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<blockquote>Chapter 85 part1

"Brother Mo, what are you thinking about? "To be so engrossed in thought?" Su Muyan had already sent Feng Zhiyao back to the Prime Minister's Mansion earlier, and only then did he rush back in a hurry.

"Nothing." Mo Ranbai said indifferently, how could he let Su Muyan know about his thoughts just now? Of course, he wouldn't be so foolish.

"Oh, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting." Su Muyan cupped his fists and said apologetically.

"Right, when will I be able to drink the wedding wine between you and Zhiyao?" Mo Ranbai thought back to how they had a blissful spring day in the Jade Lake Restaurant just now. Presumably, Su Muyan would be responsible for that woman.

"If nothing unexpected happens, this matter should happen soon." Su Muyan smiled and nodded.

"I wish you all the best in getting the beauty. Let's talk about that next... " Mo Ranbai said indifferently, and then he started to talk about the cooperation matters.

"I should think about it..." Because Su Muyan had received the soft and warm fragrance of the jade, he was naturally in an extremely good mood.

… ….

Prime Minister Feng Mansion.

Just as he left the Begonia Garden, he walked on the five-colored lacquered corridor. Along the corridor, he could smell the delicate fragrance of lotus flowers, and along the side of the corridor, there was a fake mountain, beside it was an octagonal pavilion, and thirty steps away were three main buildings. On the signboard, there were cursive characters written on it, "Bamboo House", "Bamboo Restaurant", "Engraved Pagoda", and across the fake mountain was a huge pond. If these beautiful scenes were placed in the modern era, they would only be appreciated in the garden.

After Feng Zhiyao bathed in the Begonia Garden's fragrance, she slowly changed into a white muslin dress. Due to the small kiss mark on her neck, she frowned and applied some Invisibility Paste on her face, making it seem that she was a lot more blemished. After all, she wasn't modern, so she cleverly tied a white muslin bow around her ivory white neck.

"Eldest Miss, please hurry up. Master came over to urge me many times just now." Zi Yun covered her mouth and laughed, she did not know, but she had thought that the young miss liked to dress up.

However, she was very suspicious. Did something happen between Eldest Miss and Young Master Su? When they sent Eldest Miss back, her smile was as sweet as honey.

"Got it, that's good." Feng Zhiyao smiled as she agreed. After looking at herself in the mirror for the last time, she finally saw what she was satisfied with.

"Even if the young mistress isn't dressed up, she was born to be a beauty. After meticulously dressing up this time, she is like a fish in flight and is like a fairy that has closed the moon and is ashamed of her beauty …" Zi Yun felt that even the many beauties by her side could not compare to a single finger of the young miss.

"I know how beautiful it is, thank you for your praise. Zi Yun, let's go." If she didn't go now, Father Feng and the other aunties would probably be angry at her!

"Eldest Miss, those people who don't know think you're just going to a blind date!" Zi Yun muttered.

"Tsk, are you related to someone who's half brothers and half brothers? Stupid girl! I really don't know if your master chose you to monitor me, or if he wanted you to receive my teachings! " Feng Zhiyao changed the subject. She turned her head and glared at Zi Yun with her beautiful eyes.

"Eldest Miss, why are you so sarcastic towards this servant?" Zi Yun said weakly, she also did not want to, but since this lord had designated her, what method did she have to reverse the process of her rebirth?

"I'm not sarcastic. I'm thinking, what kind of situation would it take for your backer to reveal his true face? What is he up to?" Feng Zhiyao stopped and said solemnly.

"Eldest Miss, this servant doesn't know." Zi Yun shook her head. This young miss was far more difficult to please than she had thought.

"Eldest Miss, you're finally here. Master and the others have been waiting for you inside for a long time." The butler saw Feng Zhiyao from afar and shouted.

Feng Zhiyao nodded. Following the haloes of the red lanterns, she walked towards the entrance of the dining hall.

"Eldest Miss, please." The butler welcomed her with a smile.

"Butler, thank you." Feng Zhiyao smiled faintly. Today, she had the chance to see the entirety of the Feng Family.

"I don't dare." The housekeeper smiled. The young miss had changed more and more ever since she miraculously resurrected from the hanging. The domineering look in his eyes made him think that he saw the old master's gaze.

"Master, you don't have to worry about Eldest Miss. You've made everyone wait for two hours already. Where is she?" Bai Wanting took advantage of Feng Zhilin's current identity as the Emperor's Noble Madame Lin to look up with her nose towards the sky, as if she could arrogantly trample everyone under her feet. No, even her tone of voice was so arrogant, that she had long forgotten how she was imprisoned in the Cold Fall Yard.

"Aiya, Third Concubine, what are you saying? Isn't Yao'er already here? You know, when a girl comes out, she has to dress up carefully, just like in the Third Concubine. Don't tell me when you came out, you didn't put on makeup? " After Feng Zhiyao finished speaking, she covered her mouth and laughed. Ha, isn't it just a little Noble Madame's mother?

"Feng Zhiyao —" Third Concubine Bai Wanting still wanted to say something, but when she saw Feng Wucai's sharp gaze, her body immediately trembled, and she forcefully retracted the curse that was about to come out.

"Third Concubine?" Feng Zhiyao smiled gently, but her smile did not reach her eyes. With her alone, being able to get her out of the Cold Fall Yard, she would definitely be able to get her back in with ease.

"Old master, is this young mistress?" Her voice was pleasant to the ears, like the sound of pearls dropping on a jade plate. It was exceptionally pleasant to the ears, like the sounds of nature.

Feng Zhiyao then set her gaze on the lady. But she was dressed in a long, tight, light blue satin dress, with a standard oval face and a full set of features: those charming eyes adorned with long lashes; that straight nose that stood out in the middle; that small, talkative mouth, small and rosy as blood. Wear a pair of embroidered shoes with red and yellow flowers. Under the light of the candlelight, the golden steps made of pearls appeared crystal clear and dazzling. From afar, it looked like a celestial immortal had descended to the mortal world. Looking at her from close up, she seemed like a lady from a noble family.

Could it be that this is the Fifth Concubine, Shui Xin'er, that Father Feng has in her hands?

Strange, didn't they say that she was a muse? Why did she look like a lady from a distinguished family? Could it be that there was some sort of story behind it?

"Yes, Xin'er, this is Prime Minister's Mansion's eldest miss, Feng Zhiyao. Yao'er, this is your Fifth Concubine." Feng Wucai glanced at Shui Xin'er, and introduced her to the girls while laughing.

"A very marked girl." Shui Xin'er praised gently.

"Fifth Concubine is too kind." Feng Zhiyao smiled faintly.

"Father, this must be Yao'er. She is actually already so beautiful!" The young man who spoke was holding onto the jadeite wine cup. This person was Feng Wucai's eldest son, Feng Size.

Feng Size had a square face and large ears, with a rough outline, giving him a strong manly air. What attracted people the most was his demeanor, although he appeared to be careless, he gave people a kind of sincere and trustworthy feeling. His eyes were deep and intelligent, and one could tell from his eyes that this person was naturally unrestrained. His physique, which was strong under his thin blue clothes, coupled with his unwittingly intimidating aura, made one feel that this person was definitely not someone from the same world.

"Brother Size." Feng Zhiyao smiled sweetly. A very handsome man should belong to the fierce type, moreover, she seemed to be able to see his pectoral muscles through his clothes.

"Yao'er, you've grown up." Feng Size thought back to when he left the Prime Minister's Mansion, when she was only three years old.

At that time, she had always been chasing after his butt and calling him Brother Size. Once, she had even kissed his mouth, causing his little face to redden.

"That's right, Brother Size has also grown up. This time when he came back to the house, is he going to find me a sister-in-law?" Feng Zhiyao laughed and teased.

This time, Feng Zhiyao did not see the entire Feng Residence. The other children had already left the mansion with their wives and children.

Other than Feng Zhiqiong and Feng Zhilin, there were also two other young illegimate daughter s in the Feng Family. They were not too old yet, so they were given to them by the Fourth Concubine.

Feng Size laughed heartily and looked at Feng Zhiyao, "Yao'er's character seems to be more cheerful than when he was young."

"Yeah, people change." Feng Zhiyao glanced at Bai Wanting as she spoke, and saw her snort, but she did not take it to heart.

"Size, you have been at Mount Kunlun for such a long time that you only send one letter a year. Feng Wucai supported his beard and laughed, it seemed that he was in a good mood.

"Mother, Ze'er was wrong, causing Father and Mother to worry." Feng Size toasted a cup of wine towards Fourth Concubine and Feng Wucai.

"Good child, it's good that you're back." Fourth Concubine said softly, she was truly worried about Feng Size's marriage.

Feng Zhiyao saw that their conversation was normal, and she tried her best to eliminate the food Feng Size and Feng Wucai were holding in her bowl. To be honest, the food cooked by this chef from the Feng Family was just too ordinary.

"Yao'er, why are you frowning?" Feng Wucai's heart ached.

"Dad, this dish is too horrible to eat. I can't eat it." Feng Zhiyao said indifferently.

Only when she finished speaking, the little girl Feng Zhiyu hugged her stomach and cried out for pain.

"Butler? What's with the food? Why did Yu'er cry out that his stomach was hurting after eating it? Why aren't you calling the doctor? " Feng Wucai slammed his palm on the table in anger and roared.

"Master, this chef has been in the Prime Minister's Mansion for almost a year and he is an honest man. Didn't you praise him for the food he makes?" The steward was puzzled. Could it be that there was something wrong with the chef?

"Dad, why don't you call the chef and ask him if there's anything wrong?" Feng Zhiyao was suspicious. If the chef was ordered by someone, why did Feng Zhiyu have to react like this?

"Ze'er, what do you say?" Feng Wucai raised his eyebrows and asked.

"Father, what Yao'er said is reasonable, if there is someone who wants to harm Sister Yu'er, then Ze'er will definitely investigate!" No matter what, Yu'er was his compatriot's sister. However, this matter seemed to be fishy, why was it that only Yu'er was poisoned?

"Brother Size, weren't you learning in the Kunlun Mountains? Have you learned anything about medicine? " Feng Zhiyao put down the chopsticks in his hand and asked indifferently. His eyes stopped on Bai Wanting and he thought, could it be that she is up to something?

But looking at how calm she seemed, maybe Bai Wanting didn't do it?

"Yes, I have. If you say it like that, I can help you take a look at Sister Yu'er's meridians." Feng Size said as he nodded.

The butler also called the cook over for questioning.

"Old master?" The chef looked at Feng Wucai in fear. He thought to himself, although he cooked for the Prime Minister's family, this was the first time he saw such a large family.

There were a total of ten or so cooks in Prime Minister's Mansion, and he was the head of the cooks.

At that moment, the butler said that Fourth Miss's stomach was aching because he had eaten the food he made. Although his face was calm, his heart was in turmoil.

"Don't be afraid, to be honest." Feng Zhiyao felt that this matter was too strange. If it was really the chef who poisoned the food, then why was it only Yu'er who got infected?

"Master, Eldest Young Master, Eldest Miss, the matter of Fourth Miss's abdominal pain has nothing to do with this servant, this servant is my duty, and this is widely acknowledged by everyone, furthermore, there is no enmity between Fourth Miss and I, there is no need to secretly harm this servant, right? There must be someone trying to frame me for my plan to deal with the Fourth Miss. The cook's surname was Zhang, and he was in his forties, had a medium build and a slightly bloated belly. At this moment, he was so frightened that his legs went limp and he kneeled down. He thought to himself, 'Poison is a huge matter. If it isn't his doing, he can't admit to it!'

When Bai Wanting saw this scene, not a single ripple could be seen on her face. She had never interacted with her other aunts before, so when they were worried about Yu'er's sickness, she actually ate comfortably by herself.

In her opinion, how could those illegimate daughter compare to that clever child Lin'er?

Feng Size's slender white finger gently caressed Feng Zhiyu's pulse.

A moment later, he said lightly, "It's not poison!"</blockquote>

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