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<blockquote>Chapter 82 part2

Inside the Moon Pavilion, King of Qi's Mansion.

"Second Miss, Beitang Zixuan is about to become the Duke's main wife." As Feng Zhiqiong's personal little servant, Caihong cautiously asked.

"I never thought that she would be the one to get the position of the King of Qi's first wife!" Feng Zhiqiong's eyes were sinister as she angrily smashed the cup with her hand.

"Second Miss, so what if you're the main wife? Isn't it so? The one King of Qi Highness loves the most is you?" When Caihong saw that she was angry, she immediately smiled apologetically and flattered her.

"Wrong, Caihong. He has never loved me in his heart. I think he loves himself the most!" Feng Zhiqiong touched her abdomen. She had seen her happiness many times before, but failed to have a son, so she went to a doctor in private, only to receive an answer that made her hate him for life. She would never be able to give birth to her own child!

She had thought that it might be Feng Zhiyao who bribed the imperial physician, but she had begged her cousin to find out, so it wasn't Feng Zhiyao who caused her to lose her fertility, it was her beloved person who didn't give her the chance to bear his son!

Especially in these past few days, he hadn't come to her Moon Pavilion for a long time, which made her a little disappointed.

She had always thought that the woman he loved most was her. It seemed that she had overestimated herself.

"Caihong, did you hear anything?" Feng Zhiqiong only felt that there seemed to be some rustling sound next to her ear.

"No …. No …. I … I didn't hear it …" Caihong listened carefully, as if there was a little sound, but she forced herself to calm down.

"Ah — —" Feng Zhiqiong turned around slightly, and saw that dead snakes were hung all over the wall, and there was even a thick deer whip hanging right in the middle of them!

"Second Miss, these things are so disgusting! Woo woo …" After all, Caihong was still young, she was actually scared to the point of crying.

Hurry up and send someone to call King of Qi Highness over to take a look. Let him also send someone to investigate, to see which shameless woman actually sent someone to do such a disgusting thing! Feng Zhiqiong was so frightened that she retreated step by step towards the door. She didn't dare to look at the disgusting and bloody thing on the wall. She closed her eyes and tried her best to remain calm as she commanded coldly.

"Second Miss... "Servant …" This servant will immediately … " Caihong quickly pushed open the door and quickly ran out.

Rainbow asked the butler, and found out that King of Qi Highness had gone to the Butterfly Garden to stay the night.

Caihong Rainbow did not dare to delay her and immediately ran to the Butterfly Garden. However, the girl at the door coldly looked at her and said, "It's fine if you want me to go in and report. Bring me some silver."

Caihong had no choice but to take out some crushed silver and give it to the girl. She thought better of it, once Second Miss made her mark, her silver would naturally come back.

Just a simple message the little girl brought back caused Caihong to be angered to the point of spitting blood. The King of Qi Highness actually did not care and only said that it was a small matter.

When Feng Zhiqiong heard King of Qi Xuanyuan Haofei's reply, she became extremely angry. Did he really think that she was easy to bully?

Okay, she was currently good as his secondary wife, and that was also the emperor's personal title. Her father was good as the prime minister, yet Xuanyuan Haofei treated her like that.

"Caiyun, take a bag and put this thick deer whip in a bag. I don't believe that King of Qi Highness still has the mood to fool around with a fox spirit from a brothel after seeing this!"

Feng Zhiqiong's eyes were scarlet red, her tears were speckling as she bit her lips and ordered, her tone sounding extremely serious!

"Second Miss, this servant … Servant … I dare not …" When Caihong saw those disgusting things, she was scared out of her wits.

"Even if you don't dare, you must at least dare to float in the vast ocean! Don't you want to stay with me anymore? Hm? Don't think that I don't know about you using your power to bully others! Go, do it properly for me! Otherwise, if I am unhappy, I will betroth you to the housekeeper's silly son! "Humph!"

Feng Zhiqiong frowned. Damn, she couldn't even handle a little girl, what was she doing as the secondary wife of the King of Qi? How would she be able to fight with Beitang Zixuan in the future!

To think that she thought Beitang Zixuan was a good sister and had resorted to such a crafty scheme to steal Feng Zhiqiong's man! Only, Feng Zhiqiong had forgotten whose man she stole before!

"Yes …" It was … Second Miss, your servant understands. Your servant will do it right away! " Caihong smiled in embarrassment. She was actually scared to death, but when she thought of the foolish son of the butler of King of Qi's residence, she couldn't help but shiver. However, she still had to do it.

Caihong shook her small hands and placed the disgusting deer whip back into the cloth bag before following Feng Zhiqiong. As she walked step by step, she finally arrived at the gate of the Butterfly Butterfly Courtyard.

"Go inside and report! Tell them that this side's Concubine has arrived!" Feng Zhiqiong covered her nose with the handkerchief, that thing was too smelly.

"King of Qi Highness is with my Lady Butterfly. It doesn't seem like a good idea for this servant to go and report this!" said the girl, annoyed by the coarseness of the gatekeeper. What's the matter with the concubine? King of Qi Highness was not their most favorite wife yet!

"What did you say?" Feng Zhiqiong was furious. Was a little brat giving her face just because she wasn't favoured recently? No, she wanted to rise!

"Esteemed imperial concubine Feng, my wife is currently attending her bed. If you go now, it won't be too convenient!" Since this girl had received benefits from Lady Butterfly, her heart naturally belonged to Lady Butterfly!

What? Sleep? It's not convenient!

"Caihong, slap!" Feng Zhiqiong could no longer hold it back, the flames in her body rushed to the door of her brain, and coldly ordered.

"Yes, master!" In front of outsiders, Caihong called out to her master, and with that, she swiftly rushed to the girl and slapped her more than ten times.

"Someone, come! Esteemed wangfei thinks too highly of her life. She wants to beat this servant to death …" The coarse lass shouted loudly, but she only shouted half a sentence before a cloth was stuffed into her mouth by Feng Zhiqiong with a wave of her hand.

"Mistress?" Caihong was shocked by Feng Zhiqiong's actions.

"What is there to be so surprised about? This kind of lowly girl, her death is not worthy of lament!" Feng Zhiqiong pouted. When she was in her good times before, there were so many people who came to flatter her, but now that he had been away from Moon Pavilion for a few days already, did they really think that she lost?

"What's there to look at? Let's go!" Feng Zhiqiong looked at the pitch-black night sky and urged Caihong on.

Caihong looked at Feng Zhiqiong's back, and only felt that her entire body was cold, and that her hands and feet were cold.

Entering the Butterfly Garden, they didn't see any of the servant girls. They probably knew that the King of Qi Highness was fond of their wife, so they tactfully left.

In the silent night, Feng Zhiqiong could clearly hear the wide and delicate voices of men and women inside.

However, her heart ached as she listened. This was the man she wholeheartedly wanted to follow. She didn't even hesitate to force her to her death. She even willingly gave her the body of a virgin!

Tears blurred her eyes!

She had always known that Xuanyuan Haofei had many women, and she had never dreamed of having a couple in her entire life. However, when the two were so sweet, she could not help but look forward to him being together with other women, and the one she loved in her heart was still her, Feng Zhiqiong. It was just that she was wrong, she was wrong, she was wrong, all her youth, she had waited so many years for in front of these lustful voices, and it was simply laughable.

So the one at fault was herself! She was too self-righteous!

No, it's not like that! He loved her!

No, she wanted to prove that he loved her!

With a gloomy face, she took the deerwhip bag from Caihong in her hand!

Step by step, she walked forward, one step at a time, until she reached the door where he and she were having fun together.

"Your highness, I still want more …"

"Little demoness, you're so tight …" This King feels so comfortable... "

Her tears couldn't help but fall as her steps became as heavy as gold. Her heart felt as though it was being pressed down by a mountain, and the pain made it hard for her to breathe.

The wind blew past her, blowing her messy hair. The moonlight shone down onto her pale face, contrasting with her beautiful face that looked like a Mandala in the wind, making her seem even more devilish.


With all her might, she ruthlessly kicked open the red lacquered wooden door. The moonlight poured in, shining on the messy bed inside. A man and a woman snaked around like two snakes.

"Qiong'er?" Xuanyuan Haofei was surprised, what was Feng Zhiqiong doing here when he was lhaving fun with the beautiful woman? Didn't he tell her to take care of the matter herself?

Feng Zhiqiong laughed coldly, and threw the Deer Whip that was in the sack onto her bed along with him!

Immediately, Xuanyuan Haofei withered, because his lust was gone!

Yes, how would you feel if you were thrown a bloody deer whip and a strip of cloth in the midst of your high passion!

A hint of bloodlust flashed across Xuanyuan Haofei's dark and handsome face. He reached out to push away the beautiful woman on his body, and immediately put on his pants as he coldly reprimanded her.

"Qiong'er, do you know what you're doing?" Seeing that she was Su Muyan's direct cousin, he admitted that he was unlucky, but she could avoid death, and hard to escape from punishment!

"Big brother Hao, you've violated your oath to me!" Feng Zhiqiong's eyes were filled with tears as she looked at him pitifully.

When Madame Butterfly, who was at the side, saw that Feng Siniang had come to her courtyard to cause trouble, she was naturally furious in her heart. Thus, she immediately threw herself into Xuanyuan Haofei's embrace, crying and crying.

"Your Highness, Imperial Concubine Feng is doing this on purpose. "You said it already. Tonight, all of your time is mine, wuuuuu …." Mrs. Butterfly came from a brothel. She knew that Allure and Chu Lian could coexist together, so she cried perfectly right now. Her weeping sounds were like a stream splashing against a rock, making it even more beautiful!

Mrs. Butterfly's crying made Xuanyuan Haofei's heart soften. He had spent a huge sum of money to buy Mrs. Butterfly back from the brothel with great difficulty, but he had not had the time to properly savor her tears.

"Qiong'er, apologize!" Xuanyuan Haofei hugged Mrs Butterfly tightly, the gentleness in his eyes was really annoying.

"No, how can I, a secondary wife, apologize to my concubine? Hmph!" Feng Zhiqiong had never thought that Xuanyuan Haofei could be so indiscriminate with his words. Did he really forget about the power that she represented? Or had he wiped out all their friendship?

"My prince, there's no need for big sister secondary concubine to apologize to this servant. This servant's identity is low, it's not worth it!" "Wuu wuu, your highness, as long as you love me, it's fine." Mrs. Die saw Feng Zhiqiong's expression that made her so angry that she wanted to strip her hair off. She was very pleased in her heart, that kind of woman could only be a side concubine, one that could not even catch a man's heart, she was so stupid!

Lady Butterfly's move of retreating to advancing actually made Xuanyuan Haofei have a whole new level of respect for her. He felt that not only was this woman extremely intelligent, she was also very understanding, and he wondered how many times better she was than Feng Zhiqiong.

Therefore, he said in a pitying manner, "Let's go. I'll bring you to the pool. We'll continue with the wonderful thing that happened just now!"

When Mrs. Butterfly heard this, she was overjoyed. The washing pool was a good place, and the water inside was warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Therefore, she blushed and said tenderly, "I will prepare a change of clothes."

"You'll look the best if you don't wear it, haha …" How could Xuanyuan Haofei allow her to prepare any kind of clothes, he only carried her and quickly swept past Feng Zhiqiong's side. Without even looking at Feng Zhiqiong once, he carried the other woman and left right under her nose.

Caihong looked at Feng Zhiqiong who was stunned on the spot, secretly afraid, who knows how Feng Zhiqiong will cause a ruckus later.

"Caihong, prepare the carriage, I want to make a trip to Prime Minister's Mansion now!" Feng Zhiqiong gritted her teeth until they creaked.

"Is it now?" It's already very late?

"Yes, now is the time!" Feng Zhiqiong closed her eyes. She was her father's daughter after all, and she hoped to be able to receive help.</blockquote>

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