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<blockquote>Chapter 83 part2

This was the first time in Feng Zhilin's life that she had come into such close contact with man. Previously, she had studied the secrets of women, but it was all because of the relationship between men and women. However, she had never experienced the beauty of a couple.

"Crown Prince, please behave yourself." Feng Zhilin was still a little afraid. If the old emperor knew about that she cheated on him, she would die without a burial ground.

"Beauty, stop thinking about it. Let me take a look at your place." With that, Xuanyuan Haochen's long and slender palm reached into her clothes.

"Your Highness, no, no." Feng Zhilin was still just a girl, facing his domineering kiss which was like a torrential storm, she looked at him in horror, and shouted with all her might that no, she even wanted to shout for help.

"This hall likes you, but it's not like I'm strong (harmonious) or violent. Why are you shouting for help?!" Xuanyuan Haochen looked at her coldly, and after that, he felt that she was too noisy, so he pointed at her mute acupoints. His hand seemed to be drawing outline after outline on her soft white bear, as if he was holding onto a brush, as if he was immersed in painting.

"Mm, your figure isn't too bad. Do you want to take off your clothes yourself, or do you want me to take them off for you?" Xuanyuan Haochen bent his body to look at her, who was lying on the stone bed, and smirked.

Feng Zhilin weighed the pros and cons of the situation in her heart. If she was on good terms with the crown prince, she could still get some help. When the time came for the emperor to summon her to sleep, she could then think of a way.

Suddenly, Feng Zhilin calmed her expression, her lips revealed a charming smile, and then she raised her hand to point at her own mouth. Her actions were to tell him, that she had thought it through, and that she had something to say to him.

"What are you trying to say?" then understood her meaning, his handsome face flashed with an extremely flirtatious smile.

"Your concubine wants Your Highness to agree to this servant's request. After Your Highness ascends the throne, bestow Guanju Palace to your concubine!" That's right, Feng Zhilin meant that she wanted the location of one of the four palaces, and a palace the size of the Guanju Palace was her first choice.

Feng Zhilin looked at the handsome and charming man beside her with hope. Has the Crown Prince agreed to this concubine? "

"Of course I agree! That's what I thought before!" Xuanyuan Haochen pulled her pair of thin and white hair, and gently caressed them, as though he was speaking with tenderness, and a look of disdain quickly flashed past his eyes.

"En, then I am willing to offer my virginity to His Highness the Crown Prince!" She gritted her teeth and made this decision. Besides her good body, she had nothing else. Since that was the case, then she should use it well. If she used it properly, then she could also succeed and leap up!

After having thought of this, she smiled coquettishly.

"Very good!" There was no point in forcing him out. Xuanyuan Haochen's slender phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, and with seventy percent laziness and thirty percent evilness, he caressed his slender white fingers. He thought to himself, women all admire vanity, but to be able to take the initiative, of course he would enjoy.

As a result, Feng Zhilin slowly took off her long skirt, chest, and underpants. Her perfect figure was instantly exposed in the air, and mottled sunlight shone through the gaps of the fake mountain cave.

She was very happy, because she saw the desire in Xuanyuan Haochen's eyes and it burned up little by little. She was very confident that her body, as well as her virginity, would be able to make him take great care of her.

Afterwards, she slowly walked to his side and removed the light yellow crown prince's brocade clothes, revealing his male body. It was very beautiful, very grand, very spectacular!

Her skin that was as white as snow did not have the slightest bit of fat. Her muscles were smooth, sexy and enticing …

The girl in his embrace had a mesmerizing beauty to her.

Her heart-shaped face, willowy eyebrows, and the eyes of the Underground Lake of Autumn were alluring and alluring due to lust. Her cherry lips were parted and her breathing quickened as she exhaled like orchids.

Her soft and boneless body was wrapped around the man like a vine, and she smiled like a expert on demonic artifacts.

Suddenly, Xuanyuan Haochen deliberately stopped.

"Your Highness, don't... Again … Lin'er … Lin'er … " The soft and charming voice was like a bug drilling into one's heart, making one's heart itch unbearably.

Xuanyuan Haochen chuckled upon hearing it, her charming eyes were filled with a flow of wind and Evil Qi that caused people's breathing to be consistent.

When Feng Zhilin saw that he had greeted her, her face flushed red and her eyes filled with embarrassment. Seeing that it was one thing and another thing was really another.

"Lin'er, my beauty, quickly please please please me —" Xuanyuan Haochen said gently as he looked at her beautiful face. The confidence he did not have from Gu Xin'er could be obtained here, so he was naturally overjoyed, and even his voice had softened a bit.

The flirtatious cries and pleas swept through the entire cave, shaking the mountains and overturning the seas … It caused people to feel extreme pity for the fairer sex.

Everything that happened next went without saying. The son and his father's wife had achieved amorous deeds. If the old emperor found out about this, would he vomit blood and die?

The shadow guard outside the cave was so angry that blood was coming out of his nose. The Crown Prince was fierce and fierce, how could he be so energetic when he met a girl other than the Crown Princess?

Roughly two hours later, the rain and clouds stopped.

"Your Highness, Lin'er is already one of your people, you must cherish me a little." Feng Zhilin hugged his neck with her tender white arms, her charming eyes like silk as she said with a pleasant voice.

"Beauty, how can I be someone who goes back on my word?" Xuanyuan Haochen lifted his hand and caressed her exquisite face.

"This is a bottle of ointment to cover your tracks, before you go back, put it on, otherwise, if royal father finds out, your little life will be gone. Alright, I'll be leaving now, later I'll have your personal maid come into the cave to wait upon you." Xuanyuan Haochen wrapped his arms around her slender waist, and took out a bottle of ointment from an unknown hidden compartment.

"Your Highness, could you accompany Lin'er for a while longer?" Feng Zhilin said in a spoiled manner. Just now, when she had just tasted the rain, she had felt that it was extremely beautiful. Therefore, she pitifully pulled on his big hand, hoping.

"I like obedient women." Xuanyuan Haochen bent over and kissed her neck, then got up and quickly dressed himself. Afterwards, his figure quickly disappeared into the cave.

After a while, Feng Zhilin's personal maid, Zhu'er, entered the cave.

"Little Lord, did that person do anything to you?" Zhu'er worriedly looked at her third young miss, who was also the current Noble Madame Lin.

"That person just now was someone who was below the Nan Shao Kingdom, someone who could be considered a king!" Feng Zhilin's eyes were filled with worship and infatuation. Just now, the bed skills of the crown prince made her feel extremely comfortable being his woman.

Zhu'er jumped in shock. Then, she raised her head and saw that Feng Zhilin's half-naked Bai Ruyu's body was covered with speckles from kissing. She was shocked, could it be that the Third Miss and the Crown Prince were having fun inside the fake mountain cave?

Oh my god! The Third Miss was the Emperor's Noble Madame Lin and the Crown Prince was his son. They had such a complicated relationship, they … They. Isn't this nonsense? The forbidding love of legends?

Zhu'er was so shocked that she did not move, her heart started to beat faster, Oh my god, this is a crime of exterminating the whole family, the Third Young Miss is making a big deal out of this!

"Zhu'er, I have already decided. I will step on two boats with the support of the Emperor and the Crown Prince. I cannot give up on both of these!" Feng Zhilin then unscrewed the stopper of the bottle and smeared the cream white ointment on the kiss mark on her body. She couldn't reach it, and even asked Zhu'er to smeared it on.

"Third Miss, it's been a long time. Aren't you afraid that something might happen?" Zhu'er could not help but sweat for her.

"Alright, tidy up my hair and quickly head back to Juhua Palace. If the old lady from Nanny Rong asks about it later, you can say that you saw the cherry blossoms in the imperial garden and forgot the time and leave it to me. " It was really hard to deal with that Nanny Rong!

After all, Nanny Rong was the person sent by the Imperial Concubine Duan to serve her.

"Understood, this servant will be careful!" Zhu'er immediately observed her words, thinking that the Third Miss had been like a sister to her since childhood. If not for the Third Miss, she would have exposed her identity a long time ago. Therefore, Zhu'er's loyalty to Feng Zhilin was incomparable.

"That's good. Hurry up and help me wipe it evenly. Don't let anyone see any traces of it. If you're lucky enough to sleep tonight, then what?" Feng Zhilin's heart skipped a beat. At this moment, she wasn't looking forward to attending to the servants like before.

After all, she had already done the matters of Wu Shan and Yu Yu Feng with the young man. If it was the old emperor instead, it would be hard for her to accept it!

What's more, she wasn't a virgin at the moment. If the Emperor discovered that she wasn't, wouldn't her head fall to the ground like before? What should he do?

"Third Miss, there is no need to worry. There is a fake virgin blood drop, what are you afraid of?" Zhu'er told Feng Zhilin about the news she had gathered from their conversation.

"Mm, that's the only way! And it's still my, Zhu'er's, careful thought! " Feng Zhilin smiled in satisfaction...

As for Feng Zhiyao —

She rested at home for a few days. It was supposed to be a beauty sleep, but it was actually to rest. She was really afraid of the consequences of her excessive indulgence.

September 30th, sunny, cloudless, a fine day for a trip.

"Eldest Miss, you've slept at home for several days. Your servant knows that the weather is very good today. Do you want to go out for a walk?" After Zi Yun helped her wash, she asked with a smile.

"It's time to go out for a stroll. By the way, do you remember what day it is?" Feng Zhiyao asked with a smile. Her smile was resplendent and alluring.

"Eldest Miss, did you ask His Highness King of Jing to discuss about the opening ceremony?" Zi Yun shouted as if she thought of something.

Zi Yun, quickly get Wan Sanzi to prepare the car, I am going to the first soup restaurant in Xian Yang. Feng Zhiyao said impatiently after quickly finishing a bowl of porridge and a pear blossom knife.</blockquote>

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