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<blockquote>Chapter 89 part3

"Wait, the two of you have to avenge your wrongdoings!" "But don't start a fight in my room. Alright, I've finished speaking. You two can go out and quarrel now or fight now. Just do whatever you want!"

Feng Zhiyao smiled faintly, like a lotus blooming at the edge of a lake, fresh and pleasant, beautiful and pure, a pair of bright eyes, like stars scattered in the sky, beautiful beyond compare.

While they were in a daze, Feng Zhiyao closed the door to the inner room. After locking the door, she went to sleep like that, leaving the two cold in the room.

"Dammit, it's all because of you, causing Yao'er to play half of my chess with you!" Su Muyan was so angry that it seemed as if he could blow up the entire Begonia Garden.

is such a woman who loves to listen to sweet talk, how can you say that you're not dead? No wonder your eyes were so black. Did you get beaten up by Yao'er? "Hahaha..." Situ Yelei was currently in a dilemma. If he were to return at this moment, he thought that he would definitely be laughed to death by Dou Qiong later on.

But if he didn't leave, would he really stay and play chess with Su Muyan?

"Young masters, you two can continue the discussion. This servant will make another pot of tea for you." As if smelling the unusual atmosphere between them, Zi Yun immediately found an excuse to slip away.

"Am I stupid? Let me tell you, Yao'er is my woman, I had already experienced the spring breeze with Yao'er several times this morning! " Su Muyan said proudly, her heart was filled with joy, although she might not be able to eat Yao'er's beautiful body tonight, but right now, using this matter to suppress her love rival's fighting spirit was not bad!

"What?" How many times did the spring breeze blow? Feng Zhiyao, get out here! Is what Su Muyan said true? " Situ Yelei could no longer remain calm, and anxiously went to the door of Feng Zhiyao's room and shouted.

It was just that Feng Zhiyao acted as if she had fallen asleep, ignoring Situ Yelei, which made him feel very depressed.

is too tired today, so just let her sleep! I'll play chess with my left and right hands. "Hahaha..." Su Muyan couldn't help but grin happily as he thought about how he felt happier than Situ Yelei.

Actually, Situ Yelei could have kicked the door open, but he did not want to do that. He did not want to leave Feng Zhiyao with a rough image of a evil man, so after shouting a few times, he turned silent.

"Why aren't you roaring?" Su Muyan raised his eyebrows, and glanced at Situ Yelei as he asked.

"Can't I get tired?" Situ Yelei moved and sat opposite of Su Muyan.

"Then let's play chess together? Wait for that girl to wake up before leaving! " Su Muyan actually said this out of selfishness. If he went to sleep first, what if the slumbering Yao'er was forced to do so? He decided to work hard to keep his eyes open and play chess with Situ Yelei.

Unexpectedly, Situ Yelei had the same thoughts, and could only agree to play chess together.

Only, this match lasted for an entire night. When Feng Zhiyao woke up, the two of them did not manage to find a victor.

"Ah, you guys have a draw! Please read the full text of the Yang Swallowing God Record!" Feng Zhiyao lazily opened the door and walked out. Her white muslin dress had been blown up by the wind, she was as beautiful as a snowflake, her smile was as dazzling as the moonlight, causing the two people with hazy eyes to suddenly wake up, only that their eyes were burning with passion as they looked at her.

"I'm asking you a question? Why are you all looking at me like that? Did the two of you get hit by an acupoint? " Feng Zhiyao laughed again. At a time like this, she still didn't forget to ridicule them.

"Point?" No, they had been given an acupuncture point by her! The two of them looked at each other and realized that both of them were extremely tired. It turned out that staying up late was actually that tiring.

"Yes." Feng Zhiyao nodded, and then called Zi Yun over to take care of her hair that was as black as a waterfall.

"Yao'er, you look so beautiful in the morning. It's like a rose in the morning dew, alluring and alluring! " Situ Yelei immediately said some sweet words.

"Yeah, yeah, Yao'er, you're as sweet as honey!" Originally, would use an analogy to eat, because Su Muyan usually liked to eat delicacies the most.

"Hehehe …" The corner of Feng Zhiyao's mouth twitched. How could the two of them compare to her? Especially Su Muyan, who actually compared her to honey.

"Yao'er, don't laugh." Although Su Muyan's sweet words were not as good as Situ Yelei's, he was still smart. He curled his lips and said bashfully, this was the first time he praised the woman he loved in front of others, and she was his rival in love!

"If you don't laugh, then don't laugh. Do whatever you need to do, I am going to Jiu Yin Temple to pray for blessings. " Feng Zhiyao said this because he didn't want them to follow her.

Zi Yun felt that it was strange, it was not the first time.

Those two had not slept for the entire night and were very tired, so they naturally wouldn't follow Feng Zhiyao. However, they secretly sent guards to follow Feng Zhiyao.

"Eldest Miss, where are we going?" Wan Sanzi looked at the mountain road and asked.

"Wanzi, increase your speed. You can circle around here a few times, and then bring me to Quhe House for some snacks." Feng Zhiyao never thought that there would actually be someone following her again. However, they did not have any ill intentions, and she could not blame them for anything. Therefore, other than thinking of a way to get rid of them, she really could not think of any other way.

"Yes, Miss." Wan Sanzi agreed and immediately whipped the carriage.

It wasn't easy for Feng Zhiyao to get rid of those few people, and then disguise herself as the young miss of the Qu family. She had just seen Tao Zhixian again.

"Uncle Xian, the business here seems to be even better." Feng Zhiyao said while smiling at the scene of the guests flourishing.

"That's right, it's all thanks to First Miss and Qingcheng, which resulted in more and more literary people coming to our Quhe House to see you. There aren't enough people working hard these days." Tao Zhixian laughed in a good mood.

"That's also a good dish for our Quhe House. Uncle Xian, you manage well. " Feng Zhiyao laughed, happy for the booming business in her heart.

"Eldest Miss really knows how to talk, haha …" Tao Zhixian laughed.

"Uncle Xian, Uncle Xian, it's bad. The two distinguished guests on the second floor said that the dishes we made were not tasty. We must definitely, definitely, want to meet our master." The waiter looked at Tao Zhixian with a sullen face.

"What?" "There's actually such a thing?" Tao Zhixian's smile faded. Annoyed.

"Uncle Xian, go busy yourself. I'll go take a look." Feng Zhiyao smiled faintly. She was bored to death right now, so she decided to take a look to see who had acted so presumptuously in her young miss's territory.

"waiter, can you tell me about these two distinguished guests?" Wasn't there a saying, 'know yourself, know your enemy, only then will you be invincible?'

"I'm not sure either, but look over there, their carriage is parked. The waiter pointed outside the window.

Therefore, Feng Zhiyao followed the direction that the waiter pointed to and went over.

Ever since she had sat in Wen Xingyuan's luxurious carriage, Feng Zhiyao had become more familiar with horse carriages. The horse carriage in front of her was extremely similar to the one that Wen Xingyuan had given her, Wen Xingyuan had once proudly said before, that the number of these horse carriages in front of their entire Nan Shao was no more than ten, but the horse carriage in front of them was a pure black and valiant stallion, and looking at the guards' attendants, their eyes shone brightly, and their bodies became vigorous. Presumably, they were all experts, what kind of array of Noble Madame was this?

"Outside?" Feng Zhiyao asked suspiciously.

"Eldest Miss, I don't know." The waiter said carefully.

"Come, let's go to that box first." Under the guidance of the waiter, Feng Zhiyao went to that private box.

He saw two guards with cold gazes standing at the entrance of the private box.

She politely knocked lightly on the door, only to see a tall and big bodyguard opening the door.

"You are the master of this Quhe House?" The man in brown across from her was only about twenty years of age. His movements were graceful and elegant, but his deep eyes were cold and his entire body was filled with a cruel and cold aura. He was like a ferocious beast ready to charge, ready to tear the enemy's chest apart at any moment.

"Yes, young master, did you just say that our Quhe House's food was not tasty?" Seeing the look in the other party's eyes, Feng Zhiyao laughed in her heart, so he was here to cause trouble!

However, her reply was neither humble nor arrogant. There wasn't the slightest trace of fear.

Feng Zhiyao raised her eyebrows and looked at the dishes on the mahogany table. Cake, fruit, they had actually not touched any of them at all. How strange!

She bowed and said blessings, "I am the young miss of Quhe House, what guidance do you two Young Masters have?"

The other noble young master had lowered his head when he heard Feng Zhiyao speak, and heard her soft and charming voice. He thought that she was a peerless beauty, and did not want to come in and see the delicate and pretty little jade-like little girl. If not for her eyes that were brimming with vitality, he would not dare believe that she was the young miss of the Quhe House, whose name had shocked the whole of Nan Shao in these few days.

"You are the young miss of this Quhe House?" This man was dressed in white, his hair tied up with a gold ribbon. He had a handsome face, but unfortunately, his almond-shaped eyes were unsteady, and his demeanor was a bit frivolous. He looked like a good-for-nothing from a wealthy family.

Feng Zhiyao raised her head and calmly looked at him, then replied with a smile: "That's me!" In her heart, she thought of Li Mincan, who liked to wear white as well, and the difference between him and her was like the difference between heaven and earth.

"The dishes in your restaurant are excellent, why can't we taste that? Since you are the owner of this Quhe House, you must have great culinary skills!" These words were so watertight that Feng Zhiyao almost wanted to bite him to death in one breath.

Damn it, these two were looking for trouble! She was so angry!

Feng Zhiyao thought about the way a customer should be, and resisted the urge to bite his head off. She raised his eyes to look at the man in white, "Young Noble's words are really incomprehensible to people."

F * ck, you want her to cook it herself? That would depend on whether she was in a good mood.

There was a hint of a challenge in his tone, how could she follow their wishes!

"Can't understand? It was rumored that Miss Qu was extremely talented and clever. Her reputation was just for show! Or does Miss Qu intend to decline? " The man in brown beside the noble young master spoke with an ice-cold expression.

Feng Zhiyao turned her head slightly, meeting his scrutinizing gaze, her heart was chilled, there was an unspeakable pressure in his gaze, the cruel expression on his face, was like a beast playing with his prey, making him look extremely dangerous.

Feng Zhiyao calmed her mind, and recovered to normal after a while, and lightly smiled to him: "The rumors in the outside world are not believed, I am only occasionally giving them pointers, Young Noble need not explore the path of a grass root reversal. "Today, this little girl and you two were fated to meet each other. How about this, this little girl will now instruct the chefs to cook a few dishes for you two."

The white clothed young master's face revealed a playful expression, his gaze sweeping across Feng Zhiyao and the brown clothed man, and said: "If that's the case, then I'll have to trouble young miss!"

Feng Zhiyao bowed and took her leave, then closed the door and went to the kitchen at the back of the first floor. She had the head chef personally make some special dishes, the majority of them were based on the changes in modern times, and not long later, eight exquisite dishes came out hot.

Feng Zhiyao called for a smart waiter, and told him to deliver the dishes to the young master in white's private room. Just as she finished speaking, she thought for a moment, and decided to personally go over, and bring a waiter who was serving the dishes upstairs, through the main hall, and with a few hoots from the door, two people quickly walked in. Feng Zhiyao took a closer look, it was the leader of the eight guards, and saw that he was leading a man who looked to be in his thirties.

Feng Zhiyao had already reached the stairs, but when she saw the two of them approaching, she turned to let them go, before bringing the waiter along leisurely to follow them.

The man walked to the front of the private room and was about to speak when he stopped Feng Zhiyao. The man reported to the private room: "Young master, Master Zhao is here!" After waiting for a while, he opened the door slightly and let the man in.

After waiting for him to enter the room, Feng Zhiyao then slowly walked to the door to get the guard to inform him, before bringing the waiter in. Upon entering, he saw the man seated below the ice man.

Feng Zhiyao ignored him and had the waiter place the tray on the table. She served the dishes one by one and explained to him, "The few signature dishes in our restaurant," Golden Jade Drunken Hall "," Green Dragon Snow "," Double Wing ", and" Double Wing "," Fish Soaring Dragon Door "," Ten Thousand "," Two roasted ducks, "Go towards the north."

Eight dishes of different colors with exquisite decorations were placed on the table. Immediately, the room was filled with the rich fragrance of the dishes. It made one's appetite rise, making one salivate.

In this era, they were the only delicacies that exist in this world. If they were before, customers would have already endlessly praised them and tasted their delicacies, but today, the three guests were calm and composed, as if they were only eating ordinary dishes.

The young master in white pointed to the wings of the duck and asked, "How strange, when did the duck wings become roast duck?" Why didn't I see it? Did you see that? "

The brown robed young master shook his head.

Feng Zhiyao gave a sweet smile that was as beautiful as a blooming lotus, and for a moment, the pure beauty dazzled the mind of the white-clothed gongzi.

So she explained with a smile. " Do you see that the duck wing is being roasted on this small and exquisite oven? That is the roast duck wing! "Look at the direction of their wings, they are all heading north, aren't they two roast ducks heading north?"

"Preposterous!" The brown robed young master said coldly.

However, the white-clothed gongzi clapped and laughed. "It was a good explanation, I wonder how this dish tastes like?" Come, come, everyone, have a taste. Hehe... "

The three of them started to eat. Feng Zhiyao heaved a sigh of relief in her heart, and ordered the waiter to leave in a low voice, leaving her in her own room to wait upon orders. Since she was the eldest miss of Quhe House, she did not need to personally serve them, but just regarding the status of the two of them, she had a faint feeling that it was related to them.

After tasting it for a bit, the white-clothed gongzi put down his chopsticks elegantly and asked Feng Zhiyao, "Just now, when we entered the building, I saw a pair of words hanging in the air," Water can carry a boat, but it can also overturn a boat ". "Can you explain?"</blockquote>

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