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<blockquote>Chapter 83 part3

It took them an hour to arrive at the door of Xian Yang's number one soup store.

Xuanyuan Haoyu was already waiting for her in the private room on the second floor.

"Yao'er, you're here!" Xuanyuan Haoyu thought that Feng Zhiyao had forgotten about this matter.

"Of course, I'm not confused about the matter of earning silver!" The meaning of Feng Zhiyao's words was: Don't trick me, I have a very high sensitivity towards silver.

"Oh right, everything has been prepared. What do you think about opening tomorrow?" Xuanyuan Haoyu looked at Feng Zhiyao with blazing eyes, and asked.

"It's quite good. Have you let anyone take a look? Is tomorrow a good day." Feng Zhiyao thought of an extremely important question, and asked.

What news of this matter! Even an elegant and noble man like Xuanyuan Haoyu would not be able to avoid the wind!

It's not like they were getting married! It must be an auspicious day!

"This... I'm not sure yet! " In front of her, he still called himself me, no … He shook his head slightly, his eyes filled with tenderness, like a man who had fallen in love.

"Just you wait, I'll go downstairs and ask the shopkeeper myself. Is it a lucky day tomorrow?" Feng Zhiyao immediately stood up, stopped drinking her tea, and walked out the door with small steps, going downstairs.

When Zi Yun saw that Feng Zhiyao had left, she felt really awkward. Should she continue staying here, or quickly follow the big miss downstairs?

"Your young miss will soon come upstairs! This is the latest chapter of the martial arts world!" Xuanyuan Haoyu raised his head, and after sweeping his eyes across Zi Yun's face for a second, he said this indifferently.

"Oh." Zi Yun thought, this lord had once said that King of Jing and King of Qin were both outstanding, and could be considered as dragons amongst men.

At this moment, she quickly glanced at Xuanyuan Haoyu from the corner of her eyes, and then quickly retracted her gaze.

"You should be clear about the close relationship between me and your young miss, so this king does not care about what your master wants you to do to Yao'er. This King will firmly choose to love and protect her! " Xuanyuan Haoyu gave her a slight glance, causing Zi Yun to feel an unprecedented fear. Dressed in snow-white clothes, with eyes like a formidable force field that could topple mountains and overturn the seas, he was also like the sun god, the master of all things in the world, which was noble, noble, elegant, and dazzling to the point where no one dared to look him in the eye.

"This servant is just an ordinary slave, King of Jing is too worried!" Zi Yun tried her best to suppress the trace of fear in her heart, and said with a smile as she raised her eyes.

"Well, tomorrow is a lucky day! "Then let's set a date for the opening tomorrow!" Feng Zhiyao chuckled as she lifted her skirt and walked over.

"Very good!" Xuanyuan Haoyu nodded.

"Yao'er, I have something to say with you alone. Can you let your personal girl take a step back first?" Xuanyuan Haoyu glanced at Zi Yun and said.

"Zi Yun, then go to the carriage and wait for me there. When you go downstairs, remember to tell the shopkeeper to bring the two chickens back." Feng Zhiyao laughed, and then instructed Zi Yun.

"Yes, Miss." Zi Yun smiled and agreed. Actually Zi Yun had thought about it, if she was really an ordinary servant girl, then her days would be good. She would be working for the young miss and would not have to follow the rules of the mansion.

However, Master told her not to carry out her mission and just to stay by Eldest Miss's side. She didn't know what she wanted her to do in the future.

Zi Yun walked out of the room with a smile on her face, then gracefully walked down the stairs, although she was still deep in thought.

Seeing that Zi Yun had gone out, Feng Zhiyao asked while smiling, "What exactly do you want to say to me alone, to make my personal girl withdraw?"

"Yao'er, did you really not go to Blue Festival's Feast?" Xuanyuan Haoyu looked straight at her charming face, he looked very carefully, and was not willing to let go of even the slightest of expression.

"I really didn't pull it! Didn't you know that I made a rumor about me getting sick!? How could I go to such a place? Aren't you afraid that your father and the others would say that I gave them my illness? " Seeing him ask that, Feng Zhiyao immediately thought of something and spoke without thinking.

"Your little mouth is really unreasonable!" However, I've not seen you for a few days, so I missed you a lot. " Xuanyuan Haoyu said emotionally. The gentleness in his black eyes could draw the outline of a rain in the south.

"Come on, you're going to miss me?" Feng Zhiyao smiled faintly, she did not believe that a man of the royal family would be infatuated!

"Yao'er, it's true. Look, this is a small portrait that I carved for you! " Xuanyuan Haoyu took out a three inch long white jade sculpture from his sleeve. The one engraved on it was Feng Zhiyao, and it could be said to be a work of heaven's work.

"He's so lifelike, he really looks like me! It's really you … You carved it yourself? " Feng Zhiyao did not believe it, one by one noble princes, would they seriously carve with their swords?

"Of course it's the statue of my wife that I carved myself!" Do you like it? " Xuanyuan Haoyu asked as he gently placed the jade white sculpture of the beauty in her hand.

"Of course I like it! "Thank you!" It was a very special gift, and it had to be said that Xuanyuan Haoyu had spent quite a bit of thought for her.

Hearing that Feng Zhiyao said that she liked it, Xuanyuan Haoyu's mood became extremely good, and her beautiful lips unconsciously curved upwards.

"Yao'er, it's almost noon. Why don't we have lunch together to create a new world?" Xuanyuan Haoyu turned his head and looked at the blazing sun outside the window as he spoke.

"No, I want to return to the Prime Minister's Mansion as soon as possible. Today is the day that my Elder Brother Shu returned from his studies in the Kunlun Mountains, and my father sent someone to inform me that no matter who it is, they must greet him at his doorstep. I'm afraid that I have been delayed here for too long and missed the timing." Feng Zhiyao remembered what Father Feng had said to him after he sent the butler this morning, and quickly used it as an excuse.

"Is he the eldest son your father is most proud of?" Xuanyuan Haoyu asked indifferently, thinking, so it turns out that he was coming back.

"That's right!" I even kissed him on the mouth when I was a kid! "I wonder what he looks like when he grows up?" Feng Zhiyao remembered the steward's words that morning, so she took them out and teased.

"Never mind what he looks like, she's your brother! You must know your limits when you see him again. Don't go kiss his mouth again! " Hearing such an explosive news, Xuanyuan Haoyu's face immediately became gloomy, and his butt jumped up in anger as he shouted.

"Well, let's talk about the story of my childhood. "Is there a need for you to be so excited?" Feng Zhiyao glanced at him sideways as she stroked the white jade sculpture of the beauty.

Please, she was talking about Feng Zhiyao the original Feng Zhiyao, it had nothing to do with her! Therefore, Feng Zhiyao once again indicated that Xuanyuan Haoyu had gone crazy today. She warned herself not to provoke this partner of hers. In the future, the two of them would coexist peacefully.

"Of course I'm excited. From now on, I will have to kiss your little mouth!" When Xuanyuan Haoyu saw her calm and collected gaze, his voice became much softer, but his tone was firm.

"Tsk, I don't have any feelings for siblings!" Feng Zhiyao coldly snorted, it was not like she did not know that a close relative would give birth to a fool!

Moreover, it was so intimate!

"Yao'er, stop snorting. You look better when you smile!" Xuanyuan Haoyu walked around the table and hugged her tightly.

"Let's go, Zi Yun should be waiting anxiously!" Feng Zhiyao frowned and wanted to push him away.

Unexpectedly, the Xuanyuan Haoyu who hadn't seen her for a long time, was instead provoked to the point of burying his spark. As a result, it burned and burned up, and his eyes were filled with passion, passion, and savagery.

Feng Zhiyao's lips were fiercely kissed by him. Xuanyuan Haoyu's kiss was overbearing and was practically sucking all of Feng Zhiyao's lungs. Just as Feng Zhiyao was about to suffocate from the kiss, Xuanyuan Haoyu released her.

He didn't want to use force against her. She was worthy of his best treatment! Since he wanted to use his heart to move her, he would stubbornly wait and move her.

"Yao'er, your mouth tastes so good that it can't be said." Xuanyuan Haoyu looked at Feng Zhiyao who was standing nearby, and smiled with satisfaction.

Xuanyuan Haoyu looked at her, and saw that her little face was currently suffused with a light pink, tender, and beautiful lashes, and her petite earlobes. Her pink lips were as tender as a peach, and her black hair floated around her clear and cold butterfly collarbone as she lightly panted.

If it wasn't for his strong self-control, he was really afraid that he would immediately go to bed with her, just like last time.

"Humph!" This man was doing it on purpose! This caused her heart to itch. She felt extremely uncomfortable! I almost wanted to kick him!

After this romantic interlude ended, Xuanyuan Haoyu watched as she sat in Prime Minister's Mansion's carriage and left.

Xuanyuan Haoyu lifted his hand, stretched out his slender, jade-like fingertip and gently pressed against his lips, thinking that there was a unique scent of her here, and felt that he was happy when he kissed her just now.

All of a sudden, a black shadow landed right in front of him.

"What is it?" Xuanyuan Haoyu stood with his hands behind his back, and asked indifferently.

"The Crown Prince is secretly engaging in a private salt trade! The investigation is real! " The black shadow knelt down and reported.

"If we report this to Fourth Brother, how will he deal with it?" Our people can continue to monitor the coastal manor! " Xuanyuan Haoyu turned and thought for a moment, then turned and looked at the black figure.

"Alright, I understand." The shadow said.

"Oh right, why haven't I seen Li Mincan recently? "Where is he?" Xuanyuan Haoyu thought about Li Mincan, who had a good relationship with him and did a lot of errands for him.

"Rumor has it that ever since the Blue Festival banquet, he drank too much, and was diagnosed as having liver injuries due to alcohol. He should still be resting in Soul Chase Manor, right?" The black shadow thought for a while before reporting.

"This is good as well. There are some things that should be done by our own people!" Although Li Mincan's relationship with him was not bad, it made him feel that this person was not easy to control. He rejected all the rewards given to him by even though he was a beauty, truly a weirdo.

"Yes, King of Jing!" The shadow nodded.

"You can leave now!" Xuanyuan Haofei waved his hand lightly.

… ….

After Feng Zhiyao got on the carriage, she calmed down!

"Eldest Miss, your face is very rosy. Oh wow, it looks a little like a red apple now!" Zi Yun laughed and teased.

"Stupid girl, all of you are so talkative!" Feng Zhiyao smiled faintly. She was really possessed just now, to think that she felt that Xuanyuan Haoyu was very gentle to her!

"Eldest Miss, if we go back at this hour, we won't have any food to eat!" It was not that the Prime Minister's Mansion did not arrange for servants to cook for Feng Zhiyao on such a hot day, but it was just that Feng Zhiyao's mouth was a little cruel.

"Who said we were going to go back and eat!?" I was just lying to that King of Jing. Wait a moment, let's go to a quiet place beside the Great Jade Lake to get roasted chicken for food. " When Feng Zhiyao thought about the delicacies, she immediately became happy.

"Eldest Miss, I don't know how to deal with that roasted chicken!" Zi Yun shook her head. Let's talk first, don't let her make a move.

"Tch, just you and Wan Sanzi wait to eat the delicious roasted chicken!" Feng Zhiyao pointed at Zi Yun's forehead with her slender, white fingers as she spoke.

"Alright, I'm looking forward to it!" Zi Yun hugged her knees and laughed dumbly. She didn't need to do it, she was naturally happy.

"I never thought that someone as lazy as me would actually want to do it personally for a delicacy! "Woo woo!" Feng Zhiyao glared at Zi Yun in displeasure.

Very quickly, they arrived at the Great Jade Lake's side. They were able to smell the fresh and elegant fragrance of the lotus flowers, and it was rather refreshing and cool.

They chose a quiet spot and two women and a man squatted on the ground.

"Zi Yun, you know the light skill, go pick the beautiful lotus leaves, Wan Sanzi, you go pick the branches. I'll chop the chicken! " Feng Zhiyao calmly looked at the two chickens and smiled as she assigned tasks to them.

"Then what should I do?" A handsome man dressed in blue flew over from a beautiful cruise boat nearby. He was graceful like a dragon as he landed in front of the three of them. He had an indescribable elegance and elegance …</blockquote>

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