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<blockquote>Chapter 81 part1

Feng Zhiyao lowered her eyes and saw Linghu Ziche's crimson red face, the corner of her lips slightly raised.

"Big brother Ziche, I didn't think that you would also like to read 'Secret Techniques in Bed'?" Feng Zhiyao smiled and teased.

"Ugh …" Linghu Ziche hurriedly put away a stack of books. His handsome face was flushed red, showing that this was the first time he had encountered such an embarrassing situation.

Feng Zhiyao thought, so it turned out that Linghu Ziche was also very sulky.

"Big brother Ziche, can I ask you a question?" Feng Zhiyao looked at him with a glint of interest in her eyes.

"What problem?" Linghu Ziche stared at her in a daze. She felt her scalp tingling, not knowing what question the little girl was going to ask him.

"Big brother Ziche, which one did you try with the loving gestures?" Feng Zhiyao asked in interest, not feeling the slightest bit embarrassed. Her shamelessness was comparable to an ancient city wall!

Coming out of his mother's womb, this was the first time Linghu Ziche encountered such a straightforward woman!

How dare she ask him that! The corner of his mouth twitched!

"I... I... You are not allowed to ask, you little girl! " If it wasn't for the fact that Wen Xingyuan was his good friend, that she was his fiancee, he really would have had the impulse to cut her down!

"What little girl! I'm already a teenager! Sigh, forget it, let me guess, you should still be a virgin! " Feng Zhiyao muttered.

His originally bright peach blossom eyes suddenly turned gloomy as he roared, "I am a virgin, what about it?"

"Isn't it just a casual chat? Why are you so mean to others?" Feng Zhiyao pouted and said in an aggrieved tone. Her eyes were misty, as if she was about to cry.

"I'm sorry..." Linghu Ziche thought that he was a little too fierce, so he apologized with a frown.

"What about virgin? You don't have to shout! " Seeing him apologize, Feng Zhiyao's mood became a little better, but she was still angry, thus she kept berating him.

"Alright, don't be angry. How about this, here's a bottle of hair moisturizer for you. You can use it to make your long hair darker and brighter!" Linghu Ziche felt that he was in the wrong, so he blinked his eyes, and took out a small and exquisite white jade bottle with orchids drawn on it from a medicine box.

"Thank you!" Feng Zhiyao immediately smiled and accepted it.

Linghu Ziche saw the radiance that flickered in her eyes, like a starry river drilled through the pitch-black night sky. He thought to himself, "She is a pure and beautiful woman!"

"Why are you looking at me so foolishly?" Feng Zhiyao realized that Linghu Ziche was looking at her, hence she smiled.

For a moment, Linghu Ziche was startled, even his breathing stopped for a few seconds.

This kind of gentle and smiling Feng Zhiyao stunned him for a few seconds, and even caused his breathing to stop for a few seconds.

Feng Zhiyao extended her beautiful, jade-like fingers and shook them in front of his eyes. Her clear eyes, under the contrast of the slanted sunlight, shined with an enchanting light.

Her tender and beautiful red lips that were just inches away from each other were like the tempting peeled flesh of a litchi fruit, captivating.

Linghu Ziche suddenly regained his senses when he smelled the fragrant scent that was coming from her.

Seeing the moving red lips in front of him, his handsome face once again returned to its normal color. Two red clouds flew up from his face, and his heartbeat became even faster, as if his chest would jump out at any moment. He closed his eyes, not daring to look at them, not daring to think about them!

"What's wrong? Is it because your eyes are uncomfortable? Big Brother Ziche, tell me, which of the many bottles is eye healing? " Feng Zhiyao thought that his eyes were uncomfortable. Seeing him suddenly close his eyes and frowning in pain, she thought that was the reason why he thought that way.

Indeed, this little girl had the potential to drive a saint crazy!

Linghu Ziche immediately opened his eyes, seeing that she was already looking for a bottle of medicine, she immediately extended his hand to grab hers, not allowing her to randomly flip through.

Her hand felt so soft that it made his face even more uncomfortable.

"Big brother Ziche, what are you grabbing my hand for? Eh, your eyes don't hurt anymore?" Sigh, it's really strange, why was Shen Qinghan not back yet?

Linghu Ziche also realised that he was being too rude, the girl in front of him was actually his good friend Wen Xingyuan's fiancee, so he bit his lips in annoyance, and thought to himself, What happened to him just now!

Just as he was about to release his grip, Shen Qinghan had already rushed in front of Linghu Ziche and like an arrow that had just left the bow.

"You took advantage of my absence to seduce my eldest senior brother!" Then, without caring about whether it was good or bad, Shen Qinghan slapped Feng Zhiyao.

Feng Zhiyao felt that she had been wrongly accused!

Damn, she hit her in front of a pretty boy! Then she would cry in front of the man. It would make the beautiful man's heart ache. It would make her so angry that she would die!

"Wuuuuu, Big Brother Ziche, why is this little junior of yours a barking bitch? Wuuu, Big Brother Ziche, my face hurts!" Sure, it would be good to exchange a slap for a pretty boy's pity. But, she, Meixi, would always settle debts later on.

Feng Zhiyao touched her little face with a hand, and the tears in her eyes started to fall like pearls with their strings cut.

"Little Junior Sister, she and I have not done anything shameful! Don't you dare wrongly accuse a good person! " Linghu Ziche angrily roared at Shen Qinghan.

"Eldest senior brother, you actually treated me like this for this shameless girl. Previously, I believed that there was nothing going on between us! But you were holding her hand just now, and I — I saw it! Eldest senior brother, how can you only like her and not me? Wuuuuuu ~ ~ ~" Shen Qinghan was so angry that she started crying. That bad woman lied to her, and now she even called her a bitch!

This infuriated her to death! She really wanted to transform into a mad dog and bite this vixen to death!

Outside, Zongzheng Shaoqing could not watch any longer.

"Junior Sister, you have no proof, don't ruin the innocence of this girl!" Zongzheng Shaoqing frowned. He was sad that his junior sister cared so much about his senior brother.

"Third senior brother, this is a matter between me and eldest senior brother, you don't need to worry about it!" Shen Qinghan turned around and shouted at Zongzheng Shaoqing.

"Wuu, wuu, Big Brother Ziche …" Feng Zhiyao acutely detected the trace of impatience in Linghu Ziche's eyes, and knew that Linghu Ziche was starting to hate Shen Qinghan.

Thus, she decided to try even harder, "Big Brother Ziche, my face is so itchy. Is it because your junior sister has something dirty on her hand that it makes me itch?"

Thus, she really did put on airs and clawed at her face twice.

The side of her face that had been hit was now full of blisters.

"Shen Qinghan, what poison did you poison her with?" Linghu Ziche raised her eyes and looked at Feng Zhiyao's left cheek, his peach blossom eyes were filled with dark clouds.

"I... I... I... Eldest senior brother... This has nothing to do with me! There must be something wrong with her skin! I didn't drug her! " Shen Qinghan was also startled, although she really wanted to drug him, but before she could do anything, her face was already like that!

"Big Brother Ziche, now that my face has become like this, Xingyuan will definitely not want me anymore! You know, yesterday I heard that he took a woman away from the Blue Festival's banquet, and even said that she's his lover. This time, my face is so ugly, he definitely doesn't want me anymore! Wuuuuuu ~ ~ ~" Feng Zhiyao sobbed and threw herself into Linghu Ziche's embrace.

With just a few pimples, she was crying like this!

Linghu Ziche was embarrassed, but with such a soft and warm body in his embrace, the corner of his lips unconsciously raised upwards.

When Zongzheng Shaoqing thought of the scene in the Blue Festival, he felt that this junior sister of his was too unruly and willful.

Shen Qinghan never thought that the first woman Senior Brother hugged in his arms would actually be Feng Zhiyao, not the foolish junior sister who loved him dearly!

Shen Qinghan felt as if her eyes were being blinded by something. That embrace that should have belonged to her, yet mockingly turned into someone else's embrace. A bone-piercing, ice-cold pain surged from the bottom of her heart.

A trace of bone-piercing pain tore through the only emotion in her heart. And just like that, the feeling was torn apart.

A chill rose from the bottom of her heart as it enveloped her entire body.

The trace of gentleness that suddenly appeared in the Eldest Senior Brother's eyes was like a dull knife that cut into her heart. It was painful, very painful … She staggered a step and almost fell down, but luckily Zongzheng Shaoqing caught her sinking body.

"Third Junior Brother, please take your Junior Sister away from here. I want to help her restore her appearance." When Linghu Ziche saw the tear stains on Shen Qinghan's face, although his heart ached a little, he thought of a saying, "If it's going to be long pain, then make it shorter." He wished for Shen Qinghan to give up on him, and Third Junior Brother seemed to be interested in her.

Feng Zhiyao laid in front of Linghu Ziche's chest, her small shoulders still shaking, but she wasn't crying, "Shen Qinghan, I originally didn't have any intention to deal with you, but you slapped me for no reason."

"No, I'm not leaving!" Shen Qinghan felt that she was wrongly accused, she had not poisoned Feng Zhiyao at all, how could they not believe their junior sister who had been together for so long, how could they not believe an outsider!

"Junior Martial Sister, let's go." Zongzheng Shaoqing wanted to hold her up.

"No, don't touch me!" Shen Qinghan suddenly seemed to understand something. It must be that eldest senior brother had given her to the third senior brother who liked her! That must be it.

"Little Junior-apprentice Sister, Eldest Senior Brother is angry. Let's go out for now. Long live the Lol's Summoning." Zongzheng Shaoqing kindly advised her.

Unexpectedly, Shen Qinghan's little face stiffened as she said coldly, "Third Senior Brother, I have always treated you as my brother. Don't waste any more time thinking about me, truly, the person I have always liked is my eldest Senior Brother! Third senior brother, please don't chase after me! "

Zongzheng Shaoqing never thought that his doting junior sister would actually reject him in front of so many people, and even reject so resolutely!

No, after liking her for so many years, how could he just give up?

"Junior Sister, I know you like Eldest Brother, but you can't stop me from liking you!" After Zongzheng Shaoqing finished speaking, a tear dropped from the corner of his eye, and he walked out the door alone.

What an infatuated man!</blockquote>

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