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<blockquote>"She's just a concubine!" he stressed.

"Yes." Feng Zhiyao nodded.

"That day, when Ol 'Nine was snatching the ball, he said something that caused me to miss out on the ball. Do you know what he said?" In the blink of an eye, he suddenly changed the topic of the conversation.

"What is it?" Feng Zhiyao was very curious, did Xuanyuan Haoyu snatch the embroidered ball from him with a single word?

"Fourth brother, Yao'er and I are very close! How do you explain yourself? " Xuanyuan Haohan asked after glancing at her.

"He's talking nonsense." Feng Zhiyao decided to not admit it no matter what.

"Really? Or are you lying? " Suddenly, when he heard this, a trace of malice flashed in the depths of his eyes.

"I'm not lying. If there's nothing, there's nothing!" Feng Zhiyao turned around and looked at the pink cherry blossoms on the shore.

"On that day, you guys passed by the Bao Xin Town and it was filled with rain and wind. Feng Yun Hotel, Ol 'Nine is in your room —" Xuanyuan Haohan said while his face was ashen.

"Since you've already confirmed this, why are you still asking me?" After Feng Zhiyao became surprised, she laughed sinisterly. So it turns out that he had planted a snitch in Xuanyuan Haoyu's bodyguards.

"Why him?" Xuanyuan Haohan asked.

"There's nothing to explain!" Feng Zhiyao was lazy, and didn't want to mention a word more.

Right now, she was slightly regretting her decision. She might as well bring the red-clothed youth to the Begonia Garden.

"You're not a virgin?" Xuanyuan Haohan grabbed her arm that was as white as jade, lifted her elegant wide sleeves, and revealed that she was a virgin.

"Is it important to be a virgin?" The corner of Feng Zhiyao's mouth outlined into a mocking smile.

Originally, he also valued this kind of illusory thing. In the modern era, the number of women who performed neodymium membrane surgery was not many.

"Ol'nine was your first man?" Xuanyuan Haohan's face darkened. At this moment, his heart, which was as strong as steel, seemed to have been bitten by mosquitoes for some reason, and there was a slight pain.

"No comment!" Of course Feng Zhiyao wouldn't tell him.

"You don't want to say, do you want to protect him?" Xuanyuan Haohan straightened her body and used his hands to hold her face.

"Your Highness, King of Qin, please have some self-respect!" Feng Zhiyao sighed, she really wanted to reach out and pull his hand away.

"Self-respect? "Haha!" Xuanyuan Haohan suddenly heard it and laughed out loud.

"Let me go, I want to go back." Feng Zhiyao wanted to break free from the restraints on his hands.

"You're not allowed to leave. Just stay here for dinner, and I'll send you back home!" Xuanyuan Haohan did not let her leave.

As the two pulled at each other, the front of Feng Zhiyao's clothes accidentally revealed a large amount of white and tender spring light.

"So beautiful — —" Xuanyuan Haohan stared at her until his eyes were wide open. He then held her tightly and gestured to his surroundings.

Feng Zhiyao understood that he was giving a signal for his guards to retreat.

"Little girl, only you and I are left now." His voice was clear and cold, but at this moment, his heart was swelling up uncontrollably as if it was on fire.

He had a pair of iron arms around her, and a low and seductive breath came from his nose, carrying the smell of masculinity. He slowly lowered his body, and his cold voice gradually came out: "Little girl, are you seducing me?"

Feng Zhiyao was speechless. Damn, did she seduce him?

Xuanyuan Haohan's sexy breath sprayed onto her face, and her white face instantly flushed red. As if lightning had struck her ears, she became completely numb, "I … I didn't. "To seduce you."

"Don't be so close!" Feng Zhiyao was almost thrown into disarray by the wind. With such a handsome face in front of her, she was afraid that she would fall down and cause endless trouble for herself. That was why she rejected his approaching.

But Xuanyuan Haohan turned a deaf ear. Not only did he not move back, he pressed her closer to him. He asked with a hoarse voice, "You hate me?"

Seeing that he did not move away, she slightly turned her face to the side, her lips moved slightly as she replied, "No … "That's not it..."

"Isn't it?" Xuanyuan Haohan stared at Feng Zhiyao, his eyes burning with passion, as though he could see through her.

Feng Zhiyao squinted her eyes, "I really don't hate them." Please let her go quickly, don't force her to pounce on him. She's afraid of causing trouble if she eats a man of such high quality!

"You're wearing my Jade Qilin?" With his sharp eyes, he noticed that there was a bulging perfume bag tied around her waist. After a quick touch, he confirmed that it was the Jade Qilin's appearance. At this moment, his voice was becoming more and more low, his eyes tightly locking onto Feng Zhiyao's small, exquisite face.

"It's the Jade Qilin." Feng Zhiyao blinked her eyes and admitted it, but why was he so excited? "I don't understand." "Why?"

Before he could say it, it was drowned in his sexy lips.

So it turns out that ever since that day, she had always carried his Jade Qilin with her. Thinking of this, he became exceptionally excited.

This sudden excitement made him dizzy from the heat. It actually covered her dark red lips in such a way.

Once the soft lips were covered, the flames that were already scurrying around his body burned brighter and brighter, completely covering his rationality.

He had never known that he would be so fond of her fragrant lips.

Heavens, he was the one who took the initiative to seduce her!

"Don't..." He didn't want to seduce her! Her bright white teeth parted as she tried to speak.

But who knew that the moment she opened her mouth, Xuanyuan Haohan's spirit tongue would slip into her cherry lips without fear, and continuously churned her fragrance, and his iron arm wildly imprisoned her even more tightly. With one hand on Feng Zhiyao's head, and the other on her slim waist, he made her stick close to him, and kiss crazily with the scorching heat of poison.

At this moment, the pink cherry blossoms were falling down onto their clothes, creating a beautiful and intimate scene.

"Little girl, I've liked you for a long time. Who told you to seduce me on your own accord this time?" Now that Xuanyuan Haohan was so gentle and soft in her arms, how could she continue to endure? Just standing by her ear and breathing out like this caused her heart to beat like a drum.

Feng Zhiyao instantly widened her eyes as she looked at Xuanyuan Haohan, who was hugging her in front of her, as if the winter snow was fluttering and beautiful without equal, with her ink-black hair tied behind her back, and her hair that was slightly wet from sweat. It could be seen that he was very nervous, his lower jaw had a perfect curve, and his thin lips rippled with the ultimate smile of a cat catching a mouse.

What, what is he trying to do? She was a little scared, and she wanted to break free from his control.

Feng Zhiyao realised that her body was really sensitive, maybe it was because of her being human, when he hugged her, she could not help but feel her heart flutter, and could not help but be annoyed, why was she so easily bewitched by men?

Suddenly, she felt her waist tighten once again. After a period of dizziness, she once again fell into Xuanyuan Haohan's embrace.

This time was different from last time, the last time Xuanyuan Haohan hugged her tightly. Her head was pressing against Xuanyuan Haohan's lower jaw, but this time, it was different.

In this way, the image of Xuanyuan Haohan's suicidal beauty appeared in front of her eyes, one that made women want to be ashamed.

"What are you doing?" Why aren't you letting me go? " If you don't let me go, I'll tear you apart and eat you!

Xuanyuan Haohan's iron arms were strong and strong, he tightly held onto Feng Zhiyao's slender waist, preventing her from moving at all.

"Little girl, don't move!" Just as his long and large palm was about to enter her clothes, Feng Zhiyao lowered her head and took a bite.

No, royal men are trouble!

Thinking of this, she bit his finger without hesitation.

"Ah--it hurts! You murdered your husband! " Xuanyuan Haohan stared at her eyes and said angrily.

"Pfft, you're not my husband!" Feng Zhiyao was enraged, she immediately stood up. After he let go of her, she felt that her body was extremely light, and that if she didn't stand up, she would look as if she were as light as bamboo.

"Don't be so vulgar! Little girl, I'm sorry, I couldn't help it just now! " For the first time, Xuanyuan Haohan was awoken by her bite. He suddenly apologized, startling Feng Zhiyao.

"The sun has set, I want to return to the Prime Minister's Mansion!" After Feng Zhiyao recovered her wits, she said indifferently. She only felt that her lips still retained his aura, which made her unnaturally frown.

"Let's have dinner here before we head back!" Xuanyuan Haohan suggested. His voice was a bit less cold, but the way he looked at her was a bit too hot.

"No, I want to go back to the Prime Minister's Mansion now." Feng Zhiyao lowered her head to look at her embroidered shoes, and said indifferently.

"Alright, then I'll send you back." From the beginning, Xuanyuan Haohan did not look at Min Yu Dai's Swallow's Nest that was placed on the adjoining stone table, because his gaze was tightly locked onto Feng Zhiyao's beautiful little face.

"Mm. Alright." Feng Zhiyao knew that since he was willing to let it go this time, he definitely wanted to leave a good impression on her. He probably wouldn't do anything to her on the way back, so she nodded and agreed.

The two walked side by side on the cherry blossom lawn, through the Nine Winding Corridor, out of the King of Qin's Mansion Residence, and into the horse carriage.

They were not sitting in Wan Sanzi's normal carriage, but in King of Qin's luxurious carriage.

Feng Zhiyao had already told Wan Sanzi to wait at the door for an hour, and if she still did not come out, he would return first.

Inside the carriage, the two sat opposite of each other in silence.

The atmosphere seemed to be frozen.

"Girl — —" Xuanyuan Haohan was the first to break the silence.

"What?" Feng Zhiyao raised her head and looked at him.

"Stay away from Seventh and Ninth in the future." He seemed to be warning, but at the same time, he seemed to be hoping.

"Never wanted to get close to them." She was telling the truth.

"Do not let that similar thing happen to the Bao Xin Town again! Otherwise, I won't forgive you! " Xuanyuan Haohan looked at her with an even more burning gaze in his clear eyes.

"Can you kill me?" Feng Zhiyao tilted her head and poured herself a cup of tea, slowly tasting it.

"Who's mad at me for killing you?" Xuanyuan Haohan had a rare cold sense of humor, which made Feng Zhiyao very unaccustomed to it. This kind of person seemed to have doted on her in the eyes, making her a little flustered.

"We're almost at the Prime Minister's Mansion." Feng Zhiyao pretended not to hear, and raised the carriage's curtain, looking outside, she said indifferently.

"Let me hug you again." Xuanyuan Haohan spoke in a commanding tone.

"No." Don't arouse her love, wait for the carriage to be endless.

Unexpectedly, Xuanyuan Haohan had underestimated his ability to control himself. When he had hugged Feng Zhiyao into her embrace, the faint, delicate fragrance in her soft hair was like a fuse, igniting the flames of passion in his heart. But now, because of her struggles, the flames of passion seemed to grow brighter and brighter.

"Don't move, girl." Xuanyuan Haohan's deep and coarse voice sounded beside Feng Zhiyao's ears.

A mature male's aura, mixed with the fragrant smell in the air, splattered onto Feng Zhiyao's face, causing her sensitive earlobes to turn slightly red.

After a moment of surprise, she awoke from her stupor and thought to herself, "What right do I have to listen to his words?" She was not his servant.

The slender wrist punched towards his chest, and said angrily, "What are you ordering me for? I am not your servant! "

"So disgusted that I kissed you? Are you saving yourself for him? "Hmm?" Seeing her struggling, Xuanyuan Haohan spoke carelessly.

She wouldn't let him kiss her, but he did!

Under the lead of his rage, Xuanyuan Haohan leaned forward and her beautiful, thin lips swiftly pressed onto Feng Zhiyao's pink cherry lips.

That kiss caught Feng Zhiyao off guard, made her heart race and her face turn red. Her sensitive body trembled slightly as he stared at blankly.

"If you look at me so directly, I can't guarantee that I'll take you from this carriage!" The man gasped deeply as he spoke in a hoarse voice.

"I …"

Feng Zhiyao wanted to say something, but the sky that was filled with kisses buried her words completely.

When Xuanyuan Haohan grabbed Feng Zhiyao's cherry lips, he also conveniently pointed at her acupoints. He hated her rejection, it was extremely annoying!

Because Feng Zhiyao had been pierced through, the words that he wanted to blurt out were stuck in her throat, her eyelashes raised as she stared at Xuanyuan Haohan, she saw that he had already closed his eyes, as though he was enjoying the show.

He actually forcefully kissed her!

Xuanyuan Haohan held Feng Zhiyao's waist with one hand and allowed her body to rest on his chest. Her other hand uncontrollably slipped off the back of his shoulder and started to pull off the gold footwork, white jade hairpin and other accessories she wore. In the blink of an eye, under the caress of his long and slender hand, her black beautiful hair was scattered on his shoulder in an instant.

Because of the fragrance that was lingering around his hair, Xuanyuan Haohan opened his eyes. He moved back a little and stared at Feng Zhiyao.

When Feng Zhiyao saw that he had stopped, she felt relaxed in her heart. It was just that, when she wanted to say something, she realized that she could not say it out loud.

He was so wild!

When did it begin? How could a cold and proud man become so wild?

Or was he sulky? Was he good at hiding himself?

Xuanyuan Haohan looked at the girl's beautiful face, she was truly drop dead gorgeous, and truly deserved the title of Nan Shao's number one beauty. When he first met her, she was steady and indifferent, her extreme enchanting looks, her intelligence, and her … In short, he liked everything about her, everything!

So, when he heard Ol 'Nine said that he had a physical relationship with her, he restrained his anger until he saw her again. He wanted to swallow her beauty into his body, to have her forever, and that would become the same weight in his heart as having a painting of a mountain!

Of course, he wanted her now! They really wanted it! However, when he was about to reach Prime Minister's Mansion, other than kissing her a few more times, there was nothing else he could do!

If she actually refused, then he couldn't be blamed!

When Feng Zhiyao saw his complicated gaze, she could read the meaning behind it. He cared about her!

"Little girl, I hope you are only my little girl!" The man's clear and low voice rang out like the first snow from her ears, blowing at the hair in front of her temples.

How could it be such a coincidence? She saw what he was thinking, and he blurted it out.

Therefore, Feng Zhiyao moved her cherry lips, indicating that he should open her acupoints.

Very good, he really did remove her acupoints, but his arms tightly hugged her delicate body.

"Are you finished?" Feng Zhiyao lowered her eyes as she laughed in her heart. If he was willing to sit in that position of being at the highest point in the world, would he still care about her that much? She didn't believe it. Besides, which one of the royal family's descendants wasn't a beautiful concubine?!

If he didn't want to see it, his heart would be at peace!

Only, she didn't know that this time, when she inadvertently lowered her eyes, in that moment that was like a blooming flower, she seemed to send an enchanting invitation to pick up at Xuanyuan Haohan. He gazed for a while, and seeing that she didn't really want to reply, he quickly used his lips to cover her lips once more, and kissed her tenderly.

The palm slid back again, embedded in her inky black hair. The palm slid down, and her long hair flowed and tilted between his fingers.

It was only when the carriage driver called out, "Reporting to Your Highness, we are at the Prime Minister's Mansion's gate!"

At this moment, Xuanyuan Haohan's handsome face was completely red, and she was in no better condition. Her hair was in disarray, and her clothes were half faded, revealing her snow-white shoulders.

Feng Zhiyao was glad that she did not get into trouble with the royal family. Therefore, when she heard that they arrived the Prime Minister's Mansion, she was even happier than if she had won a five million prize.

"Thank you for bringing me back, I'm leaving now!" Feng Zhiyao quickly used the white jade hairpin to tie up her hair in a simple bun, making Jin Bu's hair into a bun.

"He left just like that?" Xuanyuan Haohan stretched out a hand to block her way.

"Move your hand away!" Feng Zhiyao frowned, this man was simply acting good after getting lucky!

She calmly pulled up her skirt and looked at him carefully. Then, while he was still in a daze, she gently jumped down from the carriage.

"No matter what, you will be my girl in half a year!" Before she left, Xuanyuan Haohan leaned close to her ear and whispered.

As Feng Zhiyao walked into the Prime Minister's Mansion, she secretly laughed in her heart. That would also only be known half a year later, who knows if she would still be able to stay here half a year later?</blockquote>

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