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<blockquote>Chapter 87 part3

Coincidentally, at this moment, a man with bird's nest hair wearing sackcloth quickly slid down from the roof of the house.

"Eldest Miss, what happened to Eldest Young Master's hair?" Zi Yun was shocked by Feng Size's outfit.

"Zi Yun, he went to borrow some props, if not he would not have gone there for such a long time." Undeniably, Feng Zhiyao was still pleased with his tattered beggar attire. This way, at least Father Feng would not recognize him.

"Hey, Trash Pauper, what are you doing here?" Feng Wucai waved to the butler, signalling him to chase the beggar away. Thus, after the butler received the order, he asked Feng Size.

"What, do you think that the young miss of Prime Minister's Mansion loves to get rich and poor after throwing her silk ball?" After Feng Size used the Voice Changing Pill, his voice became rough, causing Feng Wucai and the butler to not be able to recognize him.

Hate the poor and love the rich? As the Prime Minister, Feng Wucai naturally couldn't admit that he loved being poor in front of so many people.

Therefore, he shook his head, looking at Feng Zhiyao apologetically, thinking to himself, wait, Yao'er, this unfilial daughter must be clever, please do not throw the embroidered ball to this beggar.

Seeing Father Feng's depressed look, Feng Zhiyao laughed in her heart.

Wen Xingyuan smelled the beggar's stench and immediately covered his nose. "Run!"

Everyone else did the same.

Feng Size secretly admired Feng Zhiyao's smelly methods, but then, when he stood next to them, he started to move away without exception. It could be seen that the smell on his body was extremely smelly, he greatly admired himself for actually being played by Feng Zhiyao.

Su Muyan always felt that this beggar gave him a weird feeling, but he really wanted to know, how did a beggar know that Prime Minister's Mansion's young miss had chosen her husband?

But it was already too late for Su Muyan to think any further, because Feng Zhiyao had already turned around with her back facing them.

Helan Qi's light skill was excellent, he caught the ball in an instant. Just as he caught it, the ball was knocked off by Situ Yelei's white jade fan.

Situ Yelei thought that when the ball fell into his hands, Xuanyuan Haohan's movement skills were surprisingly fast, and he snatched it away.

"Fourth brother, Yao'er and I are very close!" Xuanyuan Haoyu approached Xuanyuan Haohan and whispered. It was very obvious that Xuanyuan Haoyu, who had a black stomach, was using psychological tactics!

Thus, while Xuanyuan Haohan was in a daze because of these words, he immediately took the embroidered ball.

Just as Wen Xingyuan and Su Muyan wanted to grab the embroidered ball from Xuanyuan Haoyu's hands, the beggar that Feng Size was pretending to be ran over like a swallow and easily took the embroidered ball from Xuanyuan Haoyu's hands.

"Not counted, not counted as the first reading of the full text of the Embroidered Uniform Sect! Our eldest miss will not marry a beggar! " Because of Feng Zhiyao's instructions, Zi Yun immediately put her hands on her hips and shouted loudly.

"Yao'er, this is life! Since he has the ball, marry him! As the saying goes, a thousand gold is a thousand gold. It is difficult to keep a man's words to himself. Little girl Zi Yun, help your young miss to go to Begonia Garden to rest for a bit. " When Feng Wucai thought about how his beloved legitimate daughter was going to marry a beggar boy who had nothing at all, he felt as if he was deflating and his body felt extremely weak. After saying these words, his legs went soft, as if all the strength in his body had been sucked out.

"Dad, I don't want to marry a beggar, wuuuuuu …." Feng Zhiyao was extremely happy in her heart, but she still cried miserably.

"My lord, since you don't want to marry me, then this commoner won't force you. If you can't love this commoner for half a year and this commoner still doesn't have a commoner in your heart, then this commoner and this commoner don't need to fulfill this engagement. In my opinion, how about this, my lord?" Feng Size immediately recited the lines Feng Zhiyao taught him before word for word!

Feng Wucai looked at the beggar carefully, although he looked average, his words were very clear, but he could see that the beggar had a straight back, was as loose as bamboo, and was emitting a noble Qi from his brows, thinking, maybe Yao'er would like him too.

When the time comes, he would think of a way to get an official edict from the Ministry of Public Administration for him to slowly promote him up, and then he would be able to rise straight to the top. The key point was that he had to be good to Yao'er in the future, and that was the most important point!

Feng Wucai glanced at Feng Zhiyao, seeing her nodding head, he immediately decided: "Alright, let's do as you say, Yao'er, why don't you quickly invite your future husband to your Begonia Garden, and train your feelings for him." Feng Wucai's words were naturally meant for those nobles with prestige.

Situ Yelei never thought that he would lose to a damn beggar who had no home, no car, no background, no job. At this moment, he was jealous to the point that his gaze almost made a big hole in Feng Size's back!

Wen Xingyuan thought, half a year? In the next half a year, Yao'er would definitely be his. From today onwards, he would explore the room at night and try to get into the stomach of the Great Yao'er. At that time, he would at most bow in front of Yao'er with six eyes.

Su Muyan stared at the stinking beggar angrily. What's the use of cultivating feelings? Yao'er was already one of his people, tonight he would go to the bedroom and fight for the right to stay at night!

Crown Prince Xuanyuan Haochen never thought that his own light skill was actually the weakest, and had not even touched the tassels of the embroidered ball. Hate, hate, hate! With a swish of his sleeves, his handsome face darkened as he left.

Although he was angry, he thought that the crown prince, Fourth Elder and Ninth Elder were the same as him, it was not bad that they returned empty-handed, thus he shouted that Beitang Ziqian, who also did not gain anything, and left the Prime Minister's Mansion together.

Xuanyuan Haoyu and Xuanyuan Haohan both wore gentle smiles on their faces.

"Ninth brother, that was your handsome light skill just now." It was a pity that she lost to the beggar, but that was good too, the stupid girl would definitely not like beggars, that's why. Xuanyuan Haohan laughed coldly and smiled, angering Xuanyuan Haoyu to death!

Xuanyuan Haoyu thought that this Fourth Elder really had different appearances. On the surface, he said that his light skill was extremely good, but behind his back, he must be mocking him for being inferior to a smelly beggar.

But Xuanyuan Haoyu was also not an ordinary person, "Of course, ah, that's right, Fourth Brother, have you heard, the First Soup Retaurant of Xian Yang has opened its doors?"

"Fourth Brother knows, that chicken Soup Restaurant was opened by you." Xuanyuan Haohan punched Xuanyuan Hao on his right shoulder and said. It was said that the business was pretty good! The next time Fourth Bro goes, you have to treat him! "

"Yao'er is also half bamboo in that shop, why don't you let Yao'er invite you?" Xuanyuan Haoyu's lips curled up into a faint smile. "Do you really care about me being with Yao'er?"

"What, Yao'er is also half the owner of that shop?" Damn it, the dark guard actually didn't tell him about this. Actually, when the dark guard wanted to tell him, he already impatiently came to snatch the ball.

"Yes." Xuanyuan Haoyu nodded his head, he naturally knew that Fourth Brother had a lot of private properties, so they would not let go of a woman like Feng Zhiyao who had the ability to create wealth. These patriarchs and Young Master, they should all be thinking the same thing as Xuanyuan Haoyu!

When Helan heard the beggar's generous words, not only did a hint of a smile flash past his eyes, he believed that Yao'er would definitely not fall in love with a beggar, but he also believed that this beggar would definitely think of a way to scold him to leave. Perhaps, like him, Yao'er would also scold him to leave, and in short, he was looking forward to seeing him leave.

So, Helan gracefully walked in front of Feng Wucai and said, "I will treat those expensive betrothal gifts as a birthday present for Yao'er, so I hope that you will not return it!" Yao'er would definitely marry him one day, so it would be too troublesome to move these things around! He decided on it, but he had to find an excuse. It was obviously a beautiful and expensive bridal gift, but this time, it actually turned into a birthday present.

Feng Zhiyao could not help but look at Helan Qi in a new light. This man was really lazy, whether he was lazy, or his family had too much money and jewelry, but by doing this, it proved that he still wanted to marry her.

Therefore, Wen Xingyuan, Situ Yelei, Su Muyan, were not stupid and used this as an excuse!

Xuanyuan Haohan saved the trouble the most. He walked over to Feng Wucai's side, bent his head and said in a low voice: "Master, this king already gave his love to the Jade Qilin that I brought with me. If, half a year later, that beggar and Yao'er had broken off their engagement, then this king would be's son-in-law's first choice!"

After Feng Wucai heard this, cold sweat dripped down. He cursed in his heart at this damnable unfilial daughter, she actually didn't tell him anything about such a huge matter. Now, she had come knocking on his door.

"This old official is terrified... This old official is terrified …" Feng Wucai quickly bowed.

Prime Minister Feng, This King has loved this token of love for a very long time. This matter is something your love knows, but I don't know why it happened today. After Xuanyuan Haohan finished, he turned and left, but before he left, he fiercely glared at Feng Zhiyao.

Feng Zhiyao naturally saw this and cursed in her heart. Bad guy Yin, you must have said bad things about her in her father's ears again! She would kill him with a thousand cuts. One day, she would pounce on him and squeeze out all of his energy with all her might before kicking him away …

Thus, the incident of throwing the ball hastily came to an end.

Of course, the biggest winner this time was naturally Feng Zhiyao.

Inside the Begonia Garden, Feng Zhiyao was singing an English song as she personally washed Feng Size's bird nest like hair.

"Yao'er, why can't I understand a word of the song you're singing?" Although Feng Size enjoyed the service of having the Nan Shao's number one beauty personally washing his hair, hearing her strange lyrics, she felt that the current Feng Zhiyao didn't fit in with the one in her memories.

"It's better if you don't understand! If you can understand, you are a god! " Therefore, as Feng Zhiyao used the handkerchief to clean his face, she teased and laughed at the same time.

At this time, Feng Size had already changed into a silk green robe made of good quality materials. He bent over and let Feng Zhiyao use the ivory comb to tidy up his hair that was flowing like a waterfall.

Feng Size felt that helping Feng Zhiyao this time was worth it, because he was currently being treated so gently by the number one beauty.

"Such brotherly love!" Suddenly, a discordant, clear male voice rang out, filled with a thick sense of jealousy.</blockquote>

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