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<blockquote>Chapter 90 part1

Feng Zhiyao smiled slightly and explained, "You can compare that guest to water, and this restaurant can be compared to a boat.

"En, wonderful, wonderful!" The man in white smiled and turned his gaze to the man in brown.

However, the brown robed young master sneered and said, "Miss Qu is so cultured."

"This has nothing to do with literary talent. Our Quhe House is amicable." Feng Zhiyao's expression did not change as she smiled faintly.

This was too infuriating. She wanted to curse this brown clothed young master to be alone for the rest of his life! Ow ow ow ow!

It was just that Feng Zhiyao's face was extremely calm, causing people to not be able to discern her expression.

Perhaps, the young master in white wanted to talk to the Master Zhao who had just entered, so he told Feng Zhiyao to leave.

Feng Zhiyao smiled as she walked out, thinking that she did not want to stay there and wait.

When she went downstairs, she saw Tao Zhixian who was anxiously walking over, and said, "Uncle Xian, I have settled those two guests. It's fine over there. "

"Eldest Miss, it's good that you're alright. Oh right, quickly go and make a trip to the Clear Lotus Garden!" Tao Zhixian anxiously said, his face looked anxious.

"But what happened?" Feng Zhiyao asked.

"Eldest Miss, you should follow me first." Tao Zhixian did not immediately explain, but kept urging them on.

"All right, all right." Feng Zhiyao nodded.

When Feng Zhiyao followed Tao Zhixian to Qing Lian Xiao Dun, they saw a young man in red with a pale face.

"Uncle Xian, who is he?" Feng Zhiyao saw that the red-clothed youth had his eyes closed, but the blood on his arm didn't stop flowing.

"This subordinate is also not clear about his background, he was just discovered at the foot of the back mountain, at that time he was pitiful. Look, this child looks to be only twelve or thirteen, yet he's so young yet he's so heavily injured, and he can't even find a doctor to look for him, this subordinate is afraid that he's a fugitive, or a catamite from a certain Noble Madame family, if we don't handle him properly, it might affect our business in the Quhe House."

"But I'm not a doctor?" Feng Zhiyao said helplessly.

"Eldest Miss, do you still remember, last time you helped Green Pearl reconnect her bones, this subordinate thought that you had some knowledge of medical skills!" After Tao Zhixian heard this, he frowned.

"This matter is not urgent. Let me think about it carefully." Feng Zhiyao secretly thought, this red-clothed youth's skin was like snow, his lips were like cherry lips, and his facial features were outstanding. Could it be that what Uncle Xian guessed was true, that he was a catamite from a noble family in Xian Yang, if it was placed in Quhe House, it would bring about trouble for Quhe House?

"Eldest Miss?" Tao Zhixian saw Feng Zhiyao pacing back and forth, and thus his heart was in turmoil as he raised his eyes to look at her, and called out to her again.

"Got it, I'll bring him to a place after I disguise myself." Feng Zhiyao said.

"Uncle Xian, he can't stay here right now. Once he recovers, I'll bring him back! In any case, our Quhe House cannot afford to get into trouble. "You should worry too much about the things here."

Feng Zhiyao thought that since that person could help her, or perhaps that person owed him a favor, it was time for him to return it. Therefore, Feng Zhiyao smiled.

"That's good. Please do not worry, Miss. There is basically no problem with the things here. " Only now did Tao Zhixian understand. He felt that Feng Zhiyao was right.

"Uncle Xian, I might not have the time to come over these few days. If anyone comes to look for Miss Qu, tell them that I went out to sightsee. If you need a deadline, you can tell me." Feng Zhiyao seemed to have thought of something and said.

"Alright." Tao Zhixian laughed.

After Green Pearl brought the materials for the lady's makeup, Feng Zhiyao poured a kind of waxy yellow liquid onto the red-clothed youth's face. In half a cup of tea's time, the red-clothed youth had turned into a middle-aged woman with a waxy yellow complexion.

"The appearance changing technique of the young miss is indeed superb." Tao Zhixian and the green pearl secretly praised him when they saw it.

"Alright, Uncle Xian, I will be bringing him away now. I still need to trouble Green Pearl to carry him to the gate and get on my carriage!" Feng Zhiyao instructed.

"Yes, Miss." Green Pearl nodded her head. She immediately bent down and let Tao Zhixian carry the red-clothed youth, and lay on Green Pearl's back.

Feng Zhiyao felt that it was such a pity for Lu Zhu's burly body to grow up to be like a little girl.

Just as his mind was running wild, they had already arrived at the carriage. Feng Zhiyao bid farewell to the green pearl and instructed Wan Sanzi to drive the carriage towards Xuanyuan Haohan's residence.

At the King of Qin's Mansion Residence, there was a painting that was carved onto the roof, it was luxurious and luxurious.

Within the palace, the corridors were full of music, twists and turns, pavilions, strange flowers and plants, five steps into each corridor, ten steps into each pavilion, sculptures, paintings, exquisite sculptures, magnificent and extraordinary noble women reading the full text.

Feng Zhiyao got off the horse carriage first, and told the guard what she wanted to do, saying that she had something to see King of Qin.

After waiting for a long time, no one came out to notify them. Just as Feng Zhiyao lost her patience, the guard said that the Prince had called her in.

"Wan Sanzi, wait for me here. I'll be right back." After Feng Zhiyao finished speaking, just as she was about to enter, she met the Eighteenth Prince, Xuanyuan Haoyun, at the door.

"Don't worry, Eldest Miss." Wan Sanzi nodded.

"Miss Feng, you're here to see my fourth brother?" Xuanyuan Haoyun's low voice sounded by her ear. His clothes were as white as snow, pure and elegant, he leaped off his horse and the sunlight shone on his back, covering his handsome figure with a layer of dazzling golden lining. His eyes were wide open as he thought, What is Feng Zhiyao doing here?

"Yes, Prince Eighteen?" It's good to see you. " Feng Zhiyao laughed, hehe, she found a helper. Fortunately, she had recovered Feng Zhiyao's face back on the carriage.

"How are you so happy to see This King?" Xuanyuan Haoyun did not understand, her smile was too dazzling, causing his eyes to flicker.

"Hey, Eighteenth Prince, can you do me a favor?" Feng Zhiyao pointed to the carriage.

"What kind of help? As long as This King is able to help, of course This King will help? " No matter what, the woman in front of him was the woman that Fourth Brother liked. Even if he didn't look at the monk's face, he still had to look at the buddha. Thus, he slightly nodded his head.

"Look —" Feng Zhiyao let him look over there and lifted the curtain of the carriage, revealing the ugly face of a middle-aged woman.

"This... Who is this? So ugly? " As the Eighteenth Prince of the Huang Clan, this was the first time Xuanyuan Haoyun saw such an ugly woman.

"Help me get her inside, I have something to discuss with your fourth brother!" Feng Zhiyao frowned, why was he hesitating!

"Alright, you, come over here and help her carry this elder sister-in-law into the mansion." Xuanyuan Haoyun raised his eyebrows, and casually pointed to the guard who reported the news to him, and said.

Xuanyuan Haoyun was a regular customer of the King of Qin's Mansion, so these guards naturally knew him. Therefore, the guard Xuanyuan Haoyun pointed at could only obey his orders and carry the red-clothed youth in on his back.

Finally, Feng Zhiyao saw Xuanyuan Haohan in the center of the lake in the rear garden.

He was playing the zither, and the sound of the zither was melodious. Sometimes it was majestic, and other times it revolved like a mountain. At other times it was like a clear spring …

"Little girl, you're here? Oh, eighteenth brother also came? "Who is this?" The zither music abruptly stopped, and Xuanyuan Haohan's gaze fell upon the red-clothed youth who had changed his appearance.

"Fourth brother, I just came to look at you and I'm leaving." "Farewell." When Xuanyuan Haoyun saw Xuanyuan Haohan's burning gaze on Feng Zhiyao, he knew that the two people playing chess that he had arranged for today was probably because his Fourth Brother did not have the time or time to think about it.

"Alright, you go back first." Xuanyuan Haohan nodded.

Xuanyuan Haohan asked after he left.

"What is it? You actually took the initiative to come see me?" Notice that he was using me, not this king, and you can see how happy he was.

"Can I leave this person with you?" Feng Zhiyao quickly walked to the side of the pool and used the lotus leaves to hold the water. He washed the red-clothed youth's face, revealing his snow-white face.

"He... He … It's the crown prince's men! " Xuanyuan Haohan said after taking a glance.

"What kind of person is the crown prince?" "What do you mean?" Feng Zhiyao asked.

"Soul Shop for catamites!" Xuanyuan Haohan said indifferently.

"The crown prince is so manly?" Feng Zhiyao was shocked upon hearing this news!

"Yes, I've just received this news. Where did you save this person?" Xuanyuan Haohan slowly stood up, clenched one fist behind him, and said with the other hand hanging by his side.

"Halfway." Feng Zhiyao's drooping face, had a glint in her eyes. She couldn't say that she was saved by the Uncle Xian at the back mountain.

"He's injured this badly?" Xuanyuan Haohan bent down slightly, and carefully examined the red-clothed youth's injuries.

"He looks quite handsome. The hand of this crown prince is really too heavy. Even if he were to become the emperor in the future, someone would drag him down!" Feng Zhiyao finally hated the crown prince. He was actually bisexual.

"Stupid girl, you can't say such nonsense!" Hearing that, Xuanyuan Haohan's face changed, and he immediately slapped her forehead, making her shiver.

"Why do you always knock on my forehead?" Feng Zhiyao was furious. Every time she met him, he would knock her on the forehead. It was really depressing for her.

"It's fine to say some things here, but you can't say them anywhere else. You have to know that when the people who want to listen to you say them, your little head isn't strong enough to be chopped off!" Xuanyuan Haohan was naturally doing it for her own good.

"En, I know. Oh right, what should we do now?" Feng Zhiyao thought about how such a young boy, in her generation, such a young boy, was still in middle school, and here, this pitiful young boy was really the crown prince's catamite!

"Don't worry, I will arrange for his residence. You don't have to worry about it!" Xuanyuan Haohan raised his hand and gently caressed her exquisite face.

"Yes." Since he agreed to this, then she no longer had to waste that favor. Perhaps, she could use it next time, Feng Zhiyao said as he loved her.

Very quickly, Xuanyuan Haohan called for the hidden guards to bring the red-clothed youth away.

"At most half a year. Wait for me." Xuanyuan Haohan said as he gently embraced her.

"Your Highness, I … Your Highness, who is she? " Min Yudai, the concubine of Xuanyuan Haohan, was dressed in a light purple flower cage dress. She was being supported by a servant girl, and was curling up as she walked over the bluestone pavement lightly.

Feng Zhiyao heard her voice and her heart skipped a beat. Who is she? Afterwards, she immediately distanced herself from Xuanyuan Haohan, in order to avoid him.

Therefore, Feng Zhiyao set her gaze on Min Yudai.

She was wearing a light purple dress with a few roses embroidered on it. Cover with a rose-red muslin. He wore a pure colored belt around her waist. It was inlaid with twelve small amber beads, both beautiful and elegant. He tied it up with a colorful Spirit Serpent bun. Insert a jade silver brooch, hang down the beautiful hanging ornament.

A pair of beautiful, white eyes seemed to be embedded on her face. Her eyebrows were bent just right. The two thin lips curved up in a beautiful arc, and a smile appeared on her beautiful face. Such clear and shallow clothing, simple but not lacking in beauty. Fresh and unrefined.

To think that he already had a concubine.

Feng Zhiyao was a little sour in her heart, but this sour taste quickly flashed through her mind, and she then calmly bowed.

"Your Highness, this lady is so beautiful, is she the legitimate daughter?" Min Yudai smiled softly.

"Yes, she is Prime Minister Feng's Feng Zhiyao, foolish girl, and this is the direct granddaughter of the current Tutor, Min Yudai!" Xuanyuan Haohan introduced them after hearing this.

Feng Zhiyao was secretly glad that she didn't have any feelings for Xuanyuan Haohan, otherwise she would definitely be dead sad right now.

However, he was a prince and it was normal for him to have a concubine. If he didn't, then that wouldn't be normal!

Feng Zhiyao smiled, this Min Yudai was rumored to be Xuanyuan Haohan's wise concubine, Madame Min.

"Dai'er, what's the matter?" Xuanyuan Haohan looked at Min YuDai coldly, and thought to himself, what is she doing here at this time?

"Your highness, I personally made a bowl of bird's nest soup today, I wonder if Your highness will have the time to taste it?" Min Yudai asked with a smile and a soft voice.

"Alright, you can put it down first. If there's nothing else, you can take your leave first." Xuanyuan Haohan nodded and instructed.

Min YuDai's face looked a little unnatural, but she still obediently asked the little girl to put down the tray. After smiling, she turned around and left with the maidservants.

"Is she the legendary Min Duo?" Feng Zhiyao asked, she knew that this woman, sure enough, had some skills. Seeing his husband and other women chatting happily, she actually laughed and praised them, saying that they were beautiful, f * * k, ancient women sure are tired of living!

That's why the Imperial Tutor asked me to marry her as a secondary wife. When she wants to leave, I will send her a letter of departure. " Xuanyuan Haohan seemed to know what Feng Zhiyao would ask, and would clearly explain the details of the matter.

Feng Zhiyao slightly raised her brows, "Why are you telling me this?" In any case, there are many beauties in your residence. Who asked you to be the fourth son! The old emperor is so lustful, I'm afraid you're not bad either!

Of course, she could only mutter these words in her heart, so she didn't dare to speak them out loud.

"I don't want you to misunderstand my relationship with Dai'er." Xuanyuan Haohan extended his hand and grabbed her slender white hand, and explained with a cold voice.

"But you are married." It was the truth. Explain what the hell, and besides, it had nothing to do with her.

"We are husband and wife in name!" Xuanyuan Haohan patiently explained as he tightly wrapped her small hands with his large, slender hands.

"Okay, it's a couple in name, but why are you telling me this?" Feng Zhiyao shook her head and scoffed.

"Stupid girl, if I don't explain it to you, will I make you suspect and feel sad? I can't believe you don't feel anything for me. " Xuanyuan Haohan once again tapped her forehead and exploded.

"It hurts!" Don't keep knocking, it's really painful! " Feng Zhiyao said in a loud voice, her expression was displeased, and he even touched her forehead in a serious manner.

"Don't answer irrelevant questions! I ask you, are you interested in me? " No matter how patient Xuanyuan Haohan was, he would be tortured to death by her faking of being confused.

"Ah, it's getting late. I should go back." Feng Zhiyao pretended not to understand and turned to leave.

"Girl, are you really that stupid? I have already went to the Prime Minister's Mansion to snatch the ball of silk. I believe you are well aware of what I am thinking about and what those people are thinking about. Xuanyuan Haohan wasn't a talkative person in the first place, but when he was with her, he couldn't help but say a lot of things.

"My stupidity is my family's business. I don't want to discuss it with you right now." Feng Zhiyao thought that she definitely could not get involved with him. She had already offended a King of Jing, so she definitely could not offend another King of Qin.

"Stupid girl, with your attitude, I'm afraid I won't even be able to wait half a year!" Xuanyuan Haohan's eyes revealed a trace of worry. He was confident that he could take control of anything, but the only thing he could not do was control the thoughts of the woman before him.

"I have an engagement, you know! That pockmarked beggar may look ugly, but he was good to me, that's enough. " Seeing his strange expression, Feng Zhiyao immediately used his engagement with the pockmarked beggar as an excuse.

"He's not worthy of you!" When Xuanyuan Haohan heard the words "pockmarked beggar", his eyes filled with disdain.

"It's not up to you to decide whether I'm compatible or not. As long as I like it, then it's fine. I think what's good is good!" Feng Zhiyao smiled indifferently.

Perhaps, she should choose a person to marry. Otherwise, she would have to trouble Yang Fei to pass on the whole text.

"Stupid girl, I've already said this much, why don't you understand? I like you, the position of King of Qin's main wife has always been reserved for you. " Xuanyuan Haohan's gaze became deep and cold, and the only reason why Feng Zhiyao was suffocating when she looked at him was because this man's aura was too strong!

Feng Zhiyao snickered in her heart, was she such a vain person? The position of the King of Qin's first wife was not in her eyes. If she wanted it, she wanted it to be in this world!

"Let's talk about it in half a year!" Feng Zhiyao thought that right now, she couldn't make the relationship between him and her stiffen, so she gave a shallow smile.

"Okay, but you just need to know that I have you in my heart. Min Yudai is just my concubine in name." Xuanyuan Haohan's slender and smooth fingers leisurely and contentedly twined around her hair. The image of her hair and white fingers entwined, made his eyes hazy and enchanting!

"The concubine?" Feng Zhiyao sighed.

The corner of his mouth curved into a smile. His eyes were clear and cold as he gently looked at her. He slightly nodded his head, and suddenly, he stretched out his hand to stroke a few petals of cherry blossoms on her head.

She looked at his rare warmth, her mind in a trance. She stood still, letting his hand caress her hair before it slowly fell onto her cheek.</blockquote>

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