuan loved her so much and now he was apologizing after sex.

Feng Zhiyao blinked her long, slender eyelashes, her eyes were filled with longing, she then yawned and leaned over, sighing, "I'm tired, why don't you let me sleep for a while!"

"Yao'er..." Wen Xingyuan still wanted to say something, but seeing that Feng Zhiyao had fallen asleep, he could only sigh lightly and place the blanket on top of her naked body, as he stared at her beautiful sleeping face for a long time with a burning gaze.

Zhan Yi sent a secret message to Wen Xingyuan at the door, informing him that Miss Feng's clothes had already been bought and placed at the entrance, telling him to retrieve them himself later.

Wen Xingyuan immediately ordered Zhan Yi to go to the Feng Residence to inform the Prime Minister Feng that he would take care of Feng Zhiyao in the future. Today, Feng Zhiyao had been tired for a whole day, and had already gone to bed. Tomorrow, he would personally send Feng Zhiyao back, so Prime Minister Feng did not need to worry. On the auspicious day, he would go to the Prime Minister's Mansion for purposing.

… ….

Furthermore, after Feng Wucai heard Zhan Yi's report, his old face was filled with smiles. That's right, the candidate for son-in-law was finally someone that he was very satisfied with.

Once Feng Zhiyao got married, she would become the first madame. How great was that!

As for the matter of Feng Zhiyao not returning home at night, Feng Wucai pretended that nothing had happened.

Since Wen Xingyuan had sent word that he would pick a auspicious day to purpose, that meant that Wen Xingyuan was extremely fond of Yao'er, too. Hence, after thinking about it this way, Feng Wucai smiled in gratitude.

After all, a while ago, the marriage annulment and illness had caused the market of Feng Zhiyao's wedding list to drop greatly. Now that he had such a good son-in-law, Feng Wucai was naturally happy.

When Feng Wucai thought about how Feng Zhilin had been conferred the title of Noble Madame Lin, he immediately went to Feng Zhilin's residence — Lotus Garden.

Because Feng Zhilin had been bestowed the title of Noble Madame Lin tonight, he was overjoyed. Even now, he still had not slept, and the candles in the room were flickering.

Feng Wucai saw that there was light in her room, so he asked the servant to call for her.

"Third Miss, the old master is here." the servant called hurriedly from the door.

Feng Zhilin was shocked, she never thought that Father Feng would come so quickly, she thought that at the very least, Father Feng should only come tomorrow!

After Feng Zhilin put on his clothes, she opened the door and paid respects to Feng Wucai in the corridor.

"Dad, you're looking for me?" Feng Zhilin had a grudge against Feng Wucai in her heart. Her mother had been imprisoned in the Cold Fall Yard and had not come out yet.

"I can't afford to call you father. You are now the Noble Madame Lin of the Emperor!" Feng Wucai thought of this useless and vain daughter and felt a headache. Was the harem that easy to enter? It was a place to bury a woman's youth.

Therefore, when others wanted to send their daughters into the palace to seek power for him, he, Feng Wucai, had never had that intention. If it wasn't for the fact that Feng Zhiyao loved that King of Qi so much that he wished to live and die, he wouldn't have agreed to the emperor's bestowal of marriage.

Since Feng Zhiqiong had become the secondary concubine of the King of Qi, even now, she still couldn't catch the King of Qi's heart. It was likely that when her beauty had aged, she would still regret it.

Feng Zhilin would enter the palace tomorrow to serve the old Emperor Xuanyuan Kang.

Therefore, Feng Wucai felt that as her father, he needed to warn her a little.

"Father, Lin'er pleads for you, please release my mother, the food and living conditions in the Cold Fall Yard are simple and crude, she is used to living a life of luxury. If she is allowed to continue living like this, she will definitely be sick." Feng Zhilin suddenly dropped to her knees in front of Feng Wucai with a thump.

"That was because your mother was too despicable. She wanted to murder your daughter while I was not around and even had conclusive evidence. Say, if I were to release your mother like this, who in this house would listen to my words in the future?"

"Then do I not have any prestige at all?" Lin'er, oh Lin'er! After you enter the palace, take care of yourself! "

"Father, then can Lin'er meet mother before entering the palace?" Feng Zhilin secretly hated herself and her mother for getting into such bad luck with Feng Zhiyao.

"We can meet from afar, but we can't talk!" Feng Wucai said coldly. After he finished speaking, he left the Lotus Garden with the servant.

When Feng Zhilin heard Feng Wucai's last words, tears fell like the rain. She thought to herself, my father is so heartless, why does she still miss Prime Minister's Mansion so much?

When she had done well in the Imperial Palace, she would have the Emperor bestow upon her mother the title of First-class Royal Madame. She would see who would dare to bully her and her daughter.

"Third Miss, it's late, let's go to bed." Right now, Ji Yu was serving Feng Zhilin, and seeing that Feng Zhilin was still awake, she gently walked over and advised her softly.

"Ji Yu, follow me to the palace, okay?" Feng Zhilin stood up and smiled. She was not asking her, but telling her that she had made her decision.

Third Miss, Ji Yu is already twenty this year, and will be married to a childhood sweetheart at the end of the year. If Ji Yu follows you to the palace, then Ji Yu will have to delay the marriage." Ji Yu said while kneeling down in a neither humble nor haughty manner. She was not the stupid Third Miss, and entering the palace was not a good job.

"Are you saying that you don't want to follow me into the palace?" Feng Zhilin thought that there was an beauty expert standing behind Ji Yu, so how could she be willing to give up?

"Third Miss, please help me." Ji Yu knelt on the ground and kowtowed to her three times, hoping that she would let her go.

"Let's talk about this later. How about this, you will follow me to the palace for a period of time. After I familiarize myself with the life of the imperial harem, it won't be too late for you to leave. Un, it's decided, you can get up!" Feng Zhilin looked at Ji Yu with ridicule in her eyes. She was just a servant girl, how could she disobey her master's orders?

Ji Yu finally understood that if she followed Third Young Miss in the future, she would not lived for long. The miss was definitely a retarded person. She had to leave tonight.

As for the indenture contract, she had already taken it back when she was the personal maid of Bai Wanting. If she wanted to flee, she would just lose a few coins.

After thinking about it like this, when Ji Yu saw that Feng Zhilin had gone to bed, she closed the door and immediately went to her room. She placed all the gold, silver, treasure and banknotes that she had been saving for all these years into a small bundle, while carrying a big bundle on the outside.

She tied a big bundle to her belly, pretended to have a big belly, and quietly walked out of the Lotus Garden.

Lotus Garden could not be compared to Feng Wucai's palce, the security here was not tight, and with the fact that she was extremely good with the little pageboy Wang Er who was guarding the gate earlier, she left quickly.

When she arrived at the entrance, she saw two new doorkeepers in front of her and immediately cried out in pain.

"Which place are you from? Where are you going to go in the middle of the night?" The doorkepper asked.

"... Ugh … My stomach is hurting. I might have a baby soon. Third Miss said I can't give birth in her courtyard. It's too dirty, too unlucky and asked me go to the west suburbs where Nanny Wang Jing will give birth, wuuuuuu … I am so bad luck …" She cried in pain and complained at the same time.

"That might be possible. Tomorrow, Third Miss will go to the palace and be a Noble Madame. Leave quickly." Doorkeeper nodded, thinking that the Third Miss was going to be a Noble Madame, she was indeed afraid of misfortune, thus he chased Ji Yu away like a fly.

After Ji Yu came out, she was not far away. She inadvertently raised her head and saw Young Master Su Muyan's carriage.

"Is it Young Master Su's carriage?"

"Who are you?" Su Muyan was still worrying, how could he not find Feng Zhiyao? He had previously visited the Begonia Garden, but Feng Zhiyao was not in her room!

At this moment, his tone was extremely bad.

"This servant is the maid called Ji Yu who is serving in front of Third Young Miss. This humble servant will be forever grateful to Young Master Su for saving my life! " Ji Yu quickly kneeled down and begged. She knew that if she could not leave Xianyang City, when Feng Zhilin realised that she was gone, she would definitely send people to capture her.

She wondered if Young Master Su would save her life?

"What happened? You're carrying a burden like this? " he asked curiously, seeing the bundle in her hand.

"The Third Miss wanted to bring this servant with her to the palace. This servant was unwilling, so I escaped." Ji Yu explained.

"If you want this young master to save you, then at least give me a reason to take you in!" Su Muyan looked at her.

"Your cooking skills are pretty good." Ji Yu thought of this master of the Mighty Heavenly Castle who was fond of delicious food. She thought that as long as she was right, he would definitely take her in.

"Good. Get on the carriage, we will return to the Mighty Heavenly Castle together. Oh yes, this young master remembers that my aunt, who was also your Prime Minister's Mansion's second wife in the past, just happened to be short of a servant girl. I am too lazy to pick a servant girl, so you should go serve her!"

Su Muyan thought of Feng Zhiqiong's mother, who was also his aunt. Previously, because of the matter of cheating on Feng Wucai, she was divorced by Feng Wucai, so her temper had been getting worse and worse recently, until all the girls were beaten up black and blue, making them all scared to go serve her. Now that he met an interesting girl, who even escaped from Prime Minister's Mansion, then let her try.

What? Let her to serve the Second Madam whom the Old Master had abandoned?

Why was she so unlucky!

Fine, fine, she'll go then. She's an unbeatable cockroach! She would just change it to another place to continue amassing wealth.

"Thank you, Young Master Su, for taking me in!" Ji Yu kowtowed three times to Su Muyan, and under Su Muyan's gaze, she sat down gracefully on the shaft of the carriage, next to the coachman.

Su Muyan looked at the direction of the Prime Minister's Mansion, he knew, she would eventually return. Thinking of this, he turned and jumped onto the carriage, and ordered the carriage driver to return to the Mighty Heavenly Castle.</blockquote>

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