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<blockquote>Chapter 81 part2

Feng Zhiyao thought about the Ye Weiyang who was infatuated with her, and thus, she hurriedly pushed Linghu Ziche away with her face flushed red.

Linghu Ziche was stunned for a moment, his hands struck nothing but air, and the depths of his eyes flashed with a sense of loss!

"Junior Martial Sister, Third Junior Martial Brother has deep feelings for you, how did you anger him to leave?" Linghu Ziche raised the corner of his fiery-red robe and elegantly sat down as he said with a reproachful tone.

"Yes, he is very fond of me. What about you? Elder Brother? Have you seen the deep affection I have for you!? " Shen Qinghan's fingernails almost dug into her palms, unaware of the pain in her heart, which far surpassed the pain in her flesh.

"Qinghan, if you don't go find Third Junior Brother, I'll go look for him!" Linghu Ziche thought they could not be like this anymore, he quickly left the room.

Feng Zhiyao saw the opportunity. She immediately stepped in front of Shen Qinghan and slapped her ten times!

"You – you must have destroyed your own face just now!" Shen Qinghan was furious, she wanted to retaliate and beat her up, but Feng Zhiyao had grabbed her hand, with immense strength!

It was also at this time that Shen Qinghan finally understood. She was really stupid, to actually be ambushed by her.

"That's right! So what? I bet you that your eldest senior brother will never like you! You will never have another chance! " Feng Zhiyao lifted her hands. Her cheeks were covered with spor-like pimples, and she thought to herself, "The self-torture method was still very practical!"

That's right, she was bad, but which woman in Night Demon wasn't bad! Furthermore, she was one of the Four Beauties of the "Night Demon"! As the saying, if a woman wasn't bad, a man wouldn't love her!

She was bad for reason, while the guys were completely captivated by her!

"No, you bad woman, I'm going to fight it out with you!" Since Shen Qinghan had grown up in the Pill King Valley, she naturally knew martial arts.

Feng Zhiyao laughed coldly, "What do you want? What are you going to use to fight with me? Do you know what your eldest senior brother just said to me when he held my hand? "

"Could it be that Eldest Brother wants to take you as his wife?" When Shen Qinghan thought about this possibility, her eyes dimmed, like a ball deflating.

"What do you think? Didn't you see that your eldest senior brother was still holding onto me just now? " In terms of words, Feng Zhiyao would not lose to her. Now that she had made a blemish on the truth.

"No, it can't be. I don't believe, he has not known you for long! Yes, it must be you, this demoness, trying to seduce my eldest senior brother, I want to kill you! " If she killed Feng Zhiyao, he would only like her!

When Shen Qinghan thought of this, she felt that it was extremely true. She flung a nine-section whip that was meandering like a snake at Feng Zhiyao.

Damn, her killing intent was so heavy!

Feng Zhiyao moved the red wooden chair over and blocked the attack. In the next second, her body had already flown out.

She was a rookie in martial arts, it was better for her to escape first!

Therefore, one of them used the light skill to escape, and the other used the light skill to chase after them.

"Zi Yun, quickly help!" Feng Zhiyao jumped up onto the shaft of the carriage that Wan Sanzi was driving.

"Eldest Miss?" Zi Yun was shocked, the young miss's face could only be described as a Rakshasi's face, she almost vomited all the food she ate.

"Don't block the way!" Shen Qinghan's eyes were red from anger, she extended her leg, wanting to kick Zi Yun away!

"Little Junior Sister, you can't …" Two pleasant voices came from behind Shen Qinghan.

"Big Brother Ziche, not only does your little junior sister want to ruin my looks, she also wants to … want to … take my life. Woo woo …" She vowed that she would do her best to learn martial arts.

"Shen Qinghan, apologize —" Seeing that Feng Zhiyao's face was covered with spore-like pimples, a trace of apology flashed past his eyes, and he reprimanded Shen Qinghan.

"Why do you want me to apologize!? The pile of things on her face was brought up by herself, it's had nothing to do with me! Eldest senior brother, I'm your Junior Sister, don't you believe me? Third senior brother, do you think so too? " Shen Qinghan did not know how to deal with it. She clenched her teeth and her eyes turned red, at that moment, she wanted nothing more than to kill Feng Zhiyao to vent her hatred!

"Junior Martial Sister, did you really not do this? Then why did you use the nine-section whip to chase her just now? " Linghu Ziche looked at Shen Qinghan in disbelief.

"I didn't chase after her. She was the one who slapped me first. Look, all of you take a look." She raised her hand and pointed at her face. This bad woman had definitely hit her face with a scorching five-finger mark.

"Qinghan, stop lying. Your face is so fair!" The corner of Linghu Ziche's mouth twitched, how did his junior sister's character become so bad?

She even dared to use such a vile method to frame someone?

Hearing Linghu Ziche's words, Feng Zhiyao smirked in her heart. If she had used inner force to slap someone, then that person would definitely be in deep pain, and the person being beaten would only feel grief, but the person's face would not be marked at all. This also explained why after so many slaps, Shen Qinghan only felt that there was no blood coming out from the corner of her mouth.

Indeed, twenty years of inner strength was not for nothing!

"That's right. Junior Sister, I see that your face is flushed. It doesn't seem like you were slapped." Zongzheng Shaoqing looked at Feng Zhiyao apologetically. What a beautiful girl, however, she had been hurt to such an extent by his junior sister.

"Qing Han, quickly apologize to her." Linghu Ziche hoped that he could persuade his Junior Sister to apologize to Feng Zhiyao.

"Big brother Ziche, there's no need to apologize. Just make her kneel down and kowtow three times!" Shen Qinghan used a concealed weapon to shave off her dancing dress, causing her to have no choice but to perform the shocking naked dance in the water! This debt, how could it be settled with just an apology?

Therefore, Feng Zhiyao shot a glance at Zi Yun, telling her to shoot a concealed weapon at her knee.

Zi Yun had no choice but to follow along with it and punish Shen Qinghan together with it.

"I won't kneel to you!" Shen Qinghan said with determination. She stood up straight with her nine-section whip in her hand, like a loose bamboo.

"Zi Yun, quickly help Miss Shen to kneel down!" Feng Zhiyao said angrily as she raised her hand to rub her bumpy little face.

Damn, don't be disfigured! This powder had a time limit!

"Yes, Miss!" Zi Yun bent down and picked up two small stones, and threw it at Shen Qinghan's knees.

However, Zongzheng Shaoqing, who had always been looking at Shen Qinghan, suddenly noticed Zi Yun's movements. Thus, he leapt towards Shen Qinghan's back even faster than Zi Yun and hugged him. His goal was naturally to block two stones for her.

But Shen Qinghan didn't want to be hugged by Zongzheng Shaoqing, so she roared, "Don't hug me — —"

Feng Zhiyao lowered her eyes and sneered, she quickly moved to Shen Qinghan's side and threw a cockroach that he caught while running into Shen Qinghan's mouth.

This attack from the east to the west, she was using the perfect move!

"Ah — —" Shen Qinghan never thought that she would actually give "the first time" to a cockroach! The first time was when she swallowed a cockroach!)

She felt angry, humiliated, and disgusted. She immediately vomited out the cockroach.

"Miss, aren't you going too far!" Seeing his Junior Sister's pale face, Zongzheng Shaoqing was angry.

"I am not as much as your junior!" Besides, I didn't make her eat a cockroach, didn't she throw up all right? Also, which one of your eyes saw me put the cockroach in her mouth? " Feng Zhiyao shamelessly argued.

Zi Yun laughed in her heart, how could the young miss think of such a despicable method?

However, if someone else were to use this move, then perhaps it would be a dirty trick. However, when the young miss used this move, it actually made her seem simple and innocent!

Being refuted by Feng Zhiyao in such a manner, the corner of Linghu Ziche's crimson red lips slightly rose, a trace of extreme doting flashing past his eyes.

"Elder Senior-apprentice Brother, you saw it too. It was this bad woman who laid the cockroach on me!" Shen Qinghan was so angry that she vomited blood. Such a dirty cockroach was about to disgust her to death.

"Junior Sister, you … Does it matter? " Zongzheng Shaoqing looked in the direction of Feng Zhiyao, and then turned back to Feng Zhiyao.

"I... Third senior brother, help me kill this bad woman! " Shen Qinghan was vomiting so quickly that she had no strength left, she raised her hand and pointed in Feng Zhiyao's direction.

"Third Junior Brother, little Junior Sister can be considered to have learned her lesson. First, bring her to Earth Room 1 to rest!" Linghu Ziche shook his head at the little junior sister's words. The little junior sister seemed to have become a stranger to him, she wasn't like this before!

"I don't —" Before I even finished speaking the three words, with a swoosh, that extremely thin golden thread wrapped around Shen Qinghan's slender wrist.

"Eldest Brother, why?" Zongzheng Shaoqing asked suspiciously.

"If you order her to sleep, you won't be so resistant to having her in your arms! You grew up together with her, don't you understand her? " Linghu Ziche said indifferently as he retracted the golden thread.

"Then don't you want to pursue the matter of her throwing the cockroach into the mouth of your junior?" Zongzheng Shaoqing never thought that his eldest senior brother would actually help Feng Zhiyao to such an extent.

"I already said that she received a lesson, why are you still so bitter? This is an excellent opportunity for you to pursue your Junior Sister! You better take good care of it! " Feng Zhiyao said this in a crooked way, but she managed to convince Zongzheng Shaoqing to do so.

"What do you mean?" Zongzheng Shaoqing did not understand, and so he asked doubtfully.

"Come with me!" Feng Zhiyao said to him. Seems like she would have to pass down the knowledge to the sultry beauty herself.

"It's like this … That way... "Then …" Feng Zhiyao's words caused Zongzheng Shaoqing's face to flush red. First, no matter what she said to him, it was the faint fragrance of her body that filled his nose.

Furthermore, Feng Zhiyao said something that was similar to raw rice cooking, so how could Zongzheng Shaoqing not blush red to the ears?

Then, his nose began to bleed from his gorgeous appearance!

When Linghu Ziche saw Zongzheng Shaoqing's blushing face, he felt a little uncomfortable. Then, when he frowned and saw Zongzheng Shaoqing's bloody nose, he probably guessed what was looking at.

Therefore, his handsome face darkened as he urged, "Hurry up and bring your junior sister away!"

Only after Zongzheng Shaoqing wiped off the blood from his nose and carried Shen Qinghan away, did he calm down.

"What did you say to my Third Junior Brother just now?" He was damn curious.

"Nothing!" I just told you a few things about how to deal with that little junior girl of yours who was infatuated with you. That's all! " Feng Zhiyao raised her hand and gently lifted the hair in front of her chest.

Then, she instructed Zi Yun, "The sun is setting, Zi Yun, let's return to the residence!"

"You're not allowed to leave now. I have something to ask you." Glimmers danced in Linghu Ziche's eyes, so he called out to her.

"Zi Yun, wait for me in the carriage!" Feng Zhiyao instructed Zi Yun.

Zi Yun went to the carriage to wait for her, leaving Feng Zhiyao and Linghu Ziche staring at each other.

"What did you want to say by stopping me?" Feng Zhiyao asked. She had to get into the carriage to get rid of a pile of acne on her face.

"In the future, don't say anything to my third junior brother that will make him blush." He's very simple! " Linghu Ziche said something that made Feng Zhiyao spit blood.

Zongzheng Shaoqing was the second prince of the Xi Liang Kingdom.

"Are you done?" Feng Zhiyao's lips twitched as she asked.

"Is something on your face?" Linghu Ziche lifted his hand and gently touched her bumpy cheeks.

"No …." "Don't talk nonsense!" Of course, Feng Zhiyao would not admit it no matter what.

"If that's the case, then we have to deal with it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it would be unsightly to leave behind scars. If you can't get married in the future, don't blame me for not reminding you!" Linghu Ziche looked at her in ridicule.

"What?" Does it leave scars? " At first, Feng Zhiyao was a little afraid, but when she thought about it, this was just an exaggeration. She remembered that after she had been reborn, her body seemed to have recovery abilities.

"That's right. Do you want me to help you deal with the beans on your face?" Linghu Ziche raised the bottle in his hand, who knows when he took it out!

"There's no need, I won't trouble you any longer. I'll be taking my leave!" Feng Zhiyao once again looked up at the sky and rejected.

Linghu Ziche suddenly took a step forward, blocking her way, "Tomorrow morning, Third Junior Brother, Junior Sister and I will leave the Xian Yang, and tomorrow … Would you like to see me off at the Ten Li Pavilion tomorrow? "

He walked so fast! Of course, she had to come and send them off on their way. She had to make some "gifts" for Shen Qinghan that night at night.

"Okay, this time you are here specifically because of my illness, so of course I will go to the Ten Li Pavilion to send you off." Feng Zhiyao slightly smiled, the fragrance of the nearby peach blossoms assaulted his nostrils, and the fragrance of her sleeves permeated the air.

"Alright, be careful on your way back." Linghu Ziche's gaze landed on Feng Zhiyao's body. As the sun was setting in the west, the entire world was dyed in the orange color of sunset, and the multicolored light enveloping her body was extremely dazzling. When his gaze slid into her eyes, he was unable to shift his gaze away.

Just what kind of woman was she? He should have clearly hated her! Furthermore, when she used those methods on his junior sister, he didn't even have the slightest intention to blame her. He even felt that what she did was the right thing to do!

As he watched her carriage ride away, he suddenly felt that he wished to see her at the Ten Mile Pavilion as soon as possible tomorrow.

However, what was wrong with his mood? Why couldn't he make sense of it?

The shadow of the carriage became smaller and smaller, turning into a black dot before disappearing.</blockquote>

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