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<blockquote>Chapter 81 part3

"Eldest Martial Brother, did that lady leave?" Zongzheng Shaoqing asked.

Linghu Ziche suddenly heard Zongzheng Shaoqing's voice and suddenly turned around, "Is junior sister asleep yet?"

"Well, she was tired today. Sleep is good!" Zongzheng Shaoqing looked down at the sword at his waist, the purple tassels flying around, he toyed with the tassels for a bit, and then said indifferently.

"Wake her up in the morning. It just so happens that she woke up and we left Xian Yang together, returning to Pill King Valley! " Linghu Ziche only felt that he had to return to Pill King Valley in order to sort out his complicated emotions.

"Big Senior, wasn't that girl your fiancee just now? I remember you saying last time, why is it that Wen Xingyuan didn't want her again? What exactly happened between the three of you? " Zongzheng Shaoqing asked suspiciously.

"The girl that Wen Xingyuan took away at the Blue Festival's banquet is his beloved. As for what Miss Feng was thinking just now, I cannot say!" Linghu Ziche said in a cold voice. He didn't know why he didn't want to admit that he was actually a little jealous that Wen Xingyuan had such a beautiful and intelligent fiancee. At the moment, he had only answered Zongzheng Shaoqing.

"Eldest Senior Brother, do you feel that this Miss Feng has a body similar to that of Miss Qu?" Zongzheng Shaoqing remembered that he saw her huge and enchanting 36D cup, so he once again said this with a flushed face. It was because the naked dance in the water the other day by Miss Qu had shocked him greatly, and at that moment, all he could think of was Lady Qu's 36D cup.

"Are they similar? Impossible? Their appearances and bodies are completely opposite from each other! " Linghu Ziche was unable to link Feng Zhiyao and Miss Qu no matter what, so he lightly shook his head to reject Zongzheng Shaoqing's guess!

"Oh." Zongzheng Shaoqing nodded, but he still insisted on this idea in his heart. Suddenly, he felt that he was a little crazy, he obviously liked to make things difficult for the cute little Junior Sister, why did he suddenly care about other girls before?

"Third Junior Brother, I know you have liked the Junior Sister for a long time. Take good care of her in the future!" If you bully her, I won't hold back. " Good, his junior was his master's only daughter. That was why Linghu Ziche was warning Zongzheng Shaoqing like this.

"Alright, I will!" Zongzheng Shaoqing nodded his head and agreed. Yes, he had liked the little junior sister for a long time, but the junior sister had always kept on fighting with the senior brother, and had never had any feelings for him nor any feelings for him, he was also very depressed at times, he was from the imperial family, had a family, had a home car, first-rate character, and was a popular candidate for husband for a young noble girl. However, the junior sister completely disregarded his infatuation.

"That's good. Let's have a drink together at the inn!" Linghu Ziche left first and walked towards the Feng Yun Hotel.

Zongzheng Shaoqing looked at the dazzling peach blossoms on the side of the road, and couldn't help but recall that beautiful and moving little face once again. He shook his head, and told himself that he liked his junior sister. The other women step aside!

"Third Junior Brother, what are you waiting for?" If you don't want to drink it, I'll drink it all! " It was Linghu Ziche's playful voice, calling him with the Thousand Mile Sound Transmission Technique.

Zongzheng Shaoqing stretched and twisted his neck, doing some mental research before finally touching the ground with his toes and flying towards Feng Yun Hotel.

… ….

Feng Zhilin had been arranged to live in the Juhua Palace.

The Juhua Palace was a small palace in the imperial harem. It was a very small and quiet place located in the southwest corner of the Jade Forest Garden. It was a two-way courtyard.

After passing through a wide and empty courtyard, she arrived at the main hall, Chenxin Hall, which had a small garden behind it.

On both sides were service halls, and on the south was Shaohua Pavilion, where Imperial Consort Huang lived during the summer.

The front porch of the main hall and the two side halls connected with the back porch of Shaohua Pavilion to form a courtyard, similar to the courtyard in Beijing.

In front of the Chenxin Hall were two giant saffron trees. They bore a plethora of orange-yellow fruits, which were especially alluring along with the verdant leaves.

Within the courtyard, the osmanthus and cherry blossoms shone on each other, blooming and flourishing. Clusters of golden flowers interweaved between the leaves, either white and pure, or pink and young, filled with a fragrant.

Seeing it from afar, she felt intoxicated and relaxed.

But after Feng Zhilin looked at the courtyard for a while, she felt angry. The Imperial Concubine Duan had actually arranged such a small courtyard for him.

No, she wouldn't be discouraged. When the Emperor summons her to sleep, she'll try her best to please the Emperor and allow herself to be promoted to a consort! Right now, she, a small Noble Madame, could only live in such a small courtyard. Although the scenery was not bad, it was still far from the house she imagined.

"Young master, this is the house that you live in. Please follow this servant to the Guanju Palace's Queen to show your gratitude!" She was Nanny Rong, the one sent over by the Imperial Concubine Duan to serve Feng Zhilin.

What? She had to thank the old woman for living in such a small house that was like a sparrow's house!

However, she had to go. Her current level was several levels lower than hers.

"Hibiscus, the rainbow sparrow, quickly get the young master changed." Nanny Rong said as she swept a glance at the two girls behind Feng Zhilin.

Feng Zhilin was so angry that she actually ran away, leaving her with only Zhu'er to trust.

However, no matter how vexed she was, she still had to follow the rules of the imperial harem!

Feng Zhilin closed her eyes. She encouraged herself, if she wanted to clear a bloody path in the palace, she had to use her own scheming. So she had to endure it! Persistence was victory!

Only then did Feng Zhilin get supported to change her clothes, when rewards from the various palace maids arrived.

Zhu'er and Caique opened one of the large boxes. The box was filled with gold, silver, and silks.

Caique was a palace maid. Once it saw that the box belonged to Changchun Palace's Concubine Xian, it spoke up. "Congratulations, young master. This is a reward from Master Xian!"

Zhu'er also happily said, "Congratulations, Third Young Miss."

Unexpectedly, just as she finished speaking, Nanny Rong coldly reprimanded her, "There is no Third Miss here, there is only Noble Madame Lin. You must call her Little Mistress from now on!"

Zhu'er nodded her head, thinking, "The palace is so troublesome!"

When Feng Zhilin saw Zhu'er hanging her head, she sighed in her heart. In the future, she had to be careful!

Then she glanced at the rewards and smiled as the inmate carried them into the warehouse to register them. Then, she followed Nanny Rong to Guanju Palace to express her gratitude.

It was just that along the way, she felt a little apprehensive. She wondered if the old lady from Guanju Palace would cause trouble for her.

… ….

Feng Zhiyao sat on the horse carriage, then used the medicine soaked brocade handkerchief to wipe her face, restoring her smooth, snow-white face.

Then, she and Zi Yun returned to the Prime Minister's Mansion together.

After dinner, she heard from Hong Mi that Bai Wanting had already come out of Cold Fall Yard and even called her over to lecture.

"Hong Mi, what did the Aunt Bai of the Emerald Bamboo Pavilion say to you? "Why are you so upset all night?" Feng Zhiyao asked as she held an embroidery titan and drew an embroidered pattern.

Bai Wanting had been brought down, and had finally become the legal wife, but now she had become a concubine. In other words, she was still a concubine!

"Reporting to Eldest Miss, Aunt Bai wants me to go serve her. She says that I'm smart and nimble, and that if I don't agree, she'll send people to deal with my sister, Hongxi." Hong Mi was conflicted for a very long time. Finally, under Feng Zhiyao's questioning, she spoke out.

"Then do you want to serve at the Emerald Bamboo Pavilion?" Feng Zhiyao asked.

Hong Mi naturally shook her head.

"Go, now that her daughter is the Emperor's Noble Madame, I'll just give her some face!" Hong Mi, she will take the initiative to send you back before long! However, after you have passed away, if your heart is still with me, this lady will naturally take care of your sister Hongxi! " Feng Zhiyao said unhurriedly. She had played thirty-six tricks with her, what she, Meixi, did not lack the least was planning!

"Eldest Miss, this servant only wants to serve you, not go over." Hong Mi clenched her teeth, who amongst the servants at home did not know the methods of the Prime Minister's Mansion's direct daughter!

"Hong Mi, go! "You can take the silver from here, which means you can take double of it!" Feng Zhiyao pursed his lips and sneered. She was already moved, let that stupid woman, Bai Wanting, worry about him.

She was very lazy!

"Understood, Eldest Miss!" A trace of happiness flashed across Hong Mi's downcast eyes. It was always better to wait upon the mother of the Noble Madame than serve a girl who had no future.

"Alright, you can go now!" Feng Zhiyao waved and laughed, but her smile was not in the bottom of her eyes.

Hong Mi bowed and left.

Zi Yun frowned and asked, "Young miss, what are you doing? "Your servant worked so hard, but you only gave her a portion of silver. She's just a little girl who has met the heavens, yet you actually promised her two pieces of silver!?"

"Zi Yun, don't tell me you're not holding two portions of silver? I remember that if you can get one of mine, you should have one of your own as well, right? " Feng Zhiyao's smile slowly faded as she asked.

"This... Young miss, you are too treacherous! " Zi Yun stuck out her tongue, she would rather serve the old man with an uncertain personality than serve the vicious and scheming young miss, Feng Zhiyao.

Tch, I can't compare to the cunning master behind you, to actually have the ability to make you replace Zi Yun who served me previously? I didn't know that at the beginning! " Feng Zhiyao sighed.

"First Miss, this I forgive Zi Yun for not being able to answer you!" Zi Yun lowered her head and started to help her thread the various needles.

"Can you arrange it? I want to see the master behind you! " Feng Zhiyao felt that she had always been in a bright spot, while that person had always been in the dark.

"This is not something that I can arrange!" Zi Yun raised her head and gently shook her head at Feng Zhiyao.

"Ai, your master is a coward. He definitely won't dare to see me!" Feng Zhiyao said with dissatisfaction.

When she said that, the corner of Zi Yun's lips twitched. "I wonder if I will be angered to the point of spitting blood after hearing these words?"

"Yao'er, are you saying that no one dares to meet you?" As soon as the voice fell, a tall and handsome figure jumped through the window and entered the room.</blockquote>

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