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<blockquote>Chapter 85 part2

Feng Zhiyao thought of the words "false alarm".

Hearing that, the happiest person was, not being poisoned, meant that he could continue to stay in Prime Minister's Mansion and work.

"Not poisoned? Then why is Yu'er's expression so pale, and why does her abdomen still hurt so much that it feels like she's on the verge of death? " The Fourth Concubine was very worried. After all, she was her own daughter, and there was no one more anxious than her mother.

"Father, Fourth Concubine, will you choose to believe in Yao'er this time and let Yao'er ask you about where he's feeling uncomfortable? How about this, you guys go to the outer room first, when I ask around, I'll tell you guys in detail, okay? " Feng Zhiyao kept having the feeling that she had seen Feng Zhiyu's abdominal pain somewhere before, that she herself had experienced it herself.

"Alright, Father, Fourth Concubine, then let's choose to believe in Yao'er for once. She might have a way to stop Yu'er's abdominal pain." Feng Size thought that Feng Zhiyao had been a bit confident in her tone just now, so he decided to give it a try.

"Is that so? Eldest Miss is not a doctor. Eldest Young Master, you promised so quickly, could it be that there's something wrong with it? " Bai Wanting reprimanded.

"Y-Fourth Concubine, you're too noisy!" Feng Size was the same as Feng Zhiyao, he also hated the way the Third Concubine pretended to be hypocritical, thus he thought about him without thinking.

"Eldest Young Master, you —" Bai Wanting lost again.

"Remember to be a good concubine, don't go beyond yourself! After saying these words, I felt sympathy for you. " Feng Zhiyao interjected these words coldly.

"Alright, let's not talk too much. Right now, everyone should be clear about Yu'er's situation. How about this, all of you step aside." Feng Wucai reprimanded her coldly, his gaze sweeping across Bai Wanting, and thought, this woman has never failed in her plans!

After the big family had left, only Feng Zhiyao and Feng Size remained.

"Brother Size, you can leave for a while. I have some important things to tell Yu'er." Feng Zhiyao smiled, and made her words clear.

"Ugh …" "Alright then …" Feng Size saw Feng Zhiyu rolling on the ground in pain, and when Fourth Concubine turned her head around, she made Feng Zhiyao feel that she cared about these two people.

"Sister Yu'er, they have left. Tell me your worries, if I can help you, I will definitely help you." Feng Zhiyao sat on the chair next to her. Her lips rippled with a faint smile that was like a chrysanthemum, warm and warm.

"sister Yao'er, you know?" Feng Zhiyu held onto her lower abdomen, her face was filled with astonishment.

"Do you have abdominal pain, and your lower abdomen can feel a foreign body flowing out?" Feng Zhiyao asked as she patted her shoulder.

"Ah, sister Yao'er, you've guessed it right?" Feng Zhiyu's face was filled with admiration, a light flashing past his eyes.

"Of course, this is how I came here, so with your pain, it'll be fine after a few days. I'll get the doctor to transfer a few sets of traditional Chinese medicine to you to heal up in the Hero Prison." Feng Zhiyao thought, the girls here came to period very late, only then did they come!

"Yeah, I only heard about it from my nanny before, but I didn't expect it to be so painful the first time I came here. She didn't tell me about it. I was too scared to tell mom about all those people just now. " Feng Zhiyu stuck out her tongue, looking very cute and mischievous.

"Hehe! Silly girl, your wet nurse doesn't care about your matter!" Feng Zhiyao almost laughed out loud when she heard it.

"Alright, I'll go out and talk to your mother and the others, so they won't be worried." Feng Zhiyao consoled her, and then she strode to the door and pushed it open, smiling as she walked to the side of Fourth Concubine who was waiting anxiously.

"Fourth Concubine, come over here with your ears." Feng Zhiyao thought that the little girl inside must definitely be shy, so she chose to tell this matter to her mother alone.

"Eldest Miss? "What?" Fourth Concubine Gao Xiuying did not understand why she made this all sound so mysterious, so she asked confused.

"Just come here and you'll know." Feng Zhiyao looked at the father and brother's extremely astonished expressions and laughed softly.

"Do you also want to hear about your daughter's family matters?" Feng Zhiyao covered her mouth and laughed, then took the initiative to go over to Fourth Concubine who was stunned, and quietly told her, "Yu'er has come to Gui Shui."

"Yu'er? "Her?" Fourth Concubine became happy.

"Master, we, Yu'er have grown up. "It's all thanks to eldest young miss's intelligence." Gao Xiuying said excitedly. She was worried that the child had been poisoned! Fortunately, it wasn't.

"Father, is the doctor here? Let him prescribe a few sets of traditional Chinese medicine for Sister Yu'er to recuperate his body." Feng Zhiyao leaned on the door and thought, luckily something happened, if not she would not know how to eat all those dishes.

"Yes, yes. I'll have him prepare a prescription to treat his body later." Feng Wucai laughed, luckily Yu'er was alright.

"Yao'er, you have become even more intelligent now!" The expression in Feng Size's eyes when he looked at Feng Zhiyao was also somewhat admiring. He clearly felt Yu'er's pulse just now, but it wasn't as fast as Yao'er's brain.

"Brother Size, every girl knows about this, so don't praise me, hehe. Father, I'm still hungry. If you have nothing to do, I'll go back to Begonia Garden to fill up my stomach. " Feng Zhiyao said while laughing naturally.

"Alright, go." Feng Wucai nodded his head, his daughter's ways of doing things were more like a butterfly now, was this a good thing or a bad thing?

"Yao'er, could it be that your Begonia Garden has something delicious to eat? Feng Size did not actually eat much, so when he heard Feng Zhiyao's words, he calculated in his heart, there was definitely delicious food there!

"No part of you!" Feng Zhiyao shook her head, she had instructed Zi Yun to go back to the Begonia Garden first to prepare food, if he went too, then what would her big miss eat?

Feng Size was depressed, but he did not go over, and waited for the butler to call for the doctor to write the prescription.

On Begonia Garden's side.

Zi Yun was already waiting in the courtyard.

"Eldest Miss, you're finally back! Who poisoned Fourth Miss? " Zi Yun was also very curious.

"No, it's not some poison. It's just that her period came, which is why she has a bellyache." Feng Zhiyao whispered into Zi Yun's ear.

"Oh, so that's how it is, this servant thought that Third Concubine was up to something!" Zi Yun sighed.

"I thought so too, but it's actually not. Sigh, what a pity." Feng Zhiyao, this little girl, was simply anxious for the world to not fall into chaos.

"Eldest Young Master?" Zi Yun saw Feng Size standing behind Feng Zhiyao, but Feng Zhiyao did not notice anything related to the God Slayer Record.

"Who?" Feng Zhiyao thought she misheard, didn't she reject his request just now? F * ck, he still had the guts to show up! The degree of her shamelessness almost surpassed her, Meixi.

"Yao'er, why don't you welcome me?" Feng Size held a crabapple in his hand, and with two brushes he twisted it into a cute wreath, raising his hand and gently putting it on her hair.

"Brother Size, you already gave this to me, how can I not agree?" Although she hoped it would be the blue demoness, the crabapple blossoms were still passable.

"When you were young, you liked me to make garlands for you to wear." Feng Size laughed.

"So many years have passed, and you still remember the things that happened when we were young? Sigh, I almost forgot about it!" Feng Zhiyao said while smiling. She did not know about the past when he was the original Feng Zhiyao and his childhood.

"At that time, you were still young, so it's normal for you to forget." Feng Size laughed heartily, and then said, "Actually, I did not eat much just now. Since you have delicious food here, you should at least give me a portion, as I am much better than you, Brother Size!"

"Alright, Zi Yun, go to the Stone Cauldron to mix dinner, give me and the young master half each!" Feng Zhiyao sighed. She was going to have to cook supper tonight, so she wanted to be lazy.

"Yes, Miss." Zi Yun smiled and nodded, and thought, the relationship between the young miss and the young master was really good.

After Feng Size ate the stone pot made by Zi Yun and mixed it up, he praised Feng Size endlessly, saying that whoever marries Zi Yun the girl would be blessed.

Zi Yun lowered her eyes slightly, a trace of sadness flashing across her eyes. She would never be able to marry in her entire life.

"Zi Yun, what's wrong? Eldest Young Master praises you for cooking delicious stone pot mixed rice! "Eh, your face is so pale!" Feng Zhiyao said with concern.

"Thank you for your praise, Eldest Young Master." Zi Yun raised her head and laughed, as she covered the bitterness in her heart. However, this stone pot mixed rice was something she had learned from Eldest Miss. The food that Eldest Miss cooked was the best in the world! Whoever marries our Young Miss is the true lucky one! "

"Zi Yun, stop praising me. I don't want to marry anyone!" Feng Zhiyao shook her head.

Once married, she would no longer have any freedom!

"Silly girl, after the new year, you will be seventeen. You have to leave the pavilion. I've even prepared a present for you!" Feng Size sighed as he lifted his hand to stroke her soft black hair.

"Come on Brother Size, you aren't even married yet! So you came to urge me to get married. Are you a lobbyist sent by Dad to persuade me? " Feng Zhiyao's expression stiffened. She was unhappy. She had thought about it, being a single girl in the ancient times, how could it be so troublesome. Everyday, there were people whispering in her ears about wanting her to marry.

"It wasn't Father sent me! I said it because I was worried about you as your brother! " After Feng Size finished eating the mixed rice stone pot, he took the silver basin that Zi Yun had brought over and used a wet handkerchief to wipe the grease off the corner of his lips.

"Brother Size, since the night is so dark, why don't you take me to see the brothels?" Feng Zhiyao suddenly thought of a way to tease Feng Size.

"Yao'er, the daughter of a good home will not go to that place! You — you're not allowed to go either! " When Feng Size heard the two words "brothel", his handsome face immediately paled.

"Have you ever been there?" Feng Zhiyao snickered in his heart, a slightly pedantic man! Who knew what kind of woman would fall for Feng Size?

"Nope." When Feng Size heard it, his handsome face flushed red, and he started buzzing like a mosquito.

"No wonder." Feng Zhiyao looked at him carefully. This man was so pure.

However, seeing how concerned he was for her, she would definitely help him tie down a top-grade city dragon with a red string.

"No wonder what?" Feng Size looked at Feng Zhiyao suspiciously.

Brother Size, it's late, you just came back, we have plenty of time to talk in the future, so let's end it here for today. Feng Zhiyao looked at the night sky and saw tiredness in his eyes, and said thoughtfully.

"Yeah, knowing that you were annulled, I was still very worried about you, but now that I see that you were living happily, I am relieved. Alright, I will go back and rest." After Feng Size finished speaking, he was no longer in Feng Zhiyao's line of sight.

"Hey, Zi Yun, can you see what kind of light skill technique Feng Size is using?" Feng Zhiyao thought long and hard about it. She had actually seen so many lost knowledge of the martial arts in the Uncle Xian, or some unique books, but she just could not guess what light skill Feng Size was using.

"Miss, that's the illusion of Mount Kunlun, so compared to our light skill, Eldest Young Master's light skill looks like it's as fast as the light!" Zi Yun thought of the most ancient cultivation sect, the Mount Kunlun Sect. Her expression changed.

"Illusion Techniques? "Cultivate?" Feng Zhiyao was shocked, on this continent, other than those who knew martial arts, there were also people who knew illusion techniques. It was truly a boundless world, full of wonders!

"Yes, Eldest Miss. Cultivators are usually high and mighty, but now that I've seen Eldest Young Master, this servant seems to have changed." Zi Yun remembered that Master Ye had a few cultivation experts by his side, they had always been extremely arrogant, and she became angry in her heart.

"Hehe, if you think Feng Size is good, I can help you two!" Feng Zhiyao smiled faintly with a face full of ridicule. She felt that looking at Zi Yun's bashfulness was also something that gave her a sense of accomplishment.

"Eldest Miss, you're teasing me again. Forget it, you said that you wanted to rest. This servant will take my leave now and go to my ear to sleep. After Zi Yun finished, she went to her room in anger.

Feng Zhiyao shrugged and thought, it was just a joke, why are you so angry?</blockquote>

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