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<blockquote>Chapter 84 part2

Along the way, Su Muyan looked at Feng Zhiyao who was deep in thought, thinking that she had gone pale due to hunger. He worriedly asked, "Yao'er, are you extremely hungry?"

Right, she was very hungry right now! Of course I'm hungry!

"Yeah, a little." Feng Zhiyao just so happened to smile shyly.

"Zhiyao, the Jade Lake Restaurant is right ahead. Just now, I ate the roasted chicken you made, it was very delicious. Today, I'll be treating you to your lunch." He grinned.

This smile was not tight, it was like the moonlight, bringing with it a faint halo of light. It was extremely magnificent, as if all the light had been enveloping his body for a long time without dissipating.

Feng Zhiyao thought, so beautiful, so beautiful! When she was full, she would try her best to pounce on him.

Furthermore, this kind of man was rather indifferent when it came to matters like this. He definitely wouldn't be held responsible by chasing after her! Just the thought of it was enough to make her happy!

"Okay, thank you Brother Ranbai." Feng Zhiyao smiled beautifully.

Su Muyan saw that they talked nonchalantly along the way, making him extremely unhappy. He kept thinking that she was going against him on purpose.

"We're at the Jade Lake Restaurant!" Feng Zhiyao and Xuanyuan Haoyu had dinner at Jade Lake Restaurant before, thinking that although the food here was not too bad, but with a beautiful companion, it would still be a great joy in life!

"The Blue Festival's Feast has already passed, why haven't these talented people and beautiful women left yet?" Feng Zhiyao was suspicious, so she asked.

"It's naturally for the Five Mountains Poem Assembly!" Mo Ranbai said blandly. He was naturally not here to participate in the November Five Mountains Poem Assembly s, he was here to do business with Su Muyan.

"Ah?" Even you know about it? " When Feng Zhiyao heard about Five Mountains Poem Assembly, she knew about it, but she didn't. Wait, it seemed like Xuanyuan Haoyu had mentioned about it to her before.

However, it was just a poetry meet, she wouldn't be interested in it!

To her, the person she was most interested in in in her entire life was a handsome man!

The waiter in the inn knew that the three of them were important guests the moment he saw their luxurious clothing. Therefore, he welcomed them cheerfully into the elegant room on the third floor.

"Ah, this private room really has a bed! This is great, let's eat until we're full and then we can sleep. " Feng Zhiyao was excited when she saw the red sandalwood bed in the elegant room.

"Yao'er, what are you so shocked about?!" Su Muyan teased her.

"Big brother Muyan, this is the first time I've seen such an interesting room!" Feng Zhiyao explained with a smile.

"I came up with this design." Mo Ranbai said indifferently, but he was not the least bit happy, instead, he was very indifferent.

"Brother Ranbai, you're very understanding!" After finishing the delicacies, it would be perfect for her to eat the beautiful guy!

"What way?" Mo Ranbai asked, he did not understand.

"No …." "It means that you are very capable!" Feng Zhiyao laughed awkwardly, she did not dare to say another word, and now that she was talking to Mo Ranbai like this, the gazes of everyone who was killed by Su Muyan were fixated on her countless times.

Mo Ranbai shrugged his shoulders and took the initiative to find a seat.

Feng Zhiyao could not help but remember the first time she had a debate with Su Muyan about whose home the chair belonged to after she had transmigrated.

Thus, she chuckled.

"Yao'er, did you remember that day?" Su Muyan asked. In fact, he also thought back to that day when he was stunned, and that clever little female Demon Artist.

"Yes." Feng Zhiyao nodded. But, at the moment, she did not want to point it out, she thought that Su Muyan would not agree to her bringing up the matter for Mo Ranbai to hear, right?

After a while, the waiter brought out a steaming and fragrant dish.

"Waiter, I want a jar of Lady Red Alcohol, a jar of Peach Liquor." Mo Ranbai instructed indifferently.

"You don't drink red girls, and you drink the Peach Alcohol?" Feng Zhiyao wanted to capture him in detail, but unfortunately, he did not have any other expression, and it was still as indifferent as before.

"Yao'er, what Brother Mo ordered for you is the Peach Alcohol, of course it's for you to drink! We men will naturally drink Lady Red Alcohol! " Su Muyan understood Mo Ranbai's personality, his speech was simple and straightforward. However, he felt that Mo Ranbai had been talking to Feng Zhiyao for a long time, and had even revealed a smile just now. Ah, this was too frightening!

"Is it made from peach blossom petals?" Feng Zhiyao understood it so simply!

"Yes, when you smell it later, isn't it the fragrance of peach blossoms?" Su Muyan gently explained. It was also at this moment that he felt that he could never see enough of Feng Zhiyao.

"Alright, then I must smell it." Feng Zhiyao smiled lightly.

Not long after, the waiter came back with two jars of wine.

"Waiter, add one catty of beef!" Feng Zhiyao thought of how Wu Song was full before he fought the tiger, so she must be full as well, so she could only pounce on the pretty boy!

As a result, she looked at Mo Ranbai's handsome face, and her two eyes formed the shape of a peach heart!

"Yao'er, you like beef?" Su Muyan suspiciously looked at her extremely bright eyes. He had a feeling that this little woman Feng Zhiyao was hiding something from him.

Feng Zhiyao, who was intoxicated with men's beauty, did not defend against Su Muyan's warning eyes at all. She continued to look at him with great interest.

Just as the three of them were enjoying their meal, a group of men in black clothes flew in through the window like a flock of crows.

However, Mo Ranbai suddenly broke the chopsticks into ten pieces, then, like a goddess scattering flowers from the heavens, he swiftly struck towards the group of black-clothed men.

Feng Zhiyao roughly counted. Damn, it really was ten killers!

Where did these assassins come from? How could he be so weak, to actually fail in his sneak attack? Furthermore, his life was easily taken by Mo Ranbai, and every piece of chopsticks was accurately aimed at the heart of the black-clothed man!

This group of killers had truly humiliated her as their colleague!

"Yao'er, don't be afraid! I'm by your side! " Su Muyan thought that Feng Zhiyao was scared stiff, but that was not the case. She was just looking at the extraordinary demeanor of Mo Ranbai killing the enemy! This caused her to praise him greatly.

Such a handsome chopsticks skill!

"En, big brother Muyan, how did those people come here! I was so scared just now. Fortunately you and Brother Ranbai were both here, otherwise, I would have definitely been scared to death. At the end, she even pretended to cry and raised her hand to wipe away the tears that had not flowed down her face.

"Baiyi, your little brother still hates you just like before. Hehe, aren't you tired from the journey?" Su Muyan stroked Feng Zhiyao's hair lightly, signalling to her not to be afraid, while he mocked her.

"I'm used to it!" Mo Ranbai stood up indifferently, and took out the Corpse Dissolving Powder he brought with him, sprinkling it all over the black-clothed men who were lying on the ground.

Very quickly, those black-clothed men became drops of blood without exception.

Mo Ranbai calmly poured a bowl of Lady Red Alcohol onto the few drops of blood, and the blood immediately disappeared without a trace.

Feng Zhiyao was shocked by Mo Ranbai's calmness. Could it be that he often dealt with these disgusting things?

Just then, Su Muyan had obviously used his large palm to cover her eyes, but she had seen through the gap between his fingers and allowed this terrifying scene to happen.

"Brother Ranbai, why did your brother use an assassin to deal with you?" Feng Zhiyao originally did not want to ask, but somehow, when she saw his bland expression, she actually felt a little heartache for him. She thought that he should be someone with a story.

"You want me to take a wife!" These six words were said clearly, but Feng Zhiyao was still confused by them.

If his brother wanted his brother to take a wife, why would he need assassins?

"Why?" Seeing that he was willing to tell her, Feng Zhiyao continued to ask.

"After elder brother takes his wife, he will no longer be able to inherit the treasures of the Mo family!" The Mo family was the number one family in Western Paradise. Not only were they wealthy, but they were also famous.

It wasn't Mo Ranbai who answered, it was Su Muyan who answered!

As expected, men died for wealth, and birds died for food!

"No wonder Brother Ranbai had to be forced to marry." Feng Zhiyao laughed.

"Oh, so those assassins were here to capture Brother Ranbai for marriage? That means Brother Ranbai, you escaped from the marriage? " Feng Zhiyao continued to guess.

"Yao'er, don't speak nonsense. Brother Mo is not even married yet, where did you get this from?" Su Muyan reprimanded lightly, the expression in his eyes was filled with tender affection.

"It's because his younger brother Mo Xianqing wants the key to the treasure that he treats his relatives like brothers!" he explained.

"I still don't understand how there could be such a vicious brother in this world!" Feng Zhiyao felt that the ancient people might become more vicious at times, or perhaps even more terrifying than her assassins.

"Don't mention it if you don't understand. Let's hurry up and drink!" Yao'er, don't just watch us drink, hurry up and taste this Peach Liquor! It is said that Jade Lake Restaurant's Peach Liquor are pretty good! " Su Muyan took the initiative to tear down the red seal at the mouth of the altar and laughed.

"Mn, that's fine too, is Brother Ranbai good at drinking?" Feng Zhiyao asked, but because she saw Mo Ranbai suddenly drink three big bowls of the female child's red, she thought to herself, why is it that he has not shown any signs of exploding yet?</blockquote>

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