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<blockquote>Chapter 88 part3

King of Qi Mansion.

In the morning, the huge King of Qi Mansion was enveloped by the morning sun. The garden was filled with colorful flowers and the air was filled with a faint fragrance.

Flying Shuang Garden. The balcony was elegant, and the environment was quiet and serene.

When the birds on the branches chirped, Beitang Zixuan had already woken up from her dream. She felt that her body was extremely sore and sore, and the bed sheets were wet, so Xuanyuan Haofei must have wanted her many times last night. What made her extremely angry was that when Xuanyuan Haofei had been making love with her, he had yelled Feng Zhiyao's name of "Yao'er".

Although being the main wife of the King of Qi was not her main goal, her virginity was taken away by him. Such a violent and piercing pain had shattered her most beautiful young girl's dreams, causing her to fall apart.

"Princess, do you have any orders?" Lian Xiang asked with a smile, she was a girl that was married to the Beitang family. Growing up together with Beitang Zixuan, the two of them had a very good relationship.

"Lian Xiang, when did the Duke leave the Flying Shuang Courtyard?" Beitang Zixuan asked.

"Just two hours ago, it was said that Mrs. Butterfly's body wasn't in a good condition. She invited a doctor to see her. That doctor should be here by now." Lian Xiang said.

"Hurry up and get up this wangfei. This wangfei wants to see what kind of waves that butterfly lady will create!" Beitang Zixuan immediately ordered with a smile as he raised his eyebrows. He believed that Feng Zhiqiong would definitely take care of Mrs. Butterfly as well.

Speaking of Feng Zhiqiong, ever since Beitang Zixuan became the main wife of the King of Qi, their relationship had never been as good as it was before they were married. Now that one was the main wife and the other was the side wife, the difference in grade had hindered their friendship.

But in such a huge mansion, how could they not fight?

These two days would be her best time to bear the pain during pregnancy. If she could get pregnant with the son of the King of Qi, when the time came for the King of Qi to ascend to the position, then it would be her who could stand shoulder to shoulder with him.

The day she married Xuanyuan Haofei, she understood clearly that no matter who she married, she would always marry. Marrying Wen Xingyuan left and right would just be the head Mother, but marrying Xuanyuan Haofei was different.

Many people guessed that sooner or later, the crown prince would be crippled. In that case, Xuanyuan Haofei's Mother was the Imperial Concubine Duan, if according to the ancestor system, the son was according to the Mother, the King of Qi would be the most likely candidate to be the future ruler of the family.

"The princess is becoming more and more charming." Lian Xiang smiled faintly.

"Lian Xiang you girl, your mouth is getting sweeter and sweeter. If I, this wangfei, can get pregnant with a son of the King of Qi, this wangfei will consider making you my concubine by proposing to the King of Qi." Lian Xiang's looks were not any worse than Feng Zhiqiong's. She had wanted to marry her to a servant or something like that, but after thinking about it, if the King of Qi came to her when she was pregnant, she would have help her sleep, so that Feng Zhiqiong and the other girls wouldn't take advantage of her.

"I, your servant, will never forget the kindness of an imperial concubine." Lian Xiang had long loved and admired King of Qi, but because of Beitang Zixuan's relationship, she had always kept it in the bottom of her heart. Now that the wangfei had said it, it was a chance for her. She couldn't help but feel happy in her heart. However, with her intelligence, she did not reveal her joyous expression. Instead, she calmly expressed her gratitude.

Beitang Zixuan smiled in satisfaction, then went to wash up and eat breakfast, then brought Lian Xiang to the residence of the butterfly lady, Yuan Die.

Coincidentally, they bumped into Feng Zhiqiong and her servant at the entrance.

"Sister, are you also here to see sister butterfly?" Beitang Zixuan looked at Feng Zhiqiong and her servant with ridicule.

"Yeah, is elder sister the same?" How could Feng Zhiqiong not understand what Beitang Zixuan was thinking? Wasn't it to let Big Brother Hao take responsibility that she shamelessly married Big Brother Hao? Now that Mrs Butterfly was favored, Beitang Zixuan must be anxious, right?

"Why don't we go in and take a look?" Beitang Zixuan laughed complacently, because Feng Zhiqiong had bowed to her according to the rules just now. When the imperial concubine saw the main wife, she naturally had to kneel, she originally wanted to make Feng Zhiqiong kneel a little longer, but after thinking about the interesting scene that was about to unfold, she instructed Feng Zhiqiong to get up.

The corner of Feng Zhiqiong's mouth raised into a cold smile. Even Beitang Zixuan wanted to snatch Big Brother Hao from her.

"Hurry up and report to your Lady Butterfly. Tell her that this wangfei and Windwing Concubine have come to see if she's better now." Beitang Zixuan raised her hand and caressed the hair, and said with a smile.

"Yes, Princess." The servant at the gate of the Butterfly Garden knew that Princess Hua-Yang's background was great and powerful. She was the eldest daughter of the Third Family of Nan Shao, and also the official wife of the Prince.

"The Prince and Lady Butterfly will let the two of you in." After the servant at the door ran in to report, he quickly ran out.

"Little sister, let's go." Beitang Zixuan smiled brilliantly. No matter what, no matter how much the King of Qi liked Feng Zhiqiong, she was still a illegimate daughter, and there was a difference in standing between a main wife and a main wife. Even though she, Beitang Zixuan, had said those words, she, Beitang Zixuan, had only said them out of respect.

Therefore, under Feng Zhiqiong's murderous gaze, she walked in front slowly, and even her little girl was in front of Feng Zhiqiong.

Right now, Feng Zhiqiong even had the heart to kill her. It was a pity that Big Brother Hao didn't love any woman. Perhaps what he loved was the position of the Supreme Nine-Five.

Ever since the incident with the disgusting Deer Whip that day, Feng Zhiqiong had not seen him for quite some time.

This was because during this period of time, Xuanyuan Haofei had a new pet again ¡ª ¡ª Miss Shuang Yu of the Red Gym. Thus, the time that she could give Feng Zhiqiong was extremely little, and when there was no one around, Feng Zhiqiong would also shed tears, but she still loved him a lot, and was willing to become one of his many women, only waiting for his pitiful glance at the Wine Sword Immortal.

But today, after so many days, she appeared in the Butterfly Garden again, and it was truly a heart-tearing and lung-splitting feeling. Just that night, she saw him and that woman intertwined with each other, causing her heart to ache, but today, she was able to suppress her pain and stood in the Butterfly Garden. At this moment, she didn't feel pain like before, because she knew one thing, Xuanyuan Haofei was an extremely selfish man after all!

Just as Feng Zhiqiong's mind was in a mess, an old doctor's voice sounded. "Congratulations, Your Highness. Congratulations, Lady Butterfly has just vomited. That would be bad news. Lady Butterfly is already more than a month pregnant."

"Hahaha... Great... This King's hard work finally has an end! Haha... This is This King's first child. Alright, reward, reward, reward... " The current Xuanyuan Haofei was as happy as a child, he immediately ordered the butler to reward the old doctor with silver, and he even said the word 'good' three times. It could be seen that he was truly happy, and completely had the mindset of a father.

"Prince, I'm finally pregnant with your child. Wuwu, I'm so happy." Mrs. Die spoke out in a tender voice, causing goosebumps to form all over Feng Zhiqiong and Beitang Zixuan.

"Yeah, it's still your stomach that's doing the best." "Hahaha..." King of Qi was grinning from ear to ear. He even wanted to make a trip to the palace to see Mother.

Feng Zhiqiong thought, if it wasn't for that time, would she be able to have brother Hao's son like Mrs. Butterfly?

No, all of this was Feng Zhiyao's fault!

Yesterday, he actually still went to snatch Feng Zhiyao's embroidered ball. He didn't even want her anymore, but he was still stirring up trouble. This showed that he more or less still loved that bitch Feng Zhiyao in her heart!

Isn't there a saying, "What you can't get is the best?"

Child? If she wasn't qualified to be a Mother in this life, then Feng Zhiyao wouldn't be qualified to be a Mother as well!

A trace of evil flashed past Feng Zhiqiong's eyes. Maybe she could do that!

Beitang Zixuan laughed in her heart as she saw Feng Zhiqiong keep her head down. Back then, such a strong person was only given the title of a side wife. She had been in the Duke's Palace for more than three months and couldn't even bear to give birth to an egg.

Even if she, Beitang Zixuan, was unable to give birth to her, based on her position as the main wife, wouldn't the children born to concubines have to be raised under her name as well?

Mrs. Butterfly, as long as you have the ability to give birth to a child, she will have the guts to accept you!

"Sister, let's go in and congratulate the Prince and Lady Butterfly." At this moment, Beitang Zixuan's face was filled with joy, there was no hint of jealousy on her face. Maybe in some aspects, Beitang Zixuan was even more shrewd than Feng Zhiqiong!

"Alright." The good word Feng Zhiqiong came out from between her teeth!

¡­ ¡­.

In the morning, Feng Zhiyao opened her hazy eyes and was shocked. She was actually so tired last night that she fell asleep before she took off her clothes! A sweat.

Just as she was about to change clothes, she saw Su Muyan wearing a moon-white satin gown, which gracefully walked in, of course she had to remove the cover to hide her black eye.

However, this black bruise couldn't hide his peerless beauty, his skin was white like jade, his eyes were like cold stars, his head was pointed, his temperament was thin, and his demeanor was pleasing.

He had black hair like ink, black hair like silk, and a moon-white silk shirt that accentuated his elegance and elegance. He also had his own unique elegance and elegance.

Logically speaking, she should be in a very good mood when she saw a beautiful man this early in the morning! But now, she felt aghast. Why? Why did he dress so formally and appear in her room? What did this mean? Could it be that he didn't return to the Mighty Heavenly Castle yesterday?

"You're awake?" Su Muyan walked to the side of the bed and looked at Feng Zhiyao as she asked this. With a face full of smiles, she looked extremely treacherous and dark, causing her to feel a chill in her heart.

"Mm, you ¡­" Why are you in my room at this time of day? And there's even a big thorn? " Feng Zhiyao should indeed be suspicious, other people had all come while wearing night clothes, and he, Su Muyan, had shown off his skills!

"Yesterday, Uncle agreed to let me stay for a few days to recuperate ¡ª ¡ª" Su Muyan emphasized the word 'recuperate'.

Recuperate? Just a small place like this, and he's still recuperating?

Feng Zhiyao frowned, looking up at the sky, thinking, then she shouldn't think about living a peaceful life these few days.

"Why don't you welcome me?" Su Muyan looked at Feng Zhiyao's spirited and beautiful eyes, raising her hand, wanting to tidy up her messy black hair.

However, his hand was caught by Feng Zhiyao.

Feng Zhiyao grabbed Su Muyan's hand. She felt that his hand was slender, slender, tender, and warm like jade, with a thin layer of cocoon, he caressed her hand gently and said, "It's not that I don't welcome you, it's just that it's too sudden."

Seeing her reaction, Su Muyan felt it was a little strange. Yesterday afternoon, she was still chasing him away, why was she still grabbing onto his hand?

"Yao'er, I didn't sleep last night when I slept at Prime Minister's Mansion, I ¡­" Su Muyan wanted to say something but hesitated.

"What are you doing?" Feng Zhiyao had yet to speak of her requirements, but who knew that after hearing what he said, she subconsciously asked.

"I want to rest with you right now! I think that if I were to sleep with you in my arms, I might have to change to a different bed before I could fall asleep. " Su Muyan smiled.

Seeing him smile so brightly that it seemed as if it would melt at any time, Feng Zhiyao had actually agreed to it.

"Yao'er, you agreed?" Su Muyan asked happily.

"I didn't agree." Feng Zhiyao felt as if she was bewitched by his smile just a moment ago. Now that she had regained her consciousness, she naturally refused.

"But you agreed!" Suddenly, he bent his head between her black hair, and lightly sniffed her rich and delicate rose fragrance. He then gazed at her deeply, and held her extremely beautiful face, and bent his beautiful lips down, gently sucking on her two red lips, and then began to twirl around with his soft tongue against her lilac tongue ¡­

"No, don't... "How can you be like this? It's still early in the morning and I haven't taken a shower or washed up yet!" When Feng Zhiyao got air, she immediately shouted.

"Go take a shower and wash. I don't care. I want to sleep with you in my arms ¡­" Su Muyan had endured through the entire night, but now, he was hugging her tightly and refused to let go.

Ah... Hmm...

Inside the room, it was heart-wrenching, earth-shattering, and scorching hot. A certain handsome man outside the room had a nosebleed...</blockquote>

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