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<blockquote>Chapter 87 part1

"You want Yao'er to throw the ball?" Feng Wucai looked down at the sleeping Feng Zhiyao and sighed. "What if she doesn't want to do it?"

"Father, I have a way to persuade Little Sister Yao'er." Feng Size smiled.

"It's better to choose than to strike!" Then I'll go to the great hall in front to talk to them about this matter, and ask them to wait downstairs together to snatch the ball. I'll marry Yao'er to whoever can snatch the ball! You will be responsible for waking this unfilial daughter of yours! " Feng Wucai felt that other than this method to not offend people, there was really no other way. Thus, he released the big hand that was pulling Feng Size's sleeves and said arrogantly.

"Father, then you go to the hall. I'll wake Yao'er up right now and have her obediently throw the ball above the Yunxi's floor!" Feng Size immediately replied, and waved his hand, urging the Father Feng to go and greet the "esteemed guests" in front of him!

"Old master, the Young Master sure has some tricks up his sleeves!" The butler also raised his hand to wipe away the sweat on his forehead. This was the first time in his life that he had seen such a spectacular marriage proposal.

Seeing that Father Feng and the butler left one after the other, Feng Size quickly sat down beside Feng Zhiyao.

"Yao'er, wake up — —" Feng Size had never seen someone who could sleep so well.

"Stop being so noisy — —" Feng Zhiyao said angrily. Her beautiful eyes were still closed, and she was still fast asleep in a different position.

"Yao'er, Daddy told you to throw the ball and get married!" Feng Size thought about his responsibilities and responsibilities as he roared right into Feng Zhiyao's ears with both hands.

"What?" You want to throw a ball and get married? "Ah, repeat yourself!" Her drowsiness was dispelled by the shout of his loud voice.

"Yao'er, Daddy told you to throw the ball and get married!" Seeing that she asked him to repeat it, he immediately repeated it again.

"What?" Throwing a ball? Who came up with such a lousy idea? " Feng Zhiyao gritted her teeth in anger.

Seeing her look of despise, how could Feng Size dare say that he thought of it? He quickly calmed himself down and laughed loudly, "Yao'er, no matter who it was that thought of it, under father's orders, I will bring you to the Yun Xi Restaurant to throw a ball!"

"No, if you want to go, then go!" Feng Zhiyao's intuition told him that there must be a problem with Feng Size. Eighty percent of the rotten idea of throwing the ball was thought of by him, but now, with the arrow on the bow, he had no choice but to shoot it. She couldn't really throw the ball.

"Yao'er, stop messing around, even if you want to, you have to, even if you don't want to, you have to, looking at father's expression, if you don't want to, I'm afraid you have to get a rope to tie you up!" Feng Size spoke as a matter of fact. Luckily, she managed to think of a way to make a man like him throw a ball?

"Brother Size." Feng Zhiyao charmingly yelled, making Feng Size feel as if a wave of cold air was seeping through his toes, straight into his organs.

"You … What do you want to say? " Feng Size felt that he should stay away from her.

"Brother Size, I don't want to get married, I have already thought of a way to escape, and now that everything is ready, I only need the wind from the east." Feng Zhiyao pulled his elegant, wide sleeves and said coquettishly. The light in her eyes was rippling, and her smile was so intoxicating, that Feng Size was truly unable to reject her.

"What method?" Feng Size couldn't help but to ask, as he didn't realize in the slightest that he had already fallen into Feng Zhiyao's trap.

"You go and snatch the ball as well, and you must get the ball as well. Otherwise, I'll have Father arrange a hundred beautiful girls to squeeze you to death out of every single one of you!" As Feng Zhiyao spoke, she was breathing in his ear in an orchid manner, her tone so sinister that it made Feng Size shudder. A hundred beautiful girls? To think that she could come up with such a strange idea!

"Yao'er, but what does it mean to lose all your men?" Feng Size had gone to Mount Kunlun since he was five and had never had affairs between a man and woman before.

"Idiot. Anyway, you should just think about it. There are a hundred women forcing you to have children with them. Are you afraid?" Feng Zhiyao extended her slender finger and poked his fair forehead, and asked angrily.

"Alright... Good... Say, what do you think you can do? " obviously believed that the Father Feng would do this. Forget about the Father Feng, even his mother strongly approved of him getting married early on, but it just so happened that he liked the idea of "walking the world with the sky above and the earth below!" He lived a leisurely life, so of course he had to use his doggy legs to fawn on Miss Feng.

In any case, the uglier you are, the better. Go and snatch that ball of silk, when that time comes, I will throw the ball towards you. You must snatch it. Feng Zhiyao thought about it again and again. This matter was more reasonable, as this would not only prevent his father from offending those few, but also prevent him from losing his freedom. It could be said that this was a good method to kill two birds with one stone.

"Brother Size, you said that you can't do it, but I know that your light skill is invincible!" Feng Zhiyao did not give him the chance to reject her offer and she continued to work hard, "If you help my little sister this time, I'll cook some delicious food for you in the future."

Forcefully coaxing and sweet talk, Feng Size had finally turned the tables on her and helped her disguise herself to snatch the ball!

"Yao'er, everything is under your control as expected, no wonder they all brought such sky-high prices to Prime Minister's Mansion to propose marriage. Feng Size did not thump his chest and stomp his feet, but instead praised her with a smile.

"Brother Size, bring me back to the Begonia Garden first. I'll help you disguise yourself so that you won't make a mistake!" Feng Zhiyao was extremely shrewd, what if Father Feng told her that he was not going to help her, wouldn't she be at a disadvantage?

"Alright, sigh, are those men blinded by the shit in their eyes? I actually took a fancy to a girl like you. " This little girl is quite cunning. I wonder who will be lucky enough to be his brother-in-law?

"It's not that they were blinded by the feces, but rather that I, your sister, was like a pearl that radiated light in all directions with boundless charm, attracting a bunch of beautiful men's hearts. Except you, of course! " Feng Zhiyao slowly stood up and patted his shoulders as she spoke.

"Why not me?" Of course, he was just asking out of habit and didn't have any other intentions.

"Because you are not a beautiful man!" Feng Zhiyao took the opportunity to pinch his chest muscles. Although he was not a handsome guy, he was definitely a muscular man's physique!

"Yao'er, you are biased!" Feng Size was so displeased that he wanted to throw her down. Now, with his arms around her small waist, he quickly walked through the corridor and across the pond towards the distance.

"I don't have any prejudices against you. Although you are not a handsome man, you are a strong man!" If you weren't my brother, I would definitely eat you too. " Feng Zhiyao shamelessly teased.

As soon as she finished speaking, the goosebumps all over Feng Size's body dropped.

"Forget it, I don't want to talk about this issue anymore. I need to quickly solve this urgent problem." Feng Size frowned, I wonder how father is doing in the hall?

"Mn, Brother Size is right!" Feng Zhiyao laughed, thinking, Feng Size's character was still considered cheerful, he should belong to the type that was unrestrained and unrestrained, like the children of the martial arts world, it wasn't bad to be siblings with him.

… ….

In the hall of Prime Minister's Mansion.

The large hall was crowded with fine mahogany boxes tied with red silk.

The servant girls who were serving at the side were silent. They had never seen the young miss of the Prime Minister's Mansion have such an expensive bridal gift!

Su Muyan never thought that Feng Zhiyao would actually have a physical relationship with so many men, and coincidentally even had a betrothal gift at the same hour on the same day.

Other than being nervous, he did not resent Feng Zhiyao for her loose personality. Instead, he was thinking about how to persuade his uncle to betroth Yao'er to him later.

Wen Xingyuan drank her fragrant tea gracefully as she lightly tapped the armrest of the chair with her slender white fingers. She made her calculations in her heart, Prime Minister Feng had previously promised her that he would be the best candidate to become Feng Family's son-in-law.

At this moment, so many people had sent out their betrothal gifts together, causing him to panic.

Many times, he had raised his eyes to look in the direction of the main entrance, hoping that Feng Zhiyao would appear. Tell him, why did each of them claim that they were all intimate with her? Is it real or fake? He did not want to come to a conclusion as well. He hoped that Feng Zhiyao would give him a reasonable explanation!

Situ Yelei played with the purple jade ring on his right thumb, and smiled with confidence. Amongst so many people, he felt that he was the most confident in winning against the beauty.

He had secretly barged into Feng Zhiyao's room and seeded the jade in Lan Tian. He didn't believe that Feng Zhiyao wouldn't be able to produce a copy of him!

When Helan Qi thought about how disgusted he was with marriage, his heart was still in turmoil. He did not know if the Prime Minister Feng was willing to betroth Yao'er to him.

Although the two of them had made up for it over at the Waterfall of the Falls, he still wasn't sure if she was willing to listen to her parents' orders and marry him.

Helan Qi looked at the corner of Situ Yelei's lips hung a leisurely smile, and thought, so what if it was the Second Family? He was Young Master Helan now, and his status was not inferior to his.

Just that, when everyone thought that the Prime Minister Feng had personally gone to look for Feng Zhiyao, they saw rows and rows of Red Wood boxes with agate rings on them that were half-opened, they were all rare items.

The eyes of the Prime Minister's Mansion's maidservants were all staring straight ahead!

Su Muyan, Wen Xingyuan, Situ Yelei, Helan Qi were all startled, after that a wave of anger rose from their chests.

Could it be that the little girl Feng Zhiyao had some sort of intimate relationship with the King of Jing?

"All of you are here?" Xuanyuan Haoyu never expected that the secret guard's report would be true. The four of them had actually come to the Wind Hall together to request marriage and steal his wife.

They raised their heads in unison, and saw that slender, light blue figure. Sunlight shone through the window, and as it fell upon his body, it felt as though a layer of golden light had covered him.

It was him, Xuanyuan Haoyu. This kind of man with a noble aura akin to that of a god, would steal away everyone's brilliance whenever he appeared.

Su Muyan and the other three girls only nodded indifferently. They each placed one side, some thinking, some playing with jade ring s, some fragrant tea, some crossing legs as they gazed at the door …

Only Xuanyuan Haoyu stood at the side of the door without paying attention to him. She smiled as she looked at the crabapple blossoms blooming in the courtyard.

"This old official pays my respects to Your Highness King of Jing!"

"Two patriarchs, two Young Master s, good luck!" Feng Wucai laughed as sweat poured out from his palms.

"Prime Minister Feng, no need to be so courteous. If Yao'er marries me in the future, I will have to call you father-in-law. " Xuanyuan Haoyu smiled.

All of you are extraordinary and beautiful, and she isn't that easy to pick out. Right now, please take some steps down the stairs and wait for my daughter to throw a ball of embroidery to choose her husband. Whoever is lucky enough to receive the ball of embroidery will be the son-in-law of the Feng Residence. " In truth, he was extremely worried in his heart. If he did not agree to this method, then it would be killing him.

The butler broke out in a cold sweat for the old master when he heard his voice.</blockquote>

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