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<blockquote>Chapter 84 part3

"I'm not drunk!" Mo Ranbai bit her lips. She didn't know why this little girl wanted to add drug in the Lady Red Alcohol, but he was smart, and had already used all of his inner force to force her out.

thought that he had drank all of it.

Su Muyan felt that his entire body was on fire, it was extremely hot, and he really wanted to take off his clothes, thus he said, "The weather is too hot."

After he finished speaking, Feng Zhiyao looked at Su Muyan's completely different blushing face, and thought to herself, Dead, dead, Su Muyan will drink it, fine, it's good to be strong with Cousin Su!

In any case, she had taken a fancy to his appearance and body before, and now, it was only a little earlier.

"Brother Muyan, I'm almost done eating, send me back first!" She wanted to have some fun on the carriage!

As Feng Zhiyao thought this, her expression when she looked at Su Muyan was exceptionally gentle like water.

"Alright then, Brother Mo, I'll send my cousin back. Drink some more!" Su Muyan immediately stood up and said his goodbyes after thinking about it.

"Wait, Brother Su, your face is too red. Are you not feeling well?" Mo Ranbai felt that when Feng Zhiyao looked at him the moment as if she was a hunter looking at a wild beast, it made his heart beat faster and faster!

"No, I'm fine!" Just as Su Muyan was about to pull Feng Zhiyao's hand and leave, he was quickly struck by Mo Ranbai and his acupoints were pressed.

"Hey, Brother Mo, why are you pointing at my acupoints?" The most important part of Su Muyan's body was currently burning hot. Although he did not understand why it was so, he had already guessed that it was most likely done by that little girl, Yao'er!

"Brother Su, you seem to have been infected with sex drug!" Mo Ranbai raised the wrist of Su Muyan's left hand to feel the pulse as he asked in surprise. Then, he looked at Feng Zhiyao with suspicion.

"Hey, Brother Ranbai, why are you looking at me like that? I don't know anything! " At this time, Feng Zhiyao treated himself as a little white rabbit, and the two of them were like big tigers.

"You don't understand? "You really don't understand?" Mo Ranbai had been in the martial arts world longer than Feng Zhiyao, right? At that moment, he extended his slender white fingers and touched the surface of the red wooden table, and asked indifferently.

But Feng Zhiyao was not scared! She wasn't afraid!

"Yeah, I don't understand!" Feng Zhiyao nodded.

"Zhiyao, I saw you put a paper-wrapped medicine in this jar of Lady Red Alcohol just now. It seems to be quite a lot!" Mo Ranbai still made the same indifferent statement, and had indeed shoken Su Muyan!

An entire jar? Sigh, it was her fault that she was so nervous just now and spilled all over the table! Shee had wanted to make a mistake, but fighting two dragons and a phoenix for three hundred rounds was a wonderful thing! Yet he was discovered by Mo Ranbai! She was extremely depressed!

"Yao'er, if you want me and you … That. What... You don't need to drug me either... " Sigh, he was feeling extremely uncomfortable now, and now that Mo Ranbai that nosy fellow had even poked his acupoints, he was feeling depressed to death.

In order to not let Mo Ranbai see through her intentions, Feng Zhiyao could only lower her head and act bashfully, and said with a red face, "Yao'er admired Brother Muyan for a long time, so -"

"Brother Su, it's a whole jar of Lady Red Alcohol!" Then, Mo Ranbai used his sharp eyes to look at Feng Zhiyao who was blushing red, and said indifferently, there was still no sign of him getting angry.

"What?" Yao'er, don't tell me you want to pour all of our medicine on us? " How could Su Muyan accept such a unique method of dosing in such a short time.

"This... This... Brother Muyan... This... "I can explain …" Damn it, this was the first time she realized that she had been poor with words.

"How do you want to explain it?" Mo Ranbai's eyes lightly swept across Feng Zhiyao's beautiful face, and silently sighed in her heart. She was the first woman to be so bold as to give him a sex drug!

"I... I... I have nothing to explain! I'm tired now, so I'll go back first! " If she screwed it up and didn't leave, then she would be the number one fool in the world!

It's all Mo Ranbai's fault, he who clearly looked indifferent was actually so black-hearted!

Damn, she didn't eat a single one today. It seemed like she would only be able to eat the air when she returned!

"Brother Mo, please unlock my acupoints, this is a matter between her and I, there is no need for you to teach her anymore, she is the only girl I am tempted about, so, please return to the cruise boat first! I'll come find you in four hours and discuss the plans for the future cooperation! "

Su Muyan endured the burning jealousy in his heart, trying his best to suppress the lust in his body, as he said to Mo Ranbai with a faint smile.

Mo Ranbai naturally did not want to meddle in other people's business, but before he left, he gave Feng Zhiyao a meaningful glance, that glance making Feng Zhiyao feel as if she had reached the Arctic Ice.

"Alright, your Brother Ranbai is gone! Can you confess to me now? Why did you pour medicine on him too? " This was the thing that Su Muyan couldn't understand the most, and that was why he asked her this question.

"I think he's beautiful. I want to know what happens when he falls for the sex drug." Feng Zhiyao picked the most suitable word to say.

"Beautiful? He was beautiful? What about me? Am I beautiful in your eyes? " Su Muyan looked at her with burning eyes, and asked gently.

"Beautiful! Beautiful! This is the new world created by the invincible!" Feng Zhiyao hurriedly flattered him.

"Since that's the case, then you can be my antidote!" After Su Muyan finished speaking, he called for the waiter to clean up the leftovers and paid for the meal. He then closed the door of the elegant room and looked at Feng Zhiyao with his eyes that were as red as torches.

After he finished speaking, he bent down and kissed Feng Zhiyao's delicate earlobes.

"Yao'er, actually, if you don't drug me, I also want to make an account with you for the Spring Festival Gala. However, such an impatient Yao'er, I like you even more! " As Su Muyan said this, he hugged her and tore off her thin, jade-green dress from her chest.

Feng Zhiyao was a beautiful temptation in and of itself. Her slender and tender neck, soft and exquisite curves … Just looking at it would cause anyone's mind to waver, and now with the temptation of the naked white pigeon spreading its wings, it seemed to faintly call out to him, not to mention the fact that someone was determined to win against her.

Su Muyan's beautiful lips covered her, unceremoniously flicking through her bright white teeth, entangling with her fragrant and tasty lilac tongue.

Following that, the men's and women's clothes intertwined on the wooden floor, overlaying each other in a mess. The room was filled with the radiance of spring.

Hot … They were in deep love... It was ready to explode at any moment... The extreme pleasure she felt made Su Muyan want her ruthlessly.

The moment when the two of them had happily joined hands, he only knew that he was unwilling to let go of her for the rest of his life!

Jade Falling Yellow Springs! A thousand years of destiny! She was his one and only ladle of weak water.

An hour later, Su Muyan's medicine was finally released.

"Yao'er, you are finally my woman!" Su Muyan hugged her tightly and muttered as his chin was pressed against her bright and clean forehead.

"I got it, you don't have to repeat it so many times!" Feng Zhiyao played with his slender fingers, and rolled her eyes.

"Are you willing to wait for me for a few days. I want to report this matter to my parents, and then I will go to Prime Minister's Mansion to propose marriage with uncle." Su Muyan was definitely serious when he said this!

"This... "So fast..." However, your uncle might not welcome you to propose to him, because Wen Xingyuan gave him a good impression before he did.

Feng Zhiyao's heart was tangled, it was as though all the men that she provoked could not afford to play, they all wanted to take responsibility for themselves!

But which one should she marry?

It seemed that every man's condition was the best condition for a golden bachelor. If so many of them had the same idea, then wouldn't she be very unlucky? If she was broken into pieces, wouldn't that mean she wasn't too far away from death?

Feng Zhiyao felt that the more she thought about it, the more terrifying she became.

"Yao'er, what's wrong? Why are you trembling? Are you moved by my sincerity? " Su Muyan thought about the life and death between the two of them in the Death Valley.

"Ugh …" That's right... "That's right..." Let's go back and think about how to slip away!

"Yao'er, I don't care who you gave your first time! But from now on, your every move must be mine! " That domineering kiss once again landed firmly on her neck.

"Un, sure …" Brother Muyan... " It was so sweet that it could kill a man, but it wouldn't pay with his life!

As expected, Su Muyan doted on her extremely, and this caused him to be so happy that he beamed. Yao'er, if I knew that we would be together, I wouldn't have allowed Little sister Qiong'er to bully you! "

"Come on! What's the point of mentioning her when you're happy? " Hearing that he was talking about his sworn enemy, Feng Zhiyao's face naturally darkened.

"What's wrong? Did something happen to Little sister Qiong'er? " Su Muyan thought that something had happened to Feng Zhiqiong.

"She came back in the middle of the night at Prime Minister's Mansion, seems to be in these few days! Seems like King of Qi took in a new concubine, she's not feeling well, and is causing trouble with King of Qi! What, do you want to go and hit your good friend King of Qi s? " Feng Zhiyao thought of that trash of a man and mocked him coldly.

"As long as Little sister Qiong'er comes back to find me, I will naturally not let King of Qi bully her! However, in the past few days, she has not sent me any messages regarding how she was angered! " Su Muyan frowned.

Feng Zhiyao was currently looking forward to see the expression on Feng Zhiqong's face when she knew Feng Zhiyao was with her cousin Su Muyan!

The expression on her face must be very colorful, she thought.

"Aren't you afraid of the King of Qi's power?" Feng Zhiyao was curious about this cousin Su. He seemed to be more mysterious than what she had imagined.

"Don't worry, he can't threaten me yet!" Su Muyan smiled confidently.

"Damn it, I almost forgot about today's day when father's eldest son, Su Yun, is it okay if you send me back to Prime Minister's Mansion first, before you talk about anything with Mo Ranbai?" Feng Zhiyao patted the back of her head and said anxiously.

"Are you talking about your fourth concubine's son, Feng Shuze?" Su Muyan asked after retracting his brows.

"That's right, it is said that he is the son father values the most out of all the children he has given birth to. What's wrong, do you have enmity with him?" Feng Zhiyao made random guesses.

"Yao'er, what are you thinking about!? He went to Mount Kunlun to study art at the age of five. Twelve years have passed now, and I haven't seen him since he was five years old. Su Muyan was thinking about the future successor of the Prime Minister's Mansion.

"Oh!" So it's like that! "Well, it's time for us to go." Feng Zhiyao tossed his clothes to him. She had already quickly put on her clothes, and her hair had also been simply tied up with a white jade hairpin.

"Yao'er, you are fast!" Su Muyan helplessly took the clothes and immediately put it on. However, he still muttered to himself, "If it's not daytime right now, I really want to fight with you."

"Heh heh... "Bad guy..." Feng Zhiyao laughed uncontrollably! Then, when she saw the messy bed sheets, she blushed and said, "Um … This... It doesn't seem like a good idea to keep it. "

"Just light it up and burn it!" Su Muyan had an evil smile on his face. He realised that after being with this little girl for so long, he had become abnormal.

… ….

Under the setting sun, when the sun slowly set, the blood-red glow covered the entire sky like a sunset. After that, it dimmed bit by bit until the moon hung up in the sky. The stars dotted the entire night sky as the moonlight scattered down like silver waves.

Above the cruise boat, Mo Ranbai's snow-white clothes fluttered in the wind as a wisp of moonlight enveloped his body.

He stood tall on the deck, thinking about how Feng Zhiyao, the hunter, looked at the wild beast with such a fiery gaze, he shook his head slightly, then laughed with interest. If he did not force the Lady Red Alcohol out, how would she have treated him?</blockquote>

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