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<blockquote>Chapter 82 part1

"It's you!" Feng Zhiyao was a little stunned, she did not expect Situ Yelei to come to the Begonia Garden at this hour.

Zi Yun was also shocked, why would Head of Situ Family appear in the young miss' room at this time?

"Zi Yun, go to the ear room and rest first. I have something to discuss with Head of Situ Family alone." Feng Zhiyao sighed, she had thought that he would never come to Begonia Garden again, but he seemed to be very happy today.

"Yes, young miss. This servant will take her leave." Zi Yun hurriedly packed up the embroidery struts and thread before turning around and leaving with a smile. He even carefully closed the door for them.

"Yao'er, you personal girl, be careful. The moment you saw me, you knew that you had taken the initiative to cover the door for us." Situ Yelei laughed and teased.

However, seeing that he was dressed in a black night attire that wrapped around his tall body, his lips rippling out into a smile, and his slightly naughty smile, Feng Zhiyao could only helplessly shrug her shoulders.

"Yelei, you came to find me at this time of the day? Aren't you afraid that my father will find out? " Feng Zhiyao smiled as she poured him a cup of fruit tea.

I'm not afraid, I came to visit my own wife, there's nothing to be afraid of, what's more, if your father finds out, I would be more at ease, at worst, I would just tell him, we already have a flesh and blood relationship, I will definitely marry you, Xuanyuan Lingxi, that little girl, I will definitely not marry, I am more or less prepared for this, tomorrow I will find the emperor and ask him to break the engagement. Situ Yelei passionately said as he gulped down the fruit tea in his mouth.

"Oh yeah, the taste of your tea is really good. It's kind of like the taste of a peach." Situ Yelei's eyes flashed, he lowered his eyes to look at the clear liquid in the white jade cup, and said.

"It's fruit tea made from peach buns. It's delicious, isn't it?" Feng Zhiyao smiled, and then she asked, "Then, if you directly go to the Emperor to end the engagement, isn't it too dangerous? As the ancients have said, accompanying a monarch is like accompanying a tiger. What if the emperor is unhappy and the emperor jails you into prison? "

This was also a very realistic question. She didn't want Situ Yelei to lose his beautiful future because of her.

"Don't worry, if you really can only let me be with you because you've lost everything, then I'm willing too. I only want to marry you once in my life, and if I really have nothing, then we can go live on the outskirts of the city. That's where my private property is, in short, where I can't starve my wife and my children to death!"

Situ Yelei walked in front of Feng Zhiyao and hugged her, lowering his eyes to look at her abdomen, as he thought that there might already be a life force that belonged to him and Yao'er, and so he said those words affectionately.

"What about your mother and your people?" Feng Zhiyao worriedly asked.

"The emperor isn't that stupid. After all, our Situ Family has existed for five hundred years, and it's not something he can destroy in a single night!" Situ Yelei stretched out his long and slender jade-like finger and lightly poked her nose as he ridiculed.

"Alright, since you are so confident, I won't stop you either! Or even if I didn't appear, it would be impossible for you and Xuanyuan Lingxi to get married! " Feng Zhiyao's clear eyes were looking forward and she was not moving at all as she stared at his pair of black eyes that were as bright as the stars.

"Yao'er, why are you guessing this way?" Situ Yelei was shocked. She had guessed right, he should have hidden it extremely well.

"Because you are a man who does not want to be bound by anything! Naturally, that includes women! " That was why she was smart enough to maintain a close relationship with him. She had just caused this man to worry about her.

Thinking up to here, Feng Zhiyao's red lips slightly moved, she was in an extremely good mood.

Although Xuanyuan Lingxi hated it, but in ancient times, if a girl was to be annulled, then her influence would be very bad.

"Can you let her take the initiative to end the engagement? After all, she was from a daughter's family. If the marriage was annulled by someone, it would be difficult for her to raise her head due to all the rumors and rumors. If it was a woman who first proposed to end the engagement, it would be different! "

Feng Zhiyao frowned, she remembered the original owner of her body. Wasn't it because she couldn't bear the pressure and ended her life with just a belt?

"Yes, I just want the royal family to break off the engagement. I don't care if my face will be damaged or not." Even if I wasn't with you, I would have definitely thought of a way to break the engagement with Xuanyuan Lingxi. I have already thought of a method long ago. Right, do you still remember the son of Great General Wei Yuan, Nangong Rushui? "

Suddenly, Situ Yelei drank a mouthful of fruit tea and explained everything in detail.

Sh * t, she's not the real Feng Zhiyao, how would she know?

So she decided to play dumb.

"Nangong Rushui? What happened to him? " Feng Zhiyao continued to add the fresh fruit tea for her, and asked with a sweet smile.

"Nan Gong Rushui is my good friend, he has liked Xuanyuan Lingxi for a long time. Roughly when he was eleven years old, he fell for Xuanyuan Lingxi. At that time, Xuanyuan Lingxi was still young and did not understand. Afterwards, they were both bestowed with an imperial edict and the emperor tied us together. However, after I told him about my worries a few days ago, he decided to help himself and us, so it could be counted as you and me. He prepared to marry Xuanyuan Lingxi off to him when he and I dissolved the engagement, and he wanted to take Xuanyuan Lingxi as his wife. "

Situ Yelei thought of his good friend, Nangong Ruoshui's infatuation, and laughed at himself. Previously, he thought Ruoshui was a fool, but in reality, he was also a fool who had fallen in love with Yao'er!

"What an infatuated man!" Feng Zhiyao sighed, but this was good too, at least Situ Yelei would not offend the imperial family because of the marriage annulment.

"Yao'er, am I not infatuated with you?" Situ Yelei raised his eyebrows, he cared a lot about how Yao'er answered him.

"You must be in love! You, a rapist! "Haha —" Damn, in the middle of the night, I learned how to pick flowers like a thief, and how to find beautiful women in their rooms! Feng Zhiyao said as she continuously giggled, laughing until her stomach hurt.

"Yao'er, don't laugh anymore! If you laugh again, I'll strip you naked and eat you! " Situ Yelei rubbed his nose and glared at her. He was not sleeping at night, he had toiled so much to fly away, what was the point of exploring? Wasn't it all for the sake of nurturing her feelings and the familiarity of her body?

"Heh heh... Yelei, you are cute sometimes! That's right, what is the identity of that Ruo Shui now, is she compatible with Xuanyuan Lingxi? " Feng Zhiyao asked.

"He's also a general now, but his level isn't too high. I'm a bit worried that Lingxi's Mother would look down on Ruo Shui." Situ Yelei frowned when he thought of this.

"Yelei, you are so stupid, we can help your good friend Ruo Shui wrap it up! If you were to beat him into a perfect son-in-law, would Imperial Concubine Duan cry and shout that he wanted to marry Xuanyuan Lingxi to that good friend of yours, Ruishui? Right, how is your friend like? "Don't think that it's just a bad apple, no matter how much it's packaged, it's useless!" Feng Zhiyao thought of the problem she was most concerned about, and so she asked hurriedly. She looked at Situ Yelei with shining eyes, and didn't let him off the slightest bit.

"He looks very... Looks good... Putting aside the fact that it was like a jade tree swaying in the wind, his bearing was also extraordinary … "Yes, it's like this." Situ Yelei placed his fist against his exquisite lower jaw as he thought to himself, and thought of the most suitable adjective.

"As long as you look good, it's fine. But you must let Xuanyuan Lingxi have a weaker impression of you. Feng Zhiyao nodded and smiled as he instructed.

Yao'er, let's not talk about them anymore, let's talk about our matter instead! Situ Yelei laughed sinisterly as his burning gaze fell on her 36D breasts.

"You … Why are you looking at me like that for? " The corner of Feng Zhiyao's mouth twitched. She had just been diagnosed as being excessively indulgent by Linghu Ziche today, so she didn't dare to do any more intense piston movements.

"Yao'er, the day for us to be together is soon, once that damned engagement is annulled, I will definitely bring the best and most expensive betrothal gift to escort you into the sect, what do you think?" As Situ Yelei spoke, he breathed in and out next to Feng Zhiyao's ears like an orchid, and breathed out strands after strands of hot air.

"This is bad!" I don't want to get married that early! " Hearing this, Feng Zhiyao's face darkened, why must we marry her!

"If you don't marry me, who do you want to marry? Do you want to marry the killer? With a house, car, and no car, can a Spirit Serpent Sword be used as food? " Situ Yelei thought of how Ye Weiyang's outfit made him puke blood. He, the dignified patriarch of the Second Family of the Nan Shao had actually fallen to the kind of situation where he stole a woman from an assassin, creating a new world! This was so infuriating!

"Spirit Serpent Sword cannot be used as food, but it can kill people without seeing their blood!" Feng Zhiyao slapped away the slender hand he was about to embrace her with, and retorted coldly.

"Yao'er, he's your first man, is that true?" Situ Yelei frowned a little, and in the end, he still couldn't help but ask.

"It's true!" Are you satisfied with this answer? " Feng Zhiyao had exceeded his expectations and actually nodded in agreement.

"Then... Then me and his. That. Who's the bigger one? "A bit thicker?" As Situ Yelei said this, his handsome face strangely flushed red.

Unexpectedly, Feng Zhiyao laughed sinisterly, "Hehe, I'm not telling you!" What can you do to me?

Situ Yelei raised a hand to stroke her hair, lowering his head and giving her a gentle kiss.

At this moment, the moonlight was clear and a sliver of it spread across the horizon. The dark-green vines on the windowsill gently tilted downwards, as soft jade-like buds were twirled.

"Yao'er, I finally got to know how the person is compared to Hua Jiao!" Situ Yelei's arm tightened, locking her into his embrace.

"Praise? "Then I'll take it." Feng Zhiyao laughed sweetly, looking at his handsome face, she raised her hand and pinched his cheeks, her attitude extremely intimate, but Situ Yelei liked it.

"Yao'er, were you the one dancing nude the other day?" Situ Yelei suddenly asked.

"How is this possible?" Of course, Feng Zhiyao would not admit it no matter what.

"Yao'er, I hope that the woman is not you. It's not because she has performed a world shocking dance, but because I don't want anyone to rob you together with me." Situ Yelei's eyes flashed, and said.

Ah, unfortunately, that woman was her! Feng Zhiyao heaved a sigh of relief, she would just hang there, but it would not be for long, they were all cunning to death, sooner or later, they would find her and settle the score!

However, no matter what, thirty-six strategies were the best course of action!

"It's not me." Feng Zhiyao spoke with a voice as clear as a spring, revealing her tender red lips.

That numbing and moving voice stirred with boiling hot lust. Originally, when he had embraced her slim figure, he had felt too uncomfortable.

"Yao'er, I'm not going back." He whispered into her ear and picked her up. He quickly walked into the room and closed the door behind him with a wave of his palm.

He took off his clothes of his own accord, only to see that at this moment, his black hair was like a waterfall, his skin was snow-white, his slender body had a perfect ratio, and his physique was distinct.

Her sweet as rain white lotus, light as an orchid in a valley, while her charming appearance was like a deadly poppy. The temptation of 36D made it hard for him to control his emotions —

"Situ Yelei! I don't want it, I don't want it! Don't take off my clothes! "

"Yao'er, I haven't been in love with you for a few days. I miss you to death!"

"Scram, don't!"

"You're so beautiful, I really want to kiss you everywhere …"

"Don't... Ah... Hmm... "Pain …"

"Yao'er, I love you …"

Pieces of clothing were scattered on the ground, including chests, underpants, underpants, black clothing, and all sorts of other things. The wind blew the butterfly orchids on the windowsill, and a faint fragrance mixed with the ambiguous atmosphere circulated in the room.


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