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<blockquote>Chapter 85 part3

The slightly cool morning breeze carried a moist water vapor as it swept over. When Feng Zhiyao opened her eyes, she saw that Zi Yun was already standing outside the house with the silver basin that was used to wash her face. She was wearing a lakeshore colored dress that gave off a refreshing and natural feeling.

"Zi Yun, aren't you angry anymore?" Feng Zhiyao laughed.

"I'm not angry. This servant doesn't understand Eldest Miss's personality!" Hehe, yesterday you instructed your servant to wake you up earlier today, saying that today is the day your First Soup Retaurant of Xian Yang opens, and that you should dress up beautifully, right? " Zi Yun laughed.

"Well, yes, I did say that." Feng Zhiyao sat up and stretched.

After she finished dressing and washing up, she hurriedly finished eating lunch and sat on the carriage with Zi Yun, heading towards the First Soup Retaurant of Xian Yang.

After leaving the Prime Minister's Mansion, they walked on a cold and clean path. After turning three corners, she saw a bustling city, as if there were people weaving through the streets. A clear river flowed across the right side of the street, adding a few traces of tranquility to this bustling and lush land. The beautiful woman was like an owl, while the willow trees were as beautiful as a painting. Peach blossoms bloomed, creating an enchanting scene.

The carriage finally stopped in front of the First Soup Retaurant of Xian Yang's entrance.

Since it was so early, naturally Feng Zhiyao was the first to arrive.

She leaned against the door and looked at a peach tree by the front of the store.

The peach tree was full of heavy flowers. The flowers were filled with romantic peach powder, bright and dazzling. The peach tree was full of romantic flowers, and when the wind blew, the petals would fall down with a beauty like soft water.

"I finally understand what it means to be more talented than Hua Jiao." Xuanyuan Haoyu then jumped down from an extravagant horse carriage and walked slowly beside her.

After Feng Zhiyao heard this, her face blossomed into a brilliant smile, "You came late, Chao Yuan!"

"It's not that I'm late, it's that I've gone to send out invitations." He smiled, but his gaze never left Feng Zhiyao.

Puff! Sending invitations so early in the morning?

Feng Zhiyao glanced at Xuanyuan Haoyu and asked, "Is that true?"

Seeing that they had something to say, Zi Yun took the initiative to help the shopkeeper!

"It's true. Personally going is, of course, representing sincerity." If they didn't come, it also proved that he didn't need to worry about the future.

"It doesn't matter if they come or not. As long as our store is bustling with business, I don't care about anything else!" Feng Zhiyao shook her head. She had her own plans, but she had hers.

Feng Zhiyao did not expect that the King of Qi would also come, and that the Patriarchs of the three families would also come.

She actually saw Mo Ranbai, why was he here too?

Situ Yelei was the first to walk in front of Feng Zhiyao, muttering softly, "I've almost settled my matter, in a few days I'll come to your house to give you my betrothal gift."

What? This person moved so fast? What did he do to Lingxi to give up so quickly? It seemed impossible!

"Yelei, I'm busy today! I'll look for you when I'm free. " Feng Zhiyao laughed in embarrassment. Damn, someone else wants to marry her.

"Hmm, I didn't expect you to have such a talent for business. The business of this shop must be flourishing. Like I said, my wife is so intelligent, how could she be comparable to that unruly princess?" Now that Situ Yelei had dissolved the engagement, his mood was extremely good, and his handsome face was filled with smiles.

"What are you talking about?" When Wen Xingyuan saw Feng Zhiyao and Situ Yelei talking so close to each other, the alarm in his mind immediately rang.

"We didn't say anything!" Feng Zhiyao immediately shook her head, she couldn't expose her intimate relationship with Situ Yelei.

Wen Xingyuan immediately recalled the scene when he saw Situ Yelei carrying Feng Zhiyao and walking away from Songhe Restaurant. He guessed that Situ Yelei must have thought of a way to force Princess Lingxi to decline the engagement because of Feng Zhiyao, right?

He still remembered the day before yesterday when he went to the palace and saw Xuanyuan Lingxi crying miserably. She said that Situ Yelei said that he liked men and didn't like women. After that, he pushed Nangong Ruoshui out, saying that Ruoshui had admired the Princess for a long time. Unexpectedly, the Princess, in her anger, kicked Situ Yelei full of tears, saying that she wanted to end the engagement, and the Emperor had even agreed to it after receiving the Red Jade Stone Zither from the Situ Family's family.

"Yelei, you leave first. I have something to talk to Xingyuan about." After Feng Zhiyao gave her instructions to Situ Yelei, she walked toward him openly.

"Xingyuan, you also received the invitation from the King of Jing." Feng Zhiyao asked with a smile.

"Of course, I just didn't know that Yao'er's hand was already extended towards the royal family. Aren't you afraid that one day, you'll be unable to escape from the struggle between the royal families?" Wen Xingyuan thought of the imperial court's Feng Yun, his handsome face revealing a look of worry.

"Then are you willing to protect me?" Feng Zhiyao naturally thought of this problem, and nowadays, the competition was getting hotter and hotter, she had also seen how the Father Feng was always on time as they returned to the Prime Minister's Mansion, without leaving through the door, the two doors were quiet, showing that he did not want to participate, maintaining his neutrality.

"You are my future wife. That is only natural." Wen Xingyuan looked at her with blazing eyes, and promised.

"Don't pull those people too close, I'm still single!" Feng Zhiyao shook her head, these two together were truly tiring!

"What do you mean, single?" Wen Xingyuan was like a curious baby at the moment, so he asked with a gentle smile hanging on his lips.

"For men, it means that they have yet to take a wife or concubine. For women, it means that they have yet to leave the pavilion and marry anyone!" Seeing that he had asked, Feng Zhiyao took the initiative to explain her final thoughts.

"Reporting to Miss, it's about time. We can start firing the firecrackers." The shopkeeper said with a smile.

"Un, let's begin!" Feng Zhiyao leaned on the window, listening to the sounds of firecrackers coming from outside. The fiery red paper was even redder than the petals of the peach blossom.

"Feng Zhiyao, you've grown up. How many men did you hook up with?" This question was too bullying and too lacking in standards!

"Hey, Beitang Ziqian, I don't think I have offended you! These words of yours are too unpleasant to listen to! " After Feng Zhiyao finished speaking, she turned her back and ignored this stupid man.

Seeing Feng Zhiyao and Beitang Ziqian chatting, Xuanyuan Haofei also walked over.

"Uncle, what happened?" Now that Xuanyuan Haofei had become the principal wife of the King of Qi, he could be considered to be relatives with Beitang Ziqian. That was why he smiled and called Beitang Ziqian his brother-in-law.

"The woman you don't want is getting more and more silver, she has attracted the hearts of many men!" Beitang Ziqian's mouth was really smelly, so Feng Zhiyao had the urge to sew it up.

Feng Zhiyao convinced herself that today was the day that his shop would open its doors for business, and it was really not a good day for fighting.

"King of Qi, Beitang Ziqian, do you smell a pungent smell of acetic acid? Oh, you didn't smell it, did you? Ah, I caught a whiff of it, only now did I know, that it was King of Qi's brother-in-law, Beitang Ziqian, you had a crush on me for a long time, no wonder you were so concerned about my reputation, hahaha … " Feng Zhiyao was not a pushover for him to pinch, and his retort made Beitang Ziqian want to kick her down the stairs.

"You — Shameless —" Just as the black jade fan in Beitang Ziqian's hand was about to attack Feng Zhiyao, he used a quick movement technique to catch it.

This forced Beitang Ziqian to retract his black jade fan.

"Brother Ranbai, thank you so much." Damn Beitang Ziqian, I nearly had to cripple her arm because of the black jade fan.

"The affection of the roasted chicken!" Mo Ranbai said indifferently, he did not take Beitang Ziqian seriously, but his gaze was focused on the smile that was hooked onto Feng Zhiyao's face.

"Got it, when you go back, I'll give you ten roasted chicken and you can eat to your heart's content on the road." Feng Zhiyao walked over happily and pulled on Mo Ranbai's snow-white sleeves.

The current Feng Zhiyao was dressed in a pink cotton dress. As she slowly walked forward, she looked like a blooming pink lotus with a graceful figure.

"Alright." Mo Ranbai said indifferently, her voice did not have any undulations, and her tone seemed to carry a faint sense of alienation.

"Yao'er, how did you forget to inform me about your first store in Xian Yang?" A handsome and elegant figure dressed in beautiful clothes entered through the window. The voice of the person was even more pleasant to listen to, like the sound of flowing water. Jade beads fell on the table, and every word was like a gem.

Feng Zhiyao looked up in surprise, it was actually him! But how did he become so familiar with her? And they were shouting so intimately?</blockquote>

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