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<blockquote>Chapter 88 part1

Brotherly love?

After Feng Zhiyao heard this, she angrily looked up at the approaching person!

It was actually that bastard Su Muyan!

"Why are you here?" Feng Zhiyao was very surprised. Logically speaking, he should be leaving by now, why was he still in Prime Minister's Mansion?

"Su Muyan?" Feng Size asked in shock as he took the dry silk cloth from Feng Zhiyao's hand and wiped his wet hair.

This was the first time he had met Su Muyan since he was young. "When I was young, it was you who grabbed a frog and threw it into Little Sister Yao'er's courtyard?" The mischievous child in his memory looked like a talent now, but unfortunately, her mouth was actually a little poisonous.

"Yes, you are Feng Size, I heard that you have returned, but, why is Yao'er helping you with this servant's matter?" Su Muyan's heart ached for Feng Zhiyao who was actually willing to serve others.

"Su Muyan, she was willing to do it." Feng Size laughed smugly. Since he had settled such a big problem for her today, she was naturally willing to help him.

"Yao'er, is what he said true?" The more Su Muyan looked at the two of them, the more he felt that they were acting weird.

"Mn, Brother Size is right." Feng Zhiyao smiled and nodded.

"Yao'er, could I ask your Brother Size to leave for a while? I have something to tell you." Su Muyan deliberately emphaSized the four words Brother Size.

"Say what you want to say here." In Feng Zhiyao's heart, she probably knew what he wanted to say, so she naturally wanted Feng Size to accompany her, so she didn't want to be bullied by Su Muyan. She couldn't find any helpers to retaliate.

"This …" Su Muyan wanted to say something but hesitated.

"Is there nothing you can say to me? Then I will have to go and make delicious food for Brother Size. " Seeing that he wanted to say something but hesitated, Feng Zhiyao simply ignored him and walked straight towards the kitchen.

"Yao'er —" Su Muyan called out to her, his voice filled with hidden bitterness.

"What's wrong? Have you thought about what you want to say to me? " Feng Zhiyao asked with a faint smile on her face. She looked like a rose or a poppy, causing Su Muyan's eyes to widen.

"I... Make one for me too. " Su Muyan suppressed the anger in his heart.

"Alright." Feng Zhiyao replied with a brilliant smile. It was fine if he didn't want to cause trouble with her.

"Feng Size, why do I smell a pungent stench from your body?" Su Muyan raised his eyebrows slightly. This stench was exactly the same as the pockmarked beggar who took the embroidered ball from her.

The more Su Muyan thought about it, the more he felt that it was possible.

"Why... How is that possible? " Feng Size was not a fool, he immediately refuted. He had washed his body no less than ten times with a fragrant soap, and even used rose petals to smell the fragrance.

"Feng Size, you are the beggar who took the embroidered ball. If you are talking about light skill, it is you. When Su Muyan thought about this, he immediately felt enlightened.

Great, it must be Feng Size. This time, the chances of him marrying Yao'er back home were higher.

Wasn't it just half a year? Fine, he'll just wait! In half a year, whose family would she be from? We'll wait and see.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Feng Size didn't want for the matter of Feng Zhiyao's words to happen to him, so of course he couldn't say it out loud. That was why he chose to pretend to be stupid and refuse to admit it.

"You know that." Su Muyan sneered, he had to deal with Feng Zhiyao on this matter.

"Quite a few furs, I won't be talking to you, this weird person. Come, Zi Yun, give me, Eldest Young Master, an orange to eat." Feng Size saw Zi Yun coincidentally walking out of the kitchen, so he instructed with a smile.

"Eldest Young Master, it's not like your hands or feet were broken. It's better if you peel them off yourself. This servant was ordered by Eldest Miss and is currently busy." Zi Yun shook her head, and refused with a smile.

"Hey, Zi Yun girl, am I as old as you say?" Feng Size was stirred by the two words "you old man".

"Not old, not old! Eldest young master is handsome and handsome! He's like a jade tree in the wind and looks like Pan An!" Zi Yun immediately imitated Feng Zhiyao's tone and spoke with contempt.

"I asked about the age, but I didn't ask about the appearance!" Feng Size's hearing was in disarray, and under his rage, he threw a tangerine at Zi Yun's chest. Unfortunately, it fell into a place of pride, causing Zi Yun to feel embarrassed and annoyed.

With a twist of her hand, she picked up the tangerine and smashed it towards Feng Size's handsome face.

"Ah!" This voice was Feng Zhiyao, who had just brought out the summer dessert.

"Brother Size, are you alright? Zi Yun, you … You. His actions were too ruthless, and now, Brother Size's face was stained with orange juice. Actually, Feng Zhiyao was laughing so hard that her stomach hurt, but she had to endure it.

If she smiled, Feng Size would definitely tell Father Feng about him pretending to be the pockmarked beggar to steal the embroidered ball! Therefore, she had to hold on. She couldn't laugh, she couldn't laugh.

"Feng Size, you are indeed 'handsome and brilliant'!" Su Muyan did not care about anything, he was laughing so hard, he almost wanted to shout out that Zi Yun's smashing was too good!

"Zi Yun, I'm not done with you! "Humph!" Feng Size took out a plate of summer sweets and drove his peerless light skill at lightning speed towards his courtyard — — Ju Songtang.

"Zi Yun, hahaha..." Feng Zhiyao laughed out loud, even to the point of tears.

"Eldest Miss, is this matter really that funny?" Zi Yun looked into the sky speechlessly.

"Zi Yun, that was great." It was enough to vent Su Muyan's anger, just now when Su Muyan saw how Feng Zhiyao helped him to wash his hair, he was depressed in his heart. Seeing Feng Size escape in such a sorry state, Su Muyan felt so happy in his heart.

"Young Master Su, I'm afraid that this servant will be punished in a bit." When Zi Yun thought of how Feng Size had cast a sinister glance at her before he left, she felt her entire body being enveloped by a cold and sinister aura.

"Zi Yun, don't worry, Brother Size isn't someone who doesn't know how to measure. Go ahead, you should go down and rest for a while. Feng Zhiyao stopped laughing and comforted her.

"Yes, young miss. This servant will take his leave." Zi Yun nodded, frowning as she turned to leave.

"Alright, Zi Yun and Brother Size are already gone. Just what do you want to ask them? Take advantage of when I'm still spirited and ask them quickly." This was because her eldest daughter also wanted to go and rest.

"Yao'er, do you have the same kind of … … … Xuanyuan Haoyu … Helan… Xuanyuan Haofei … The kind of... That kind of skin and skin relationship? " Su Muyan held back for a long time before he finally asked this question.

"No!" Don't talk nonsense. " The moment Feng Zhiyao heard Xuanyuan Haochen, Beitang Ziqian, Xuanyuan Haofei's name was immediately angered, as for Xuanyuan Haohan, she didn't even have a chance to pounce on him, which was why she righteously told Su Muyan that he was spouting nonsense!

"Nonsense? I'm spouting nonsense? If I was the one spouting nonsense, then why would they all rush over to snatch the ball upon hearing the news? " Su Muyan frowned, his expression dark and cold as he tightly locked his gaze onto her.

Hearing his words, Feng Zhiyao naturally knew that no matter how she tried to defend herself, he wouldn't believe her.

At this moment, the wind moved as did the crabapple blossoms. Her elegant long sleeves flew up, covering half of her face.

Su Muyan frowned as he watched her every move. The more she acted this indifferent, he felt as if his heart had shattered, as if there was blood dripping from it, as though an ice blade had cut a huge hole in his heart. The blood kept flowing, and in the tranquility, it was obvious that he was feeling pain.

It was because she was too popular, too likeable, and too enticing. He wished for her to be like this. It could only be his. Even though there were so many people who fought with him over it, he believed that with his strength, none of them would be his match.

The prophecy of the Death Valley may actually come true.

Feng Zhiyao naturally saw the breathtaking coldness in Su Muyan's eyes, and she knew that he must be resenting her.

"Um …" Actually, you don't need to come to my house and propose to me! " Feng Zhiyao felt that it would be better to clarify some things now.

Even though he had left behind his priceless betrothal gift as a birthday present.

However, she remembered that there was an ancient saying, "one can't accept something without success", and that was why she hoped that he could bring the sky-high betrothal gift back to the Mighty Heavenly Castle.

"Feng Zhiyao, I am not a man you can play with! If you want to go up, then go up, if you want to throw it away, just throw it away! " When Su Muyan heard this, he said, "I never thought of making you take responsibility for it. Actually, you don't have to come to my house to propose marriage!" These words made him feel dizzy and infuriated. The anger in his chest rolled over him as he reached out and grabbed her snow-white wrist.

The hands that clasped her wrists were strong and hot.

She knew what kind of man Su Muyan was. Perhaps he looked down at her in disdain before, but the moment he fell in love, he would become the kind of man who could entangle himself with the ends of the ocean. He would absolutely destroy the heavens and the earth.

"Feng Zhiyao, raise your head and look at me, look into my eyes!" Su Muyan carefully observed the change in her expression, and ordered her with a cold voice that could not be refused.

Why didn't she want him to take responsibility when she had already given him her body? Back then, he remembered that after the two of them had been together, she had been extremely tender and affectionate towards him. Now, she seemed to have become a completely different person.

Hearing that, Feng Zhiyao raised an eyebrow, she was annoyed, so she raised her head and looked straight at him.

His eyes met those dark and gloomy eyes of his. Those eyes seemed to be filled with pain as they floated in the air. How could he possibly be in pain? She didn't dare to guess that he had fallen in love with her. If she said that he had fallen in love with her, she would believe it.

Feng Zhiyao smirked, "Could it be that if you fall in love with me, you'll marry me in this life?"

"You …" Su Muyan did not expect Feng Zhiyao to ask that. He did not believe that she would reveal such a mocking smile.

"Don't you want to marry me?"

"You did not manage to snatch the embroidered ball, the unrivalled Profound God!" Feng Zhiyao quickly replied him.

"Feng Size was taught by you?" Su Muyan asked instead of answering.

"What do you mean?" Hearing that, Feng Zhiyao's eyes flashed, and thought, Cousin Su, you're too smart, even this was guessed, she could not help but blame Feng Size for his lousy acting, this, had been seen through by Cousin Su.

"It's literally the meaning!" Su Muyan stared at her without blinking.

"No comment!" We just don't want to talk. What can you do?

"Even if they use you one by one, I will still hurt you to the bone!" When Su Muyan heard it, dark light flickered in his eyes, and his lips curled up into an extremely elegant and beautiful smile, filled with a bloodthirsty aura.

After making Feng Zhiyao's body stiffen for a moment, she immediately broke free from his control.</blockquote>

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