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<blockquote>Chapter 83 part1

Wen Xingyuan said, "those blue and purple kiss marks don't seem like they were left by me a few days ago!"

After hearing what she said, Feng Zhiyao's clear eyes drooped, her heart was in turmoil, her clothes were already wet, but now they were more like a jade white lotus standing in the water, beautiful and elegant, she unhurriedly wrung her clothes, then raised her eyebrows and smiled, "What do you want to ask?"

"You — is there another man besides me!" Wen Xingyuan never thought that she would still be able to smile at such a time.

Feng Zhiyao yawned lazily, her eyes closed, allowing Wen Xingyuan to vent his anger.

"Whatever, don't wear wet clothes. Wear my robe first." Although Wen Xingyuan felt pain in his heart, he couldn't bear to speak of her as her body was completely drenched. After all, she was the only woman that tempted his heart in his entire life.

Perhaps she was the only one who could make him endure it again and again!

"Thank you." Feng Zhiyao did not hesitate and immediately opened her eyes, took it, and draped it over her shoulders.

"Yao'er, why are you so courteous with me?" Wen Xingyuan leaned in front of Feng Zhiyao with his handsome face, bent his head, and said lightly.

"Yao'er, do you hate me?" When Wen Xingyuan thought of this, he became extremely worried.

"No, you think too much." Feng Zhiyao lifted the curtain of the carriage, and it seemed that the rain had stopped.

"That's good. That's right, Yao'er, I will send you straight back to the Prime Minister's Mansion, I just so happen to want to talk to your father about some things related to us. " Wen Xingyuan reached out his large hand and wrapped around her small hand as he softly asked.

"No …" I won't be going back to Prime Minister's Mansion for now. I want to make a trip to Quhe House. " Feng Zhiyao shook her head, thinking, what else can he discuss with Father Feng? It was most likely something like sending her to Wen Family in a bag!

"Oh right, Yao'er, what is your relationship with the Quhe House? How did you become the young miss of Quhe House? " Wen Xingyuan asked curiously.

"What a coincidence!" Feng Zhiyao only said these four words, she did not want to talk about the relationship between her and the Quhe House.

"Yao'er, your words are getting more and more mysterious. I really don't understand you." After he finished speaking, Wen Xingyuan sighed, his gaze was fixated on her butterfly collarbone.

"It's better to remain mysterious. Don't you like me like this?" Feng Zhiyao suddenly smiled charmingly, making Wen Xingyuan feel like she was a beauty who had the power to topple nations.

"I like it, I like it, as long as it's Yao'er, I like it too!" The tenderness in Wen Xingyuan's eyes was not fake.

"Alright, you said it. I want to sleep now." As soon as Feng Zhiyao finished speaking, he leaned against Wen Xingyuan's chest and fell into a deep sleep. The rolling white pigeons caused Wen Xingyuan's handsome face to redden, and he once again thought of that night at the side of the Spring Festival Gala where the two of them struggled to survive.

Feng Zhiyao was really too tired, to think that she would actually sleep until night.

When she woke up again, she was already lying on Begonia Garden's bed.

"Eldest Miss, you've awoken." It was Zi Yun's voice.

After Feng Zhiyao heard this, she frowned and asked. How did I return to Begonia Garden? " She remembered that she wanted to go to Quhe House this afternoon.

"The Wen Family Lord said that you fell asleep and directly asked the carriage driver to pull you back to Prime Minister's Mansion. Furthermore, he even saw the old master." After Zi Yun finished speaking, she secretly laughed.

"Do you know what he said to my father?" Feng Zhiyao was shocked, could this be what she was thinking?

"How can this servant know the specifics?" However, according to the servants, when the Wen Family Lord walked out of the main entrance, he seemed to be in an extremely good mood!" Zi Yun tried her best to recall.

"Sigh, it's ruined, ruined!" Feng Zhiyao almost raised her head and sighed. Did Wen Xingyuan already tell Father Feng about the matter between her and him?

"Eldest Miss, what is destroyed?" Zi Yun didn't understand why she had to shout her head down.

"No …." I'm hungry. " Feng Zhiyao felt that she had missed her lunch.

"Eldest Miss, I'll tell you something that will relieve my anger." Zi Yun whispered.

"What is it? "Just say it, what are you trying to pull it off so secretively for?" Feng Zhiyao laughed and asked.

"Miss, I heard that Second Miss returned to Prime Minister's Mansion last night, but was chased out of the house by Master. Master only said a few words, you better take care of yourself!" Zi Yun treated this matter as a joke and told it to Feng Zhiyao.

"I think he must have suffered at the King of Qi's residence." Feng Zhiyao guessed.

"A life of scheming and scheming is definitely not an easy one!" Zi Yun laughed.

"That's right!" Zi Yun is smart, if I ever meet your master, I will have to ask him to pay for your tuition! " Feng Zhiyao laughed and ridiculed.

After Zi Yun heard this, she was petrified.

… ….

As for Feng Zhilin, after being beaten up by the Imperial Concubine Duan and returning back to the Juhua Palace, she was extremely furious in her heart.

After waiting for the Nanny Rong to get busy with other things, Zhu'er carefully walked to Feng Zhilin's side and whispered, "Little Lord, when the emperor has spoiled you, what are you afraid of the Imperial Concubine Duan?"

"Zhu'er, I've been in the palace for several days already, and I haven't even seen the emperor's shadow." Feng Zhilin was annoyed when she thought of this.

"Young master, this servant heard that after the emperor goes to court, he will walk through the imperial garden to take care of matters there. Then, we can go to the imperial garden and wait for the emperor." Zhu'er thought.

"That's a good idea. I'll try it." When Feng Zhilin thought about how she was punished by the Imperial Concubine Duan to kneel down for four hours because of a shitty rule, it made her legs go numb.

On the next day, when the sun shone brightly, Feng Zhilin dressed up meticulously and brought Zhu'er to the imperial garden to wait for Xuanyuan Kang.

But Xuanyuan Kang did not wait.

This was the first time Feng Zhilin saw the crown prince, Xuanyuan Haochen.

She was even prettier than King of Qi Xuanyuan Haofei by a few points. At this moment, she could feel her own heart beating rapidly.

The crown prince, Xuanyuan Haochen, was annoyed by the officials in the imperial court who were talking about him consuming the Five Stone Powder, so he came to take a breather in the imperial garden.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, he saw a beauty. But why did this beauty look so familiar? Where have I seen it before? Ah, he remembered, that time at the Blue Festival's banquet, this brave woman took the initiative to confess to royal father, and only then was she conferred the title of Noble Madame Lin by royal father.

However, the woman was dressed extravagantly, and her sleeves were made wider than usual, rustling in the wind. Her waist was tight, and beneath her was a long skirt embroidered with white magnolia. A jade hairpin hung with a strand of silver tassels — a beautiful heart-shaped face, a small, straight nose, curved, willow-leaf-like eyebrows, thin lips, and thick, silky black hair. It gently fell down to the ground and a cozy expression appeared on her face, along with a smile that wasn't a smile, as she strolled into the imperial garden with her servant.

"Beautiful girl, you're so beautiful." Due to the incident with the Five Stone Powder, Xuanyuan Haochen had caused him to be in a bad mood. It had been a few days since he last touched a girl, and now that he saw the meticulously dressed Feng Zhilin, a hint of shock flashed past his eyes.

"Who are you?" Feng Zhilin had originally been waiting for Xuanyuan Kang, but who would have thought that a black-hearted wolf would actually come?

"Do you really not know who I am?" Xuanyuan Haochen laughed sinisterly, he extended his pure white fingers and pinched Feng Zhilin's lower jaw, then used his free hand to quickly tap on Zhu'er's Acupoint.

"Crown Prince, you are the Crown Prince! Why are you touching Zhu'er's acupoints?!" Feng Zhilin was extremely shocked. Although she did not understand politics, she had heard the rumors of the crown prince being shameless. That was why, at this moment, all of the goosebumps on her body dropped to the ground.

"Since this hall has taken a liking to you, I naturally have to favor you!" Xuanyuan Haochen instructed the hidden guards behind him to look at Zhu'er as he carried Feng Zhilin to a secluded place in the imperial garden. The fake mountain there was very big, and they went into a fake mountain cave.

Oh my god! The Crown Prince wanted to favor her?

No, no.

She hurriedly shook her head, "I beg you, Your Highness, I am your royal father's woman, you cannot touch me!"

Xuanyuan Haochen placed her on the stone bed and gave a charming smile, "royal father is old, could it be that with your beauty and youth, you truly want to ruin your body to that old man's?" There was a hint of regret in his voice, as well as a sigh.

"Besides, I am the crown prince. When my royal father dies, wouldn't the Nan Shao's world be mine? You should be familiar with the Nan Shao's system of burial? A concubine without a child will be buried with her! Do you want to die so soon in a grave? " Xuanyuan Haochen slowly said, his eyes full of desire falling on Feng Zhilin's curvy face.

No, she did not want to die! She wanted to stand at the peak of power! She wanted to live! She wanted to properly protect her mother. Mother was still waiting for her to bring glory to her ancestors!

"Beauty, don't worry about it. If you submit to me, I will bestow you one of the four palaces after I become the great treasure. It's still better than if you're a Noble Madame! " Xuanyuan Haochen naturally did not want to force her to be happy with him. To be happy together was something that he would only feel comfortable with if he was willing to do it with her, only then would he be satisfied with his important parts.

Feng Zhilin felt that her heart was thumping hard.

"Beauty, could it be that my appearance does not enter your eyes?" Xuanyuan Haochen's gentle and charming voice sounded beside Feng Zhilin's ears.

"No … No... His Highness the Crown Prince is extremely beautiful and is one of the most beautiful men in the world. " Feng Zhilin blushed deeply as she spoke. In terms of appearance, she valued him greatly as well, but when she thought about how she was now his father's Noble Madame Lin, how could she do that with him?

"Beauty, I also like you very much. Look at your chest, your butt, everything looks flawless. It makes my heart itch." As he spoke, he reached out to touch that place.

This caused Feng Zhilin to tremble, "No, Your Highness, I can't." Her sweet and gentle voice was like the clear cry of an oriole.

"Beauty, you should think it over. Do you want to follow me or my royal father?" Xuanyuan Haochen suddenly walked over, both of his arms tightly locking her delicate body. He leaned beside her exquisite earlobes and took a deep breath.</blockquote>

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