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<blockquote>Chapter 87 part2

The five players looked at each other and felt that this method was feasible. They all thought that they would definitely be able to get the ball, so they all agreed. However, their expressions were different.

Helan Qi wore his golden mask, so naturally everyone present could not see the smile on his face.

Xuanyuan Haoyu scolded Feng Wucai in his heart but his handsome face was still as calm as ever, as if he did not care in the slightest.

Wen Xingyuan's handsome face showed a hint of displeasure. Previously, he had said that Yao'er would betrothed Yao'er to him, but now, he wanted to say that he wanted to let so many people snatch the embroidered ball from him.

Situ Yelei smiled and thought, his light skill was not bad, and with Yao'er's feelings for him, this silk ball would definitely belong to him.

Su Muyan recalled that he was drugged by Yao'er, and the relationship between the two of them had previously belonged to Death Valley s who lived together with him, which more or less gave him some confidence.

Seeing that they did not have any objections, Feng Wucai immediately ordered the servants to bring them to Yunxi House to snatch the ball.

When Xuanyuan Haohan heard the secret guard's report, he was immediately enraged. This bad girl had actually provoked a bunch of peach blossoms.

As a result, Xuanyuan Haohan smashed the inkstone, causing it to turn into a pile of black ink. It turned into a flower on the ground, blossoming like a madora flower, causing the entire room to be filled with a deathly silence.

"Your Highness, what are your plans?" The dark guard asked.

"Of course This King is going as well!" If he didn't bring his Jade Qilin back with him, wouldn't that be a huge loss?

The pavilion was separated by a long, winding corridor that faced the water. It seemed to be situated in the center of the lake. It was filled with lush greenery, pink and enchanting, one branch after the other, pure and clean, with clear ripples on the outside but not with dirt on them. It was smooth and straight on the outside, not overflowing with vegetation, it was sweet and refreshing, the pavilion was pure and planted, the place where the pink blooms, a good Yunxi House.

The Yunxi House was near the Lotus Pond, and was the tallest building in the Prime Minister's Mansion. It had four floors and was built entirely out of logs.

Although Feng Zhiyao and Zi Yun had a conversation along the way, she wasn't sure about it at all. This was because she wasn't very confident that Feng Size would be able to snatch the embroidered ball from her.

"Miss, who do you want to get the ball?" Zi Yun realized that she also had the potential to gossip, and was curious about it now.

"I hope I don't go upstairs to throw a ball of silk and let me do what I want." Feng Zhiyao said angrily as she dragged a stalk of peach blossoms along the way.

She thought to herself, This group of bad men, they cheated and acted good, but they actually came to her house to force a marriage! Fine, she decided. No matter who gets the ball, she won't marry them!

"Eldest Miss, why did you dress Eldest Young Master in such a dirty manner? You even had pockmarks all over your face, and your body was so smelly." Zi Yun moved closer to Feng Zhiyao, frowning as he asked.

"The worse the better!" If no one dared to snatch the embroidered ball from Feng Size, then she would be the biggest winner today!

"Eldest Miss? Why can't this servant understand your words? " Zi Yun looked up at the sky in a daze.

"It's good that you don't understand. Haha, you will understand in the future anyway!" At this point in time, this is a chance that cannot be revealed! " Feng Zhiyao purposely pretended to be suspicious and said with a slight smile.

Very quickly, the two of them reached the Yunxi House.

Almost all of Prime Minister's Mansion's servants, family members, and even subordinates had come.

Dou Qiong asked Situ Yelei, "Young Noble, how confident are you?" Dou Qiong naturally understood how Situ Yelei felt about Feng Zhiyao, so he asked in a low voice.

"Yao'er has deep feelings for me, how much confidence do you think I have?" Situ Yelei leisurely waved his paper fan, which was extremely elegant and elegant, radiantly smiling.

"Dou Qiong doesn't know." Dou Qiong shook her head, then looked in the direction that Feng Zhiyao had appeared in, "Young Noble, the big miss of Prime Minister's Mansion is here."

Therefore, everyone's gazes turned towards Feng Zhiyao's direction...

She wore a butterfly dress made from white swallows on the ground, it was simple yet elegant, charming and graceful. Her elegant jade face was often adorned with light plum makeup, and because she had turned into a woman, her originally devastatingly beautiful face had lost its timidness, revealing a slight hint of charm, captivating one's soul.

His enchantingly charming face, as well as the appearance of a fairy that had descended into the mortal world, caused the man to suddenly lose his soul. However, the most unforgettable thing was his pair of bright starlight eyes. Her clear eyes were as clear as the bottom of a well, and they were as intelligent as spring water. They were as clear as the moonlight and as deep as the autumn water.

A shallow smile could attract millions of people. Behind her, there was always a faint, leisurely, fresh, natural rose fragrance. She lazily lifted her black hair in front of her forehead and walked over, bewitching her every step of the way.

When Feng Zhiyao saw the five of them looking at her with infatuation, her heart became even more anxious and worried.

"Father — —" Feng Zhiyao called out in a delicate voice. Her voice was gentle, like an oriole coming out of a valley, and at this moment, it carried a lazy, yet seemingly shy, little girl's tone.

"Yao'er?" Feng Wucai's heart skipped a beat when she shouted at him. This girl had never called him that before, but when she called him that, it made him think of a conspiracy.

"Where's the ball?" After finishing, she went back to the Begonia Garden to sleep for beauty. At that moment, she yawned elegantly and said hazily, "It wasn't easy for me, I have to sleep and recuperate!"

"Yao'er, you …" Feng Wucai wanted to ask if you have any objections. However, with so many people present, she couldn't ask.

"Yao'er..." The pretty boys looked at Feng Zhiyao in anticipation, hoping that she would throw the ball back to them.

"My family's eldest miss has said that she will throw the ball with her back facing you!" It's fair like this, whoever can snatch the ball will win, and whoever can be my Young Master! " Under Feng Zhiyao's gaze, Zi Yun immediately cleared her throat and said. With her internal energy's luck, her voice was amplified by several decibels.

Once he said that, Feng Wucai immediately thought in his heart that this unfilial daughter was smart, this was too fair!

Just as Zi Yun had finished speaking, King of Qin Xuanyuan Haohan, under the order of the door, entered the Prime Minister's Mansion.

Naturally, King of Qi also came, King of Qi had this thought. Feng Zhiyao was the woman that he did not want before, but now that he had some interest in her, he could not allow himself to fall into other people's hands no matter what. That was why, when he heard the secret guard report the matter of Prime Minister's Mansion's brothel selection, he immediately rushed over from the Red Peak House!

Since the King of Qi was here, naturally Beitang Ziqian had also come. If the King of Qin or the King of Jing were to marry the Prime Minister's Mansion, then the Prime Minister's Mansion's influence would be equivalent to leaning towards them, and the King of Qi's chances of winning the throne would be much less.

Beitang Ziqian glanced at the woman who was lazily leaning on the railing of the third floor, holding a colorful ball of embroidery and smiling faintly. He suddenly thought of the woman who was dancing naked in the water.

No, that's not possible. One is the legitimate daughter of the Prime Minister's Mansion and the other is the Young Miss of the Quhe House.

However, this time, he was here to snatch the embroidered ball, so it was naturally impossible for Beitang Ziqian to take Feng Zhiyao as his mistress.

Because once the King of Qi fell, then their Beitang Family might also be implicated, and he did not forget the principle of having to do something at all. Now that he had naturally agreed to the King of Qi's decision, this woman, whether it be in the public or the private, he could not give up! He looked deeply into Feng Zhiyao's eyes, her figure was indeed not bad, and it would be perfect for him to warm the bed!

Feng Zhiyao did not expect that at this moment, another three important figures had appeared. She was currently extremely anxious, and for no other reason but that she still had not seen Feng Size's figure.

"Yao'er, quickly throw the ball!" Situ Yelei laughed and urged, he was giving his all, wanting to get the beauty.

"That's right, Yao'er, quickly throw the embroidered ball back to this king!" King of Qi Xuanyuan Haofei said, full of ambition.

"Tsk, the young miss won't throw it to you." Zi Yun sneered in her heart. A lecherous Duke would make him the number one idiot in the world if he were to put it bluntly!

"Yao'er, since everyone is here, you can throw the ball!" Feng Wucai sighed, he originally thought that it would be hard for his daughter to marry after being annulled, but after looking at the scene before him, he finally understood one thing, his plans could not keep up with the changes.

Towards the two dukes that suddenly appeared, Feng Wucai smiled and bowed, then clasped his hands at Beitang Ziqian. Although he was in Prime Minister's Mansion now, he couldn't lose his manners!

"I'm still not here yet, how can we count as all of you?" Unexpectedly, Xuanyuan Haochen also came, causing Feng Zhiyao to be very surprised. She did not remember that she had an affair with the Crown Prince Lang, Xuanyuan Haochen! At this moment, he was in front of the Prime Minister's Mansion's Moyun Xixi Restaurant. She was stunned for a moment, but more of her was fear.

"This old official pays his respect to Your Highness, Crown Prince!" Feng Wucai immediately knelt down.

"Please rise Prime Minister Feng." Xuanyuan Haochen smiled charmingly, and helped Feng Wucai up. He then raised his head and focused on the lady who was holding the embroidered ball, the information that the secret guard had obtained was true, it was no wonder that such a woman could help him get rid of the control of Five Stone Powder.

Whether it was to warm the bed or to support the scene, for such an interesting girl like this, he was determined to get her! Furthermore, she was a powerful Prime Minister Feng, how could he miss her?

When Feng Zhiyao saw that the Crown Prince Xuanyuan Haochen had arrived, a flabbergasted look flashed past her eyes. He only realized that the current Xuanyuan Haochen did not seem to have lost weight as per what he had seen earlier.

Helan Qi stared at the lazy girl upstairs, the depths of his eyes surging with love. He heard her lass say that she would throw a ball with her back towards him, and he knew what she was planning!

Wait, he definitely couldn't let her slip away. He definitely had to keep a firm view of her. She would definitely be his wife!

Feng Zhiyao naturally saw the deep emotions in Helan Qi's eyes, and she gently nodded towards him, thinking, "I will not slip away from such an occasion, because the ball of silk is not a problem, and getting married or not will be a problem!"

Xuanyuan Haohan glanced at the lady holding the ball with a cold gaze, and crossed her arms, her handsome face revealed a calm smile, but the smile did not reach her eyes, she actually treated what he had said to her as wind blowing past her ears, her little spanking, was it not worth it?

Feng Zhiyao also noticed the displeasure in Xuanyuan Haohan's eyes, and sighed in her heart. She had not given him any promise, just what kind of discontent was this?!

If she wasn't happy, then her eldest miss wasn't! She was so sleepy that she had yawned more than 30 times already. God, she really wanted to kill Feng Size, what kind of suggestion did she have to make to Father Feng to get him a brothel mate?

"Dad, can we start now?" Feng Zhiyao pursed her lips and laughed.

"Let's begin!" Feng Wucai nodded his head, he also wanted to end this matter quickly. He wanted to quickly choose Yao'er's future husband so that he could quickly prepare his dowry.

"Miss, why hasn't the Eldest Young Master appeared yet?" Zi Yun knew what the young miss and the young master were going to do, and asked anxiously.

"If he doesn't come, then I will think of a way to kill him!" Feng Zhiyao's lips formed a gloomy and cold smile, why hasn't the damned Feng Size appeared yet!</blockquote>

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