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<blockquote>Chapter 88 part2

"Even if you have the nature of a water lily! Even if you are so coquettish! Even if so many men have tasted your little mouth, I still won't give up on you! Since I've given you those betrothal gifts, I naturally won't bring them back! " Su Muyan approached her once again, pressing her closer and closer to the wall. He looked down at her from above, and at this moment, he was like an emperor looking down at her exquisite features.

"Scram!" Feng Zhiyao was furious, she raised her hand wanting to beat him up, but his hand was even faster, locking her hand in a shackle.

With his other hand, he gently caressed her jade carving-like delicate face. His beautiful thin lips lightly approached her cherry lips, and carefully ground her pink lips, letting out a sigh that was as sweet as orchids, "Yao'er, you are so beautiful, I didn't eat enough that day. At this moment, how can I let you go!"

"Don't... "Don't — —" Feng Zhiyao did not expect Su Muyan to act so coquettishly under the broad daylight. Moreover, she had slept too late last night, so she was weak and weak right now.

"Yao'er, you should have said it! Of course, you are also doing this because of the words you said to me just now. Aside from ridiculing me, aren't you going to give me some top quality compensation? " Su Muyan reached out and held Feng Zhiyao's hand, then continued to kiss again. The kiss was overbearing, causing Feng Zhiyao to be out of breath.

In the next second, Su Muyan was already holding her horizontally in his arms. He quickly entered the room and closed the door with one leg.

In the blink of an eye, it had untied the silk belt around her waist. Her slender big palm had already reached inside, causing Feng Zhiyao's sensitive body to tremble, and Su Muyan's eyes quickly filled with desire, as her kiss grew hot.

"Su Muyan, it's daytime now, you can't go overboard, you're bullying others too much, wuuuuu … …" She really wanted to sleep. Tired to death. This man had tortured her with love, making her angry to death. Scolding her wasn't enough, but he had actually used this method to punish her.

"Bang!" The sound of the door frame falling down could be heard.

"What are you doing?" It was Feng Size's voice. He looked curiously at Su Muyan and Feng Zhiyao, and berated them angrily.

"As you can see, Yao'er is my woman. What do you think I am doing with her?" Su Muyan looked at Feng Size coldly, he felt strange, he did not feel Feng Size's Qi just now, could it be that his martial arts had regressed?

"Yao'er, you two are … This was … "What's the situation?" Originally, Feng Size wanted to go to Begonia Garden to get more summer sweets, but who knew that when he saw that there was no one there, Feng Zhiyao said goodbye from inside the room.

"Brother Size, Su Muyan bullied me, wuuuuuu …." Feng Zhiyao purposely said this, causing the corner of his lips to twitch violently.

"Yao'er, don't talk nonsense. I am the Demon Emperor's crown prince who is very gentle to you." He actually dared to say that he was bullying her. However, he had used too much strength just now and almost ripped off her clothes, but, why did Feng Size, this guy who was in the way, come here?

It would be best if Feng Size had an emergency. Otherwise, he would never forgive him!

Su Muyan was very gloomy. Just a little bit later, Feng Size had already killed him in the cradle of desire.

Feng Zhiyao gasped for breath lightly and thought, luckily Feng Size came back, if not she would have been eaten by this hungry wolf, Su Muyan, to the point that not even her bones would remain.

When Feng Size heard that Su Muyan was bullying her, he was stunned for a moment. Then, he reacted and immediately threw a punch at Su Muyan's face.

Su Muyan was very pitiful. Just now, he was only concerned with helping Feng Zhiyao tie her belt, so he didn't have the time to dodge Feng Size's fist. Now, one of his eyes had turned into a panda's eye.

"Ah, Brother Size, you … "You did well!" It was fine if I asked you to roar at me, but the key was that you wanted to bully her. Su Muyan, you naughty brat, you're dead meat!

"Yao'er, my deep feelings for you have been in vain." Su Muyan raised his hands and rubbed his pained panda eyes, speaking with a displeased tone, and even rage.

"Scram, my Begonia Garden Temple is too small, it can't support a great Bodhisattva like you!" Feng Zhiyao grabbed Feng Size's hand to strengthen herself. It was really because she didn't have the strength to bother with Su Muyan today.

"Feng Zhiyao, in this world, only you would dare to say such things to me! Tell me to scram, right? Feng Size, you idiot, Yao'er and I are mutual in our love, don't foolishly intervene in our affairs. This punch is back at you! " How could Su Muyan be someone who suffered a loss? Thus, he punched out with all his might, and in that instant, Feng Size's left eye turned into a panda's eye.

"Su Muyan —" Feng Size definitely had a reason for being angry, he believed that he had collided head on with the Begonia Garden today. He had just been smacked in the face by Xiang Cheng, but now, Su Muyan had punched him in the face.

Feng Zhiyao was speechless, how could these two be so violent?

"No more fighting is allowed, all of you stop!" Feng Zhiyao shouted fiercely.

"Brother Size, wait a moment, I'll go to the kitchen and get some ice cubes to apply it to your eyes, if not your eyes won't be beautiful anymore, your wife will hate me from now on." Feng Zhiyao facepalmed, it was her bad, Feng Size was really unlucky, isn't that, in a short period of time, his handsome face suffered two heavy injuries.

"Yao'er, it's fine." Feng Size dissuaded Feng Zhiyao while glaring at Su Muyan. If this kind of person became his brother-in-law, he would definitely raise his hands and oppose it!

Not long after, Feng Zhiyao brought over a basin of ice cubes that had been gouged open. The small, fragmented, irregular shape, under the reflection of the sunlight, exuded a clear, icy, jade luster.

"Yao'er, help me apply it first!" Su Muyan saw that Feng Zhiyao had gone to serve that bastard Feng Size again, and was unhappy in his heart, hence he urged him with his clear and loud voice.

"You have hands and feet. You can just use the ice cubes to apply to the bruises in the bronze mirror." Feng Zhiyao cut the white silk cloth into two pieces, and gave one piece, which was wrapped with small pieces of ice, to Su Muyan.

The other half of the white silk cloth was wrapped in ice. Holding it in her hand, she walked over to Feng Size who was lying on the beauty bed and staring at him.

"Brother Size, that's enough, stop staring. I know your eyes are hurting, it's all that guy's fault. You're an adult with a lot of things, can you not lower yourself to the same level as him?" Feng Zhiyao advised gently as she gently wrapped ice cubes around the bruise on his eyes.

If they really were to fight, it would be difficult for the Father Feng. She did not want the Father Feng to be troubled, and she did not want Feng Size to be injured again because of her. As for punishing Su Muyan, or speaking of torturing him, she had plenty of ways.

"Feng — Zhi — Yao, did you care too much about him?" Her movements were still gentle, her eyes were still gentle, and her tone was sweet. He remembered that she promised to call him Brother Muyan last time, so how could she not call him by name?

"Don't yell at me!" Feng Zhiyao's beautiful face turned straight as she shouted at Su Muyan.

"Humph!" Su Muyan seemed to be holding back a breath in his heart, but since he was in front of his beloved woman, he held it in.

Seeing them staring at each other like this, Feng Zhiyao decided to stop her from sleeping.

"I went to sleep too late last night, so now I'm going to catch up on my sleep. Please open your eyes and stare outside! I'm clearing the area here. " Feng Zhiyao walked to the door like a lotus flower step by step, opened the door, and held up a gesture with her right hand for them to leave.

So Feng Size was the first to walk out, and then he did not see Su Muyan leave, so he turned around and asked with a cold face, "Why don't you go out? This is Yao'er's room, why are you still not leaving? "

"Hmph, we'll head out now. Yao'er, just you wait! " Su Muyan held the ice cube in one hand and pointed at Feng Zhiyao with the other, saying hatefully.

Su Muyan swore to wait until his eyes recovered, he would do 300 times with her every night, making her tired to the point that she couldn't get out of bed. This way, he could release the anger that soared to the skies from his chest.

Seeing them leave, Feng Zhiyao's exhausted body fell onto the bed and slept soundly!

In the courtyard of Begonia Garden.

The branches of the crabapple blossoms were soft and straight in the wind. The petals were soft and tender as they rolled in the wind. The wind was blowing, rustling as it fell.

Su Muyan asked Feng Size, "Why did you come back this time?" He was very curious about the two of them, so he asked.

"Naturally, I will only come back when it's time to get married and start a new business!" When he was young, he liked to make Yao'er cry, yet when he grew up, he still wanted to bully Yao'er, so after he finished speaking, he used one of his hands to support his head, while rubbing the bruises on his eyes with the other hand that was as white as jade.

"Is it that simple?" Su Muyan did not believe it.

Su Muyan did not hear Feng Size's response after that.

"Yao'er?" Father Feng was standing at the entrance of the Begonia Garden. He was accompanied by the butler as he walked in.

"Size, Muyan, why are you two here?" Father Feng was confused. Both of them had beautiful dark circles under their eyes. What … what was going on?

"Father." Feng Size opened his eyes and shouted.

"Uncle." Su Muyan greeted him, but the panda eye made his handsome face lose a bit.

"What's with your eyes?" Father Feng was very curious, the butler was also very curious, thus the two of them looked at them suspiciously.

"Dad, we're competing in martial arts, and we just accidentally hurt a little. It's fine, don't worry!" Feng Size explained lightly.

"Yes, Size is right. It's alright." Su Muyan could only nod his head lightly in agreement with what Feng Size had said.

Father Feng was not stupid. He knew that his son had strong and powerful martial arts and he knew that Su Muyan's martial arts was also not bad. Could it be?

"Don't lie to me, just tell us exactly what happened!" Father Feng looked at this and that, feeling extremely worried.

"Muyan, if you go back like this, your parents will definitely feel pained for you. You might as well stay in Prime Minister's Mansion for a few days, and wait for the wounds in your eyes to heal before returning." Father Feng did think that Su Qiaoyin would definitely use this matter to come back to Prime Minister's Mansion to cause trouble, so he might as well let Su Muyan heal first before returning.

Su Muyan was extremely happy when he heard it. At least for the next few days, he would be able to explore his room at night.

But he still smiled the politest, "Sorry for troubling uncle, then I'll stay for a few days, it won't be too late to return to Mighty Heavenly Castle after my eye injury has healed." In fact, in his opinion, he would be willing to stay here for the rest of his life. Only by being able to see Yao'er often would he be able to hug Yao'er and sleep.

"Dad, let him go back." Feng Size recalled Su Muyan's overbearing and fierce attitude and immediately said angrily.

"Size, the person who has come is a guest. Why do you need to be so concerned about him, hmm?" Father Feng glared at Feng Size, chillingly causing Feng Size to feel that Father Feng was a little biased towards outsiders.

"Dad, that's up to you. I'll go back to Ju Songtang Hall first." Feng Size sighed, he stared angrily in the direction of Zi Yun's ear, and thought to herself, You silly girl, just you wait.

"Uncle, Size's light skill is very good." Su Muyan watched Feng Size's figure leave Begonia Garden in the blink of an eye, and secretly praised his light skill on the inside, which was so outstanding that no one in the martial arts world could compare to him.

"This brat, why do I have to carefully look at that pockmarked beggar? Why is his figure so similar to his?" Father Feng's face was full of suspicions, he looked in the direction Feng Size disappeared in for a long time.

"Ugh …" It was the same person! But Su Muyan did not say it directly.

We've been talking for so long, and Yao'er still hasn't come out. I think she must be asleep, heh. Father Feng waved for the butler to come over after he finished speaking, he smiled and instructed the butler, Su Muyan, to arrange the accommodation.

Su Muyan smiled and nodded, and thought, now that I can get close to the water tower and get the moon, what a chance is that! Although this punch hurt his eyes, it was worth it!

Thus, the butler saw the smile on Su Muyan's lips and felt his entire body turn cold. He truly did not know why the Old Master allowed the Young Master Su to live in the Prime Minister's Mansion?</blockquote>

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