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<blockquote>Chapter 86 part2

"Sss, it hurts." Helan Qi never thought that Feng Zhiyao would hit his abdomen. If it wasn't for the fact that he had a type of petal poisonof the Flowers Sect, he wouldn't have to wear a golden mask every day.

"Pain?" Strange? I didn't even use a bit of my strength! " Feng Zhiyao was curious and worried, curious about her strength. She knew how much, but she was a little worried because a man like him was screaming for pain. Could it be that his body wasn't well recently?

She carefully looked at Helan Qi's entire body, and realised that Helan Qi had lost weight!

"Weiyang, did you encounter some trouble?" Her intuition told her that Ye Weiyang was hiding something from her.

"No, no, Yao'er, you're overthinking it." After he finished speaking, Helan Qi once again wanted to put on his golden mask.

"We have such a good relationship already. What are you doing, why are you wearing a mask in front of me?!" Feng Zhiyao wanted to reach out to take off his golden mask, but her small hand was held by Helan Qi.

"Yao'er, comfortable to wear." Yao'er, I don't want you to see the ugly flower petals on my face. Therefore, for the first time, Helan Qi actually went against Feng Zhiyao's intentions.

"Ye Weiyang, you lied to me." Feng Zhiyao was smart, she could immediately guess a few clues, something must have happened to him during this period.

"Yao'er, I'm not lying to you." Helan Qi shook his head. He had only rejected the Flowers Sect Holy Maiden's advances in love, so he did not think too much of the petal poison, but he had to use his internal energy to force the poison out of his body everyday. It would take about three to five days before he would stop wearing the Golden Mask.

"Then take off your Golden Mask immediately!" Feng Zhiyao's attitude was very unyielding, she felt that there was definitely a problem with the current Helan Qi.

"Yao'er, I remember you aren't the type of girl who would force others into a corner." Helan Qi said indifferently, with the gold mask covering his face, Feng Zhiyao could not see his expression clearly.

"Weiyang, do you not like me anymore?" Feng Zhiyao looked down and sighed.

"No, no... I like you. " Helan Qi was afraid that she would think far and wide, hence he immediately expressed his opinion.

Unexpectedly, Feng Zhiyao smiled, and brushed off the golden mask on his face with his sharp fingertips, "Ah … What beautiful and gorgeous rose petals! "

The pink rose petals pressed down on his snow-white skin like jade, creating a glassy glow in the son of water light of the waterfall.

Helan Qi thought that Feng Zhiyao would be scared, but she was obsessed.

"How did you make this petal? "Why would there be one?" Feng Zhiyao thought about how there were no petals on his white face just now.

"It's a kind of petal poison!" Since she saw through it, it wouldn't be good to hide it from her, thus Helan Qi told her about it.

"Ah, Weiyang, then will you die?" When Feng Zhiyao heard that it was the petal poison, she lost her interest in admiring the flowers, and tears fell down uncontrollably.

"I... When did I say that I would die from the poison? " The corner of Helan Qi's mouth twitched. Was he dead, waiting for her to become someone else's bride and give birth to a child for another man? If that was the case, then he definitely had to crawl out from the Underworld to bring her away! She was his. No one else was allowed to take her.

"You … Indeed, he didn't mention it earlier... Woo woo … * But I'm too anxious and worried about you. Woo woo … * Why didn't you say so earlier, causing people to waste so many precious tears! " Feng Zhiyao started crying again, this time out of anger.

"Sorry, Yao'er, I was in the wrong, I shouldn't have kept this from you, the main reason was that you punched the poison, and when I was hit by it, the poison spread onto my face, causing the petal poison to attack again earlier." Helan Qi explained, "Alright, Yao'er, stop crying, it's my fault that you cried, I'm sorry!" He hugged her tightly, as if he wanted to rub her into his body.

Helan Qi coaxed her softly, as if she didn't care about it at all. Sighing helplessly, she pursed her lips slightly, turned the board over Feng Zhiyao's face and lowered her head to kiss it.

Ah? The crying immediately stopped!

Feng Zhiyao opened her big watery eyes and looked at the handsome face that stooped down. He felt a trace of coolness on his lips, and Helan Qi's lips had already kissed down, gently, gently, and with a hint of sweetness. The tip of his tongue pried open Feng Zhiyao's bright white teeth, and turned to kiss Feng Zhiyao's lips, sucking in the fragrance from her mouth.

Feng Zhiyao's stiff body slowly began to soften as she gently replied. Warmth and the water vapor of the waterfall permeated around the two of them. At this moment, their heart was unreservedly close, and was extremely close in an instant.

A soft sigh, a gentle breath, a light kiss, it was lingering and soft. After a long while, they finally let go of each other and looked at each other with their four eyes. Feng Zhiyao felt that she was the happiest person in the world at this moment.

So it turned out that he had always been in her heart. It was just that she had deliberately tried to drive him away!

"Weiyang, how can I cure your petal poison?" Feng Zhiyao was still very concerned about this issue.

"Don't you think the petals are beautiful? Should I keep them for a few more days? " Unexpectedly, Helan Qi also knew how to sneer.

"Stop joking around, hurry up and tell me the method to cure the poison!" Feng Zhiyao raised her hand and touched the petals on his handsome face.

"Don't touch, what if I infect you?" Helan Qi lowered his voice to stop her.

"Oh, so it's like that." Feng Zhiyao obediently took back her small hands. She then stared at his handsome face without blinking.

"En, be good and don't move. If I were to circulate my energy and force some of the poison out, it would be much more comfortable. Helan had a leisurely smile on his face, as though he did not care about the poison at all.

"Alright." Feng Zhiyao watched as he sat cross-legged on the floor and meditated, while she sat on the rock below the waterfall and took off her shoes and socks, playing with the water barefooted.

Two hours had passed, and Feng Zhiyao almost fell asleep at the same time.

Helan Qi then elegantly stood up, walked to her side and bent down, his long and lustrous fingers caressing her pink cheeks, tickling her.

"What?" I really want to sleep. " Feng Zhiyao grabbed his dishonest fingers and bit down violently.

"Yao'er, it hurts, do you want to bite your husband to death?" Helan Qi was caught off guard by her bite, and immediately shouted out, but there was no anger in his eyes.

"Ah, I'm sorry, I thought it was an idiot, you …" You're not in pain, are you? " Feng Zhiyao blinked her doe eyes as she stared at him. After careful observation, she found that Helan Qi did not have any signs of being angry, so she asked embarrassedly.

"No, I'm fine." Helan Qi bent over and helped her put on the moon-white stockings, then gently put on her pink embroidered shoes.

"Weiyang, that petal poison? Do you want to force the poison out of your body until it is cleared? " Feng Zhiyao asked curiously.

"Right." Helan Qi nodded and said. Yao'er, although I would rather be the free Ye Weiyang, but the blood flowing in my body has determined that I can only be Helan Qi who carries a heavy burden, next time call me Helan Qi. "

"Helan Qi is the one who others are calling you, you're just my Weiyang! I just want to call you Weiyang! " Feng Zhiyao's eyes carried gentleness like water.

"Mm, okay. As long as my Yao'er is happy. " Helan Qi hugged her, wanting to make her rise up.

Unexpectedly, this little girl saw the beautiful face that was just inches away from her and felt her heart throb.

She smiled coquettishly at him, like a cherry blossom, as her soft and sweet lips quickly covered his thin lips. After kissing him, his big hands fell into the water drops that were splashed up from the waterfall.

After a long time had passed, his gaze was filled with yearning as he looked at Feng Zhiyao's body that was as white as snow. It was warm like congealed cream, snow skin, well-proportioned body, and a slender and slender figure. Every inch of her body exuded an exquisite and enchanting allure.

His eyes became infatuated and lustful. His kiss was no longer as delicate as before, but overbearing. His strong and strong arms tightly bound her enchanting curves. His breathing was no longer shallow, but hurried instead.

No, he couldn't take Yao'er now. Otherwise, the petal poison would worsen and spread into her body.

Therefore, he forcefully pushed Feng Zhiyao away and jumped into the waterfall's pond, leaving Feng Zhiyao to scold him loudly.

"Bastard Weiyang, you provoked me to death!" Feng Zhiyao angrily smacked a few drops of water on his face, and then gloomily put on his clothes.

After half an incense worth of time, Helan Qi finally jumped out of the pool, soaked in sweat. He then walked over to her and apologized, "Yao'er, it's not that I want to tease you, but I'm extremely afraid that I might pass you the petal poison. "Alright, I've explained it already, so don't be angry, okay?"

"Mm, alright then." He was also thinking for her sake. She really couldn't be so unreasonable, so she nodded and smiled, blooming like a pear flower with unparalleled magnificence.

Returning to the First Soup Retaurant of Xian Yang once again, only Xuanyuan Haoyu and Mo Ranbai were left playing chess in the previously private room. The business downstairs was extremely good, causing Feng Zhiyao to be beaming with joy.

"Yao'er, you're back." Xuanyuan Haoyu was so excited that he threw away his chess pieces, standing up immediately, he walked towards Feng Zhiyao and asked worriedly.

"Yeah, just now, Helan Qi had something to discuss with me. This, might have delayed me in my return journey." Feng Zhiyao smiled faintly, she was really worried that Xuanyuan Haoyu would ask her where they went.

"When did Young Master Helan become so close to my Yao'er?" Xuanyuan Haoyu cast a sidelong glance at Helan Qi, purposely pointing out the deep relationship between him and Feng Zhiyao.

What? My Yao'er?

Could it be Yao'er and Xuanyuan Haoyu?

"Your Highness, don't talk nonsense!" F * ck, isn't this blatantly making her die an ugly death? She was not his Yao'er! Therefore, Feng Zhiyao snorted coldly in displeasure.

When Xuanyuan Haoyu saw that Feng Zhiyao had intentionally let go of the relationship between him and her because of some other man, he felt extremely uncomfortable in his heart. The veins on the back of his hands bulged, and his nails dug into his palms, oozing a few lines of blood.

"Humph!" This King is tired today, so I shall return to my residence to rest. " Xuanyuan Haoyu advised himself in his heart that he couldn't pressure her at this time, because he was afraid that it would be counterproductive. He had gotten her that night, but her words had still hurt him in the end. Now that he couldn't argue with her, and had a few other matters to take care of, it was time to return home.

"Let's go." Seeing that Xuanyuan Haoyu was in a bad mood, Feng Zhiyao guessed a few things, but she didn't dare think too deeply into it, and couldn't ask either. With Mo Ranbai and Helan Qi here, she thought that it would be better for her not to cause too much trouble.</blockquote>

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