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<blockquote>Chapter 80 part3

"Oh, it's at the Prime Minister's Mansion's gate." Just as he was about to speak, the carriage had already arrived at the entrance of Prime Minister's Mansion.

When Wen Xingyuan saw her doubtful gaze, he did not say anything further. He only extended his arm out towards her and wanted to hug her gently, but she shook her head and rejected him.

"We're here, I believe you've wasted the entire morning. It's about time for you to get busy, I won't invite you to the Begonia Garden." Feng Zhiyao laughed faintly, her smile becoming distant.

"Then... All right... I'll come and see you another time. Oh right, which gold shop's jewelry do you like? " Wen Xingyuan thought about the matter of him sending people to Prime Minister's Mansion to purpose soon.


Feng Zhiyao asked suspiciously, "Do you want to give me jewelry?"

"Yes, you're my wife now. I'm willing to spend money." Wen Xingyuan's calm voice sounded, making her unable to blame him.

At the end of the day, she was also responsible for the events from last night. She shouldn't have been the one to show off and provoke him over here, and now she was being eaten instead.

She suddenly had a feeling that she had lost everything!

"Let's talk about this later. I'm too tired, so I'll go back and rest first. Farewell!" Feng Zhiyao lightly frowned, and gracefully walked down the carriage.

Wen Xingyuan wanted to stop her, but he endured it in the end. He comforted himself, that there would be a day when he would be able to enter her heart! Who was Weiyang?

It looks like he had to send people to find out the identity of the Weiyang that was on her mind.

"Zhan Yi!" Wen Xingyuan shouted.

"Please give me your instructions, young master!" Zhan Yi hurriedly replied. He was afraid that his own Young Master would ask him to go and fetch the woman's clothes again, thus, when he heard Wen Xingyuan's voice, his body trembled lightly.

"Immediately get someone to investigate the woman called Weiyang!" Wen Xingyuan instructed, once he heard the two words Weiyang, he felt extremely uncomfortable!

"I shall follow your orders, young master." Zhan Yi nodded, looks like this Weiyang must have offended young master!

Usually, the people who were targeted by the young master wouldn't have a good ending!

… ….

Feng Zhiyao returned to the Begonia Garden.

Feng Wucai immediately rushed over. After Feng Zhiyao dismissed the little girl, the father and daughter started talking.

"Father, last night, I … I... " Feng Zhiyao thought that this wasn't the twenty-first century. She hadn't come back last night, so Father Feng would definitely scold her if she found out.

"Yao'er, were you with Wen Xingyuan last night?" Because he saw that this direct daughter was carried away by the Patriarch of the First Family, Wen Xingyuan.

"Yes, Father." Feng Zhiyao knew that she could not hide the truth from him.

"Yao'er, I've inquired, regardless of character or family background, Wen Xingyuan is a candidate for a good husband, I believe that he is suitable to be your husband, what do you think?" Although he was certain that something had happened between Wen Xingyuan and his daughter last night, he still wanted to ask her opinion.

"Dad, I still don't want to get married. Please don't kick me out, okay?" Feng Zhiyao thought that she really wanted to sleep, so she begged Father Feng not to ask anymore.

"Yao'er, you child, what are you saying? Your father is worried about you, your daughter's family will eventually get married. You can't possibly stay home and stay for the rest of your life, right? "Look, your two concubines have younger sisters than you and are already married. As for the other concubines, their younger sisters have not even grown old yet. You are the only one that I am worried about right now!" Feng Wucai sighed, and slowly sat on the redwood chair, and said with a caring tone.

"Father, when I want to marry off your daughter, I will naturally tell you that I don't want to marry off your daughter right now. That's right, as the Patriarch of the First Family, Wen Xingyuan's status is honorable, so it's more than enough for me to marry you. "Dad, I'm tired. I want to lie down for a while. Please go back." Feng Zhiyao raised her eyebrows, then sat down as well, before lifting her hands to knock on her legs. Maybe it was because there were too many bad things happening last night, causing her to feel pain between her legs.

It was true that a virgin man was not to be trifled with. From the first tender moment to the next, each and every bravery was enough to leave her tongue-tied.

"Alright, Yao'er, then you take a shower and rest!" Feng Wucai nodded, and after standing up, he suddenly thought of a problem, "Yao'er, the person who shot the concealed weapon at you, will be ended by your father!"

"No need. Dad, I will take care of my own matters." Feng Zhiyao indifferently objected.

"Oh right, Father, release Little Sister Lin'er's mother from Cold Fall Yard!" Feng Zhiyao did not want her father to be troubled, hence he said.

"Why did you let that bitch go! She's deluded herself into murdering you! " Feng Wucai disagreed.

"Father, if Noble Madame Lin talks to the old emperor, the future of Prime Minister's Mansion will be bleak! There's no need to rush to deal with Bai Wanting! " Feng Zhiyao smiled sweetly and said with confidence.

"Yao'er is far better than I thought. Alright, when that bitch comes out, you better be careful!" Feng Wucai reminded.

"Father, Yao'er is not afraid! There was someone who wanted to play 'games' with Yao'er, so Yao'er should definitely provide them with an opportunity, right? If it's too boring, will Yao'er find life boring? " It was because her life was too depressing that she had to make a clown out of it.

Feng Zhiyao's eyes quickly flashed with a glint of light;

Locking Bai Wanting in the Cold Fall Yard was really too easy on her!

"Yao'er, you can play with me however you want, but Bai Wanting cannot die!" Before Feng Wucai left, he left behind a profound sentence.

"Can't die? Then Meixi have plenty of ways to torture her!"

When Feng Wucai left, Hong Mi and Zi Yun carried a bucket of hot water for her to bathe in.

Maybe because of Feng Wucai's order to keep their mouths shut, or maybe because they knew their own responsibilities. Regarding the incident of Feng Zhiyao not returning last night, the two of them did not mention a single word about it.

Feng Zhiyao was also lazy to explain. After letting them out, she took a quick hot bath.

After washing up, she fell into a deep slumber.

She only woke up at noon on the second day. It seemed that she really had slept soundly.

On September 23rd, Feng Zhiyao finally walked out of Begonia Garden. Previously, in Begonia Garden, she had either personally made delicacies or slept, as if she hadn't slept enough.

"Eldest Miss, do you want Master to go to the palace and invite an imperial physician over to take a look? Look at how your complexion isn't very good." Hong Mi said worriedly, just because Feng Zhiyao seemed to be infected with a lethargy.

"Hong Mi, don't spout nonsense. The young miss's face is flushed red, don't you dare spout nonsense in front of the young miss." Zi Yun did not believe that there was a problem with Feng Zhiyao's body, because when she was by this elder's side, she knew a little about medical skills.

"Hehe, you two girls don't argue with each other. I know you two are worried about me." Feng Zhiyao raised her eyebrows and laughed.

The speaker had no intention, but the listener had.

Feng Zhiyao thought, if she really contracted some kind of illness, then what about her own free life and her great dream?

Did she really have to go out and see a doctor to see if she was sick?

"Zi Yun, come with me. Hong Mi, today the young miss will let you off the hook!" Feng Zhiyao said while grinning, as if she was in a good mood today.

"Yes, Eldest Miss." The two of them nodded and smiled.

But Zi Yun was curious, how could the young miss allow her to go today?

When they arrived at the carriage, Zi Yun found out that the young miss wanted her to be her accomplice.

After Zi Yun heard Feng Zhiyao's twisted logic, she thought that the things Miss wanted her to do did not conflict with master's interests, so she agreed.

The carriage sped along the public road, and after two hours, arrived at the Fengyun Hotel in Xian Yang.

Feng Zhiyao brought Zi Yun to Sky No. 1 Room.

After knocking for a while, someone finally opened the door.

"You, Feng Zhiyao, why are you looking for me?" Linghu Ziche was surprised to see her the day before their departure.

"Of course I have something to talk to you about. Oh yeah, which room does your junior sister sleep in? I want to see her." Feng Zhiyao saw that he was the only person in the room, a book was open on the table, and he seemed to be reading a moment ago.

"The little junior sister will go with my third junior brother to buy things. We will be leaving the Xian Yang tomorrow." Linghu Ziche originally wanted to not say it, but for some reason, when he saw her, he couldn't help but say it out loud, hoping that he could hear her persuading him to stay.

"Why don't you play for a few more days? There are so many historical sites in the Xian Yang and there are many fun places as well!" Feng Zhiyao frowned. Damn, Shen Qinghan was going to return tomorrow, if she didn't not take revenge now, she would not have the chance in the future.

"But Pill King Valley has a lot of things, I … I have to go back and take care of it. Third Junior brother is very busy too." Linghu Ziche was very happy to hear her persuading him to stay. Although he didn't know why she said it like that, he was still very happy.

"Zi Yun, wait for me in the carriage. I'll go with you after I finish asking some questions." looked at the sky. Since the sun was setting in the west, she would wait for Shen Qinghan here for the time being.

"Yes, Miss." Zi Yun heaved a sigh of relief. The First Miss was planning to let her go, but Zi Yun felt that the First Miss had become more and more mysterious recently.

Feng Zhiyao saw that Zi Yun had went downstairs to the carriage, so she leaned close to Linghu Ziche and whispered, "I might be sick, and I know that your medical skills are extremely good, so I came to find you."

"Please get in!" Linghu Ziche was surprised to hear this.

"Brother Ziche, let me still call you that, hehe." Feng Zhiyao smiled as he followed him in.

"Sure." On the contrary, it sounded kind, so he nodded in agreement.

"Specifically the symptoms you discovered." After Linghu Ziche poured her a cup of tea, he asked her to sit with him face to face.

"I've been very drowsy for the past few days, but I've been sleeping longer than usual. I'm a bit worried that I'm sick, or that my father is worried, so I didn't dare call a doctor to come see me." Feng Zhiyao slowly narrated her feelings.

Saying that, Linghu Ziche nodded his head, and then with a swoosh, a thin golden thread wrapped around her slender wrist.

Feng Zhiyao looked up worriedly at Linghu Ziche, she seemed to want to find some clues from his peach blossom eyes.

But seeing that Linghu Ziche was silent, with a calm expression, his peach blossom eyes did not show any changes, which made Feng Zhiyao nervous.

With a slight move of his hand, the gold thread wrapped around Feng Zhiyao's wrist disappeared, and he ridiculed, "You are worrying too much, you are not sick at all, maybe you are too tired from this stage!"


Ah, Feng Zhiyao suddenly remembered, it must be because of that night and the wild love she had with Wen Xingyuan that day.

Thinking about that, Feng Zhiyao's white face turned red.

"Um, since I'm not sick, then I … Then I'll have a cup of tea and leave. " Dammit, Feng Zhiyao's body was too weak, wasn't it just a few times? Why was she so tired, to the point that she slept for two consecutive days.

"Alright, here's the Broken Spring Silver Needle. Xingyuan gave it to me to drink." Linghu Ziche put away the golden thread properly and looked up at her.

"Oh, the stuff from the number one family should be pretty good." Feng Zhiyao laughed like a peach in spring. Her beautiful eyes that flickered with starlight stared straight at him.

Linghu Ziche's eyes flashed. He had just seen her smiling face that was like a blossoming flower, and he had actually thought of blaspheming her. Could it be that he wanted to hide from his junior sister's infatuation?

"Big brother Ziche, thank you for the tea, I should go." Seeing that Shen Qinghan the woman was not back yet, Feng Zhiyao wanted to go downstairs and wait, so she stood up and said, maybe because her sleeves were too flowing and long, she actually accidentally dropped the stack of books on the table.

"Don't... Don't pick it up, I. I'll pick it up myself! " Linghu Ziche picked up the book one step ahead of her in panic.

"Ah, you're actually looking at … Ah, it's really the 'Secret Techniques in Bed'? " When she saw one of the books, Feng Zhiyao shouted "Ah!" before covering her mouth with her hand and laughing.

This time, her smile made Linghu Ziche, whose face was blushing red, feel like burrowing into a hole in the ground!</blockquote>

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