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<blockquote>Chapter 84 part1

"Su Muyan?" Feng Zhiyao never thought that he would still be able to see himself in such a secluded place.

"Yao'er, are you trying to kill a chicken?" Su Muyan nodded towards her and continued to ask. He was just in time to discuss business matters with the young master of the Xi Liang Kingdom's Yue Luo Villa, but he saw Feng Zhiyao holding onto two chickens that were moving back and forth. He had just felt that it was strange and hurriedly flew over.

"Hmm, I was just thinking of killing the chicken!" Now, I shall leave this matter to you! " Feng Zhiyao smiled, since she asked her what she should do, then she would hand the matter over to him.

"What?" "Let me kill the chicken!" After Su Muyan heard this, his expression became unnatural. When did he ever do such a thing after coming out of his mother's womb? Thus, he hesitated for a while.

"Am I hearing things?" Su Muyan thought he heard wrong.

"You didn't hear wrong." Feng Zhiyao said indifferently. Do you not know how to kill chickens? " The crafty eyes stared at him.

"I... Of course I kill chickens. " In order to not let her laugh at him, Su Muyan was preparing to slap his swollen face towards the fatty.

"Here you go!" Feng Zhiyao nimbly threw two chickens at him. The strutting and bouncing chicken made the corner of Su Muyan's eye twitch, he couldn't catch it, so he could only tap the straws on its body.

When Feng Zhiyao saw the way he caught the chicken, she covered her mouth and laughed.

"Forget it, from the looks of it, you must have never caught a chicken or killed it! I'll kill the chickens myself! " Feng Zhiyao helplessly shook her head, and then smiled as she quickly took the chicken over.

"Yao'er, I …" Su Muyan's handsome face paled. She had indeed guessed correctly, and was depressed to death in his heart.

"Stop talking about me, you can just stay by the side. In a while, I'll personally make you a delicious meal!" Feng Zhiyao asked as she took out his dagger and sliced off the feathers of the chicken easily. The dagger was still stained with blood.

He happened to be right next to the Great Jade Lake, so she walked towards the lake and bent over to clean the dagger.

"Muyan, I just realized that your dagger can cut through iron like mud, it is easy to use it to scrape chicken feathers!" Feng Zhiyao saw that Wan Sanzi and Zi Yun had completed their mission.

She washed the raw chicken with a smile, smeared it with coarse salt (the salt of ancient times was very thick), wrapped it in clean lotus leaves, and covered it with yellow mud.

After setting up the fire, she stuffed the two lotus leaf buns into the hole in the ground beneath the fire.

Su Muyan watched as Feng Zhiyao did all of this naturally and elegantly with astonishment in his eyes.

"Eldest Miss, how can this f * cking chicken taste good when it's piled up like this?" Wan Sanzi was very curious, he was simple and honest, and so he honestly asked.

"Sanzi, believe in the skills of the young miss. Her dishes are all extremely strange, but the taste is great! "Wait, you will know soon!" Zi Yun and Feng Zhiyao had been together for too long, so she understood Feng Zhiyao's culinary skills.

Su Muyan's eyes flashed. Was the food made by this little girl really that delicious?

After an hour, the scent of the roasted chicken floated up to ten miles.

"Muyan, why is there someone on the cruise boat looking at us all the time?" Feng Zhiyao asked while she fiddled with the fire.

"My business friend." Su Muyan explained blandly.

"A very tall man, and he looks pretty good too." Feng Zhiyao was only fair in her judgement.

However, when Su Muyan heard it, it was a completely different story.

He hated it when Feng Zhiyao praised another man in front of him!

"Is that so?" Su Muyan smiled faintly. He thought to himself, that guy just ignored his words and asked him not to come out of the cabin. What does he want to do by coming out at this time?

"Ah, young miss, that man is flying towards us. His light skill is not bad ah. Zi Yun shouted in shock.

"Zi Yun, I'm afraid there aren't many martial arts experts that can surprise you!" Therefore, Feng Zhiyao was very excited to watch it.

"Brother Su, why did you give up on the good wine and dishes on the cruise boat? Could it be for a date with a beauty? " That person asked. His tone was light, so the temperature was not discernible.

He was dressed in white and had a green willow leaf sewn out from his sleeve. It looked like a fresh and tender new baby with the sweetness of rain, just like his temperament. It was fresh and intoxicating, a sweet wine, and even if he was drunk, he would still be willing to read it in its entirety.

Her beautiful black hair was soft like silk, and when the white ribbon wrapped around her hair, a gentle breeze blew past, causing her hair to flutter in the air. Her pure and white face had an indifferent smile. Her handsome eyebrows raised and a trace of astonishment flashed across her pair of calm and deep eyes. Even her tender lips had an indifferent smile.

Feng Zhiyao was stunned, why was this man so beautiful?

"Yao'er, Yao'er!" Su Muyan grabbed Feng Zhiyao's small hand in displeasure.

"What's wrong? What's wrong? Is the roasted chicken burnt? " Being grabbed like this by Su Muyan, the pain that came from Feng Zhiyao's wrist made her frown and cry out.

"It's not that you're burnt, it's that you're sick!" Su Muyan said angrily, he did not realize that he was somewhat jealous.

F * ck! She was just looking at a pretty boy! Cousin Su, what are you doing? Did she get a silly disease?

"Tsk, you're the one who is retarded!" Feng Zhiyao rebutted him in a manner that refused to be outdone, yet her small face had a smile like a flower.

"Sir, were you and my cousin Muyan enjoying the pleasure boat earlier?" There was a light smile on Feng Zhiyao's lips as she cleverly answered his question. What kind of date is this beauty? She didn't date Cousin Su.

"Brother Mo, this is my cousin Feng Zhiyao, Yao'er. This is the young master of Xi Liang Kingdom's Moon Slaughter Villa, Mo Ranbai." Su Muyan had no choice but to introduce them with a smile.

Mo Ranbai? Her name was fine, but could she call him Little Bai?

"Miss Feng." Mo Ranbai said indifferently, his voice did not fluctuate, it was very calm.

"Young Master Mo, please don't call me Miss Feng. It sounds like you're crazy!" Feng Zhiyao shook her head and smiled. You can call me by my name. Seeing that you are about the same age as my cousin Muyan, can I call you Brother Bai? "

Hearing this, for the first time, Mo Ranbai's calm face was replaced by other expressions, "Why do you sound like you're barking up a puppy?"

"Then Brother Ranbai, is it nice to listen to?" Feng Zhiyao was purely admiring the pretty boy. He had forgotten about the jealous pretty boy, Su Muyan.

"Un, just barely!" As a result, Mo Ranbai did not speak, and his gaze did not rest on Feng Zhiyao's body. Instead, he fixed his gaze on the bonfire.

Feng Zhiyao guessed that, with a beauty like her standing right in front of him, how could he not be moved?

When Su Muyan saw Feng Zhiyao's fiery gaze on Mo Ranbai's handsome face, his patience was disappearing bit by bit. Right now, he couldn't wait to hide Feng Zhiyao and not let anyone see him at all.

"Yao'er, can we eat the roasted chicken?" It was clear that he cared a lot about Feng Zhiyao seeing other men. Even if this person was his very good friend, he would not allow it.

"You can eat now!" Feng Zhiyao laughed as she bent down to pick up a branch to fiddle with the fire, then she pulled out the roasted chicken s wrapped in the lotus leaves.

The smoke lingered and made 'zzzzzzz' sounds.

Zi Yun and Wan Sanzi stood uneasily at the side, not knowing what to do next.

"Zi Yun, Sanzi, you two can split this roasted chicken equally!" Feng Zhiyao took the dagger from Su Muyan's hand and cut it in half.

"Eldest Miss? "What about you?" Zi Yun and Wan Sanzi were both very surprised, if there was still one left, how would the three of them eat it?

"I won't eat it, but I'll give the other one to Cousin Muyan and Brother Ranbai to eat." Feng Zhiyao smiled. Under the contrast of the sunlight, her smile was even more beautiful. Originally, it couldn't be described with this word, but at this moment, her smile was like a rainbow that had just disappeared in the rain, shining like a star in the night sky. It was bright and bright, like an oasis in the desert.

Her casual smile and her devastatingly beautiful appearance were enough to cause anyone who saw it to be unable to recover from their shock, as if their souls had been captured.

Mo Ranbai was stunned, Su Muyan was stunned, Wan Sanzi and Zi Yun were stupefied.

"Yao'er, then what do you want to eat?" Su Muyan did not expect Feng Zhiyao to divide the only roasted chicken into two, one for him and the other one for Mo Ranbai.

"I am naturally going to the Jade Lake Restaurant to eat. Could it be that Cousin Muyan and Brother Ranbai cannot afford to invite me?" If Feng Zhiyao wanted to use half of the roasted chicken to hook the heart of the beautiful guy, even if she couldn't, he could at least be an ordinary friend.

"Yao'er, you are unfair!" Su Muyan felt a little sour in his heart when he heard Feng Zhiyao call Mo Ranbai Big Brother Ranbai.

"What's unfair? Could it be that you don't want to treat me to a meal? " Feng Zhiyao gouged him out with a cold gaze, causing him to tremble with fear.

"Why do you call me cousin Muyan and called him Brother Ranbai?" Su Muyan replied honestly.

"Alright, Big Brother Muyan." The word "brother" made Su Muyan sweat profusely. Why did he feel like this little woman, Feng Zhiyao, was doing it on purpose?

"Zhiyao, this roasted chicken's method is rather strange and delicious. How did you know about this method of making it?" Mo Ranbai's tranquil and calm voice, that was like the sound of flowing water from a stream, struck against a rock, gently striking at everyone's heart.

Feng Zhiyao exclaimed, and then answered, "It's from an ancient book!" She couldn't say she had learned it in modern times.

"Which ancient book is it?" Mo Ranbai asked, and Su Muyan asked as well.

"Aiya, look at my memory, I can't remember." Feng Zhiyao said with an apologetic face, but in truth, she had never read any ancient books, and that was all her imagination! "Is it delicious?"

"Fresh meat, tender and juicy. Delicious …." As Mo Ranbai ate, he closed his eyes to savor the taste.

"It's really delicious!" Su Muyan, the customer who liked food, couldn't help but to praise.

"It's good that you like it! Oh right, Zi Yun, Sanzi, how do you two feel? " Maybe the First Soup Restaurant of Xian Yang might have an additional roasted chicken, and it was limited to only one every day. Why would he only make one, it was just that Feng Zhiyao was too lazy!

"Eldest Miss's craftsmanship is indescribably good!" Wan Sanzi wiped his mouth after he finished eating with a face full of reluctance.

Yeah, Sanzi is right, the young miss's cooking skills are really good! Feng Zhiyao smiled. If they said that it was not bad, then it was very good.

"The roasted chicken has finished eating. Then Zi Yun, you and Sanzi can head back to the Prime Minister's Mansion together! I have something that I want to talk to Big Brother Muyan about. " When Feng Zhiyao thought about the opening ceremony for First Soup Restaurant of Xian Yang tomorrow, she frowned. If she let the beautiful young master of the Mighty Heavenly Castle support her, wouldn't her shop benefit greatly?

"Yes, Eldest Miss, this servant understands." Zi Yun nodded, and sat on the horse carriage with Wan Sanzi and left.

"Yao'er, I believe that at this time, you must be hungry. Why don't we go to the nearby Jade Lake Restaurant for a meal?" Su Muyan heard the cooing coming from Feng Zhiyao's stomach and felt his heart ache as he said that.

"Alright, then let's go have a meal there!" Feng Zhiyao laughed and nodded, then she looked at Mo Ranbai who had a calm expression the entire time.

"Brother Ranbai, you go too, okay?" It is said that the Jade Lake Restaurant has a special aristocratic private room with a bed, allowing her to take advantage of the situation to pounce on the beautiful man.

It just so happened that she had her own special sex drug on her person. She was the one who called him out!

Whose cup should he put it in later?

Feng Zhiyao frowned for a long time.</blockquote>

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